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January 2013

PL Conversation

The Our Singapore Conversation (OCS): Educator Dialogues took place across the nation towards the end of 2012. In line with the Ministry’s aim to hear from more educators, PLMGS(S) held our OSC dialogue on 29 January 2013. Our staff members were engaged throughout the discussion and many honest views were exchanged regarding our country and our fraternity. Some ideas were shared on changes we could make to our education system to better meet the challenges of the future. Overall, it was a fruitful session and meaningful feedback was collected and sent to MOE. 

35th C B Paul Memorial Science Quiz


On 23 January 2013, twelve Secondary 2 pupils participated in the 35 C B Paul Memorial Science Quiz organized by ACJC Science and Mathematics Council. The annual science quiz aims to provide a platform for pupils to apply textbook knowledge in explaining daily phenomena, and hence enabling them to exercise analytical and critical thinking skills. 

The pupils were put through rigorous questions in a wide range of contexts from Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. They were challenged to solve problems, evaluate theories and interpret work which required them to draw on a complex array of understandings. 

We are proud to announce that two pupils clinched the Bronze Individual Award and one pupil clinched the Merit Award. They are as follows: 
  • Amanda Jane Wong Xiu Wen, Secondary 2.3 (Bronze Individual Award)  
  • Amanda Lai Ting Yu, Secondary 2.3 (Bronze Individual Award)  
  • Amanda Leo Min, Secondary 2.3 (Merit Individual Award)  

Pupils' Reflection: 
I believe that such an opportunity does not come by often and I am very glad to be give this opportunity. Although most of the questions were of higher level, I had faith and pushed myself to complete the entire quiz. I did not expect myself to do too well in the quiz, but later I found out that I was one of the three awardees. I was very proud to be a PL-Lite and I am also very thankful to have been selected by the teachers to participate in this quiz. I am anticipating the next time such a rare opportunity comes by. 
Amanda Jane Wong Xiu Wen, Secondary 2.3 (Bronze Individual Award) 

When I first opened the question booklet, I was stumped by the very first question. Nevertheless, I managed to complete the whole paper within the time limit. I was pleasantly surprised that PL had managed to clinch one merit and two bronze awards. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this science quiz and would like to do so again in the future. 
Amanda Leo Min, Secondary 2.3 (Merit Individual Award) 

Principal-Meets-Parents Sessions 2013

Ms Yoong addressing the ParentsSharing on NYAAInteraction with Form Teacher and Co-Form Teacher

The Principal-Meets-Parents (PMP) sessions were successfully conducted over the first three weeks of January 2013. 

Our Principal, Ms Pamela Yoong, shared with the parents the school’s Mission, Vision and Values as well as the directions for the new academic year. She also shared her educational philosophy as well as her passion for nurturing the next generations of PL-Lites. Parents also took away some parental tips to in educating their teenage children. 

The Principal’s Address was followed by presentations by various key personnel. Customised to address the different needs of the pupils by levels and steams, the presentation provided the parents with enriching information relevant to the parents and their daughters. The topics included the following: 

Secondary One 
- Adjustments to the new environment and learning culture 
- Parent-School-Support-Group 

Secondary Two 
- Streaming exercise 
- Post-secondary education options 
- National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) 

Secondary Three 
- Faithful-In-Service (CIP) 
- CCA and LEAPS system 

Secondary Four/Five 
- Post-secondary education options 
- School Graduation Certificate 

The sessions ended with an opportunity for parents to meet and interact with the Form Teachers and Co-Form Teachers. The interaction allowed the parents gain a better understanding of the school’s expectations and provided an opportunity for the parents to ask questions close to their hearts. 

Staff Dedication

Bishop Dr Wee giving a sermonA song item presented by our staff
Praying a special prayer for our newly appointed school leadersA group of members of the school staff and PSSG

At the beginning of every calendar and academic year, the extended PL Family, including Staff members of PL [Pri & Sec], Board Members, Alumni Committee Members, and PST/PSSG Members, will always come together to dedicate ourselves anew and afresh to the Lord. The Dedication Service is a good reminder of our privileged partnership with God as He uses each of us in the different capacity in the life of the students and His school. 

In his sermon at the Dedication Service, Bishop Dr Wee Boon Hup encouraged those present to allow the truth of God to dwell deep in our hearts, through which the grace of God will be made manifest in our lives, and from which the glory of God can be revealed. “Let His glory shine” as the theme of the service is hence an appropriate reminder that God works through us, and in us. 

