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July 2011

Dean’s List for Academic Excellence and Dean's List for Character Development 2011

On 13 July 2011, pupils who displayed PL’s H.E.A.R.T values and had exemplary conduct; and pupils who excelled academically and had regular attendance were recognised for their efforts when they were shortlisted for the Dean’s List for Character Development and Dean’s List for Academic Excellence. 

All recipients received a certificate of recognition and were treated to a delicious lunch thereafter. 

The school would like to offer their heartiest congratulations to these pupils.

National Schools Literature Festival 2011

Poetry Slam competitors in action
Debaters in motion
Lots of drama!
All of us at NSLF 2011

PLMGS(S) has always been closely involved in the National Schools Literature Festival (NSLF) and this year is no different. Our school participated in all four of the festival’s competitions. Held in Fairfield Methodist Secondary School on 16July, the annual event was organised by teachers from various schools. 

Our girls took part in the Upper Secondary Set Text Debate, Lower Secondary Poetry Slam, Lower Secondary Drama Book Trailer and Literature Book Parade. We are proud to acknowledge the hard work put in by the pupils from the various levels who showed passion for the subject and who were eager to show what they had learnt. Besides being placed among the top ten in the hotly-contested Poetry Slam, we also emerged winners for the Set Text Debate and the Drama Book Trailer competition. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
I participated in the Poetry Slam competition during the NSLF. This event was a competition for pupils from different schools to present a poem composed by the pupils themselves and performed in a dramatic form to a panel of judges. In my opinion, the competition isn’t all that matters, but it is all about the experience gained and the joy of performing on stage. There was a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after performing on stage. This indeed was a fruitful event which has enriched my perception of the performing arts. 
Deirdra Ong, Sec 2.2 

The Literature Festival was a great opportunity to watch the performances and plays of other schools. It was exciting to act in a play in Fairfield Methodist. I was able to learn about acting from other pupils. I found it a refreshing experience and am glad to have had this opportunity to go for it. 
Prairie Soh, Sec 1.1

Racial Harmony Day Celebrations

Crowding round the Racial Harmony Tree with well wishes
Reciting the Racial Harmony pledge together
Winners of the Racial Harmony Pageant (staff) with Mrs S Lum
Our parent and staff judges

This year’s theme for Racial Harmony Day is “ HOME: Joint Hopes, Shared Memories ”. The theme of Shared Memories was achieved in PL through the Racial Harmony Tree where PL-Lites penned down their wishes and thoughts for Singapore in colourful cards which were then hung on the ‘tree’. This served as a visual reminder to staff, parents and pupils that promoting social cohesion and racial harmony is vital to nation building. Another highlight of the event included PL Racial Harmony Pageant for staff and pupils. 

PL Leadership Day 2011

Pre-forum Modular Training Workshops
Service-Learning Exhibition
Dr Tan Lai Yong @ the 3rd PL Leadership Forum

On 22 July 2011, the PL Leadership Day 2011 was held with the theme “Step Out to Lead”. It strived to allow pupils to understand that every leader must have the heart for serving the community, the organisation and the people around them. It also put emphasis on the importance of service for the holistic development of a leader who empathises, cares and appreciates. 

The day’s events include the installation of CCA leaders during morning assembly, leadership lessons during LiVE lessons, pre-forum modular training workshops, Service-Learningexhibition and the 3 rd PL Leadership Forum. 

Apart from PL-Lites, student leaders from other schools such as Methodist Girls’ School and Manjusri Secondary School were also invited to participate in the forum. The guest speaker, Dr Tan Lai Yong, spoke on his journey of serving the underprivileged community in Yunnan province, China. The forum participants gained much from his sharing of insights and life experiences. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
Through the workshop and the Leadership Forum, I have realised the importance of preparations and reflections during a Service-Learning trip. These were essential elements which will help build character. I understand that Service-Learning is not just about benefiting the people we are serving but it is also about what we can learn from the experience. 
Hui Wen Jing, Secondary 3A1

Graduands’ Thanksgiving Service

It was a special day for the PL-Lites of 2010 as they came back for the Graduands’ Thanksgiving Service. The event was graced by Ms Mabel Goh, our former Vice Principal who was an alumni PL-Lite herself. Her moving speech left a deep impression on the pupils, motivating them to step forth and make their mark in the world. The reunion between schoolmates was bittersweet, as they reminisced fond memories of their PL days. We wish the batch of 2010 all the very best in their future endeavours! Methodist Walk 

Methodist Walk

On 9 July 2011, the Methodist Walk 2011 flagged off at the Anglo-Chinese Junior College. The event is organised by the Methodist Schools Foundation. PL sent the Secondary 1 girls to represent the school for the walk. The girls enjoyed walking a 4km route with their teachers and friends.

