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February 2012

The Rite to Recognise Peer-Lites and Class Committee

Mr Alfred Tan passing the badges to the Peer-Lites during the installation Class Monitors pinning their badge onto their school uniform with pride

On 20 February 2012, the combined installation ceremony for the Peer-Lites, Class Monitors and Class Committee Members of 2012 was held during the weekly assembly session. The ceremony started with the Peer-Lites Installation where Ms Vivien Chee and Mr Alfred Tan were invited to present badges to the Sec 3 Peer-Lites of 2012. Peer-Lites play an important role in helping the Sec 1 pupils in assimilating them into the PL family. They also assist in the running of school events. The installation served to affirm them for their work and to recognize them formally as PL student leaders. 

In the next segment of the ceremony, the school witnessed the installation of the Class Monitors and Class Committee Members. The form teachers and co-form teachers of each class presented the badges to the class leaders and affirmed them on their appointments. Their classmates and peers cheered as the newly installed Class Monitors and Class Committee Members stood proud in front of their respective classes. Last but not least, the Dorcas and Environment Champions of each class were also recognized and acknowledged during the ceremony. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
Reflection 1: 
I felt that the Peer-Lite Installation Ceremony was a very special moment for me. As I received my badge from my Vice Principal, I felt a huge sense of pride and honour. Everyone's eyes were on me as I received the badge and that pushed me to strive harder in my capacity as a Peer-Lite. To God be the glory for allowing me to have this opportunity to be a Peer-Lite in PLMGS (Sec). 
Adria Lim, Peer-Lite 2012, Sec 3A2 

Reflection 2: 
I feel that the Class Monitor Installation Ceremony was a special occasion because there is usually only the Prefect Installation Ceremony in other schools. It was a simple yet solemn ceremony. In addition, the Monitor’s badge reminds me that I play an important role in the school. 
Lorraine Tjeong, Class Monitor 2012, Sec 3B2

Total Defence Day 2012

PL commemorated Total Defence from 13 to 17 February with a series of exciting and meaningful activities. This year’s TD theme ‘It’s My Turn’ emphasizes on our need to be more proactive in our daily lives and be vigilant at all times. 

During the Assembly period, the school invited 2 firemen from Sengkang Fire Station to share with us more about their jobs. They also taught us the correct ways of reacting to a fire emergency in school and at home. Some pupils even got their hand at using a fire extinguisher under the guidance of Sergeant Raphael Tan and Sergeant Chiu Kian Hao. The presentation and sharing became more engaging when a PL-Lite and a teacher had the opportunity to try on a fireman’s full gear from the suit to the helmet! I believe that it was an experience never to be forgotten for the two participants. 

During our LiVE lesson that week, we had a quiz on Total Defence followed by a sharing session in the school hall conducted by Mr Devan about the importance of psychological and social defence. In stoic silence, we also watched a video about the 9/11 terrorist attacks that happened in 2001. The tragedy impacted us strongly as it was an incident nobody had expected. The speed at which the attacks came in one by one, the damage America had suffered, the lives lost and the families affected were all part of its after effects. 

As Singaporeans, we have to play our part to keep the country safe. Besides being vigilant at all times, we have to be mentally strong and help each other out in times of need. 

Reported by Vinita Sheri, Sec 4A3

United Nations International School Conference

The United Nations International School (UNIS) conference, which lasted from 24 February to 2 March, is a very prestigious conference where students from different countries and schools are invited to the United Nations in New York to attend talks and engage in discussions about an international issue. This year, the conference topic revolved around human exploitation. 

Joslyn Lim (Sec 4A3), Claudia How (Sec 4A2), Delia Leow (Sec 4A2), Sofia Limpo (Sec 4A2) and I represented PLMGS (Sec) to participate in the conference. Our teacher advisor, Ms Evelyn Pang, accompanied us as our chaperone. At this conference, I gained a more in-depth understanding about human exploitation and its prevalence in the world, even in places where we least expect. The conference was very interesting as the students and speakers from other countries shared their opinions. From amongst the participating countries, our school was chosen to represent Singapore in a debate against the UNIS students. Sofia and Claudia represented our school in the debate. All the months of hard work of gathering information and rehearsing the arguments paid off when we won the debate! 

In New York, we also made time for sightseeing. We visited the Empire State Building and caught a glimpse of New York’s skyline from the 86 th floor of the building. An audio tour around Ground Zero gave us insights into the 911 attack and listening to the stories of the survivors made me feel extremely thankful to be in Singapore where we are well protected. My heart also went out to the 343 firefighters and other civilians who risked their lives to help the people who were stuck in the World Trade Centre during the attack. On Ellis Island, I learnt more about the slave history in America and the museum visit taught me that we have to treat everyone equally because we all have the same rights to life. 

For the last three days of our trip, we stayed with local host families who had children studying in UNIS. The host families were hospitable and spending time with them enabled us to get an authentic feel of the American lifestyle. 

Throughout our stay in New York, we had the chance to lead each other around on the subway. Trying to get to our destinations on time taught us leadership, teamwork and also the value of punctuality. Overall, it was a challenging but exciting experience because the New York transportation system is rather different from what we are accustomed to. 

This trip to New York was an enriching experience for all of us and we have definitely gained a lot from all that we saw and heard. 

Reported by: Low Kai Ying, Secondary 4A2

Learning Journey to Changi Airport

On 22February 2012, my class and I went on a learning journey to Changi airport. Everyone was excited to learn more about our country’s airport. At Changi Airport Terminal 2, Mr Terry Lim was our guide. He shared with us the history and some facts about Changi Airport. We learnt that whole airport is about the size of 8 Vivocities and that a typical runway is 4 km long. 

We then took the skytrain to Terminal 3 and toured the transit area. There, our guide, Ms Samantha Lee, shared with us the eco-friendly features of Terminal 3 and the various facilities made available for visitors. For example, there is a movie theatre for transit visitors and special gardens like the Butterfly, Orchid and Cacti Gardens which visitors can admire and appreciate. We learnt that Changi Airport is one of the busiest in the world and they strived to meet all the passengers’ needs. Changi Airport was voted Best Airport in the world by Business Traveller(UK)Magazine for 24 consecutive years and we are proud of Singapore’s achievements! 

Reported by: Sumayyah Mohamed Riaz, Secondary 1.8 

Singapore Biomedical Challenge 2012

On 25 Feb 2012, Rachel Seah from Secondary 4A3 clinched the silver medal in the Singapore Biomedical Challenge 2012. It was jointly organized by Anglo Chinese Junior College and Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore. Rachel showed great determination and perseverance in exceling in this challenge and took the first step in fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor. 

Pupil’s Reflection: 
The Singapore Biomedical Challenge 2012 was an unforgettable and worthwhile experience. Although it was a mind-grueling and energy-taxing competition, I managed to focus and strive to do my best (not without the unwavering confidence and support from both the teachers and my classmates). 
Rachel Seah, Secondary 4A3