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January 2012

Sec 1 Camp Courage – “I Discover” 2012

Ms Yoong lighting the candles of Ms Chee and Mr Tan
Lighting the candles
Night games in school
Fun and games in Sentosa

Dressed in bright yellow PE T-shirts and carrying big bags stuffed with clothing, the Sec 1 pupils gathered excitedly in the parade square while the Sec 3 student leaders who were dressed in white T-shirts and yellow lanyards, went around to take attendance and collect the valuables from them. Excitement and anticipation filled the air as all looked forward to the start of the Sec 1 Camp Courage – “I Discover” 2012. 

The three-day camp in school lasted from 4 to 6 January. During the camp, the Sec 1 pupils went through a series of teambuilding games specially planned by the student leaders, with the aim of helping the Sec 1 pupils to discover more about themselves, their classmates and the school by the end of the camp. They even went to Sentosa in Day 2 for half a day of fun and games. 

As part of the camp programme, DISC profiling was conducted to help the Sec 1 students understand the 4 different types of character profiles and their own personality. Using DISC profiling, they also learnt how to interact and work with others of different personality traits. 

Themed Spread Your Wings and Fly , it is the hope that the Sec 1 pupils would be transformed from caterpillars into beautiful butterflies when they broke free from its chrysalis. This image is beautifully brought to life as the proud parents of the Secondary One pupils witnessed their daughters’ performances and mass dance items during the Finale Night. 

The camp ended with a meaningful and symbolic act where the form and co-form teachers passed the badges to the pupils, formally inducting them as PL-Lites. Ms Yoong and the school management team lit the candles of the Sec 1 campers as the final rite to initiate them into the PL family. As PL-Lites, we hope that the Sec 1 pupils would also be the light of the community by serving the community with a heart. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
When I first started the camp on the 4January, I was worried about whether I would be able to talk to anyone who was not from PL Primary. However, through the icebreakers and awesome mass games, I have learnt more about both my classmates and myself. The rest of Day 1 passed in a flash as I forged new friendships with people I did not know before. I even got to bond and spend time with my group leaders, Cheryl and Jing Wen. They were great leaders and friends to me. The experience was wonderful and really helped me to grow as a person. 
Danisha Liang, Sec 1.3 

I learnt how to bond together and be responsible! 
What did I enjoy most in the camp? 
I enjoyed everything, except for the bathing! 
Reaan Tan, Sec 1.8 

I really enjoyed myself even though it was tiring. As one of the group leaders, I learnt more about leadership skills such as how to get attention from the Sec 1s, so that they would listen to me. I also understand more about other people and how to help them become responsible and caring PL-Lites. In addition, it has been a great pleasure to work with my fellow camp committee as we have grown and bonded with each other much closer than before. All of us, including the teachers, worked very hard to make this camp successful. The camp was a great success and I really enjoyed myself. 
Syazana, Sec 3A2 

We went through a lot as a camp committee while planning and executing our plans for the camp. Through teamwork and communication, we got things done. Overall, the camp was a success as the Sec 1s managed to take away precious experiences, and at the same time feel welcomed into the PL family. 
Alesha Wong, Sec 3B2 

The “I Discover” camp was really an impactful experience for me in my leadership journey as this was my first time planning a camp in school-wide student leader committee. It was great to see that the Sec 1s got to know new friends and the school better. This camp really enabled me to learn to become more resilient as a leader and I am thankful for the opportunity given to me to be a part of the camp committee. 
Deirdra Ong, Sec 3A3 

EAS Batam Trip (18 Jan 2012)

A shop selling local product
Group photo taken outside a seafood restaurant
Factory outlet
Group photo taken outside a seafood restaurant

In celebration of the EAS winning the MOE Outstanding Team Contribution Award, our team took a one-day trip to Batam on 18 Jan 2012. For some, our day started as early as 6.30 am. The majority met at PLMGS (Sec) while a handful of us chose to meet at Harbourfront Ferry Terminal directly. Our first stop at Batam was the famous Kueh Lapis bakery, where Kueh Lapis were being freshly baked. As many of us found the sample Kueh lapis 'ichiban',we quickly placed our orders with the tour guide. Our subsequent stops included the dry market, food stuff market and GTS local product shop where we purchased keropok, chilli sauce, etc. Our lunch was at '933 Seafood Restaurant' where we had mouth-watering chili crab, 'gong gong' and not forgetting the refreshing coconut juice. 

Some of us bird’s nest lovers could not resist sampling the different types of bird’s nest that were both delicious and nutritious. Our next stop was the factory outlet store where we could purchase branded t-shirts such as ‘The Angry Birds' and 'Polo Ralph Lauren'. 

