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October 2011

Mega Camp 2011

Sea Expedition
Commissioning of the Sec 2 student leaders
Finale Night

Mega Camp 2011 was held from 28 to 31 October 2011 at the BB/GB Sembawang campsite. The camp sought to develop resilience, ruggedness and resolute in the Secondary 2 student leaders, and to allow them to test possibilities, reach limits and become more reflective. The camp also served as a training platform for the student leaders to develop the necessary leadership competencies to organise the Secondary 1 Orientation Camp and to lead their respective teams for their OCIP trips in 2012. 

The programs in the 4D3N camp include land and sea expeditions, and the use of Habitudes in the inculcation of self-leadership and team management practices. Through the camp, the Secondary 2 student leaders were not only able to acquire valuable leadership knowledge and skills but also bonded and synergized as a team. 

Fundraising for Cambodia

Fundraising Team
Counting the cash collected
Handing over the donation to the Pas

Recently, heavy floods hit Cambodia and PL decided to play our part in helping the Cambodians. A group of the pupils decided to help the Cambodians with a fundraising project. The pupils sold many different sweets, home-baked cookies, Oreos, gummy sweets, Polaroid pictures and also balloons to raise funds. The pupils collected over a total of $5,000. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
Fundraising was truly memorable. Knowing that we can make a difference even though we can’t be there personally warms our hearts. If I had a chance I would love to do more fundraising projects. 
Andrea Muhammad, Secondary 3A2 

The fundraising for Cambodia was a memorable experience for me because I go to see that there were people we really cared for Cambodia, and loved the people there. It was enjoyable as we were doing something we knew would help the people we loved. 
Lee Hui Yi, Secondary 3A3 

The fundraising for Cambodia was definitely an amazing experience for me because knowing that I can help someone in need makes me so motivated. Also, having been to Cambodia our connection with the people there is still very strong and hence, I felt really proud of all we have achieved. It was a very enjoyable and fun experience as I had a chance to share it with my good friends and I would love to take part in more fundraising in the future. 
Low Kai Ying, Secondary 3A2 

The fundraising was truly an unforgettable experience for many of us. We wanted to help Cambodia in anyway we could and given this chance, we gave our all and managed to raise $5000. I’m proud to say that we have helped Cambodia. 
Melissa Wong, Secondary 3A3

Strings Concert

The Guitar Ensemble
Solo performance on the harp
Choir girls

PL held its 4 th Annual Strings Concert on 21October at the Dance Studio. The sold out concert featured young budding musicians from the Harp Ensemble, Guitar Club, Choir and also the pupils from the Secondary 1 and 2 Aesthetics Track. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
It was an eye-opener for me because I have never appreciated our school’s Arts Programme in this way. This performance is really good as it showcases the talents and the hard work of the pupils. 
Tay Jia Eenn (Emcee for Strings Concert), Sec 3A2 

The concert gave us a chance to perform and also helped us to be more confident in front of an audience. 
Karen Tay (Harpist), Sec 2.4

95th Founder's Day Dinner

Our GOH, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, with Chairman of Board of Management, Prof Hum, Alumni President, Ms Lim Su-Lynn, Primary School Principal, Mrs Christine Ho and Secondary School Principal, Ms Pamela Yoong
Parents, friends and staff having a good time at the dinner
Dr Vivian presenting an award to Mrs Choo Vee Vee, who has served in PL for 43 years

PL celebrated 95 years of God's blessing and provision as staff, friends and old girls gathered at the Marriott Hotel on 14 October for our Founder's Day Dinner. The night started with a rousing singspiration followed by a sharing by the Alumni President. As the food was served, everyone chatted happily as they met up with old teachers or friends, as well as snapping pictures with one another. 

The theme of the dinner was "Hymns and our PL stories". One of the highlights of the night was the game "Don't forget the lyrics!" The batch of 1986 led in the singing of some familiar hymns and choruses, where the audience had to fill in the lyrics of the songs at certain segments. Everyone participated enthusiastically as they were familiar and felt connected with the songs that were sung. 

Another highlight of the night was the video of former teachers and old girls like Mrs Thomas, Ms Wong Gim Leng, Ms Quek Puay Yee and Mrs Eunice Tay, who shared some hymns and choruses which are special to them. The ballroom was filled with warmth and thanksgiving as we listened to their sharing. 

The night ended pleasantly as our Guest of Honour (GOH), Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, shared about how he met his old teachers and old friends at the dinner. He also reminded us that as a school, we need to remember that PL is special because we are a school with a mission, to save souls, transmit values n to help build the future. We should see that our girls leave the school with values, memories and identity. 

The dinner ended on a warm and joyous note as we look forward to celebrating more of God's goodness and provision in 2012.

95th Founder's Day Service

Our guests with Ms Pamela Yoong and Mrs Christine Ho.
Primary School choir performing their special item
Rev Wee giving book prize to our graduand Jolyn Ee
Launch of the PL skorts

14 Oct marks our 95 th Founder’s Day. Rev Dr Wee Boon Hup graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour (GOH) and speaker, delivering the sermon, “We are One”. The P6 pupils joined their older sisters from PL (Sec) at the Agape Concert Hall and the Shaw Hall for a time of celebration and praise. 

Besides the awards given to pupils who have done well academically, recognition was also accorded to parents and coaches for their contributions to the school as well as to the staff, who received long service awards. The Service to Education Award was also given to our Board of Management Chairman, Assoc. Prof. Hum Sin Hoon and Vice Chairman, Dr Tan Chor Hiang. 

It was with one heart and mind, that there was a unanimous agreement between the school leaders of both PL (Pri) and PL (Sec) to launch the skorts as part of the 95 th Anniversary Celebrations. The skorts will be used as a uniform for sporting events and learning trips for both the primary & secondary school pupils thus reinforcing the common identity of oneness. The launch of the skorts also serves as a 5-year countdown to our 100 th anniversary in 2016. 

Indeed, God has blessed PL richly. Let us ‘Look Up Lift Up’ and give glory to God! 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
95 years have passed since 31 October 1916. It struck me that I have 95 years’ worth of memories, of blessings and of love. The next thought that came to my mind was that I was about to leave my school, my second home, where I grew up. I will miss PL: her culture of love, her warmth, and especially, the chapel sessions that I had always enjoyed. Cliche as it may sound, I will always treasure the memories I had in PL. 

Memories aside, the launch of the skorts at the Founder’s Day is really exciting! Some of my Secondary 4/5 friends are already planning to come back to PL next year to purchase the skorts. Many thought it was a creative and innovative addition to the regular school uniform and we look forward to it! 

Name of Pupil: Jessica Koh 
Class: Sec 4A3