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St John Brigade

The St John Brigade (SJB) is a voluntary organisation in Singapore which provides training in First Aid, Home Nursing and Foot Drill. St John members also perform voluntary first aid coverage duties during school and national events.

“Pro Fide – For the Faith” and “Pro-utilitate Hominum – For the service of mankind”.

PL SJB aims to allow every individual cadet to develop her leadership traits, strengths, interpersonal skills and character by exposing them to a variety of activities.

We aim to:
    • Provide a meaningful and enriching CCA experience and develop a spirit of camaraderie amongst cadets and officers.
    • Develop resilience, good character and leadership skills.
    • Ensure that every cadet attains proficiency in First Aid, Home Nursing and Foot Drill.
    • Equip cadets with the competency and confidence to render First Aid and Home Nursing to those in need.

Achievements in 2019
Corps Achievement Award 2019 – Gold

Zonal First Aid Competition 2019
- “Best in Foot Drill” in Nursing Cadets Category
- “Best in Foot Drill” in Nursing Adults Category

Ms Bai Zhaozhi (i/c)
Mr Wong Khai Yu
Ms Victor Anne Marguerite
Ms Tharshini Karthigesan

Training Schedule
Every Friday, 3:30pm to 6:15pm @ SJB Room