Our last stop was the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall which is one of Batam's most popular shopping malls. We continued our shopping journey till 5pm beforewe bade farewell to Batam. All of us fully enjoyed ourselves throughout the day. Besides learning more about Batam, we also got to know each other better. 

It was indeed a good time of bonding and wonderful camaraderie. We reached Singapore at 7.30pm, feeling exhausted but happy.

International Students Welcome Tea

Ms Yoong giving the welcome addressMs Lee sharing about the IS programOur international students

The International Students Welcome Tea is organised annually to provide a platform for the International Students to get to know each other and to help the teachers to understand their needs. On 12 Jan 2012, the IS together with a few supportive parents attended the annual tea session to interact with our team of teachers. Each IS was accompanied by their buddy who was helping them to familiarize themselves with the school environment. During her Welcome Address, Ms Yoong highlighted how a group of teachers took care of the IS community, and this showed the pervasive culture of care within the school. Having unveiled a list of programmes to help the IS to bond with each other, Ms Pearl Lee invited each IS to surface the challenges faced by them. They also indicated places which they wanted to visit at the year-end outing organised for the IS community. 

2012 Chinese New Year Concert

Happy Lunar New YearA puppet show put up by the teachers

The Chinese Department organised the Chinese New Year concert on 20 Jan 2012. Apart from the items such as performances by the Guzheng Tuan, Handbell Ensemble and Dance Club, the teachers also sang a number of Chinese New Year songs. 

PL Staff, parents and pupils enjoyed themselves that day, especially during the hilarious puppet show put up by the teachers and the members from the D’Arts Drama Club. The show described the incredible journey of a girl who was rushing home for reunion dinner. The concert ended with pupils presenting mandarin oranges to their teachers and elders as a form of respect. 

CCA Fair


On 6 January, as part of the Secondary 1 Orientation Programme, the CCA Leaders organised an afternoon of activities to share with our new Sec 1s about the CCA programme in PL. The theme of the CCA Fair 2012 was A Carousel of Fun, A World for Everyone. This theme was chosen as a reflection of the world of CCA which is filled with fun and enjoyment. 

It is the hope of the CCA leaders that, by introducing this world to the Sec 1 pupils, the Sec 1s will discover their gifts and talents and develop their character through their experiences in CCA. 

The pupils were treated to the various performances put up by the school’s Performing Arts groups as well as the Uniformed Groups. To add to the carnival atmosphere, the sports groups organised games. Popcorn and candy floss were also sold to raise funds for the Sec 3 OCIP in June. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
I feel that organising the CCA Fair this year was an amazing experience for the entire Committee. Not only were we given a platform to step up to develop our leadership potential, but we were also given the opportunity to work with other CCA leaders from all the various CCAs in PL. This allowed us to gain experience in planning such large-scale events, as well as allowed us to meet other leaders and look at things from different perspectives. This has taught us to be patient and understanding when dealing with each other, and to be flexible and open in our mindsets in order to come up with fresh and innovative ideas for the fair. We’ve learnt to make decisions after weighing all the consequences, and to produce excellent results within a limited time frame. In all, organising the CCA Fair was an enriching and fulfilling experience for all of us, and I hope our school will be able to continue providing such opportunities for student leaders in the future. 
Sarah Tay, Sec 4A2 
Chairperson, CCA Fair Committee 2012 

The CCA Fair was interesting and it gave me an opportunity to find out about the different CCAs in PL. I particularly liked the netball booth. 
Shana Teng, Sec 1.5

I felt really happy when I saw people queuing to buy candy floss and popcorn. It was the satisfaction of seeing an idea come to fruition. Initially, I was worried that the funds raised would not be able to cover the costs incurred in renting the machines, but in 2 hours, we managed to continuously sell the candy floss and popcorn and raised close to a hundred dollars for the Sec 3 OCIP. 
Serene Teo, Sec 4B1 

Class Bonding Day

1.2 choo choo train 
1.4 Pass this without breaking it! 

2.2 having fun at the beach
2.8 reunion lunch
3A2 at a playground 
3A3 Food, glorious food! 

