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June 2012

HKBUAS visits PL

On 29 June 2012, a group of students from Hong Kong’s Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School (HKBUAS) Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School visited PL for a short tour. This is part of the twinning programme to bring about mutual learning for both staff and pupils from the two schools. 

Through this short visit, the Hong Kong pupils caught a glimpse of the learning culture and environment in PL. They also had the opportunity to interact with our pupils and build new friendships. 

It was a short but memorable experience for everyone who was involved in the visit. 

Pupil’s Reflections: 
Meeting the students from HKBUAS was a pleasure. This time, it was our turn to host the Hong Kong students. We gave them a tour around our school and showed them the many facilities that PL is blessed to have. They were most in awe with our school canteen as their school's canteen has only two stalls whereas PL's canteen has many stalls that sell many different types of food. Through this little tour, I made new friends and we had a lot of fun together! Most importantly, I have learnt to appreciate the many facilities that Lord has blessed us with. I hope that PL will continue to have these friendly exchanges with the students from HKBUAS! 
Pang Kee Huey, Secondary 2.3

For God So Loved

22 June 2012 was the opening night for the PL Musical entitled 'For God So Loved'. Based on the parable of the prodigal son, the musical was produced, written and composed entirely by our own talented teachers. However, the story was set in the ancient China. 

Staged once every four years, the pupils and staff as well as the community were looking forward to the uniquely PL musical experience. The musical provided opportunities for the entire school population to be mobilized to work towards a common artistic goal. ? 

?Another key objective of the school Musical was to showcase our students' strengths and talents as well as encourage school pride and bonding. The pupils took the roles of actors, choir, dancers and stage crew. Even our Principal, Ms Pamela Yoong, was game enough to make a guest appearance in the musical as ‘The Little Butterfly of the East’.? 

Judging from the laughter and applause from the audience, everyone clearly enjoyed the show. Besides the opening night, the performance was repeated on the following day as an afternoon matinee and an evening show. All proceeds of the performances went to the Agape Fund for our needy pupils. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
I think that the musical has been an eye-opening experience. It provided a good platform for me to improve my acting, dancing and singing. I really enjoyed this experience as I have made new friends and I have become very fond of the teachers who have taught me lifelong skills. This musical has changed me for the better and I have learnt so many values – perseverance, responsibility and time management. I would also like to thank the Lord for giving me this wonderful once in a lifetime opportunity as well as letting me be his messenger to share God’s love with everyone. To God be the Glory, because we can do all things through Christ. 
Adria Lim , Secondary 3A2 

Being in the cast for this musical has truly been a fruitful and wonderful experience and one that was definitely unforgettable and memorable. To be able to take part in the musical that is only held every 4 years is truly an honour! I believe that the cast has learned so much, be it in our acting or singing skills. I learnt how to work well with my fellow cast members and also the backstage crew. Rehearsals were not always smooth-sailing and a bed of roses. However the resilience and perseverance that we cultivated helped us to pull through. I am really glad that PL has opened up this platform for us to showcase our talents and also to forge new friendships. I feel such immense pride and joy to be part of this musical. I hope that the audience enjoyed themselves and that this musical has impacted their lives just like how it did mine. To God be the Glory. 
Jean Lim, Secondary 3A2 

The musical was a very enriching experience and although I am not one of the actors, I still learnt a lot from the experience. Being in charge of backstage, I learnt to take on the role of leading my juniors and being responsible for the props. Even though I faced difficulties at first, I did not give up but persevered. One of our challenges was to carry the props which were very large and heavy but the crew worked together to bring the props around. We learnt to work as a team in order to make this musical a success. I am really thankful for this opportunity to participate in this musical and being able to learn many values from it. 
Kerissa Ng, Secondary 3B1

Our (N)on-academic (T)alents!

Our team from 3D1 explaining their proposed ideas to Ms Choi Hoi San, Course Manager of Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management (Temasek Polytechnic).The members posing with Ms Chew Chien Way, Assistant Director (Singapore Tourism Board), after receiving their medals and trophy.Our girls presenting their ideas on stage to the judges at the Auditorium of Temasek Polytechnic.

Our Normal (Technical) girls from 3D1 proved that success can be achieved in non-academic areas as long as they believed in and exhibited the school’s H.E.A.R.T values. 

In the Temasek Polytechnic-organised competition which required participants to offer innovative ideas to turn Sentosa into a more accessible destination for special needs visitors, the team comprising of SarahAnne, Azmeera, Rachel and Yu Choo saw off the competition from schools such as Catholic High School, Cedar Girls’ Secondary, Methodist Girls’ School and ITE College West to emerge as 1 st runners up! 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
‘From this competition, I’ve learnt about making self-sacrifices for the interest of the team and that success can be achieved if we stay committed to our cause!’ 
SarahAnne Lee 

‘This is so unexpected! As a team, we had to face many challenges together and every single one of us played an important role to achieve what we have gotten!’ 
Lee Yu Choo 

‘My biggest achievement in a National Competition! I feel great!’ 
Azmeera Aslindawati