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January 2011

Heritage Brands Challenge

Winners of Heritage Brands Challenge 2010 Last year, in the month of November, our school sent 3 teams to participate in the “Heritage Brands Challenge” organised by Youth Enterprise Academy. 

Each team collaborated with a Heritage Brand like “Gao Ji Niang Dou Fu”, “Spring Court Restaurant” in Chinatown and “Sim Seng Hin Sawmill Pte Ltd” to execute a Social Media Marketing Campaign for the Brand. 

The teams made on-site visits and marketed their assigned Brands via Blogs and Facebook Groups. 

18 teams from 10 schools participated in the Junior Category of this challenge. 

The results came out in January 2011 and our PL Team 3 emerged 2 nd in the Junior Category. 

PL Team 3 members:
Rachel Chan Rui Shi Sec 1.3, 2010
Ho Sze Han Sec 1.3, 2010
Shermaine Loh Jia Min Sec 1.3, 2010
Elizabeth Ang Jia Yi Sec 1.1, 2010
Jessire Sim Shi Yin Sec 1.4, 2010

The team received a total of $100 vouchers from Chinatown Night market and 5 copies of book entitled “The 3 rd Little Pig” written by Ken Koh, Founder of Talentpreneur Hub Pte Ltd. One of the copies is placed in our school library. 

Pupils' Reflections 
We faced many strong rivals and had many obstacles to overcome. Through this competition, I gained new insights and learnt that we should always be creative and look at things from different angles to solve a problem. I have also learnt new web functions and grown in my knowledge on blogs. As the head, I gained more confidence in leading the team. My team mates and I worked very hard. When we won the 2nd prize, we were overwhelmed with joy! 
Rachel Chan Rui Shi, Sec 1.3, 2010 and Sec 2.3, 2011 

The competition has taught me skills such as blog-making and facebook advertising and marketing strategy. My group and I enjoyed ourselves although we sometimes had disagreements. This competition has also sharpened my thinking skills and I learnt to plan ahead. Winning the second place was ultimate happiness for us! 
Ho Sze Han, Sec 1.3, 2010 and Sec 2.3, 2011

Sec 4/5 Breakthru Motivational Camp

Building a straw tower – Resilience!
Penning down our goals
United as ONE!

As part of our continuous effort to develop character and motivate our pupils to excel academically, PL organised a camp especially for our graduating pupils on 24 and 25 Jan 2011. The purpose of this camp was to build resilience, inspire and encourage our pupils to soar towards academic excellence and personal endeavours. The camp helped them to discover more about themselves, and spurred them on for the new and challenging year ahead. 

This camp was named ‘Breakthru’ as it aimed to help our pupils learn more about themselves and their team-mates, help them break through certain self-limiting barriers and realise their own potentials. During the camp, our pupils were taught principles and attitudes that would help them to achieve outstanding results in school and in life. 

One of the more exciting programmes the pupils enjoyed was the mass game called “AcidRiver” where the girls were tested on the 3 ‘R’s that they had learnt during the sessions - Responsibility, Relationships, and Resilience. Our pupils had to get from one end of the hall to another by stepping only on the A4-size papers which were laid on the floor, while dealing with other obstacles and limitations. 

Through this camp, the pupils have learnt to take personal ownership of their lives by being conscious of their attitudes and actions. They worked together as a team by sharing out the workload and standing by each other in times of need. They developed a spirit of resilience and belief in themselves that they would succeed. 

Pupils' Reflections 
I felt that the Breakthru Camp was very enriching and I have benefited from it through the fun games and engaging activities. At the same time, the speaker, Mr Glenn Lim was very clear in his speech and his slides were very interesting and easy to understand. Even though he was strict, Mr Glenn was like a fatherly figure to us. The mentors were very fun and caring as they showed genuine concern to each one of us. Although it would have been better if it were a stay-over camp. I really enjoyed it a lot. 
Sophia Cheng, Sec 5A1 

The Breakthru Camp was an amazing camp that not only focused on motivating us to study better for our major examinations at the end of this year, it also helped us bond as a class. During the camp, I learnt about the 3Rs, namely Responsibility, Relationship and Resilience, and how we can use them both in and out of school. All in all, Breakthru Camp was awesome and it allowed us to breakthrough in different ways. I definitely enjoyed it! 
Shavonne Tan, Sec 4B3

Installation Ceremony for Peer-Lites, Class Monitors & Class Committee Members 2011

A proud moment for the Peer Lites as  they received their badges from  Ms Yoong and Ms Chee.
Presentation of badges to the Class Monitors  and Class Committee Members by the  Form and Co-form teachers.
Presentation of badges to the Class Monitors  and Class Committee Members by the  Form and Co-form teachers.
Presenting the Peer Lites of 2011.

On 24 Jan 2011, the combined installation ceremony for the Peer-Lites, Class Monitors and Class Committee Members of 2011 was held during the weekly assembly session. 

