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May 2012

iBook Creation Competition

Explaining the content of their iBook to the panel of judges The winners of the iBook Creation 2012

From 30-31 May 2012, a team comprising Beverly Yeap (3A1), Jacyline Ong (3C1B) and Lim Si Hui (3C1B) participated in an iBook Creation Competition organised by Nanyang Polytechnic. In this competition, the team was required to create an iBook, an interactive book application for iPads, within 2 days. The team not only had to research for suitable information to be included in the iBook, they also had to learn to design and select the interesting widgets to make their iBook interactive and appealing to their target audience. Their hard work paid off when they emerged second in the competition. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
From the iBook competition, I have learnt a lot about Apple's new technology. The iBook competition has helped me become more aware about modern technology and its wonders. Creating an iBook has given me a sense of achievement, as I am able to contribute my ideas into something as sophisticated as an iBook. I realise that all it required was hard work and creativity to be a proud owner of my very own iBook. 
Beverly Yeap, 3A1

4th East Zone Arts Festival

Organised by the East Zone Centre of Excellence (COE) for the Creative Arts for the 4 th consecutive year since the official launch of the COE in 2008, the East Zone Arts Festival was held at the Agape Concert Concert on 30 May 2012, 3pm. Gracing the concert as the Guest of Honour was Mr Low Eng Teong, Deputy Director, Arts Education Branch. In his Opening Speech, Mr Low reiterated the importance of arts education. He encouraged our young audience to continue to enjoy and participate in arts activities even beyond their schooling years. 

The concert featured 9 performing arts groups which were either Gold or Gold with Honours awardees in the 2012 Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging for Primary Schools. The schools were as follows: 
  • Elias Park Primary School – Chinese Orchestra  
  • Chongzheng Primary Choir – Angklung Ensemble  
  • Junyuan Primary School – Choir  
  • Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) – Handbell Ensemble  
  • Maha Bodhi – Guzheng Ensemble  
  • Tampines Pri – Indian Dance  
  • Tanjong Katong Pri – Malay Dance  
  • Geylang Methodist Pri – Dance Studio  
  • Poi Ching – International Dance  

They presented an interesting mix of programme to the enthusiastic audience and judging from their applause, the primary school children enjoyed the concert very much.

Destination Imagination Global Finals

Day of Instant challengesOur international buddies from NebraskaOpening Ceremony
Team challengeGift exchange with our NY International buddiesLast day - R&R

After competing at the Destination Imagination (DI) National rounds in April, PL qualified for the opportunity to be part of the Singapore delegation at the Destination Imagination Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States of America. 

From 21 to 29 May, the two teams comprising eight girls [Resvin (from 1.1), Vishwalah, Elizabeth, Emilie, Desiree and Komal (from 1.2) and Amanda and Ashley (from 1.3)] together with two teachers, Ms Evelyn Pang and Ms Doreen Lau, had our DI journey. 

At the Global Finals opening ceremony, the huge stadium was packed with screaming youths and we enjoyed the exciting visual presentations. Both teams did our best at the team challenges, ‘News to Me’, and received favourable responses from the audience and judges. Though we did not win, we gained knowledge and experience watching other teams at their challenges and interacting with our international friends. We also grew individually, building up our confidence and working as part of a team. 

Our DI journey ended with the closing ceremony of Global Finals which was just as thrilling as the opening ceremony. We cheered loudly for any Singaporean team which secured a placing as one of the top ten teams in their challenge. 

During the trip, as part of cultural exchange, we met with our international buddies from Nebraska and New York and had a gift exchange. We also spent time at the local museums and engaged in retail therapy, buying gifts for our family and friends. This has indeed been an eye-opening trip for all of us. 
Reported by : Amanda Jane Wong, Sec 1.3 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
I enjoyed the scenery and the American culture. I also observed other countries’ culture and languages during the DI competition. I’ve grown to become a more confident person and not to fear while performing on stage. 
Ashley Tan, Sec 1.3

Faithful-in-Service Secondary 3 OCIP 2012 (Cambodia)

A parting shot with a class of appreciative Cambodian childrenGiving the school a fresh coat of paint

A total of 50 PL-Lites with four teachers descended upon Hun Sen Roulous School for an unforgettable 6-day experience. The primary school, with a population of about 1000 students, is situated at Krous Villages, Svay Dangkoum Commune in Siem Reap. 