Together with the chaplains appointed to PLMGS (Pri & Sec), Rev Dr Jonathan Seet prayed a special prayer for Ms Chua Soh Leng (newly appointed principal of PLMGS [Pri], with effect from 15 Dec 2012), Mrs Esther Chee (VP appointed to PLMGS [Sec] since June 2012) and Mrs Selina Lum (newly appointed VP to PLMGS [Sec], with effect from 15 Dec 2012). 

The service ended with dinner reception in the canteen, where friends and family fellowship as well as bond with each other in an informal setting. 

CCA Fair – A Whole New World, Your Fantasy Awaits You

CCA Combined PerformanceSJAB girls dressing up wounds at their boothSec 1 girls trying their hand at volleyball
Harp girls performing in the AVA Room
ELDDS Girls all dressed  up for the occasion
Choir girls mesmerizing the  crowd with their song

The CCA Fair was held on 4 January 2013 in conjunction with the Secondary 1 ‘I Discover’ Camp. The theme of this year’s CCA Fair was ‘A Whole New World, Your Fantasy Awaits You’. It was chosen with the hope that the Secondary One students would be able to realize their potentials and build their character through their chosen CCAs. During the CCA Fair, they visited the various booths set up the Sports, Performing Arts and Uniformed Groups as well as the various clubs and societies. In addition, both parents and students were treated to the various performances put up by the CCA groups. On the next day, a CCA Combined Performance-cum-Briefing on was held just before the Camp Finale to help parents and students to make a more informed decision about CCA participation. 

Pupils' Reflection: 
The CCA Fair was interesting and it helped me to know more about CCAs in PL. I was very impressed with the performances, especially the ones put up by the GB, Guitar Ensemble and Harp Ensemble. Watching the performances made me want to join the CCA group. 
Hoong Si Qi, Secondary 1-1 

Initially, I felt very reluctant to perform. However, the rehearsals helped me to overcome my fear, and eventually I became more confident. After the performance, I felt a sense of satisfaction and was glad that all the CCA groups managed to work together to put up a combined item for the Secondary 1 students and their parents. 
Poon Min Shan, Secondary 3C1b

Sec 1 Camp Courage – “I Discover” 2013

Flag paintingTeam bonding games in school
Sec 1s are having fun bonding with their classParents capturing memories of their daughters

When 2 January finally came, all were excited to embrace the new Sec 1s into the family. The 3-day camp lasted from 3 to 5 January. With the theme ‘Ignite Your Light’, the Secondary 1s went through exciting activities and games which were specially organised by the student leaders with an objective to discover and light up that inner light the school believes each one of us has. 

Not only were the Secondary 1s able to discover more about themselves, they were also given opportunities to learn more about their friends and their new school. A heritage trail was conducted on the last day of camp to further expand their knowledge of the community around the school and to forge a closer bond with each other. 

The campers agreed that the most enjoyable part of the camp was the Finale Night. The camp closed with a bang as the Secondary 1s performed an item that they had thought up and practiced as a class. The Mass Dance also displayed teamwork within the cohort as they danced together as one. 

The camp was rounded up and concluded with Ms Yoong lighting a candle and passing it on to the whole cohort, welcoming them into the family and reminding them that as PL Lites, we are to be a light to the community, and to always light each other’s candle in our journey together in PL. Truly, the camp had ignited a light in them and the campers were full of ‘PL pride’! 

The success of the camp was attributed to the commitment of the camp committee, teachers and of course, God. All glory to God! 

Pupils' Reflection: 
The camp has opened new windows and given me a new perspective of being a leader. From organizing it to bringing it to fruition, this camp provided many opportunities for me to grow as a leader. I have definitely brought back more than memories of this camp. Newly forged friendships and the process of conquering the various challenges played a huge part in this experience. Thank you God for this golden, once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a part of this camp! 
Johanna Faith Foo, 3A3 (Camp Commandant) 

The Secondary 1 ‘I Discover’ Camp 2013 was a great opportunity to develop my leadership skills as well as bond with fellow student leaders and the new PL-Lites. The process of learning to stand on stage to give out clear and concise instructions really helped me to put my leadership skills to practice. We learnt to work with each other throughout the camp. However, what really made this whole camp meaningful were the Secondary 1 students. They were committed throughout the camp and participated in the games actively. Even after the camp, the bond between the camp committee and Sec 1s still lasts. 
Esther Ng, 3A3 (Assistant Camp Commandant)