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April 2013

Zonal Director from Schools Division (East) visits PLMGS (Sec)

On 30 April 2013, Mrs Wendy Lim, Zone Director, School DIvision (East), visited PL to dialogue with our key personnel and teachers.

Symphony of Praise IV

On 26 April 2013, members from PL’s 9 performing arts groups performed for a full house at the 4 th Symphony of Praise (SOP) concert. The concert showcased the stars of our performing arts groups and the revenue raised from the sale of tickets was channeled into the Agape Fund for the needy pupils. Gracing the occasion was Ms Amy Ser who is Assistant Director of Music at the Arts Education Branch, Student Curriculum Development Division. 

Pupils' Reflections 
“SOP was a beyond amazing experience for me. It’s the very last performance for me in PL and I really thank God that it turned out so well. In fact, the outcome of the concert was above what I’ve expected.” 
Khek Yi Ting, Secondary 4A3 

“SOP IV was my first and last SOP in PL. Representing the Handbell Ensemble in the SOP this year gave me an eye opening experience and helped me to inculcate values like enthusiasm and perseverance, especially during our practice sessions. Through all the hard work we have put into the SOP and SYF, truly, God has blessed us with His abundant blessings and helped us go through this whole season of presentation.” 
Luisa Phuah Si Ying, Secondary 3A1 

“I think this year’s SOP was a success. As a performer, I felt that it was a good experience for myself to be exposed to the stress and anxiety of a performance. As I sat at the side of the stage where the audience could easily see me, I felt that I had to do well and give a good impression to the public. It has built my confidence as a saxophone player.” 
Koh Chen Ling, Secondary 4B1 

“I feel that SOP was a great platform for our performing arts groups to showcase their talents. It was a success and I enjoyed myself. I enjoyed dressing up and having fun with my friends since this is our final year in PL. We took a lot of photos and I will cherish this memory forever. I am very happy to see many seniors who came back to support the event. Through this I learnt values such as teamwork as everyone plays a part in this event and co-ordination is very important.” 
Cassandra Lim, Secondary 4B1 

“SOP was indeed very successful and I enjoyed all the performances thoroughly. I feel that through this experience I have learnt to appreciate the arts. Lastly, watching all my friends perform really made me feel very proud to be a part of PL.” 
Dione Toh, Secondary 4A3 

“I feel that SOP was a very exciting performance. The performances exposed me to a wide variety of instruments that I do not hear of frequently. I couldn’t agree more with the statement ‘save the best for the last’ after watching the performance by the Guzheng Ensemble. I feel that their performance was truly spectacular. I look forward to the next SOP. 
Johanna Sitompul, Secondary 3A1

Sec 1 Learning Journey to the Asian Civilisation Museum

For many years, all Express and Normal (Academic) Secondary One pupils enjoy their learning journey to the ACM. The exhibits bring to life their studies in the ancient civilisations of India, China and Southeast Asia. 

This year’s learning journey was specially designed to help the pupils engage their critical thinking skills, so as to prepare them for their PL21 performance tasks in Term 2. Pupils were given a booklet in which they had to select one theme from several. In pairs, pupils would then comb through the entire museum to find two exhibits that fitted the theme, from which they would describe and discuss the various similarities and differences found in these artefacts. 

Pupils found the task engaging and it was for many their first time in a museum. 

Pupil's Reflections 
"I felt scared and was pretty amazed at the many interesting artifacts. Although some were a little frightening, I continued to examine them with interest. The task helps me to understand more about the past and its traditions." 
Amabel Lim, Secondary 1.6

13 new Vice Principals visit PLMGS (Sec)

A rich dialogue session between the VPs and the facilitators 

As part of the Vice Principals Learning Series, a group of 13 newly appointed Vice Principals from schools in the East Zone visited PLMGS (Sec) on 17 April 2013. The objective of the visit was to learn about our best practice in Teaching and Learning and how curriculum leadership is put into practice in PL. Our Principal, Ms Pamela Yoong and E5 Cluster Superintendent, Mrs Marian Chia, facilitated the learning for the group.

Joint Promotion Ceremony

Hosting our Guest of Honour,  Dr Tan Chor Hiang
Special item presented by staff  from PL Pri and Sec
A sumptous meal after the ceremony
Congratulations to our  Allied Educators on their promotion
GEO 1A1 PromoteesGEO 1A2 Promotees

The staff PLMGS (Secondary and Primary) came together as one school for a joyous afternoon of celebration in a Joint Promotion Ceremony for our teachers who were promoted. We rejoice with our teachers and praise the Lord for his abundant blessings upon PL. 

Mdm Ginny Chua, the Vice Principal (Admin) of PL Primary, welcomed everyone to the ceremony and Mr Samuel Yap, the Vice Principal of PL Primary gave the opening prayer. The Agape Concert Hall rang with song in a time of praise and worship as the PL family sang together. 

Dr Tan Chor Hiang, Vice Chairman of our Board of Management graced the occasion as our Guest of Honour and presented the certificates to those promoted. 

The rendition of the Special Item, ‘His strength is perfect’, by the Middle Managers of both schools, was led by Mr Ng Eng Kee, who sang in a mellifluous baritone voice. The service ended with a closing prayer by Mrs Esther Chee, Vice Principal of PL Secondary. 

The congregation then adjourned to the school canteen for a time of fellowship while tucking in to a sumptuous high tea reception and a Special Treat of D24 Durian Puffs at the school canteen. 

The School Leaders offer their heartiest congratulations to the recently-promoted teachers and wish them all the best!