The ceremony started with the Peer-Lites Installation where Ms Pamela Yoong and Ms Vivien Chee were invited to present badges to the Sec 3 Peer-Lites of 2011. The Peer-Lites play an important role in helping the Sec 1 students in assimilating them into the PL family and also assist in the running of school events. The installation served to affirm them for their work and to recognize them formally as PL student leaders. 

The next segment of the ceremony saw the installation of the Class Monitors and Class Committee Members. The Form Teachers and Co-Form Teachers presented the badges to their respective class leaders and congratulated them on their appointments. The class leaders were also cheered on by their classmates as they stood proud in front of the classes. 

Ms Jenny Koh closed the ceremony with a prayer for the newly-appointed student leaders. 

Pupils' Reflections 
I feel honoured as this was the first time that the Peer-Lites was officially installed in front of the whole school. As a Peer-Lite, I am happy and privileged to be able to welcome the Secondary 1 students to PL and to enable them to feel comfortable in the new environment. The leadership role has also allowed me to develop my organizational and leadership ability. 
Isabelle Yew (Peer-Lites 2011) 

I feel much honored and proud during the installation as my Form Teacher presented the badge to me. It was heartening to know that the school appreciated the role of the Monitor. Being a Class Monitor, I have learnt to be a more responsible person as I strive to carry out the duties assigned to me faithfully and diligently. 
Siew Jie Ling (Class Monitor, Sec 3A3 2011)

Staff Dedication 2011

One Heart, One purpose
One Voice, One School
Dedication of our newly-appointed Vice-Principals

It is the tradition of PLMGS Staff to dedicate ourselves afresh to the tasks the Lord has set us apart to do in the school at the beginning of every calendar year. Our Staff Dedication was a combined service held on 14 Jan (Fri) with the Primary School.  Rev Louis Chai encouraged the staff to be of one spirit as we serve God, drawing from the example of Luke 5:17-26, where the four friends of the paralytic have but one common purpose – to get their friend to Jesus to be healed. With that one single focus, their goal was achieved. 

The two schools were also amazed at how God has been weaving through our separate discussions and thoughts in bringing out the “unity” theme. 

Our Primary School has “oneness in service” as their focus for the year, whereas the Secondary School has “We are one”. Never in the history of PLMGS has a common theme been woven through so clearly as the school leaders and management plan for the year’s challenges. 

Rev Christopher Chin also took time to pray for the two new Vice-principals appointed to the role – Ms Vivien Chee in the Secondary School, and Mrs Caroline Wu in the Primary School.

Twinning with SMK Aminuddin Baki, Kuala Lumpur

Ms Yoong, Ms Chee and teachers with our KL Twinning friends and their buddies
Experimenting with chemicals in the Science Lab
Dikir Barat performance by SMK Aminuddin Baki
Having fun together

PLMGS(S) hosted a team of 4 teachers and 20 pupils from SMK Aminuddin Baki, a premier school in Kuala Lumpur from 17 to 19 January. The group experienced a part of Singapore’s education system injected with a taste of our very own PL flavour! The pupils were warmly welcomed into the classes of their PL buddies and joined in the lessons. Ever eager to ask questions, our enthusiastic visitors participated and shared their opinions in the lessons, much to the pleasure of the PL teachers and pupils in the class. The English Department teachers also had the opportunity to share with the KL teachers the PL English Language programme and, through the discussions held, we learnt much from each other. One of the places of interest we brought them to was the Singapore Science Centre. Our KL visitors found the exhibits interesting and informative. On the last day of their visit here, the SMK Aminuddin pupils gave an enthusiastic and colourful Dikir Barat performance much to the delight of our PL-Lites. We hope that our new friends enjoyed themselves in Singapore, and we look forward to our trip to KL later this year 

Pupils' Reflections 
It was certainly a memorable experience to be buddies to the KL pupils who visited us. Personally, I felt that it was enriching and fruitful as well. Being their buddies, we not only got to know more about them and their culture, we also learnt values and skills along the way. I learnt to be more outgoing so that our visitors would feel welcomed in our school. Also, I realise that the Malaysian pupils were not hesitant in asking questions when in doubt. They were very open to learning new things and were enthusiastic and responsive in answering questions. I believe that we should learn from them: to dare to raise questions when in doubt and to accept new things during the process of learning. Though we may be from different backgrounds, different schools, we do share one common thing, which is the respect for one another’s culture and opinions. I really enjoyed their presence in our school for those three days! 
Joyi Koh, Sec 3A1 

The exchange programme was really fun and enjoyable. In the few days, we had bonded with our new friends from KL. I have learnt much about them in terms of their lifestyle and customs. As they joined us for lessons, I believe they have also picked up some interesting nuggets, especially in the subjects that they do not take in school in their home town. They were very friendly and enthusiastic in their participation of the activities and although it was only a few days of interaction with them, I felt that they are very good company. I hope that they have enjoyed themselves in our school and in SingaporeCelene Teo. Sec 3A1 

Some comments from our KL friends 
We would like to thank the teachers, staff and pupils of PLMGS (Sec) for their warm welcome. The pupils really stand by their values of Godliness, Respect, All-round excellence, Commitment and Enthusiasm. We can’t wait to see all of them in Malaysia. 
Chieng Dih Shuen, Ashveena Darshini 

The conducive environment and comfortable classrooms allowed us to enjoy our lessons more. Moreover, the buddies that were assigned to us were very friendly and informative. 