4C1b - how about some agar agar
4NT @ the AVA 

On 20 January, after the school’s Lunar New Year celebration concert, the Secondary 1 to 3 classes and some of the S4/5 classes headed to different parts of Singapore for an enjoyable time to celebrate friendship; and to bond with the teachers and classmates. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
On Class Bonding day, my class gathered at the barbecue pits at the Ebenezer block for a ‘cookout’. Everyone contributed by bringing various food items, drinks and cooking utensils. Ms Wong started the fire and we all had a fun time cooking our food. I feel that this is a very good way to bond as a class. The Class Bonding was a great success and I hope to be a part of this again next year. 
Amanda Leo, Sec 1.3 

Even though we had our class bonding in school, we enjoyed ourselves. I liked the movie and the fact that I got to sit down, talk and eat with my friends. We got to know our classmates and teachers better. As the class monitor, I had to plan for the event and I learnt that I must respect our classmates and work together to make the event successful. I wish we can have more class bonding sessions in a year. 
Janae Chua, Sec 2.5 

I had an amazing class bonding time. At the East Coast Park, my class played volleyball and Captain’s Ball. We bonded and interacted with each other. Personally I felt a sense of belonging and easily identified with my class, 3B2. We had a great lunch with our teachers. I am looking forward to the next class bonding day! 
Alesha Sara Wong, Sec 3B2

Chinese New Year Lunch for the Elderly

All ready to serve!Student-led performance for the elderlyInteractors having lunch with the elderly

20 Jan 2012 was a meaningful and memorable day for the pupils of 4A1, 4A2, 4A3, 4B1, 4B2 and 4B3. They hosted a sumptuous 8-course lunch for special guests with the support from North-East Community Development Council and Paya Lebar Methodist Church. These special guests were from the St Luke's Eldercare, Society for the Aged Sick, NKF (Hougang) and also elderly residents in the Hougang community. 

Through this CIP project, the girls learnt what it means to serve and respect the elderly. They worked hard, weeks before the event, preparing goodie bags for the elderly and rehearsing their performances. They also had to learn basic dialects such as Teochew, Hokkien and Cantonese so that they can better interact with their guests. 

During lunch, the girls served food to the elderly and attended to the needs of their guests at the table. The Guest of Honour, Rev Dr Jonathan Seet, and representatives from the various organisations also presented hong baos and goodie bags to the elderly. 

It was indeed a heartwarming experience for both the pupils and their elderly guests. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
This year, some of us Secondary 4s were tasked to organise a lunch for the elderly and it made us realise how crucial it is to do a good job, especially when we had to assume the roles of waitresses and performers. 

It was exhausting and energy-draining, but I believe that I speak for all the Secondary 4s involved when I say that we truly enjoyed the fruits of our labour – the genuine smiles and heartfelt thank-yous from our guests. 
Sofia Maria Limpo, Sec 4A2

Chinese New Year Blessing the Community


Preparing for the event 
On 26 January 2012, various groups of student leaders went to the HDB blocks surrounding the school to bless the residents with oranges. The student leaders enjoyed themselves as they went around the blocks to greet the residents a Happy Chinese New Year. They were blessed in turn with words of thanks and appreciation from the residents. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
The residents would open the doors to welcome us even if they were busy with something else. I could tell that the residents were really touched by the school’s simple gesture of a small bag of two oranges and a red packet containing a blessing from the school. I would love to do this again because it really brought me joy to see all the happy faces when the residents received the gifts from the school. 
Audrey Leong, Secondary 3B1

34th C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz

On 27 January 2012, nine pupils from ACE (Science) participated in the 34 th C B Paul Memorial Science Quiz organized by ACJC Science and Mathematics Council. The annual science quiz aims to provide a platform for the pupils with higher ability to explain daily phenomena, and hence enable them to exercise analytical and critical thinking skills. As a form of talent identification, the questions were designed to measure innate ability and academic potential of the pupils. The participants were put through a rigorous questioning process to their ability in scientific reasoning and abstract thinking. They were assessed in a wide range of contexts. Some items tested on the participants’ ability to perceive concepts at an abstract level, others items required them to demonstrate ability to synthesize, extrapolate or make inferences. To assess the participants’ problem solving skills, the test items also required them to apply logical and strategic thinking. 

We are proud to announce that three pupils clinched the Bronze Individual Award. They are as follows: 
  • Lee Shu Yi Jessica, Secondary 2.1  
  • Caritas Lee Ke Jing, Secondary 2.1  
  • Ang Jin Lin, Secondary 2.1  

Pupils’ Reflections: 
We were very stressed because most of competitors from the other schools were Secondary three or four pupils. The questions were of higher order and mostly beyond our syllabus. We tried to stay calm and apply scientific skills to answer the tough questions. Truly, this competition was a good platform for us to train our ability to persevere through tackling the challenging questions. 
Lee Shu Yi Jessica, Secondary 2.1