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August 2012

Inter-Secondary Schools Chinese Creative Writing Competition

Wu Wenyang receiving the award Wu Wenyang with Ms Yoong and Mrs Goh

The annual Inter-Secondary Schools Chinese Creative Writing Competition, organised by the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan, was held on 5 April 2012. 

Wu Wenyang from 3A1 took part and did our school proud by clinching the 2nd prize for the Lower Secondary category. The award presentation ceremony was held on 25 August 2012.

Teachers' Day Celebration 2012

Performance by the graduating pupilsPresenting the PL Dance!Parents presenting token of appreciation to the teachers

PL celebrated Teachers' Day 2012 on 31 August with "Summertime at the Beach" as our theme. The class monitors planned the event, running auditions from different groups of pupils and putting up a programme to show their appreciation for their teachers. The concert started with the teachers walking down the red carpet amidst cheers from the girls. 

A series of performances and games was then put up by both teachers and pupils. The first performance starring special "guests" got the audience roaring with laughter. These special "guests" was a group of teachers who were once ex PL-Lites. They came together to put up a skit to show their appreciation for their teachers. 

Other performances included a dance item from 2-8, a solo item by Natalie Seet from 2-4 who adapted a Cantonese song into a Chinese song and from a group of graduating pupils. Ms Jayaram joined in the dance item halfway through, with thunderous applause from the delighted audience watching the performers dance to an upbeat song. The PSSG also put up an item and presented the teachers with tokens of appreciation for all their work done. The School Concert Band then ended performances with popular tunes with special guest appearances by the teachers-in-charge. 

The event ended with the presentation of the PL awards where the school celebrated with the staff who were nominated for awards such as Caring Teacher Award, Inspiring & Innovative Teacher Award, Partnership Award, Innovative EAS Award and Friendly & Helpful EAS award. 

Pupils' Reflections: 
I felt that although there were some difficulties faced during the planning process due to communication issues, the event went quite well. The audience was very enthusiastic about the performances and the games and the teachers especially were very good sports, making time to be in the videos that we put up during the concert. This year's concert went quite well and I am very proud to be a part of it. HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY!! 
Audrey Leong, Secondary 3B1 

I've learnt how to schedule different performances together and work together with people that I once did not know. This learning can definitely be put into good use for the future. 
Lorraine Tjeong, Secondary 3B2

Health Week & ACES Day 2012

Everyone skipping to the beatFolding an origami heart to appreciate a friend
Sports CCA Girls Accumulated 1183 938 skipsSkip for a Smile - Aces Day, a joint project with NECDC

To promote holistic health, the pupils from the School Health Committee organised a series of activities to promote physical, social, mental and emotional health from 27 August to 31 August. Themed “Happy Fit”, the objective of the Health Week was for pupils to learn some tips on living a fit and happy life. 

There was: Stress Free Monday, Share a Smile Tuesday, Appreciate a Friend Wednesday, ‘I’ am Healthy Thursday andACES Friday. Activities in the week included presentations on friendship, management of stress and depression, eye care, as well as a mass folding of paper hearts to appreciate friends around us. 

On ACES Friday, staff and pupils skipped to raise funds for the underprivileged in the North East Community Development Council (NECDC). For every 200 skips they accumulate, 100g of rice grains was donated to the needy. The PL Family skipped continuously for 45 minutes, to aim to reach our target of 1.4 million skips. 

Pupils' Reflections: 
The eye care presentation was useful for me because nowadays, everyone uses the computer and, as a result, our eyesight is affected. Learning the various tips on eye care is something I can apply to improve my physical health. 
Lorraine Tjeong, Secondary 3B2 

ACES Day was fun. I got to skip so many times within such a short span of time. I felt so happy that I skipped a total of 1000 times. 
Agnes Ng, Secondary 4A1 

There was a lot of commitment and time spent on organising the Health Week e.g. giving up late start Tuesdays for meetings. It was a good experience presenting in front of the whole school and I feel happy that our efforts allowed the pupils to have a fruitful health week. 
Elizabeth Ng, Secondary 1.1 (Health Committee Member 

I appreciate the honour and chance to organise this meaningful and memorable event for the school. Through leading the committee, I learnt the true value of teamwork, the need for communication, time manangement and confidence. As a team, we managed to overcome obstacles together to make this event a success. 
Nur Syazana Rusyda Mohd R, Secondary 3A2 ( Health Committee Chairperson) 

NYAA Award Presentation Ceremony

Stephanie Lee and Cynthia Ng of 5A2 receiving the NYAA – Bronze certification
Stephanie Lee receiving the award 
from the Minister
Cynthia Ng receiving the award 
from the Minister

On 24 August 2012, Stephanie Lee and Cynthia Ng of 5A2 received the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) – Bronze on behalf of the school at the NYAA Award Presentation Ceremony held at Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre. The Guest of Honour of the event was Mdm Halimah Yacob, Minister of State, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports. 

There were a total of 199 PL-Lites from the 2011 cohort awarded the NYAA (Bronze). The NYAA programme gave the opportunity to our pupils to develop personal qualities of self-reliance, perseverance and a sense of responsibility to themselves, to society and to the nation. 

We congratulate all recipients of the award.

Methodist School Staff Get-Together 2012 


On 24 Aug 2012, representative staff members of the 15 Methodist Schools in Singapore gathered for a time of food, fellowship and a worship service. 

This year, the event was held in Anglo Chinese School (Junior). As the school was not able to accommodate all the staff of the 15 Methodist Schools, the organiser decided that for this year’s gathering, it will involve all the staff of the Primary Schools and representative staff from the Secondary Schools. 

At the service, 7 staff members from PLMGS(Sec) received the Long Service Awards from Bishop Dr Robert Solomon, the Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore. The awards were given to recognise those who have served the number of years in a Methodist School(s). 

