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D'Arts (Drama)

D’ARTS is a fun and enjoyable CCA with energetic and friendly members. Being the only Chinese-speaking CCA in the school, we embody strong passion and love for the Chinese language and culture. Through our CCA, there are many opportunities for us to experience various roles and unleash our emotions. One such example would be through the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF). It is where we are exposed to more acting opportunities and the spirit of teamwork as we work together to present the play. D’ARTS aims to nurture our members into confident and outspoken performers and speakers and members of D’ARTS are constantly striving for betterment. 

The CCA programme seeks to teach pupils Skills, to inculcate in them the Right Values and Desirable Social Attitudes; and to provide for Healthy Recreation.

To instil in the students a life-long passion for healthy recreation

Achievement in 2019
SYF Arts Presentation 2019 - Certificate of Accomplishment

Mdm Zhu Lili (i/c)
Mdm Wang Jing

Ms Gu Ziqi

Training Schedule
Every Tuesday and Friday 3.30pm to 6pm