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Secondary One 2022 e-Registration

Please note!
To Parents/Guardians of Sec 1 2022 students posted to PL - a warm welcome to our big family!

Please note that Parents Gateway is under maintenance. As such, you will only receive our welcome PG announcement on Thursday, 23 December 2021.

In the meantime, please begin the registration process with the information below.

Once again, welcome to PL!

You may refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for information on Cut-Off AL Scores and other school programmes.

Please refer to the Checklist for Secondary One 2022 e-Registration. The items on this page have been organised in sections and arranged in the order of your e-Registration process. You may wish to print it out to check off the items as you complete them.

Please complete and submit the e-Registration form found in Section 2 to confirm your acceptance of your place in PL. Please do so by 12 noon on 23 December 2021.

Students who have accepted their places via Direct Schools Admission (DSA) will also have to submit the e-Registration form to provide information needed for the orientation programme.

We recommend you use headphones to view the videos for better sound quality.

You may call the school General Office at 6281 6606 if you require help with the e-Registration process.

Section 1: Welcome and Introduction (For Viewing)
This section contains the key information you will need to get started. Start your e-Registration by reading the Principal’s Letter to Parents (also found on your Parents Gateway notification) and watching the welcome video by our Principal, Ms Ng. Please take note that the class you see on Parents Gateway is temporary and for administrative purposes only. The Form Class allocation will be made available on Day 1, 4th of January 2022.

Please proceed to view Section 1 Item 3: the video entitled Welcome and instructions by Secondary One Year Coordinator. The video will guide you through the registration process. You may wish to pause it as you go through the steps.

Items 4 to 6 in Section 1 can be found here:

Section 2: e-Registration Form (For Action)
Please complete and submit the e-Registration form to confirm your acceptance of your place in PL.
We will also be collecting some information required to get you started for the first week of school.

Section 3: School Programmes Instructions (For Action)
Parents of students who are eligible for some of our school programmes would have received a PG announcement containing the offer letter(s) listed in this section.

Parents who have received PG announcements on the respective programmes, please note the information in the announcement and respond where necessary.

Section 4: School Programmes Instructions (For Viewing)
Please take time to go through the information on some of our school programmes in this section.

All parents and students, please read the information on Co-Curricular Activities in PLMGS(S).

Parents who have received PG announcements on the ACE Programme, Global Scholars Programme and/or Full Subject-Based Banding, please click on the respective links to view the briefing videos.

All parents are invited to view the welcome letter and video from the Parents-School Support Group (PSSG).

Sections 5 and 6: For the New School Year (For Viewing & Action)
Please use the information in Section 5 to get ready for the new School Year.

Section 6 contains a final reminder to make the necessary preparations. Please note the deadlines for online purchase and delivery of the books and apparels. The information can be found in the Principal’s Letter to Parents.