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June 2010

OCIP Trip to Indonesia

PL Primary and PL Secondary students working together
Gardening a plot of spring onions around the school compound
English Lessons at Ngadisari Primary School at Mount Bromo

On the 31 May 2010, a total of 38 pupils and teachers from PL Primary and Secondary went on an overseas CIP trip to Indonesia. This is our first OCIP project with our sister school, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Primary). For many of the girls, it was also their first trip away from home without their parents. The girls planted spring onions, painted tables and chairs, and conducted English lessons in a local school. It was a meaningful and fruitful project as the girls learnt to appreciate people and things in Singapore more, and take care of themselves and the little sisters from the primary school. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
“ I’ve learned to treasure the things and people around me and learned how to manage my time and emotions well…” 
- Melissa (Sec 3B1) 

“ I’ve learned to appreciate the little things around me and the government’s work in Singapore…” 
- Abigail ( Sec 3A3) 

“ I’ve learned to be appreciative of what I have and is given to me. I’ve also learned values such as patience, compassion and love…” 
- Nicole (Sec 3A3)

OCIP at Sarawak (Kuching)

Sec 1 and 2 NA girls at Sarawak
Trying the bamboo dance with the locals
The Rhema kindergarten logo we painted

Through this service learning our pupils were able to experience cultural exchange with the Kampong Tanjong villagers. Our pupils enjoyed dancing to their soothing music and enjoyed the authentic food prepared by the villagers. Our pupils also facilitated a service programme conducted at the Lundu village. Some of our pupils facilitated the children’s service while the others helped out at the adults’ service. Our pupils also had the privilege of interacting with the Sarawakian Youths and we shared on the difference in the school system between the two countries. Finally our pupils helped out at Tadika Rhema by complete their school logo. 

Pupils’ Reflections 
We learnt about the culture of Sarawak and the way they live. There were many opportunities to showcase responsibility, confidence and we were exposed to speaking with confidence in front of strangers. We had the privilege of teaching young kids craft work and reading. After being exposed to the livelihood of the villagers we have learnt to cherish and treasure what we have in Singapore. 
Participants from Sec 1.7

Multi-disciplinary Learning Journey to Kyushu, Japan

Kumamoto Castle
Teachers with exchange students
Picture with A-bomb survivor
Traditional Japanese dinner
Learning Japanese Instrument
Learning how to make soba

Objectives of the trip: 
  • To promote interaction and friendship between Singapore and Japanese pupils through a school experience programme 
  • To provide opportunities for our pupils to cultivate life skills and values such as self-reliance, independence, and team camaraderie
  • To provide an authentic Japanese language learning environment for our pupils
  • To develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture, values and history
Highlights of the trip: 
Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Memorial Museum and Peace Park, Shirakawa Riverhead, Mt. Aso (active volcano), School exchange, Unzen Hell, Kumamoto Castle, Making of soba, Minamata Disease Municipal Museum, Toyota Motor Kyushu Miyata Plant 

Pupils’ Reflections 
I have learnt a lot about the Japanese culture, and have found it to be really interesting. I have learnt the importance of politeness and responsibility during this trip. I also learnt to be independent as well as take care of my own belongings. I learnt to be caring and concerned towards my peers, and accept everyone around me despite their differences. I have certainly benefited and learnt much from this trip and look forward to such trips again. 
Radiant Chua. Secondary 2-1

I have learnt a lot from this learning journey in Kyushu. A great example is during the farm stay. I have learnt many things, like to be more polite, helpful and aware of my surroundings. I have experienced the Japanese culture, e.g. eating while sitting on the tatami mat, greeting each other before, after meals, in the morning and before we sleep. I also learnt that we have to wait for the eldest to start eating before the rest of us can start to eat. It is indeed an enriching and enjoyable experience. 
Jean Ong, Secondary 3A2

