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October 2012

Mega Camp 2012

Listening to the lectures on Habitudes Learning perseverance through the climbing of trees Team work through the challenging obstacle course
The sea expedition – learning perseverance and team work Mr Alfred Tan lightning the campfire Commissioned as leaders!

Mega Camp 2012 took place from 27 October to 30 October at Tanjung Piai, Johore. There were a total of 109 pupils and 7 teachers in this 4-day-3-night camp. 

During the camp, “Ice-berg”, “Half-hearted Kamikaze”, “Waldolf Principle”, “Choir director” and “Big rocks, small rocks” were terms from the Habitudes workshops that rang throughout Mega Camp 2012 as the student leaders were reminded of the importance of commitment, servant leadership and prioritising as they were challenged in the activities they participated in. 

The purpose of this annual Mega Camp was to train the new student leaders to be ready to take on the challenges their new roles would bring to them. Through the various activities such as river-crossing, paintball, land and sea expeditions and night hike, the student leaders put into action the knowledge they gained through the Habitudes workshops. Character building and leadership skills were also key in the activities they participated in. 

The camp ended on a high note on the last night at the campfire where the girls were treated to a surprise visit by our school leaders. 

Leadership is a choice and we are proud to say that the student leaders have made the choice to shine as PL-Lites. 

Pupils' Reflections: 
The Ice-berg lesson has impacted me a lot. From that workshop and its activities, I understood the importance of character and that without a good character, one will not be able to go far and accomplish the tasks assigned. 
Chanya Lee, Secondary 2-5 

I learnt different habitudes which can help me in my leadership roles. Also, the land expedition helped to gel my group together. We learnt to take care of one another and not to leave others out. It is important to take care of one another not just physically but also emotionally. 
Evangeline Tong, Secondary 2-4

Thank You card from our PL Primary sisters

96th PL Celebrates II – Celebration Lunch

Happy pupils with their Subway sandwiches
Staff and Pupils queuing up for Nachos with Cheese
Pupils enjoying lunch with their friends
Map - PL Joint Celebration Lunch

As part of the celebrations for the attainment of the School Excellence Award, we had a combined lunch celebration with PL (Pri). All staff and pupils were in for a feast as different food stalls were set up in both schools. Popular food brands such as Burger King, Pow Sing Chicken Rice, Lee Wee Brothers Nasi Lemak, Ramly Burger, Subway, Long John Silver’s, Texas Fried Chicken, Pelican Pizza and more were served. Our girls were particularly excited about the popcorn, candy floss, chocolate fondue, ice cream, nachos and eclairs that were also in the menu. 

The Principals, staff and pupils would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the Board of Management for their kind generosity in sponsoring the delicious lunch. 

Pupils' Reflections: 
The lunch celebration is a good idea. I never expected it to be on such a big scale. 
Sophie Mok, Secondary 3C1 

I enjoyed the lunch, especially the popcorn. It was fun eating with my friends. I am grateful to the school for organising this for us. 
Natasha Wee Maaike, Secondary 2-4 

We enjoyed the food. This celebration is great. 
A group of Primary 6 pupils 

ACJC Methodist Schools’ Debate Cup 2012

The PL Debaters with Sonia Mary Anthony - 3rd from the right 

Sonia Mary Anthony of Sec 3A3 was awarded with the 4th Best Speaker position at the recent ACJC Methodist Schools' Debate Cup on 27 October 2012. There were a total of 50 speakers from the 5 Methodist schools that participated in the debate. 

The PL Debate Team A, consisting of Sonia Mary Anthony (3A3), Rachel Chan (3A2), Petrina Ong (3A1), Nicole Yap (1.1) and Mageshree Elahmarin (1.6), defeated ACS (Barker) and ACS (Independent) in two rounds of the competition. 