The way the teachers conducted the classes was effective and interactive 

We hope to adopt and adapt the good qualities of PL to be implemented in our school, SMK Aminuddin Baki in the near future. 
Izzul Faris bin Mohd Zulkifle, Nur Sabrina bt Ahmad Nor Azam, Kosalishkwaran S/O Ganesan, Kimberlydeep Kaur Vishie, Abdul Hakeem bin Khairuddin 

Our delightful buddies are some of the most positive and spirited individuals we have ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with. 
Sheena William, Deborah Lui Shien Mae

Sec 1 ‘I Discover’ Camp

Try bursting my balloons
Amazing Race at SengKang
Having a go at the Game-O-Rahma
A night tour around the school
Once a PL Lite, always a PL Lite
Trusting our senses

The Sec 1 ‘I Discover’ Camp, with its theme ‘Step and Shine’ was held from 5 to 8 January 2011. Its aim was to extend a warm welcome to the newest members of the PL family – the Secondary 1 pupils. The pupils were also encouraged to find their niche in school, so that they would be able to step up and shine in that area. 

The camp was filled with many fun-filled activities such as icebreakers, mass dances, night games and the Amazing Race. The Finale Night saw each class presenting an item and it really showed how far they had come together as a class. Led by their seniors from Secondary 3, the pupils put in a lot of effort and displayed true PL spirit. The camp ended off on a poignant note when the pupils were given their PL badge and when everyone stood up to light the candle – a reminder that they are all PL-Lites who will play a part in lighting up the community they are in. 

Pupils' Reflections 
During the camp, I have learnt more about leadership, unity and getting to know people in my class. I have also learnt about responsibility and to believe in one another. The camp has also taught me to be independent and more considerate to others around me. I am blessed to be in PL and I look forward to the next camp. 
Wong Ya Xuan, Sec. 1.6 

I enjoyed the camp and getting to know my friends better has helped me adjust to the new surrounding. The camp also taught me about teamwork and to help a friend in need. Overall, the camp went smoothly for us and I think it is a memorable one for me. 
Leo Hui Qi, Joanne, Sec 1.4 

CCA Fair - ‘Choose, Commit, Ace’

Our Sec 1s browsing at the booths in the parade square
ELLDS-Drama girls in action
Our newbies listening in
Our graceful dancers
Harp Ensemble - A go at the strings
Fancy Drill by NPCC

On 7 January 2011, PL became a fairground filled with informative booths set up by the various CCA groups, creating a vibrant and fun atmosphere for the young Secondary 1 pupils to learn about the CCA groups PL has to offer. Taken from the acronym CCA, this year's theme 'Choose, Commit, Ace’ hopes to encourage the pupils to commit to the CCA of their choice through making new friends and developing their talents. They are also encouraged to ‘ace’ when they represent PL in the various activities and competitions related to their CCA. 

The pupils had the opportunity to view the many performances and displays by the various CCA groups eager to share about their CCA. On top of that, they also attended a talk by Miss Pamela Yoong, Principal and Mrs Sharon Tng, HOD/PE & CCA about the rules and regulations regarding CCAs. All these were done in an effort to help the pupils make a well-informed choice when deciding on their CCA 

Pupils' Reflections 
The CCA Fair Committee Members had an enriching and fruitful journey, where most of us were given opportunities to step up, as well as a platform to lead and organise this major event. One of the most meaningful moments for me was the chance to work with people of different leadership styles as the committee consisted of people from different CCA groups. This allowed us to look at things from different perspectives. Although it may result in longer discussions, it gave all of us the opportunity to speak up and think of innovative ideas to achieve our shared objectives. Some of us learnt the importance of flexibility, the ability to react to unforeseen circumstances as well as the need to be quick and decisive when making decisions. I am sure, without a doubt, that organising the CCA Fair this year was a great and fulfillingexperience for many of us. 
Blossom Tan, Secondary 4A1 
Behalf of CCA Fair Committee 2011 

I enjoyed myself during the CCA Fair. 
Renee Tan, Sec 1.1 

The booklet was informative and the duration of the CCA Fair was suitable. 
Natalie Seet, Sec 1.4