The first job on the agenda was to paint the external walls of a row of classrooms. It was a tedious job as many PL-Lites had no prior painting experience. The following day was the beginning of a memorable adventure of interacting with the Cambodian children. There were five classes of 6 to 10-year-old students. The PL-Lites spent two days in teaching them English, Mathematics and Art and Craft. The 4th day was spent in organising a fun-filled carnival for the students. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
For many of us, it was the first time we painted and handled paint. Even though there was trepidation that we may not be doing a good job, we felt a great sense of accomplishment after seeing the newly-painted school building. I am glad that by doing our part, we are able to give the children there a better environment to study in. 

Also, interacting with little children with little knowledge of English was a tough job. We had to overcome the language barrier and used signs and actions to convey our messages to them. Although it was not easy, we persevered and never allowed the problems we faced to bring us down. These seven days had been a really fruitful one. Timeless friendships were forged and valuable lessons were learnt. Through this trip, I learnt to be more appreciative of Singapore. Seeing the children study in classrooms without lights and fans made me think about the times where I complained of the warm weather and wished our classrooms were air-conditioned. I can finally understand the hardship teachers face while teaching. 
Abigail Lim, 3A3

Faithful-in-Service Secondary 3 OCIP 2012 (China)

Departure at the Changi AirportIn front of Dr Sun Yat Sen Memorial HallWith the Fu Li Pri School Principal
Working with the Fu Li Pri School pupils to paint the school wallConducting lessons at Jiang Chun Pri SchoolMixing cement at Feng Lou Pri School       

A team of 48 pupils led by 5 teachers went on an overseas Community Involvement Programme (OCIP) to Yangshuo and Guilin, China from 19 to 26 May. 

The pupils carried out their services at three local schools. At Fu Li Primary School, the pupils repainted the walls along the stairways and the corridors with brick designs. They also presented a Chinese song and a mass dance to the school at their morning assembly. 

The PL-Lites helped to pave a 40-metre concrete path for Feng Lou Primary School and, at Jiang Chun Primary School, the girls had the opportunity to interact with a group of 52 children from the school. They played games and taught the children simple English using songs and flashcards. The girls also helped to set up a library (with a collection of Chinese books which had been collected prior to the trip) and visited the families of 4 children from the school to gain insights into their life in China. 

As part of their cultural immersion in China, the PL-Lites went on a city tour, visited the night market, the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall and the Guangdong Museum. It was an enriching trip for many of the pupils as they had the opportunity to learn more about the history and culture. Friendships were also forged with the Chinese pupils they met. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
I now have a better understanding of China. Having lived there for 4 years of my life, I thought I knew what to expect but I was so wrong! I didn’t realise how fortunate I was in China then as compared to the life I just experienced in this one week. I now know that it’s the simplest things in life that brings true happiness. We need to learn from the less fortunate to treasure the things that we take for granted. I also learnt that in a foreign country, everything is different. Everything from food to transport is done differently; and we need to learn to respect the culture and the habits of the Chinese people. 
Sophie Mok, 3C1B 

I have learnt to be more independent and not be too reliant on my parents. This OCIP trip to China has truly enlightened me and taught me many values. 
Kate Koh, 3A1 

I am more appreciative of the education and the environment in Singapore. When we were at Fu Li and Jiang Chun Primary School, not all students wore the same uniform. We should learn to appreciate our uniform, as it is very unique. Our school facilities are also much better compared to the two schools we visited. 

After seeing the children in the school singing their national anthem loudly and clearly, I was really impressed and now sing my national anthem with pride. 
Jessica Tan, 3A2 

There was so much enthusiasm and we had a lot of fun together. 
Sarahanne Lee, 3D1 

What I find admirable is that the kids in China are so grateful for what they have, and they find joy even in the smallest of things. We really should learn from them. 
Giselle Lin, 3B2 

Through this trip, I learnt that service means helping others and not asking anything in return. 
Zeona Aw, 3B3

Faithful-in-Service Secondary 3 OCIP 2012 ( Vietnam)

Group shot in front of the village communal hallOur PL-Lite trying to fit herself into an entrance to one of the Cu Chi tunnelsPL-Lites dancing ‘Jai Ho’ for the villagers on Cultural Night

Teaching English lessons to the little onesVillagers chipping in to help our girls pave the road

On 19 May 2012, a total of 58 Secondary Three pupils, 5 teachers and our Vice Principal, Ms V Chee, went on an overseas Community Involvement Programme (OCIP) to Vietnam. They spent a total of 7 days in Ho Chi Minh serving the local community. The girls sang and danced, paved roads, conducted English lessons and games, and refurbished the premises at the main primary school in Phuong Thinh village. 