Pupil's Reflections: 
Throughout this competition, I explored the many aspects of being a debater, such as, thinking on my feet and writing cases within a short span of time. I also learnt the importance of being calm and not giving in to pressure. I felt happy that I was able to attain this 4th Best Speaker position and I want to thank my team mates for giving me moral support and working well as a team. 
Sonia Mary Anthony, Secondary 3A3 

96th Founder’s Day

Our GOH flanked by Ms P Yoong and Mrs C HoBishop Dr Solomon addressing the congregationLucy Kandasamy Award winner and P6 Valedictorian, Amanda with our GOH
Dux medallist, Abigail Lim with our GOHMdm Lee CH receiving her 40 years Service Award from Prof HumOur Handbell Ensemble getting ready to perform

PLMGS celebrated her 96 th Founder’s Day as ‘One PL’ on 12 October. The service was held in the Agape Concert Hall and the Shaw Hall. 

Our Guest of Honour, Bishop Dr Robert Solomon, Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore, delivered his sermon on ‘Unity and Community’, in keeping with this year’s theme, ‘One PL’. He also presented the top academic prizes (for the year 2011) to our pupils and awards to our coaches. Professor Hum Sin Hoon, Chairman of our Board of Management, presented the Long Service Awards to our PL staff. 

The two Principals led the way and role-modelled what ‘One PL’ meant. This year, Ms P Yoong and Mrs C Ho came up with an innovative and novel way of presenting the Principals’ Report - via an exciting video. The vivid images of the PL (Primary) and PL (Secondary) achievements captivated the congregation better than what words can ever portray. When the pictures of the School Excellence Award (the pinnacle award for all schools from the Ministry of Education) and the celebrations that followed thereafter filled the screen, the congregation broke out in spontaneous applause and loud cheers; and, the hearts of all close to PL could not help but swell with pride and joy! 

The service ended as ’One PL’, with the combined PL (Pri and Sec) Handbell Ensemble playing a lively and catchy rendition of the song ‘Joy and Elation’. 

Indeed, the congregation that came for the service left without a doubt that PLMGS is God’s school, a school that has been blessed for all her 96 years by her Great and Almighty God. To God be the Glory! 

Pupils' Reflections: 
This is my first Founder’s Day in PL (Secondary). Hence, it is special to me. I am proud to be in a school with a long history and heritage. I am especially impressed by the PL Primary and Secondary choirs. They sang impressively and beautifully. 
Chiang Chyi Shea, Secondary 1.4 

This year’s Founder’s Day is especially meaningful to me as it is my last year in PL. I am really proud to be part of this wonderful PL family and I am proud of my school. I hope that PL will continue to achieve greater heights. 
Elsa Sim Rui Jia, Secondary 4A3 

Founder’s Day Dinner

Cutting of the birthday cakeIn loving memory of Mrs Anna Thomas       Mrs C Ho receiving a bouquet
Mrs C Ho receiving her gift from GOHMrs Puspa receiving her gift from GOH       The 2011 Phyllis Eu Medallist

This year’s Founder’s Day Dinner at the Marriott Hotel ballroom began with a rousing singspiration led by the Masters of Ceremony, Rebecca Ang and Amelia Champion, follow by a speech by Alumni President Lim Su Lynn that was warm and personal as she thanked various people in heartfelt appreciation of their love and contributions to PL. Celebrating our 96 thyear where staff of PL Primary and Secondary, many old girls and close friends could gather as one family, made it a lovely evening of catching up and renewing of old ties. 

One key event that marked the evening was the special announcement made by Ms Grace Ng, an old girl of the school. Her announcement to the old girls that PL had been conferred the MOE’s pinnacle award, the prestigious School Excellence Award, was met with a thunderous applause and cheering from a delighted crowd. She spoke about PL with pride and how thankful she was for the leaders in PL who have always been steadfast in their faith and key to the moulding of the people, creating the right culture for PL to keep her growing over the years. To God be the Glory! 

