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2020 End-Of-Year (EOY) Examinations schedule, format and topics for Secondary 1, 2 and 3 students

Dear Parents/ Guardians of Sec 1, 2 and 3 students

2020 End-Of-Year (EOY) Examinations Schedule &
Format of the EOY Examinations and topic


  1. Assessment in the form of class assignments, tests and examinations are planned with the intent to enable your daughter/ward to evaluate and chart her learning progress in consultation with her teachers. It enables the teachers to provide targeted assistance to strengthen her learning.

  2. The timing for the upcoming EOY Examinations will be:     

    Sec 1 & Sec 2

    Sec 3

    Term 4
    Week 3 & 4
    28 September (Mon) – 6 October (Tue)

    Term 4
    Week 2, 3 & 4

       24 September (Thurs) – 6 October (Tue)

  3. The weighting for the WAs and the EOY Examinations is as follows:

    Term 1 WA 1 Weighted

         Term 2 WA (cancelled due to Covid-19 measures)

    Term 3 WA Common Tests

    Term 4 EOY Examinations



    20% (revised)

    70% (revised)

  4. In preparation for the Term 4 EOY Examinations, a copy of the exam schedule is attached for you and your daughter/ward.

    Sec 1 Exp&NA EOY Exam Timetable 2020.pdf
    Sec 1NT EOY Exam Timetable 2020.pdf

    Sec 2Exp&NA EOY Exam Timetable 2020.pdf
    Sec 2NT EOY Exam Timetable 2020.pdf

    Sec 3Exp EOY Exam Timetable 2020.pdf
    Sec 3NA EOY Exam Timetable 2020.pdf
    Sec 3NT EOY Exam Timetable 2020.pdf

  5. As Non-Tamil Indian Languages (eg Punjabi) and Foreign Languages are conducted in MOE Language Centres, an overall grade will be given by the centre as the student’s final EOY result.

  6. Your daughter/ward is expected to be present during assembly on examination days and be punctual for all her assessment papers. She will be dismissed from school after her last paper of the day. She is not required to attend school if she has no examination for that day. Please help us to ensure that your daughter/ward revises her work consistently.

  7. After the EOY Examinations, the assessment papers will be returned to your daughter/ward. Please ensure that she keeps you informed of her performance by showing you the assessment papers.

  8. Should your daughter be absent on the day of the exam, she will need to provide a valid Medical Certificate (stating that she is unfit for exam). There will be no retaking of the exam papers.

  9. We need your help in ensuring that your daughter/ward attends school regularly. She will not be allowed to take her examinations if her attendance falls below 80% without valid reasons.

  10. Developing time management skills is an important part of life. We seek to help our students to become aware of how they use their time in the context of competing demands on their time.  A copy of Time Management tips and a blank daily time-table is attached for planning students’ revision schedule. Please ensure that your daughter/ward uses her time wisely as she prepares for the EOY Examinations.

    PL-Lite’s Tips on Time Management.pdf

  11. We hope to work closely with you in helping your daughter/ward put her personal best efforts in all that she does.

  12. For the format of the EOY Examinations and topics to be tested in the various subjects, please click on the relevant document.

    S1EXP EOY TOPICS & FORMAT 2020.pdf
    S1NA EOY TOPICS & FORMAT 2020.pdf
    S1NT EOY TOPICS & FORMAT 2020.pdf

    S2EXP EOY TOPICS & FORMAT 2020.pdf
    S2NA EOY TOPICS & FORMAT 2020.pdf
    S2NT EOY TOPICS & FORMAT 2020.pdf

    S3EXP EOY TOPICS & FORMAT 2020.pdf
    S3NA EOY TOPICS & FORMAT 2020.pdf
    S3NT EOY TOPICS & FORMAT 2020.pdf


Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Mr Lee Wei Te
Dean Instructional Programme/
HOD Infocomm Technology