The girls also visited the Cu Chi tunnels, War Remnant Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral and Ben Thanh market as part of their cultural immersion experience. It was an enriching experience for many of the pupils as they got the golden opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of Vietnam and cultivated friendships with the Vietnamese children. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
The OCIP trip has made me a better person. I learnt how to effectively manage my time as a result of the tight schedules. I also learnt to be more sociable and friendly because I had to work with people I didn't know, and I wanted to do a good job as the leader of my team. I realised that the ability to communicate was important. We wouldn’t have been able to complete the projects without the help of our volunteers who helped to translate everything we wanted to say to the villagers. Most importantly, the trip made me realise how lucky I am and I have learnt to be more grateful. The accessibility to good food, a proper roof over our heads, a complete family and education are privileges that we often take for granted back home and we should learn to treasure them. I look forward to going back to Vietnam as a volunteer again! 
Adria Lim Yu Jin, 3A2 

I have learnt many new things over the course of the 7 days and the OCIP has allowed me to forge new friendships both with my schoolmates and the people of Vietnam. One of the most important things I have learnt is to appreciate what I already have in Singapore and not to take things for granted. The people in the village have very little to their name and they treasure everything they have. For instance, when we gave the school children worksheets, their faces immediately lit up with smiles. They took very good care of their worksheets. To us, those worksheets are just pieces of paper, but to them, they meant so much more. If I had a choice, I would choose to go to Vietnam again and stay there for an even longer period of time 
Chia Shwu Yiin Maxine, 3B3

Faithful-in-Service Secondary 3 OCIP 2012 ( Malaysia)

Preparation before embarking on the learning journeyTeaching about the digestive system using an apronMaking key chains and hair accessories with clay
The El-Shaddai pupils carrying out experimentsFirsthand experience at the farm, weeding and plantingA group photo before departing from the Good Samaritan Home

26 students and 2 accompanying teachers went to Klang, Malaysia for an Overseas Service Learning Project from 21 – 25 May. The students visited the Good Samaritan Home (GSH), Dayspring Training Centre and El-Shaddai Learning Centre. They conducted lessons for pupils between the ages of 5 to 17 years old. They also had a hands-on experience farming crops such as kang kong and sweet potato. It was a wonderful learning experience to serve the Klang community. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
Through this OCIP trip to Klang, Malaysia, I have become more confident, I learnt to better my social skills and to persevere in the face of hardship. This trip was very fruitful and immensely rewarding as we were able to bring so much joy to all the children we interacted with. In turn, I feel very grateful and privileged to be able to live in such a clean and comfortable environment that I previously took for granted. I would like to go for this trip all over again, so that I can have more opportunities to give back to society and bring joy and hope to other people. 
Beatrice Elizabeth Chiang, 3A1 

I really enjoyed myself and I learnt many things such as being punctual, attentive, appreciating what I have, respecting everyone, teaching and communicating with the children. I enjoyed interacting and playing games with the cute and friendly children. I really thank God for giving me a chance to go for this trip. If I have another chance to visit those children, I would really love to go again. 
Deeviya Wahab, 3D1

Faithful-in-Service Secondary 3 OCIP 2012 ( Malaysia)

Mural on the wall - We Care, We ShareLet’s learn 1, 2, 3.Campfire’s burning!

24 Secondary 3 PL-Lites accompanied by 2 teachers embarked on an enriching and fruitful service learning trip to Semenyih, Malaysia. They worked with Desa Amal Jireh, (DAJ) an organisation which provides shelter, education, love and care for about 112 children and 12 senior citizens. 

