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PL Celebrates on 14 Jan 2020 (Tuesday)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The school has planned a special programme for the PL-Lites on 14 Jan 2020, which is the Tuesday after the release of the 2019 GCE O-Level Examination results. This special programme is called PL Celebrates!

The objectives of PL Celebrates are as follows:
  1. To guide the students to set academic goals and targets
  2. To provide time for teachers and students to foster rapport
  3. To build quality Teacher-Student Relationship through class projects such as classroom decorations and Faithful-In-Service (FIS) discussion

School dismissal time on 14 Jan 2020 will be 12.30pm.

Do note that some CCAs may continue in the afternoon to prepare for the National Schools Games. Respective CCA Teacher will advise students the timing.

Thank you.
PLMGS (Sec) School Admin