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September 2011

Peer Mentoring Programme

Mr Tan Kok Heng and Ms Yoong
2011 Peer Tutors
Sumptous food at the Tea Session
A peer tutor receiving certificate from Mr Tan Kok Heng

The Ministry of Education (MOE) conducted a pilot run of Peer Mentoring Programme for 11 participating schools including PLMGS(S). To prepare the PL-Lites for the programme, the MOE conducted a half day training in March this year. To round up the programme, a tea session was organised on 21 September 2011. Mr Tan Kok Heng, Deputy Director, Recruitment Centre, graced the occasion and gave a short sharing at the tea session. Certificates were presented to the pupils to recognise their efforts and contribution as PL Peer Tutors. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
I try to turn every given experience into a learning opportunity, be it in learning more about myself or the others around me. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the other side of the spectrum as I tutored my primary school sisters. Along the way I came to the realisation how difficult it really was to be a teacher! Patience, willingness to listen, enthusiasm and expressions of care were a few virtues I began to develop as I tutored my juniors. The experience really made me appreciate the extra mile my teachers go through to make learning beneficial for us. This opportunity also helped me gain an insight into teaching as a career. Truly this programme was a memorable one, and I thank the school and the MOE for making this possible. 

Name of Pupil:Sophia Limpo
Class:Secondary 3A2

Teachers’ Day Dinner 2011

The Dramatic Humanities
Our very own Hogwarts School!
Crazy Scientists
Our Wacky Middle Managers

True to PL’s aplomb and with great panache, the PL staff arrived for their Teacher’s Day dinner in Holly-Bollywood style. We had a gamut of Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s , Trinity from The Matrix and Harry Potter and his entire Hogwarts school. Outer-galaxy stars like Princess Leia from Star Wars and Bumblebee from Transformers also were present in their full regalia. 

Besides eating a scrumptious buffet dinner, the staff also enjoyed the comedic antics from the emcee and the many, many prizes that were generously sponsored by the Middle Management. All in all, it was a wonderful night filled with happy laughter and cheers.

Teachers’ Day Celebration 2011

PL celebrated Teachers’ Day on 1 September 2011 with ACES day in the morning and a concert thereafter. Planned by the Class Monitors, the theme of the concert was “Childhood”. To mark the start of the Teachers’ Day concert, Ms Yoong and Ms Chee led the procession of teachers down the red carpet to their seats as the PL Concert Band played a few tunes. 

There was a line-up of performances, and an entertaining game for the pupils to guess the photos of teachers taken they were younger. Together with the beautiful decorations in the hall and a soft drink with “kacang putih”, the performances and game definitely brought sweet memories of childhood to the teachers. 

This year, the teachers also performed in the concert. Mrs Tay Bee Kee performed a cello duet with Yoon Ye Won from Secondary 4A2. In another item, a group of teachers also had a special item specially dedicated to their fellow colleagues and the Secondary Four pupils. The two wonderful items filled the hall with excitement and loud cheers. 

The event ended with the presentation of the PL Awards where the school celebrated with the staff who were nominated by the pupils, teachers and EAS staff for the various awards such as the PLMGSS Caring Teacher Award, PLMGSS Inspiring & Innovative Teacher Award, PLMGSS Partnership Award, PLMGSS Innovative EAS Award as well as PLMGSS Friendly & Helpful EAS Award. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
Organising the Teachers’ Day concert was an amazing and enriching experience. It was difficult planning for it. Getting everything from performances to decorations all prepared and up to standard was tedious. However, when the concert ran smoothly, there was a great sense of accomplishment. If I were given another opportunity, I would love to organise such events again. 
Andrea Muhammad, Secondary 3A2 

I had a great experience organising this year’s Teachers’ Day Concert. Although it was tough, with perseverance and determination, we eventually managed to put everything together and the concert was a success. 
Fiona Mei Robinson, Secondary 3A1