The PL-Lites taught English, Maths and Science to the young children in DAJ. The PL-Lites also taught character education to the little ones and youth through various activities and magic tricks. A mural based on the theme “We Care, We Share”was painted on the wall to inspire the children and youth there. 

An interaction session with the senior citizens proved to be heartening for both the senior citizens and the PL-Lites, who also had the chance to plan a campfire for the children. The campfire was truly enjoyable and meaningful as the children and PL-Lites bonded over songs, cheers and dances. 

The residents of DAJ and the PL-Lites have truly mutually benefitted from this service-learning trip. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 

To see everyone with bottomless joy and energy touched my heart and made me realise how fortunate we are in Singapore. It also revealed to me that our visit to DAJ was more than just OCIP, it was somewhat like an exchange learning programme. The children gained knowledge through academic lessons and craft conducted by us PL-Lites, and we, in exchange, learnt to be enthusiastic like them. The ardour and fervour they put into every activity was heartwarming and this made us feel appreciated and loved. I really hope that during our visit to DAJ, we have left the spirit of loving, giving, caring and sharing. 
Samantha Samuel, 3A2 

I was impressed with the children as they were so respectful and well-disciplined. I also love the session when we interacted with the elderly. I realised that I should not take things for granted and I should respect my grandfather. By talking to the elderly over there, I realised that they have gone through so much of pain in life. I have also learnt to be contented with what I have and to appreciate my family and friends in my life. 
Harshini Kannan, 3D1

Faithful-in-Service Secondary 3 OCIP 2012 (Cambodia )

Conducting lessons in a village schoolMixing cement and sand to build the pavement to the wellOrganising the Games Carnival and interacting with the village children

After a few months of intensive preparations, a team of 7 teachers, 76 pupils and our Vice Principal, Mr Alfred Tan, participated with eagerness and great anticipation in an overseas Community Involvement Programme (OCIP) to Baray, Cambodia from 19 to 25 May. During the trip, the participants were given a chance to learn about the history, tradition and culture of Cambodia as they toured the killing fields, Toul Sleung Museum and city on the first day. They were also given the chance to experience the village life. They sat on pony and ox carts, as well as visited the villagers' homes. 

Over the next few days, the group engaged in various projects like conducting lessons, building the pavement to the well, painting the schools and interacting with the people. The pupils prepared detailed lesson plans and engaging teaching materials for English, Mathematics, Art and Hygiene. As they conducted the lessons, they were articulate communicators. They were also flexible as they had to make changes based on the needs of the village children. 

The experience was truly enriching and we have seen our PL-Lites grow in character and resilience. Some of them were so impacted by the trip that they have voiced their commitment to return to Baray to serve after their national examinations. We are heartened by our girls who have done us proud and showed us that they are student leaders with a heart for service! 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
Through this trip I have truly come to understand the real meaning of what it means to serve people with compassion, love and passion. I felt at my happiest when giving, teaching and loving the children. When I was in Baray, I instantly fell in love with the place and its people. The people are the happiest, most friendly and generous people I have ever met. Even with whatever little the people have, they are still contented with life. Back in Singapore, we have good education, nice shopping malls, proper sanitation, a proper roof over our heads and advanced technology and yet we still complain about our lives and take things for granted. 
Mika Sasaki, 3B3 

At first, I was really reluctant to go on this trip because all my friends were in another group or going to another country. This was a very huge challenge for me because I needed to step out of my comfort zone to communicate with people I had never talked to. On the first day of the trip, I kept really quiet because I didn't feel comfortable with my group mates. However, they took the initiative to talk to me and I started to bond with them. By the end of the OCIP, we became very united and they are now just like my sisters. 

Also, the children are so eager to learn even though we had a hard time communicating with them due to the language barrier. They are so hardworking, so I must be like them - to be eager to learn. 
Lim Si Hui, 3C1b 

In Baray, the people cherish and appreciate the smallest things that they have or are given to them. For example, during the school carnival, I saw a group of about 20 pupils having so much fun, playing with a balloon. 

Seeing the people smiling despite their harsh conditions has really taught me to cherish the privileges we have here in Singapore. This trip has really opened my heart and eyes and taught me way beyond what I learn in class. 
Sarah Chin (3B3) 

East Zone Professional Sharing 2012

On 21 May 2012, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Pri & Sec) organised and hosted the East Zone Professional Sharing for school leaders, heads of department and teachers involved in arts education. The sharing session was well attended by about 250 teachers and officers from MOEHQ. 

