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August 2013

Methodist Schools’ Staff Get-Together 2013

On 30 Aug 2013 (Friday), Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Sec) hosted the annual Methodist Schools’ Staff Get-Together. The representative staff members of the 16 Methodist Schools in Singapore gathered for a time of food, fellowship and a worship service, which was held at the Agape Concert Hall. For the first time, a combined schools worship team was formed to lead the congregation to worship through music and song. 

Bishop Dr Wee Boon Hup was invited to grace the occasion as the Guest-of-Honour and he spoke to the representative school staff at the worship service based on the theme, “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good”. He also presented Long Service Awards and Special Awards after his sermon. Another highlight of the worship service was the recitation of the Teachers’ Pledge. One school representative from each of the 16 Methodist Schools led by Mrs Esther Chee, Vice Principal, PLMGS (Sec), took the stage to lead all the Education Officers seated in the concert hall to recite the Teachers’ Pledge.

SSO on Campus


Rhapssody is a quarterly Community Outreach Newsletter published by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. In the Sep-Dec 2013 issue, there was article on SSO on Campus which featured PLMGS (Sec). Below is an excerpt of the article.

Each school was actively involved in every stage of the process, from preparations to publicity to execution of the concert proper, and distributing concert flyers both internally and externally, promoting the concert during school assemblies and deploying student ushers to assist the SSO with audience management. They see this partnership as beneficial to both the community and the school.

As Mr Ng Eng Kee, Aesthetics Subject Head of PLMGS (S) shares: "One of the school's strategic thrusts is Partnership, and the collaboration between the SSO and PLMGS (S) is a recognition of our school's effort in arts education. The outreach concert makes the school more accessible to the community and helps to raise public awareness of the school and its strength and focus on the arts. It provides an opportunity for the community to witness and appreciate high quality music making in the heartland of Lorong AhSoo and close to their home.

The concert might be the first time some of the pupils are exposed to classical symphonic music. For those pupils with some exposure to orchestral concerts, the campus performances provide an added avenue through which the professional musicians inspire them."

Please click here for the full article.

Alumni PL-Lites living out the school values

Recently, the local newspapers featured our alumni PL-Lites in their coverage of news. They are shining examples of women whose actions in life reflect the spirit of G.R.A.C.E . (our school values). 

Uniquely yours - from $79 
Seetal Kaur Randhawa (Sec 4A1, Class of 2004) set up 'The Shoemaker's Elf' to plug what she saw as a gap in the market. The article describes how she overcame the challenges in setting up and operating the business. 

Source: Today © Singapore Press Holdings Limited, Reproduced with permission) 

Bonding across the generational divide 
Sarah Wan and Regina Koh (both from Sec 4A3, Class of 2006) and two others created a campaign called 'The Silver Yarn Project', a youth movement aimed at getting young people to communicate with their seniors. According to the newspaper article, 'The Silver Yarn Project' has reached out to more than 200 000 people. In January 2013, the group launched '#SilverYarn Instagram Contest', where youths submitted photos of their grandparents and their stories of days gone by. 

Source: The New Paper © Singapore Press Holdings Limited, Reproduced with permission) 

University of New South Wales (UNSW) Science Quiz

137 of our students participated in the 2013 International Competitions and Assessments for schools (Science) by UNSW Global. The assessment is a good opportunity for students to gain a measure of their achievement in an international test setting. Each participant receives a certificate and an individual student report for them to learn from their mistakes, as well as identify their strengths and weaknesses. 

Hannah Lo from 2-2 was awarded High Distinction and Seah Kai Lin from 2-2 was awarded Distinction. Hannah's score is in the top 1% of Sec 2 participants in Singapore, while Kai Lin's is in the top 2%. 

Pupil’s Reflections: 
"I thought it was helpful to help me gauge where I'm standing among the students in Singapore." 
Seah Kai Lin, 2-2 

Singapore Junior Water Prize 2012-2013

The Singapore Junior Water Prize is a national competition to pick a winning team to represent Singapore to vie for the prestigious international Stockholm Junior Water Prize in Sweden. It aims to encourage young people’s interest in issues concerning water and the environment. The team of 3 girls, Antonia Low (2-1), Amanda Chia (2-2) and Kyna Ho (2-2) worked in partnership with a mentor from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and spent one year on research and experiments. The products of their labour were a fourteen-paged research paper on the removal of lead ions by Spirulina Algae as well as a poster for the booth presentation. 

The girls won first prize in the Under-15 Category and received a plaque and a $1000 cash prize. They presented the plaque and $600 to the school to thank the school for this opportunity of learning. 

Pupil’s Reflections: 
“This has been a very interesting and fun journey. I’ve got to learn more about things that we don’t learn in depth in the textbook.” 
– Antonia Low, 2-2

Overseas Learning Journey to New Zealand


A group of 15 pupils from the school's performing arts groups accompanied by Ms Audrey Chia and Ms Justina Yee embarked on a learning journey to New Zealand's Corelli School of the Arts. They departed from the Changi International Airport at 8.30am on 9 August 2013. There will be daily updates from the teachers about the trip as follows: 

