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April 2010

Wuxi School Visit

The Wuxi Delegation with Ms Yoong, Principal and Senior Deans
The team leader of the Wuxi Delegation sharing with us
Our prefects bravely sharing in Mandarin the school's vision and mission with our Chinese visitors from Wuxi
Our two PL-Lites from China sharing 
their experiences in PLMGSS
Members of the Wuxi team enjoying what they see and hear in the PL Museum
Surprised by our very own PL water!

PLMGSS was most honoured and privileged to host the Wuxi Delegation during their visit to Singapore as part of the 2nd Singapore-Wuxi Principals’ Roundtable Forum programme on 29 April 2010. The school management team and teachers from the Chinese Department interacted with the 14 delegates from Wuxi, China and shared with them of PL’s history and culture. During the brief presentation, 2 students from the Republic of China were invited to share their experiences studying in PLMGSS and living in Singapore.

The student leaders conversed with the delegates in Mandarin and shared with them what PLMGSS is all about as they took them on a tour of the school. The Wuxi delegates had the opportunity to observe lessons in the classrooms and interacted with the students. The tour ended at the Agape Concert Hall where the team was treated to a short concert featuring some of our performing Arts groups. The Harp Ensemble, D’Arts Dance, the Handbell Ensemble and the Guzheng Tuan put up a performance for our guests to help showcase our niche in the performing arts and also to emphasize how PL believes in providing all students with a wide range of experiences towards a holistic education.

“On behalf of all EZ colleagues, I would like to thank you for hosting our Wuxi Delegation during their visit to your schools as part of the 2nd Singapore-Wuxi Principals’ Roundtable Forum programme. Your staff's warm hospitality, enthusiasm and support have played a big part in ensuring the success of the Roundtable Forum programme and we would like to acknowledge their contributions in making this zonal event a successful one.”
From Mrs Wendy Lim
Deputy Director / Schools East, Schools Division

“Indeed they were really impressed with the school and the values inculcation efforts. They felt that they had much to learn from you. Really appreciate the effort put in by all your staff and students to welcome the visitors and to make them feel at home! They certainly left with a wonderful impression of our schools. Thanks also for going the extra mile to put up the performance for them, you have certainly kept the PL and Singapore flag flying high!”
From Ms Tan Peck Hiang Theodora
Partnership Interaction and Appreciation Lunch
Representative from NKF sharing how PL is working together with NKF
Partners from Republic Poly sharing with everyone
Partners interacting with each other

Since its inception in 2006, PLMGS(S) has sought to establish strong collaborations and partnerships with all her stakeholders, namely the Board of Management, the Alumni, the parent community and members of the wider community. 

The Partnership Interaction and Appreciation lunch is a yearly event organised by the school to acknowledge and recognise all her partners for their efforts in working together with the school towards the holistic and character education of our pupils. 

PLMGS(S) is most grateful for the many who believe in her vision, mission and philosophy and seek to partner and serve alongside to bring about success for our pupils. Each partner plays a very important and critical role in contributing to the overall development of our pupils. 

PL “We R One” Run

To promote healthy living and mass participation in sporting activities, the school organised the PL “We R One” Run at Bedok Reservoir Park on 19 April 2010. The event, which comprised an initial leg of a 2.4 km run was also a platform for our pupils to run the entire 4.3km race with the objective of raising funds for our sisters from PL Primary. A total of $30 000 was raised for the Primary school for their school building project through the pledge cards given out. 

We would like to thank Mrs Low Chiew Lian, Principal of Northbrooks Secondary [former Vice Principal of PLMGS (Sec)] for taking time to grace the occasion as our Guest of Honour, 100 Plus for their kind sponosorship as well as the Lord for blessing us with safety and great weather for the event. 

Our heartiest congratulations to the following pupils for taking the top 3 positions in the 4.3 km run: 

1st position: Blossom Tan Xin Hui (Sec 3A1 from Chew House) 
2nd position: Francine Seah (Sec 3A4 from Archer House) 
3rd position: Vivien Sim (Sec 2.4 from Chew house) 

Overall Championship 
1st position: Chew House 
2nd position: Lee House 

PL Family race
Phew! Finally..
Yipee! I have finished the race
A good work out

Department Vision

Every child is an effective communicator with a love for the Mother Tongue language and the associated culture and values.

Department Mission

  • To engage pupils in the learning of the Mother Tongue Language 
  • To maximise every child’s academic potential
  • To promote appreciation of the three ethnic cultures

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight

The Mother Tongue Language Fortnight is held every year in Term 2. The aims of the two-week programme are to provide authentic opportunities for pupils to use their Mother Tongue languages, raise pupils’ appreciation for the three Mother Tongue languages and cultures, and engage stakeholders and community partners in the promotion of these languages.