PL is grateful to 2 special retirees, Mrs Puspa, our beloved office clerk and Mrs Christine Ho, the Principal of PL Primary. They were presented their retirement gifts from the school by Mr Gerard Ee, Chairman of the National Kidney Foundation, our Guest of Honour for the evening. Mrs Winnie Tan gave a tribute for Mrs Puspa, but not before getting the full attention of all her old girls, referring candidly to herself as the old master teacher. She spoke lovingly about Mrs Puspa’s dedication and sacrifice having worked for close to 4 decades in PL. Mrs Caroline Wu, Vice Principal of PL Primary gave a touching speech about Mrs Ho and the tremendous work Mrs Ho had accomplished in PL Primary, impacting on both the staff and pupils. 

Later in the evening, Merly Chee went on to remember the late Mrs Anna Thomas with a heartwarming sharing about the influence Mrs Thomas had on the lives of many in PL. This was followed by a poignant moment shared by all as we watched a video presentation in memory of Mrs Thomas, tracing the years she spent in PL and the imprint that she left behind. A number of old girls sang one of her favourite hymns during the video presentation, “Brighten the Corner where you are”, which was indeed the way Mrs Thomas chose to live her life, with her love for God and her young charges, armed with sharp wit and humour, not forgetting her beautiful singing voice. 

Mabel Goh led in our own version of “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”, a table game to test the memory with regard to the lyrics of Christian songs and hymns sung in PL. Everyone participated actively and enthusiastically. It was enjoyable and also comical to watch how each table was listening intently and writing the lyrics down feverishly, all competing to be the fastest to hand in the correct answers. The winning tables received gift hampers generously donated by an old girl, Karen Kon. 

The year of 1987 being the batch that had graduated 25 years before, presented a love gift to the Alumni President and also put together a nostalgic video montage depicting the strong friendships that were formed in PL. 

This year’s Phyllis Eu Medal recipient is Alison Han, executive committee Prefect and Vice President of ELDDS in 2011. She was presented the Phyllis Eu Medal for being the best all-round pupil of her batch. 

This was followed by the singing of the birthday song to our beloved PL and cake cutting with our Guest of Honour, Mr Gerard Ee, Chairman of Board of Management, Professor Hum Sin Hoon, President of the Alumni, Lim Su Lynn and Principals of Primary and Secondary Schools, Mrs Christine Ho and Ms Pamela Yoong. 

The evening would not be complete without the singing of the school anthem. The ballroom was filled with our voices as we stood to attention to end the evening with our school anthem. It was certainly a night to remember. 

Baccalaureate Service

The Baccalaureate Service held on 5 Oct was the last chapel service for the graduating classes of 2012. Reverend Christopher Chin delivered the sermon to them and Pastor Gladwin Lee delivered the benediction during this service. 

After the message, Ms Yoong presented collar pins to the graduating classes, a tradition in PL. The pupils also received a pen from Paya Lebar Methodist Church and booklet entitled “PL Memories” from the school, which was specially created for them. 

In return, the Head Prefect Sofia Limpo and Vice Head Prefect Gillian Wong presented a swing to Ms Yoong on behalf of the 2012 Sec 4/5 cohort. The swing encapsulates all the fun and happiness being in PL has brought to the pupils and they hope their juniors will look at PL in the same light. 

It was a bitter-sweet moment as the girls viewed a slideshow with messages of encouragement from their teachers as well as a video in which their form teachers gave their farewell messages as they continued their journey in life. 

Pupils' Reflections: 
It brought back fond memories of my years of education in PL and it made me even prouder of the school than I already am. We were also convinced how much the teachers actually care for us even though they do not usually show it. Many of us went home teary-eyed that day. 
Chang En En, Secondary 4A2 

I felt that the service was very meaningful and touching for many of us and the souvenirs we received were also very lovely. For some, it marked the end of their 4 years in PL, and for others, their 10 long but fun years of their education here. 
Sunita Devi, Secondary 4A3