This trip to Kyushu has been an eye opener for me. It has enriched me academically and also, in terms of values. Through this trip, I have learnt how all the different science and mathematics theories taught during lessons can be applied into our daily lives. One example is the Principle of Moments which is used for building structures. Also, I have learnt more about volcanoes and crustal movement through the visit to Mt Aso. Thus, this trip has made me more interested in Geography, Science and other subjects as I could see how they are used practically. I have also been enriched in terms of values. After this trip, I have learnt to be more independent as we are overseas and our parents are not with us. Thus, we can only depend on ourselves or our friends and this teaches us not to rely too much on our parents. This trip has also taught me the importance of responsibility as we have to take care of our own belongings at all times. From the Japanese, I have learnt to take pride in everything that I do. Also, I have learnt to be hospitable and friendly, just like the Japanese who are very welcoming to everyone they meet. This trip has taught me much and it gave me a chance to bond well with my classmates. It was a really enjoyable and fun overseas trip. 
Seet Seow Hwee, Secondary 2-1

UK Learning Journey 2010


After a year and half of anticipation, 26 excited girls were more than ready to hop on a plane and fly over to a whole other continent- The United Kingdom. Even the 12 hour flight could not dampen our spirits as we landed in chilly Manchester. Although it was summer, the temperature fell below 20 degrees Celsius. 

Manchester was filled with scenic views of green pastures and sheep and cattle grazing the fields. We visited the home of the poet who wrote “I wandered lonely as a cloud”, none other than William Wordsworth. His home was located along Lake Windermere, the largest lake in England and many magnificent peaks. 

Stratford-upon-Avon was the birthplace of the well-known British playwright, William Shakespeare. His first home had been transformed to a museum and a place for people to learn about his life. We toured his humble childhood home and even caught a performance of an excerpt of one of his plays! 

One place that had all 26 of us in awe was the tour of the 38 colleges that made up the University of Oxford. As we toured many of the colleges that we scattered across the city, we learnt that many scenes of “Harry Potter” had been filmed at some of the halls of the colleges. After that tour, many of us were inspired to try out for the University of Oxford. 

The main highlight of the trip was reaching London, where we watched “Wicked” the musical, a hilarious comedy “39 steps” and the critically acclaimed “Macbeth” at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. A workshop with Jacob La-Rose, an ex-BBC poet, he taught us the art of writing poetry. We also had a tour of London and did a lot of good shopping while we were there. 

For many of us, this was our first trip aboard without our parents and it was a great experience of independence. We also learnt a lot about various authors who made the Literature scene the way it is today. Without a doubt, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and our passion of literature was definitely fired up again! 
Rachel Koh, 3A4

FIS Service Learning Trip to Cambodia

FIS Team with the children at FGA child care centre
Community Blessing to the poor villagers at cambodia
Resurfacing of tables for the child care centre
Celebration dinner cooked for the children at child care centre
Cultural immersion at Ang Kor Wat
Gift presentation to director of FGA Childcare centre, Sunny Foo

On the 3 June 2010, 22 pupils, 3 mentors and 3 teachers embarked on a service learning trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They were there to minister to children at the Full Gospel Assembly Child Care Centre (FGA), and at the same time resurface their canteen tables. During the trip, they also conducted English lessons and even a Games Day for the children. Upon completion of the project, the team also helped to cook a celebration dinner for the centre, and then performed at the cultural exchange night. The service learning team also took the opportunity to visit the Genocide Museum and Ang Kor Wat to gain a better understanding of Cambodian history and culture. 

Pupils’ Reflections 
My one special moment during the trip is on the first day when we arrived in FGA, where all the little curious heads started popping out of their dorms to see who is here. I felt really excited about what I am going to do and how I could bring joy to them by doing a service for them. I also learnt a lot from them. They are so friendly and selfless and the way they treat each other like blood siblings even though they are from different families. It really touched me to see that God is really working in their hearts. 
Tricia Lam, Sec 3A1 

I think through that, I learnt that we should put God first in everything. Even the simplest thing like acknowledging Him first in front of others, I think it will be nice and dear to God. Besides acknowledging Him, I feel that their practice of praying or having devotion early in the morning is great! The fact that they are doing that before breakfast and before going to school just goes to show that they put God first before their commitments and needs. 
Joanne Hee, Sec 3A4

English and Humanities Educational Trip to Bangalore, India

School visit to Bethany High School in Bangalore
A beautiful walk in one of India's famous gardens
Having a blast near the first waterfall ever made!
The majestic Maharaja Palace in Mysore
Surrounded by tea!
Shopping in the streets of India

The trip to Bangalore, Mysore and Ooty in India was certainly an enjoyable and educational experience. The girls were exposed to and learnt many things about India's rich and diverse culture, as well as its history. One of the places of interests we visited was the Mysore Maharaja Palace. The stunningly intricate sculptures and lavishly built rooms perfectly demonstrated the lifestyle of the former royal family of Mysore. It was certainly a magnificent sight with its vast gardens and grounds. 