All pupils take part in activities such as:
  • Monday assembly programme
  • Cultural dances
  • Book fair

The Chinese Language pupils take part in activities such as:
  • Tea Art appreciation
  • Comics drawing classes 
  • Chinese drum lessons
  • Storytelling sessions by renowned performer Uncle Zhao Jin
  • Watching external musical productions
  • K-Star singing competitions
  • Inter-class penmanship competitions
  • Inter-class recitation competitions
  • Inter-class language games 

The Malay Language pupils took part in activities such as:
  • Poster-making
  • Making of hand puppets
  • Show-and-tell on Malay delicacies
  • Story-telling with Wayang Kulit
  • Learning to play traditional musical instruments such as the Gamelan and the Kompang
  • Sahibba competition

                                               Look at the beautiful puppets we made!
The Tamil Language pupils took part in activities such as:
  • Nursery rhymes competition
  • Show-and -tell
  • Storytelling
  • Word games
  • Drama
  • Competition on proverbs

Chinese Language and Cultural Day Camp 

The MTL department organises the Chinese Language and Cultural Day Camp for Primary 4 pupils on a yearly basis. The aims of this day camp are to provide an immersive environment for pupils to learn and use the Chinese Language and to appreciate the Chinese culture through various hands-on tasks. 
The Chinese Language pupils are introduced to various traditional activities such as dumpling making, simple Wushu exercises, paper cutting and shuttlecock making.

The Malay Language pupils engage in a workshop of Dikir Barat, a traditional sing-a-long performance with traditional musical instruments such as the maracas, kompang, rebana and gong. The pupils also enjoy making their own Layang-Layang (the kite) .

The Tamil Language pupils experience how traditional games such as the Pallanguli, Aadu puli Aatam, Kabadi are played. They also learn Thoranam tying, flower tying and Henna mural designing.

Conversational Chinese / Malay Course – Beginner and Basic

To prepare our young for the global future, it is important for them to learn languages other than their own mother tongue at the conversational level to link up with opportunities outside Singapore. Besides, being a multi-racial society, learning another Mother Tongue language helps them to relate and communicate better with one another. It would also enhance their mutual understanding and respect for one another’s culture and practices. Since 2008, the Ministry of Education had initiated a school-based enrichment programme for schools to conduct Conversational Chinese / Malay (CCM) course.  
Since 2008, the department conducts a 20-hour CCM (Beginner) course for interested Primary 3 pupils. Starting from 2012, the Primary 4 pupils can also sign up for the 20-hour CCM (Basic) course. The topics include self-introduction, exchange of greetings, counting of numbers, telling of time, colours and other commonly used phrases. 
Pupils provide feedback that they enjoy the lessons and can now communicate with their friends in another language. 

Emmanuel VIII

On 17 April 2010, PL Concert Band had our biennial concert, Emmanuel VIII, themed “Aspiring Colours”. Apart from playing familiar tunes such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars and Mamma Mia , the current and alumni members of the band also put up a joint performance. There were also ensemble items by the various sections and special performances by our teachers-in-charge and instructors. 

The concert was a great platform for us to learn and showcase our talents. Our band practised hard and the preparation journey for the concert was a memorable one for all of us. It was heartening to know that our music has brought joy to the audience and that they had an enjoyable evening. We would like to thank our conductor, Mr Tan Beng Wee, instructors and teachers for their guidance and encouragement. 

Adear Chua (Band Major) and Deanna Yip (Drum Major) 
PL Concert Band 

The PL Concert Band
The brass section giving the concert a rousing opening
Alumni players joined the current players to perform 'A Day At Disneyland' 

Department Vision:

Every Clementian is fit, skilled and knowledgeable to pursue a healthy lifestyle


Department Mission: 

To develop every Clementian physically, mentally and socially through a movement-based curriculum



The most important and fundamental goal in the teaching of the physical education lessons and CCA is to prepare pupils for the challenges of the 21st century. The school provides opportunities for Clementians to attain the skills and knowledge to be physically active as part of their holistic development. Pupils should become competent in the various movement forms, execution of motor skills, positive social skills and, more importantly, learn to enjoy physical activity with awareness of personal and group safety.   

Pupils at P1-P3 levels (Lower Primary) should derive developmental and personal meaning from the various movement activities learnt. As they learn new skills while enjoying the process, they will gain competence in movement ability.   

At the Upper Primary levels, the exposure and participation in physical activity provides important opportunities for group membership, challenge and social interaction. It serves an important role in the individual physical maturation processes. It also provides them greater opportunity for self-expression and achievement.   

It is hoped that pupils will be rewarded with these benefits such that they will continue to actively pursue lifelong physical activities that meet their own needs. Pupils will also benefit cognitively through understanding the cause and effect relationships between an activity and its immediate and identifiable effects on the body. They will also increase their physiological strengths and awareness of their surroundings. This, in turn, gives them a well-rounded and comprehensive perspective on the meaning of a healthy lifestyle. 

Lessons taught would include these components:
  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Games and Sports
  • Gymnastics
  • Physical Health and Fitness
  • Outdoor Education
  • Swimming


2018 Physical Education(PE) Department Members:

PL Inspirations!

