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December 2012

2012 GCE N-Level Results

We congratulate our students for achieving excellent results in the 2012 GCE N-Level Examinations. Close to 98% of our Secondary 4 students from the Normal (Academic) stream are eligible for promotion to Secondary 5. On top of that, 36% of our Normal (Academic) students qualify for the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) and 89% qualify for the ITE Higher NITEC Course (which gives them access to polytechnic education thereafter). 100% of students from the Normal (Technical) stream qualify for ITE. 

Please click here for more details about our 2012 GCE N-Level Results. 

Pupil's Reflection: 
Giselle Tan from Secondary 4C1a scored 6 points for English, Mathematics and Best 3 subjects. Here is her reflection: 

I really wanted to qualify for the new Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP). With that goal in mind, I studied very hard but I also faced many challenges. Firstly, I almost wanted to give up because I was feeling very tired. Secondly, the Internet and my phone was a major source of distraction. Fortunately, I could rely on my classmates for support. They made sure that I was on task. We shared our notes and our studying methods with each other. My teachers were very supportive throughout this entire journey by constantly checking on our revision and ensuring that we were on the right track. To my juniors, study hard and do not give up! Your hard work will pay off. 
Giselle Tan, Secondary 4C1a 

Photography Achievements by PL-Lites

Delia's photo published by Canon EOS Academy magazine (issue 1)Magdalene's photo published by Canon EOS Academy magazine (issue 1)Nicole's 2nd photo published by Canon EOS Academy magazine (issue 1)

Nicole's photo published by Canon EOS magazine (issue 1)Megan's photo published by Canon EOS Academy magazine (issue 1)Megan's photo published by Canon Buzz magaine (issue 26)Magdalene's 2nd photo published by Canon EOE Academy magazine (issue 1)

The PL Photography Club is proud to announce that the works by some of our student photographers were featured in professional photography magazines. 

The photos taken by Nicole Ng (Secondary 2-2), Megan Ng (Secondary 2-2), Magdalene Tan (Secondary 1-5) and Delia Leow (Secondary 4A2) were published by the EOS Academy magazine in September. 

In addition, another of Megan’s photo was published in the Canon Buzzmagazine. Her work emerged as the best entry for the month of October and was also featured in the Canon EOS World portal. In the recently concluded Canon Photomarathon (November), Megan’s work was again shortlisted as one of the top 10 entries amongst all submissions in the Student Category (including university students). 

We are indeed very proud of their achievements.