9 August 2013 7.50pm - PL group has arrived safely and on their way to hotel.
10 August 2013 3.15pm - The team had a lovely time at the museum. And the girls are doing well, taking care of each other.
11 August 2013 4.10pm - The team had a 'fruitful' time at the farm. The girls shared during reflection today that they have learned about the need for hard work, responsibility in owning a task and finishing it and they enjoyed the team work they put in at the farm. They also composed a thank you song (sounds lovely) at the end of the farm trip. 
12 August 2013 2.45pm - Everyone is well. The girls visited the Auckland Art Museum to check out traditional European and contemporary art. They attempted sketching at One Tree Hill but the weather was not too good with bouts of rain and strong winds. The girls will spend the night running through their lunch time performances and planning for the menu for their masterchef competition.
13 August 2013 6.30pm - The girls had a great time exploring Howick historical village. History and life in the 1850s really came to life for them. Then it was onto a hands-on arts workshop in the Pacific people's art of making individual symbols and patterns on paper with brown dye and paint. Then it was a trip to the supermarket where the girls planned out and bought their breakfast menu for 3 days including a dinner. They were very excited and all passed the teachers exacting culinary standards. After a hearty chicken meal at Nandos, it was safely back to the motel where the girls were prepped for school tomorrow - their first day of school.
14 August 2013 3.20pm - The students started their first day of school at Corelli. They enjoyed moving around to different home rooms and were captivated by the art works and music/dance related posters around. They had the opportunity to sit in a physics class in which they were morphed into electrons, bulbs and currents to understand the topic on electricity. They amazed the Corelli teachers with their greetings both at the beginning and end of each class, leaving the teachers filled with delight. Our girls also warmed up their muscles while they enjoyed learning volleyball techniques at theastroturf. The language teacher kept the girls on task with Cambridge comprehension papers and reiterated the process involved for reading for understanding. The students who had their art lessons were thrilled with colour mixing and are looking forward to the many periods of art tomorrow. The rest also enjoyed literature lessons with Mrs Annie Clayton (an alumni PL-Lite teaching in the school). The girls put their creativity to the test as they enjoyed a hands-on session learning Maori weaving and learnt a new Maori song in the process. It was a lovely day. We will be meeting them for reflections and rehearsing their lines tonight.
15 August 2013 6.30pm - The girls had another fruitful day with selected studies where each art group went into their specialized areas for classes. The girls were able to adapt and communicate with the buddies they were attached to and enjoyed sharing ideas in their group interactions. It was an eye opener for them as they explored a different method of learning and problem solving. In their reflections, they expressed that they thoroughly enjoyed each selected studies and some sheepishly mentioned that they wanted to stay on longer in NZ by 'maybe getting lost'.
16 August 2013 2.20pm - The team sent a report back to say they are safe and there are no aftershocks from the earthquake in Wellington.
16 August 2013 8.00pm - A beautiful note to end the wonderful day... The girls thrilled the audience with their earnest and spectacular performances from artist speeches to drama poem recital, to mesmerizingguzheng playing to lovely dancing to finale item of their school song with the accompaniment of the harp, bassoon, guitar and vibraphone. They received many encouraging words and admiration from the Corelli students, teachers and the public that joined in the lunch time performances. It was also lovely to see the impromptu exchange of cultural dialogue with the guzheng girls who were also asked to give a impromptu performance in one of the classes upon request by the students. TheCorelli students also in return came up with some lovely playing on the violin, guitar and singing. It was wonderful collaboration and mutual admiration and learning. The masterchef session was also fun with the girls from the various apartments pitting their cooking skills to vie for the prestigious title and sugar rush award (aka chocolates). The girls shared endearing moments as they hostedCorelli teacher Mrs Annie Clayton's two children to their delectable culinary creations (thank God it was edible and surprisingly nice) and the girls ended off on a sweet note as they were treated with a NZ favorite of pavalova by the teachers. The girls in return served the teachers by washing up all the plates that were used on their own accord. They will be having their final reflection session by the bay and will fly back soon to their loved ones and family. We are all thankful for the prayers and the support from all back home.
17 August 2013 7.00pm - The team is currently waiting at the gate for boarding. All girls are accounted for and in high spirits. Mrs Annie Clayton came to see us off and everyone wanted to hug her. 

Many stories, one Singapore

The theme of Singapore’s 48th National Day 2013 was ‘Many stories, one Singapore’. The rationale for the theme was to pay tribute to everyday Singaporean and their narratives. Likewise, PLMGS (Sec) celebrated the occasion by creating memorable stories.

We had a combined parade with our sister school, PLMGS (Primary). Prior the concert in the Shaw Hall, the PL-Lites were recognised for their excellent performance in theCCA and service to the school at the Colours Award ceremony. We concluded the celebration with several lively performances put up by the staff and pupils of the school, including the Guzheng Tuan, Harp Ensemble, Cross Talk in Chinese (Xiang Sheng), an Indian Dance and culminating with much joy and emotion when we sang our national songs in the Community Singing segment.

Our Guest of Honour, Mrs Quahe-Lim Su Lynn, President of PLMGS Alumni, guests, parents and all members of the PL family left the school with that special feeling of pride in their hearts.

Majulah Singapura!

Mental Uplift!

As part of our Back to the Basics series, the PL staff will be stimulating their mental powers with either learning a musical skill or a book discussion (short stories) in Term 3. The options for courses include Choir, Guitar, Handbells, Percussion and Book Club.

PL Choir performs at Istana's National Day Observance Ceremony

President Tan interacting with the PL Choir membersPrime Minister Lee meeting the PL Choir members

On 7 August (Wednesday), while the school was preparing to celebrate the nation's 48th Birthday, the PL Choir was busy getting ready for its performance at the Istana organised by the President' Office and the Prime Minister Office. The Choir sang 5 songs, including the evergreen National Day favourite - Home. After its performance, both President Tony Tan and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong interacted with the choristers. It was indeed a great honour to be invited to perform for such an important occasion.