The focus of the sharing was on personal mastery. Ms Liew Wei Li, Director, Student Development Curriculum Division, graced the event as the Guest of Honour, while local celebrity, M Hossan Leong, was the Keynote Speaker. In her Opening Speech, Ms Liew emphasized arts education would be critical to Singapore’s future in the 21 st century. Mr Leong, on the other hand, shared personal journey in the arts. Besides the ‘what’ and ‘how’, he told the participants that the most important question to ask would be ‘why one should be involved in the arts’. There were moving moments when he told the audience the difficulties he faced in the initial stage of his career and how he tried to overcome the various obstacles and setbacks. An Question and Answer session followed his Keynote Speech. 

After tea break, the participants were ushered to the different venues for the concurrent workshop sessions. There were 9 concurrent workshop sessions as follows: 
  • National Arts Council on ‘Artist-in-School Scheme’  
  • Singapore Symphony Orchestra on ‘Bringing Music to the Community’  
  • Singapore Art Museum on ‘Interdisciplinary Lessons at the Museum’  
  • Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts on ‘Creativity and Processes’ (Dance Workshop)  
  • Educational Technology Division on ‘Social Media and 21 st Century Skills’  
  • Chongzheng Primary School on ‘Studio Practice in a Primary Art Classroom’  
  • Siglap Secondary School on ‘Studio Practice in a Secondary Art Classroom’  
  • Elias Park Primary School and Tampines North Primary School on ‘Learner-centred Music Lessons’  
  • Nanyang Girls’ High School on ‘Ipads in Music Lessons – Friends or Foes?’  

It was indeed an entertaining yet enriching afternoon of learning and interaction. 

Secondary 2 'I Aspire' Camp

On 18 May 2012, our Secondary 2 pupils made their way to the Changi Coast Adventure Centre for the 3 day 2 night level camp which aimed to challenge the limits of each pupil and helped to develop their potential. 

One of the key objectives of the camp was to develop the pupils’ leadership skills, Social Emotional competencies as well good character traits such as resilience and mental toughness. To this end, various physical activities were conducted. They included kayaking, rafting, rock-wall climbing, abseiling, single log, Burma Bridge, multi-vine and Wild Woosey. 

Another key objective of the camp was to develop teamwork, build team spirit amongst PL-Lites and deepen their friendship. Pupils were grouped such that each group was mixed with a few pupils from different classes. Through campfire preparation, outdoor cooking, taking turns to wash the dishes and the end-of-day reflection with the teachers, the group members learned to live and bond with each other during the camp. 

Pupils’ Reflection 
Our Sec.2 ‘ I Aspire ’ Camp held at the Changi Adventure Centre from the 18to 20May 2012 was a memorable experience indeed. Everything about it was vastly different from our usual, everyday routines. The environment was different, the people were different, and the activities were different, too. At the camp, I was confronted with various challenges and difficulties. Firstly, the environment was quite a challenge for me as I am definitely not used to getting ‘down and dirty’ – it was the classic outdoor adventure without any of the creature comforts of home. Secondly, I was separated from my class and was grouped with schoolmates unfamiliar to me. Lastly, the high elements were the most daunting aspect of the camp, where I had to come to terms with vertigo. However, over the three days I learnt many things that I would never experience in the normal everyday classroom context. Through the environment, I have learned to adapt. Through the association with different people, I have made and bonded with my newly-found friends. The groupings have also allowed me to appreciate the diversities in people. And through the challenging activities, I have learnt to listen, to trust my friends, to work effectively with one another, and most importantly, it taught me the courage to try. All these do not just stop here; I believe my friends have also learnt many different lessons. The Sec 2 Camp has been an incredibly memorable and beneficial experience. It has strengthened our ties with one another and taught me valuable lessons that I will never forget. This camp has been thoroughly enjoyable and if there were another opportunity of participating in another camp such as this, I would not hesitate to go again. 
Christel Ling, Secondary 2.2 

