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May 2010

PLMGSS Staff Promotion Ceremony
This year’s Staff Promotion Ceremony was held at the Agape Hall on 30 April 2010. This ceremony also deserves special mention because it was the second promotion ceremony to be held jointly with our colleagues from PLMGS (Primary). During the ceremony, 22 PLMGSS staff members of grades GEO 1A1 and 1A2, as well as one EAS staff member, received their promotion certificates from Dr Tan Chor Hiang, our Guest of Honour and Vice-Chairman of the Paya Lebar MGS Board of Management. 

The staff at PLMGSS convey their heartiest congratulations to our colleagues.

Subject Combination Briefing for Secondary Two Pupils

Opening Address by Ms Pamela Yoong
Question and Answer Session

PLMGSS held the Secondary Three Subject Combination Briefing for this year’s Secondary Two cohort on 21 May 2010. Many teachers were present for the briefing in order to help answer parents’ queries. PLMGSS Principal Ms Pamela Yoong began the briefing by explaining the streaming procedure and criteria for the Secondary 2 students. The second part of her address dealt with the options that students have after their secondary education. By providing this broader perspective, it is hoped that students and parents will be better able to make wise choices about the upper secondary education and beyond. Following Ms Yoong’s address, the Heads of Departments detailed specific streaming criteria and briefly touched on syllabus content for each of the subjects offered in their departments. The parents and students present were enlightened by the information shared. After the session, some parents stayed behind to have their queries answered by the HODs and teachers. It was indeed a fruitful evening all who were present.

PLMGSS Delegation Pays Respects to the Late Dr Goh Keng Swee


The late Dr Goh Keng Swee can rightfully be considered to be one of Singapore’s founding fathers. He was responsible for formulating many policies in areas such as defence and education, which contributed greatly to the growth and progress of modern Singapore. Singapore has lost an exemplary leader with his passing. As we at PLMGSS believe firmly in inculcating in our students national values such as responsible citizenship and awareness of our national heritage, it was only right that the school send a delegation of teachers and students to attend Dr Goh’s funeral wake at the Parliament Building. 

The atmosphere at Dr Goh’s wake was solemn and respectful. Our students would have observed that many Singaporeans from all walks of life took time off from their work schedules and braved the sweltering, hot afternoon sun, to pay respects to Dr Goh. Several other schools sent their delegations as well. There were also books prepared for those present to pen down their thoughts and well wishes to Dr Goh and family. 

The process of lining up members of the public and school delegations to take their turns of paying respects went very smoothly. Some of our representatives were also fortunate enough to be interviewed by the media as they left Parliament building. They did PLMGSS proud by demonstrating their awareness of Dr Goh’s contributions to Singapore.

Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Award

Side view o f Table tennis ball picker
Device in action!

In 2009, our school sent in 9 entries for the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Award. Out of the 9 entries, 3 were shortlisted. Niki Teo and Nicole Mok, both from Sec 3B3, won Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Merit Award with their innovative project, the table tennis ball picker. They also won for themselves $500 and donated a part of their prize money to the Agape Fund. Their invention was exhibited at the Singapore Science Centre from 5 to 13 June 2010.

Mega Camp 2010

Our leaders conquering their fears as they overcome the inverse tower 
The Endless trekking with backpacks weighting more than 18kg
Launching of their raft to escape from the mosquitos!
Sea Expedition of about 10km. Many have rowed  the boat for the first time in their life

On 10 May 2010, 102 student leaders from the Secondary 2 and 3 cohorts set off to attend the Mega Camp, held at the Outward Bound Singapore (OBS), Pulau Ubin. While at OBS, the pupils were divided into 7 groups and required to camp outdoor for 4 nights. The entire camp programme was designed to be like an expedition. The student leaders had to pack all their food, clothing and tents in backpacks, which they carried along throughout their land and sea expeditions. They had to cook the meals by themselves, which may not have been easy because it was a first time experience for many of them. During the expeditions, our student leaders learnt resilience, trust and teamwork through activities such as the climbing of the inverse tower, rafting, hiking, rowing and even by just staying outdoors in the forest. Through the Mega Camp, our student leaders have bonded with each other and are now fully charged to take over the leadership baton from their seniors. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
I have learnt to solve problems effectively and calmly and learn to handle the consequences of making decision, good or bad. 
Rachel Chua Jia Ling, Sec 2.7 

Leaders must be humble and serve instead of giving orders all the time. 
Janelle Yong, Sec 2.1 

It taught me how to work with my group members and how to handle time and responsibility. 
Joanne Hee, Sec 3A4 

Jumping into the quarry made me step out of comfort zone and made me press on towards my goal. 
Regina  Lee, Sec 3A4 

It taught me unity and that not all goals may be easy to reach but if we do it together it will not be so hard. 
Grace Goh, Sec 3A3