PLMGS (Secondary) had its inaugural talentime concert, PL Inspirations! on 13 April 2010 which was organised to celebrate the achievements of our PL Lites in the fields of music and dance. The contestants went through the first round of auditions in March and 11 groups were short listed for the finals. 

Our honourable judges, together with our Guest of Honour, Ms Yoong
The finalists of PL Inspirations! 2010

The winners are:

Champion1st Runner-Up 
2nd Runner-Up 
Nadia Krista Kamadjaja, 3B1 
Loh Hui Xian Rachel, 2-3 
Pek Yan Ying Eugina, 4B1 
Low Ling Yi, 3A4 
Dazale Choy Yi Zhen, 2-2 
Sonia Teo Shi Ying, 4B1 
Teo Charmaine, 3A4 
Radiant Chua Min Hui, 2-1 
Sarah Tan, 4C1 

The champions sang and wowed the audience again at PL heARTbeat that following Friday. 

The school would like to thank our honourable judges - Mr Adam Lee, Ms Madelene Wong, Ms Veronica Tan, Ms Mabel Goh, who graced the event with their presence and given valuable feedback to the contestants. 

Pupils’ Reflections 
PL inspirations! was an extremely good and enjoyable experience for all of us. It trained us to have perseverance, resilience and patience in working together as a team. This event has challenged and stretched us to give our best in many aspects. Our greatest challenge was to find a common time slot where we could practice together amidst our busy schedules. 

However, this has helped us learn to manage our time more effectively, build our level of confidence and at the same time sharpen our musical skills. This process has brought us closer as friends and made us appreciate each other's different talents. We are indeed of many gifts but one spirit. PL inspirations has also exposed us to a wide variety of talents and expressions of the performing arts, such as dance and various ways in which music can be performed. 

We thank God for the school and the various teachers who have created this platform to share our gifts and passion for music and also our parents and friends who have supported us throughout this meaningful event. 
Nadia Krista Kamadjaja (Sec 3B1), Low Ling Yi (Sec 3A3 ) and Charmaine Teo Poh Yu (Sec 3A4) 

PL Inspirations really allowed me to showcase what I love to do and experience it with everyone. I really want to thank God for the friends who encouraged me to do this and for always supporting me, including my family. My group, RADAR, worked hard, squeezing in extra time to rehearse and choreograph our performance whenever we could. I am truly thankful we managed to clinched 3rd place in the competition and thank you PL and teachers for arranging this event. To God Be The Glory! 
Rachel Loh (Sec 2.3), Dazale Choy (Sec 2.2) and Radiant Chua (Sec 2.1)

International Students Welcome Tea

The inaugural International Students Welcome Tea took place on 12 April 2010. This event was organised to welcome the new international students who had just arrived in Singapore and to the school. Not only was it a chance for the new international students to get in touch with current students from their countries, but it was also an opportunity for the local students (who had served as their buddies) to know more about their friends’ countries. 

Kunnatee (Sec 2.1) from Thailand, Salbina and Ranjana (Sec 2.8) from Nepal, Dan (Sec 4B2) from Vietnam, Karina (Sec 3A1) and Josephine (Sec 3B1) from Indonesia, Hyo Ju (Sec 2.3) from Korea, and Xingyao (Sec 4D3) from China introduced their countries to the students who were present at the tea. The international students were also introduced to Ms Teo as someone they can turn to for help should they require a listening ear. 

Lastly, the NE Team also took the opportunity to mention the programmes and activities conducted by the school to help them to adjust to life in Singapore and to also get to know more about the local culture. These include the International Friendship Activities, the Home Visit Programme and the International Students Integration Activity. The Welcome Tea ended on a high note with food and fellowship and a blessing prayer for the international students new to the school. 

Mr Ng welcoming the students
Interacting with the students
A student presenting on her country
Ms Teo and the International Students

Inaugural DISC Workshop for staff

On 6 April 2010, all form teachers and co-form teachers attended an inaugural DISC Workshop. The workshop was conducted in 5 different venues by our very own PL teachers, a.k.a., DISC consultants. 

These 8 consultants were trained to conduct DISC workshops to help teachers to understand and appreciate each personality profile and thereby, to help to manage their classes effectively. Knowing one’s strength will also help to contribute as a team member or as a leader. 

All participants felt that it was an eye-opener for them and they had begun to appreciate each other’s personality style as well as their students’. 

Practical solutions and suggestions were given by trainers to help teachers to cope better in class room management. 

One teacher commented, “The workshop is very useful. It has helped me to understand better how to work with my supervisor.” 

Another commented, “This is a very helpful course. I feel that I’ve learnt more about myself….thanks!” 

Boosted by such overwhelming response, the team will be conducting another session for all EAS staff. 

Training session for Sec 2 FTs  and Co-FTs by Mr David Lim and Mr Desmond Pang
Group activity for Sec 45 FTs and Co-FTs
Training session for Sec 1 FTs and Co-FTs by Mrs Sem