I believe that Sec 2 ‘ I Aspire ’ Camp has made a great difference for each and every one of us. I learnt countless things that related closely to the many values in life. To name a few, the first would be that differences might become similarities in time to come. At first, many were displeased with their assigned groupings as we were grouped with people we were not familiar with. However, I learnt that this was simply because of the fact that we are from different classes and backgrounds. Enduring friendships were struck and bonds were forged through this camp. The second thing that I took home was that in life, many things do not come easily and we must work hard to achieve success. When we were told to build a raft in around 25 minutes during the camp, many thought it was impossible. However, after much perseverance and teamwork, as we tied the ropes and pipes tightly together, we finally built a raft that was able to hold 6 people in the sea. Success, for us, did not come with a snap of the fingers but with a lot of effort and perspiration. Thirdly, I learnt that if we go into the society with close-mindedness and a heart that is difficult to pry open, nothing will be learnt and one will be immune to the joys of life and true knowledge will prove elusive. The world that revolves around ‘I, me, myself’ can only be filled with selfishness, boredom and displeasure. Therefore, it is crucial that we enter the world out there with an open heart and mind and a willingness to serve. My key takeaway as a group leader during the camp was that “serving is loving”. Last but not least, “To God be the glory for ever and ever” for making this camp a success. Without him, nothing would be possible. 
Caritas Lee, Secondary 2.1

Prefects’ Installation

16 May 2012 was a significant day for the prefects because it was the day of Prefects’ Installation, when they are publicly installed and acknowledged as student leaders of the school. Our school’s chaplain, Reverend Lynette Sathiasingam, our guest speaker, Pastor Roland Lee and student leaders from various schools came to witness the installation. Proud parents were also present to witness the installation of their daughters. 

The installation started off with loud cheering and clapping from the guests, parents and friends as the prefects walked down the aisle with confident strides. As the Secondary 4 and 5 prefects handed over their duties to their juniors, the Secondary 2 and 3 prefects rose up to take on the baton of leadership. The Prefects’ Pledge was recited as a symbol of their commitment to God, the school and the Prefectorial Board. 

The theme for the Prefectorial Board in 2012/2013 is “Rooted to Shine”. The prefects specially chose it because in their prayer the prefects would always remember to stay rooted in God and to shine brightly for Him. Pastor Roland blessed the prefects with a special sermon emphasising on the theme and theme verses taken from Ephesians 3:16-19 and Matthew 5:16. 

The service then ended off well with the prefects performing a dance item that they choreographed specially for the Sec 4 and 5 prefects. After Reverend Lynette gave the benediction, the prefects proceeded to bring the guests on a school tour. 

With the installation, the new journey of leadership and service begins for the Secondary 2s and 3s, as they truly learn to be rooted in God and to serve like Jesus, the faithful servant leader. 

Pupils’ Reflections 
Glory be to God! Despite the difficulties faced during the preparation, the installation of prefects was a success after many rehearsals. We are privileged to be recognised before God and the school as student leaders. The installation marks the start of a new leadership journey for the prefects, and for myself as Head Prefect. We will continue to grow as a leader for Christ and to be rooted to shine. 
Deirdra Ong Xue Ling, Secondary 3A3 

NPCC Commemoration Day 2012

Officers and cadets reciting the NPCC Pledge
SI Lee Shean Thieng receiving the Best Unit Cadet award from Ms Chee

NPCC Day was commemorated in PL on 14 May. A simple ceremony was held during the morning assembly where the cadets and officers re-dedicated themselves to the Corps by taking the NPCC Pledge. The Unit Overall Proficiency Award-Gold was presented to the school by SI Lee Shean Thieng. Shean Thieng was also awarded the Best Unit Cadet for 2012. 

Rail Corridor Presentation to President Tony Tan

In the recent Rail Corridor Ideas Competition, my group, consisting of Ho Yu Ning, Jean Lim, Jeanette Tham and Karina Lalchand from 3A2, emerged as first place joint winners along with Raffles Girls’ School.

On 2 May 2012, at the Rail Corridor Ideas exhibition, we presented our idea, entitled ‘Spiral Treetop Walk’ to the President of Singapore, Dr Tony Tan.

It was indeed an honour to present to the President and it was a fulfilling experience for us. We would like to thank the school for this opportunity.

To God be the Glory.

Reported by Jamie Lim, 3A2