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February 2013

Sharing of Best Practices with Anderson Primary School

On 14 Feb 2013, the School Leaders and key personnel from Anderson Primary School visited PLMGS (Sec) to learn about our best practices regarding External Validation processes and documentation.

Photography Achievements by PL-Lites (EOS Academy Magazine)

 The school congratulates the members of PL Photography Club on being featured in the 2nd edition of EOS Academy magazine. The magazine seeks to recognise pupils who have done well in the art of photography among the educational institutions in Singapore, including the junior colleges, polytechnics and universities. 

The photographs taken by the following 6 pupils were featured in the magazine: 
1) Syaza Nisrina, Secondary 2-3 (1 photo) 
2) Magdalene Tan, Secondary 2-5 (2 photos) 
3) Estelle Heng, Secondary 3B2 (1 photo) 
4) Hannah Chan, Secondary 3B1 (1 photo) 
5) Nicole Ng, Secondary 3A3 (1 photo) 
6) Venessa Ng, Secondary 4B3 (3 photos) 

In addition, Magdalene and Nicole were also featured in the 1st edition of the magazine. 

We are very proud of their achievement and this is indeed a significant milestone for them. 

PL Commemorates Total Defence Day

Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s School (Secondary) commemorated Total Defence Day on 15 Feb 2013. In conjunction with the theme ‘ Total Defence - Will You Stand With Me? ’, the St John’s Ambulance Brigade put up a skit to demonstrate how staff and pupils could respond to an emergency situation. In addition, teachers in the Mathematics and Science Department captured the essence of Total Defence by discussing the five pillars of Total Defence and related it to Mathematics and Science. 

The pupils reflected on the impact of the rapid changes and fast-paced development that Singapore has been undergoing. They also discussed the role they could play in total defence. 

Pupils' Reflection: 
“I am proud to be a Singaporean. I would demonstrate Total Defence in school by singing the National Anthem and to recite the pledge proudly.” 
Jole Gn, Secondary 2.2 

“I would take emergency drills seriously and be proud to be a Singaporean. I would be friendly towards others and support the people serving National Service.” 
Karina Lalchand Sheri, Secondary 4A2

2013 Chinese New Year Concert

Guzheng Ensemble in action!
Ms Yoong leads teachers of different 
races to perform Chinese Calligraphy
A hilarious mime performed by D’ Arts Drama
School leaders and teachers having fun doing a-go-go dance!
Chinese New Year couplets that Ms Yoong wrote for the 
school was shown during sing-along session.

The Chinese New Year concert was held on 8 Feb 2013. This year, the concert was quite different from the previous years as all school leaders and teachers were involved in at least one performance item. The performances put up by the teachers included dikir barat, writing of Chinese calligraphy together with an erhu performance, percussion item, a-go-go dance and the singing of Chinese New Year songs. The line up was a pleasant surprise for the pupils. The multiple talents exhibited by the school leaders and teachers amazed the students and they also got to see the less serious side of the school leaders and teachers. 

At the end of the concert, all class monitors represented their respective classes to present mandarin oranges to the teachers and staff as a gesture of respect. All in all, everyone had a great time at the concert. 

Pupils' Reflection: 
“I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Chinese New Year celebration. It was really different from the usual performances compared to previous years’ celebrations and I really like the change. The performances put up were very amusing and interesting. I especially enjoyed the items which brought together different races and different cultures. Another item that I found interesting featured the teachers sang along and clapped to the rhythm of the Malay drums. It was really funny and nice to watch. I also enjoyed the performance put up by the dancers and the fellow students from D’Arts (Drama). In addition, the CNY quiz allowed me to better understand more about the Chinese culture. Finally, my friends and I enjoyed the yearly sing-a-long session because we really had a great time. This year’s Chinese New Year celebration was an incredibly enjoyable and I look forward to other such opportunities.” 
Christel Ling, Secondary 3A1 

“This year, our Chinese New Year celebrations gave all of us a chance to bond as a class and as a school. While putting up the CNY classroom decorations, we could bond with our classmates and learn to work together. The CNY concert bonded us as a school, and as we sang the Chinese New Year songs together, I felt that the whole school is really united. The entertaining performances also allowed all of us to have a good time laughing together. Having Class Bonding Day right after the concert was a great opportunity for us to know our classmates better, and it taught us to stand united as a class.” 
Seet Seow Chien, Secondary 3A1

Chinese New Year Lunch for Elderly

Sharing beautiful memories with the elderlyPL-Lites setting the tables for the lunch

 Every year, PL hosts a Chinese New Year Lunch for the elderly from various home to show our care for the needy in the community. This year, we are grateful for the opportunity to host a sumptuous eight-course lunch on 8 Feb 2013 forthe elderly from St Luke's Eldercare, Society for the Aged Sick, NKF and Wan Min Community Services Presbyterian Eldercare with the support of Paya Lebar Methodist Church. 

Our girls were involved in many different aspects in the planning of the lunch. They started preparation weeks before the event, rehearsing their performances, preparing goodie bags for the elderly and even to learn basic dialects to communicate with the elderly. 

During lunch, the girls served food to the elderly and attended to the needs of their guests at the table. The Guest of Honour, Rev Dr Jonathan Seet and our Principal, Ms Pamela Yoong also presented ang baos and goodie bags to the elderly. 

It was indeed a heartwarming experience for both the students and their elderly guests. 

Pupil's Reflection: 
"To many of us, celebrating the Lunar New Year with our families annually is a given. However, to some of the old folks, not all of them would be granted this privilege. By organising the Chinese New Year lunch for these old folks, we helped to share the joy and festive spirit of the New Year with them. Seeing the smiles on their faces really brought great joy to us. This has been an enriching experience for all of us but most of all, it was a lunch that brought happiness to the elderly. The old folks might not remember us but I certainly hope they will remember the beautiful memories they have had of this Chinese New Year Lunch." 
Elizabeth Han, Secondary 4B1