Apart from site-seeing at various places of interests which include beautiful gardens, musical fountains, waterfalls, tea plantations and religious sites, the girls also had the opportunity to take part in a Community Involvement Programme at an orphanage in Bangalore. They had a great time interacting with the local orphans and as much as they gave to the children, they left with valuable lessons in gratitude and family love. 

We were also privileged to visit St John’s High School and Bethany High School where we were warmly welcomed by the students and staff who treated us like very special guests. They did their best to entertain us with English lessons, dance performances and quizzes, and they even invited us to learn the difficult dance moves. The result was truly hilarious on our part but the girls had a lot of fun! The PL girls also had a great time sharing about Singapore and PL to the two schools and we had fun teaching the India students about our local games and letting them taste our local snacks! 

All in all, the trip was a real eye-opener for many who are unfamiliar with India and we have thoroughly enjoyed and learnt much. Truly, India is an amazing place that has so much to offer! 

Pupils’ Reflections 
I am greatly thankful that I had the chance to go on this trip. Not only have I learnt much more about India, but most importantly, I have brought home with me great experiences and have been taught invaluable life-long lessons that have enriched me. I was particularly impacted by the visit to the orphanage. Although most of the children were abandoned by their parents, they still led happy lives and were contented with what they had. When we interacted with them, they were so excited and they participated enthusiastically in the games we prepared. I was very touched when a few of them came to hug me goodbye in appreciation for our company and efforts. From this experience, I have learnt to be thankful and grateful for everything we have and not complain. On this trip, I was also able to further broaden my world view and make new friends from our school, as well as friends from the schools in India. It has certainly been a great experience for me and it shall always stay in my memories. 
Joleen Tjia, Sec 3A1 

I had a great time of learning all about the rich culture India has to offer. As we visited many historical places, I had first-hand experience learning more about the way of life of the Indians both in the past and in the present. We also visited a Tribal Research Centre, where we learnt more about the six tribes that can be found in that particular region, their lifestyle and their traditions. At the schools, new friendships were forged with the India students and we are still in contact. We also witnessed the students’ behaviour in the classrooms. When the teacher asks a question, many hands would be waving in the air and the students would literally be jumping up for an opportunity to share their answers! I feel that we should learn from their enthusiastic attitude towards learning. I have also forged many strong friendships with my PL friends as through this trip as I have learnt to care for them. This trip has indeed been an enriching and meaningful experience for me to remember for a lifetime. 
Rachel Lim Cheng Woon, Sec 3A2

Twinning with Dalian Number 44 Middle School

Day trip to Jin Shi Tan
A visit to the Olympic Stadium or fondly known as Bird Nest
Outside the Forbidden City
Another shot outside the Olympic Stadium
Ms Yoong with the teacher chaperones
In the bus..

This year, our school sent a team of 30 girls along with 5 teachers and our principal, Ms Yoong for a twinning programme in China with Dalian Number 44 Middle School. It was the first time many of us were travelling abroad without our parents and hence, it was an even more memorable trip. 

The first 2 days of our trip were spent touring in Beijing, we visited among other historical sites, the Forbidden City and the Tian An Men Square. Another highlight was the visit to the Beijing Olympic Venues. 

Like PL, Dalian Number 44 Middle School has a niche in aesthetics and the arts. We attended lessons alongside the pupils from China. As both schools have a niche in music, we attended a dance lesson and interacted with the pupils from their concert band. The concert band put up a really spectacular performance for us and in return, we sang 4 National Day songs in the 4 different official languages for them. Leading in the singing was student conductor, Leow Guo Fang from Sec 3A4. 

Besides attending lessons in Dalian, we toured and visited the places of interest. We also paid a visit to the local country club and golf course where it was probably the first time many of us had a go at shooting a gun or golfing. 

Even though there were times where we had to put up with discomforts due to a delayed flight, we learnt perseverance in the process and can proudly say that we survived a flight delay on our first trip overseas without our parents! Overall, this trip has been an enjoyable and enriching one all of us and it was indeed a memorable one. 

Shannon Lim and Leow Guo Fang, Sec 3A4 


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