Prefects’ Installation

After many weeks of hard work and meticulous preparation, the day for our Prefects’ Installation finally arrived. Our school’s chaplain, Reverend Lynette Sathiasingam, our guest speaker, Pastor Roland Lee and his wife, as well as student leaders from various schools like Anglo-Chinese School (Barker road), Raffles Institution and Methodist Girls’ School, came to witness the installation. Proud parents were also present to witness the installation of their daughters. 

The event started off with a bang as the prefects walked down the aisle with confident strides and their schoolmates cheered excitedly from their seats. During the installation, the Secondary 4 prefects handed over their duties, as the Secondary 2 and 3 prefects rose up to receive the baton of leadership and said the Prefects’ Pledge as a symbol of their commitment to God, the school and the Prefectorial Board. 

During the installation, Pastor Roland blessed the prefects with a special sermon which emphasized on our theme, “Un Cuerpo En Cristo - One Body in Christ”, and was based on our theme verse from Philippians 2:2, “Then make my joy complete, by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose.” He reminded us that to be One, we need to be like-minded, loving, linked and lowly. This means that being united in our minds and hearts, as well as being humble, are important ingredients to becoming One. 

The service then ended off well with the prefects performing a hip hop dance item that they choreographed. Thereafter, Reverend Lynette prayed a benediction over all everyone and the prefects proceeded to bring the guests on a school tour. 

The Prefects’ Installation marked the start of a new term for the Secondary 2s and 3s, signifying our rededication to the board, with God, all the guests and the entire school bearing witness. For the new executive committee, it meant a whole new level of leadership, where we put into practice all that we have learnt so that we can lead the board and the school. Indeed, it is the beginning of a new journey with much more passion to serve. 
Charlene Teo, Secondary 3A2

Girls' Brigade Day

The Girls' Brigade (GB) celebrated GB Day on the 11 July. The 4th coy girls came to school in their GB uniforms and stood smartly on the stage during assembly. To mark the start of GB day, the Company Sergeant Major Rachel Lim of 4A2 read the GB Day message written by Mrs Tay Poh Imm, the Brigade President, to the school. It was indeed a proud moment for the GB girls as they presented 2 Gold awards from the recent National Drill Competition to Ms Yoong, our Principal. Ms Yoong also gave Amanda Tan of 4B3 the Best Commander award. On top of that, 4th coy has received the Gold Company Award for the year 2010 and Sustained Gold Award from 2005 to 2010. To God be the Glory!

Speak Good English Week

From 11 to 15 July, PLMGS(S) came alive with the launch of the annual “Speak Good English Week – Speak up, Speak out!” The school was abuzz with activities ranging from a poetry performance from Singaporean poets Benjamin Chow and Bani Haykal, speeches at the Speakers’ Corner by Lower Secondary pupils, a skit and poetry recital by the ELDDS pupils, to morning English quizzes. Pupils were challenged to speak up and speak out in class throughout the week and compete in online quizzes, a poetry writing competition and a mini boggle game. Confident and eloquent PL-Lites showcased their talents through public speaking, hosting and participating in all the activities organised by the EL department. Truly, it was a week to remember for all staff and pupils, especially when our Principal, Ms Yoong, marked the closing of the week’s activities with a perfectly-recited tongue twister!

Visit by Vietnamese English Teachers

On 28 July, PL had the honour of hosting 30 Vietnamese Teachers and their trainer, Dr Tan Yue Meng from Regional Language Centre (RELC). The Vietnamese were interested to find out about PL and how English was taught to our pupils. 

Ms Vivien Chee, our Vice Principal, shared about our school; and Mrs Koh EL, Mrs Christina Ramesh, Mr Kervin Tang and Ms Annabella Ong presented the English Department Programmes to the delegation. 

The Vietnamese teachers were then invited to observe some of the English and Literature lessons. They also went on a PL tour to familiarise them with what PL has to offer to our pupils.