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May 2011

Mother Tongue Fortnight
DV campus
Learning - one step at a time!
Decorating the windows with Chinese idioms
Sec 1 CL pupils videoing their skit
A heart for the Malay Language
Malay Language Scrabble
Our judges with the girls
Video Conferencing

On 11 May 2011, the Mother Tongue Department kickstarted the Mother Tongue Fortnight. Staircases, Mother Tongue Rooms and even the School Canteen were decorated to create a more conducive environment for the learning of the various Mother Tongue languages. 

The pupils studying Chinese as Mother Tongue participated in the following activities:
All pupils Appreciation of Chinese Cross Talk Performance at Assembly
All pupils Learning to the correct pronunciation of commonly mispronounced nouns
Secondary 1 Idiom Skit Competition
Secondary 2 Textbook Story Skit
Secondary 3 DV School Campus Competition

The pupils studying Malay as Mother Tongue participated in the following activities:
Secondary 1 to 3 Language and Idioms Quiz
Secondary 2 & 3 Competition (Malay version of Scrabble)
Secondary 4/5 Sharing session on Idioms conducted by a parent volunteer

The pupils studying Tamil as Mother Tongue participated in the following activities: 
  • Essay Writing Competition 
  • Oratorical Competitions 
  • ‘Just A Minute’ for Lower Secondary pupils 
  • ‘Turn Coat’ for Upper Secondary pupils 
  • Video Conferencing with International Scholars 
  • Forum with a Tamil Scholar for Secondary 1 to 5 pupils 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
???, 1.2 

???, 3A1 

ML : 
Dwiminggu Bahasa Ibunda telah meningkatkan pengetahuan saya dalam komponen Peribahasa sekaligus menyedarkan saya bahawa peribahasa penting serta memainkan peranan dalam kehidupan seharian. 
Seri Azilia Bte Khairil, 3C1a


Alternative Energy Car Challenge Solar Prix 2011

The winning team
Our solar car

Alternative Energy Car (AEC) Challenge Solar Prix 2011 was an event jointly organised by National Environment Agency, Marsiling Secondary School, Tamiya and Stargek. In this competition, teams need to make a solar car with an Environmental theme using recyclable and recycled materials in a creative way. 

Ong Ying Chee Denisse, Chiam Xing Ci Tabitha and Edith Tay Xin Ying from Secondary 2-1 competed with about 90 other teams. The team won two prizes in the Open Category: the “Most Environmentally Themed Car” and “Overall Winner” with a total score that was well ahead of all the other teams. 

The team will receive Tamiya products in addition to trophies and a $600 cash prize at the Clean & Green Singapore Schools Carnival on 8 November 2011. At the carnival, the team will set up a booth to showcase their winning car, which is designed based on scientific principles. 

Here is how the team come up with the environmental message for the car. 

Pupils’ Reflections 
The message that the solar car carried is – ‘SAVE THE TREES!’. Our car is based on the theme, “deforestation”. We chose this theme as we wanted to create more awareness about what mankind is doing to trees. We had learnt about shifting cultivation and the burning of trees for survival and realised the importance of our environment. Hence, we decided on the theme of deforestation for the design of the car. 
Denisse Ong 

I really think that this competition was an extremely enriching experience. One of the obstacles faced was time management. As a team, our schedule was really tight and it seemed as if we would never find a common time where all of us could meet. I also learnt much about teamwork and support. During the period in which the car was lost, we supported each other and managed to pull through the crisis. I think that our optimism and perseverance were really crucial as we worked even harder to come out with a new car. Overall, this competition was a very good learning experience. 
Tabitha Chiam

Maths & Science Funtasia - 'Curious Funtasy'

Ms Theodora Tan and Ms Pamela Yoong  taking a closer look 
Learning multiples with Beans
Fun with projectiles
Lifting a bottle with scissors

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Secondary) organised her 6 th Maths & Science Funtasia on 31 May 2011. This year, the event was sponsored by the E5 cluster, and organised in partnership with MacPherson Secondary School and PayaLebar Methodist Girls' School (Primary). Through this partnership, more pupils benefited from the combined synergy and resources, and we were able tomake the programmes more engaging and relevant for thepupils.The objectives of the event were: 

  1. To promote interest in Mathematics and Science problem solving
  2. To instil and inculcate systematic thinking and inquiry approach in learning
  3. To expose pupils to creative and intriguing activities in Mathematics and Science beyond the syllabus

We were honoured to have Ms Theodora Tan, Superintendent of E5 Cluster Schools, Ms Pamela Yoong, Principal of Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Secondary), Mrs Choi Mok Sang, Principal of MacPherson Secondary Schooland Mrs Christine Ho, Principal of Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Primary)to grace the occasion. 

About 1200 pupilsfrom the following 5 schools of the E5 cluster participated in this event: 
MacPherson Primary School 
MacPherson Secondary School 
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Primary) 
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Secondary) 
Tanjong Katong Primary School 

Since its inception as a biennial school-based programme in 2001, the PLMGS(S) Mathsand Science Funtasia has offered many pupilsopportunities for creative work and moments of enlightenment and the joy of learning. The eventwas always planned with close referenceto both the Mathematicsand Science Curriculum Frameworks by the Ministry of Education. 

Throughout the carnival, participants were engaged in interesting and intriguing activities that involve the learning of Maths and Science. From the feedback, we could see that pupils have learnt teamwork and variety of skills. It was indeed an out-of-classroom hands-on learning anda great time of ‘Curious Funtasy’ for all involved. 

Reflection from pupils 
The Maths & Science Funtasia was really fun. It was very hands-on and was very interactive. I was engaged throughout the activities. It has helped me realise that many activities or games around us involved Maths or Science.” 
Edith Tay Xin Ying(PLMGS(S) Class 2-1) 

“I have learnt new concepts in Mathematics and Science.” 
“ I have learnt to be systematic and to think creatively when solving problems, especially for Sudoku .” 

Participants from MacPherson Secondary School 

“The activities have helped us to think out of the box and to be creative. The event has helped us realise that determination and perseverance are important in completing a piece of work. 
Participants from PLMGS(P) 

“Mathematics and Science can be learnt in the fun way." 
“We learnt that teamwork and time management are important to complete the games.” 
Participants from Tanjong Katong Primary School and MacPherson Primary School