We congratulate and rejoice with them. 

May the Lord give them good health and a spirit of joy as they continue to serve in PL. 

The 7 Awardees are : 

20 Years 
1. Mdm Karni Bte Kanan (Operations Staff ) 
2. Mdm Ng Mui Hua, May (Operations Staff ) 
3. Mrs Irene Angullia (Adjunct Teacher) 

25 Years 
4. Mrs Diana Ho (Subject Head / Character & Citizenship Education) 
5. Mrs Ding Siew Ting – (Adjunct Teacher) 
6. Mrs Tan Kim Huay Cecilia (Science Lab Staff ) 

40 Years 
7. Mdm Lee Chue Hoon (Science Lab Staff)

Leading to influence – PL Leadership Day

‘Leading by influence means. . .’ - Workshop conducted by TOUCH‘It’s over there!’ – Working together as a teamForum with the CEO - Mrs Eunice Tay sharing her insights

PL’s 4th Student Leadership Forum was held on 15 August 2012, with the theme Inspiring Pioneer Leaders in Singapore . This year’s forum aimed to influence student leaders in Singapore and to stir up a passion in serving their community. It also placed an emphasis on gaining awareness on social issues so as to equip them to be active citizens, contributing to and impacting the community. 

The day’s events included the installation of CCA leaders, pre-forum workshops that revolved around self-leadership as well as leading in a team, and a leadership forum, that was moderated by Touch Leadership and Mentoring, our partner in this year’s event. 

PL hosted participants from nine other schools this year and the pupils had a good time learning and sharing with each other. The forum’s guest speaker, Mrs Eunice Tay, Chief Executive Officer of the National Kidney Foundation, shared her valuable insights on her passion to give back to society and helping the needy. Her engaging and truly inspiring sharing has indeed empowered the student leaders to develop the passion to serve the community and nation actively. 

Pupils' Reflections: 
I believe in what Mrs Eunice Tay said, about need to serve the community from the heart, to believe in ourselves and to have teamwork, integrity and independence. As student leaders, we should value and treasure the culture of our family and our nation. We should also take up the responsibility to pass down the values of one generation to another. At times, we do have to go against the norm and do things which are unpopular, but in the end, we must do it in the best interest of the people we serve. We should give what we have learnt back to society. This is so that when we leave or step down, we know that we have impacted someone and have left behind a blazing legacy. 
Ho Yu Ning, Vice-Head Prefect, Secondary 3A2 

The Leadership Day programme this year was a very enriching experience and my favourite part of this year’s event was the forum, where Mrs Eunice Tay gave her speech. Her speech was indeed very insightful and it inspired me to become a better leader, someone who genuinely cares about the people whom I am leading. Mrs Eunice Tay was also very engaging and she shared with us all the hardships that she went through as the CEO of NKF and how she had to make many sacrifices to reach where she is today. I also had the chance to have a question of mine answered by Mrs Tay. From that, I learnt that no matter how difficult my leadership journey may seem, I have to stay strong in what I believe in and use that belief to push me on. 
Karina L. Sheri, Secondary 3A2 

Colour Awards and National Day Celebration

Marching in of the State Flag  by our Flag bearers
Inspection of Guard of Honour by Guest of Honour Mdm Kwek Puay Ee
Fusion Dance creatively choreographed by pupils in 1.4

Colourful Indian Dance performance put up by our pupils
PL-Lites high in spirits as they sing our community songs with one voice

On 8 August, PLMGS(S) commemorated the nation’s 47th birthday with much enthusiasm and celebration. It was indeed a memorable and colourful spectacle to behold. There was a spell-binding parade segment, showcasing PL’s uniformed groups, followed by a raucous and resounding concert segment. The parade participants marched with accuracy and precision, while the band played with great gusto and passion. The concert performers brought the house down with their well-choreographed and rehearsed song routines, culminating in a glorious community singing session. National Day is an occasion to show our pride as Singaporeans and rejoice in the glory of our nation. Our Guest-Of-Honour, Mdm Kwek Puay Ee, Executive Secretary of the Singapore Nursing Board, guests, parents and all members of the PL Family left with that special feeling of pride in their hearts. Viva la PL! Majulah Singapura!

Rock-Pop A Cappella - Arts Education Programme 2012

On 6 August, the school had a pre-National Day treat during assembly when The A Cappella Society presented an interactive session and demonstrated the different styles of singing. The team, comprising professional singers, musicians and teachers hosted a hands-on approach to exploring a cappella singing and vocal percussion and taught the pupils the basics in this special genre of music. Volunteer participation was encouraged throughout the show and the pupils enjoyed a highly interactive and exciting presentation. 

Pupil’s Reflections: 
We learnt a variety of singing techniques as well as ways to increase the volume of our voices. 
Charmaine See, Secondary 4B3 

National Day Thanksgiving Service

  The first of the annual celebrations for the nation’s birthday kickstarted with the National Day Thanksgiving Service, held on 1 August. This service not only commemorates our national day but is also a service in which an invited speaker, who is an active contributor to our community and social work addresses our pupils. 

This year, we are privileged and proud to have as our Guest of Honour, Ms Chia Yong Yong, the President of the Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) and a PL-Lite. 

Besides sharing with us the message and helping the congregation better understand the work of the SPD, Ms Chia also presented awards to our prize winners for topping the various subjects at the 2011 End of Year Examinations. 

Pupil’s Reflections: 
When I first met Ms Chia, I was touched by her positive attitude and kindness. She was smiling wherever she went and she seemed really happy to be back in PL. I was also touched by how much she felt for her alma mater and her teachers. I feel very honoured to have been chosen to help her. 
Abigail Thomson, Secondary 3A1