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GCE O-Level 2021


In Praise and Thanksgiving!
We celebrated with our girls who received the 2021 O-Level Examinations results this year.

A total of 170 Sec 4 Express girls and 26 Sec 5NA girls sat for the GCE O-Level exams in 2021. They worked hard and were loved and supported by their families and the teachers.

Their hard work paid off and we achieved the following outcomes -

Sec 4 Express Girls
  • 99.4 % (All National – 85.6%) of our Sec 4 Express girls obtained 5 O-Levels or more;
  • 100 % of our Sec 4 Express girls are eligible for Poly;
  • 89.4 % of our Sec 4 Express girls are eligible for JC.

Sec 5 Normal Academic Girls
  • 69.2 % of our Sec 5NA girls obtained 5 O-Levels or more;
  • 88.5 % of our Sec 5NA girls are eligible for Poly;
  • 15.4 % of our Sec 5NA girls are eligible for JC.

Combined Sec 4Exp & 5NA
  • Total of 4 Exp & 5NA students obtaining 5 O Levels or more: 95.4% (National 85.6%)
  • Total number of Sec 4&5 students obtaining 5 or more Distinctions : 47.6%

Sharing our Success Stories
We are proud of the following girls who exemplified our School Core Value of ‘Excellence’ and performed exceedingly well in both the academic and non-academic areas:

Don’t Give Up … Keep Going!
Neu Ee Shuen Alyssa (Sec 4.2, 2021)

alyssa2.jpgAn aspiring musician, Alyssa was an exemplary student who displayed all-round excellence, drive and adaptability.  She was a dedicated member of the Harp Ensemble and served as the Student Conductor. A focused leader, Alyssa set clear goals for her team and encouraged her peers to persevere towards them. Her musical pursuits and excellence in both the violin and cello were clearly evident at national competitions.
Amidst this journey toward academic and CCA excellence, Alyssa had to manage her concerns about her father. She had not met him in two years as he worked overseas and with the Covid situation, travelling to meet up was not possible. With constant support and encouragement from her mother and her teachers, Alyssa remained focused on her goals. Her efforts were rewarded when she was placed on the Dean’s List – Academic Excellence in 2021 for achieving excellent results.
Alyssa aims to continue her music education upon graduation. She has been accepted to Eunoia Junior College’s Music Elective Programme through the Direct School Admission exercise.

She had this to say to her fellow PL-Lites: “Don’t give up easily. If you do, you will not have a chance to succeed. Keep going!”

The PL family has full faith that Alyssa will continue to soar to greater heights. All the best, Alyssa!

Play Hard and Work Hard
Melanie Chong (Sec 4.5, 2021)

melanie chong2.jpg
Melanie’s willingness to put in hard work has helped her effectively manage her commitments in various areas.

As a committed member of the School Swimming Team, Melanie consistently displayed sheer dedication. She participated actively in school swimming events and competed in various external competitions. In 2019, Melanie emerged 1st place in the South East Asian Age Swimming Championships, in both the 100m and 200m breaststroke events. Since she was a valuable member of the National Swim Team, Melanie had to attend two hours of pre-dawn swims and another two hours of training after school almost every day. Despite her tight schedule, Melanie was still able to strike a balance between her studies and being a part of the National Swim Team with the constant support from her teachers.

Melanie’s display of tenacity was encouraging as she always came to class ready to learn. She was a motivation for all, as through her, we are reminded that it is possible to achieve our dreams when we put our hearts and minds into what we do.

Her parting words of wisdom to her fellow PL-Lites: “Play hard and work hard!”

Thank you Melanie for the wonderful advice. We wish you the best in your endeavours. Continue to shine on.

Do Not Be Stressed… Hold On… God is in Control!
Faith Kelly Chang  (Sec 4.3, 2021)

Ffaith kelly chang 2.jpgaith served the school well as a member of the Prefectorial Board from 2019 to 2021. She was firm, yet approachable in her dealings with her peers and fellow schoolmates. Faith displayed her strong grasps for languages when she scored A1 for English Language, Chinese Language and Special Programme in Malay. Despite her tight schedule, Faith soldiered on with the extra workload of reading a third language, over and above her many subjects. Faith was adaptable and clearly represented the school’s value of ‘Adaptability’ , in planning her time well in an environment of change and being tenacious in overcoming challenges. She could manage all three of her passions - studying a third language, being part of the Prefectorial Board, as well as, participating actively in her CCA, the School Volleyball Team. Faith remained jovial and optimistic despite facing a challenging workload.

Faith did face some challenges in her journey, and it was her connection to God that enabled her to persevere. According to her, it was the promise of Ecclesiastes 3:11, “He has made everything beautiful in His time” that motivated her to overcome the odds and have fun with her studies.

Faith showed deep appreciation and thankfulness to the people around her and attributed her success to God, her friends and her mother. Her mother adopted a “do not be stressed” philosophy and this really helped in her quest to be a self-directed learner. As Faith candidly said, “When you are not stressed, the only thing pushing you, is YOU! Hence, my first step to being a future CEO is to exercise discipline and as a student, that is to… STUDY WELL.”

As Faith embarks on the next stage of her journey, she left these nuggets for her fellow PL-Lites: “Treasure every moment. Do not be stressed. Hold on, pain ends. You must remember to smile!"

Practical and enlightening advice. Thanks Faith!

Perseverance is Key!
Yuen Jia Ling  (Sec 4.3, 2021)

yuen jia ling 2png.jpg
Jia Ling joined PLMGS via the Direct School Admission exercise – under the area for Student Leadership. It took her some time to develop close bonds with others as many of her classmates were from the PL Primary and had their own circle of friends. However, it did not stop her from forging firm friendships with those whom she shared common interests with.

As the Vice-Head Prefect of the Prefectorial Board from 2020 to 2021, Jia Ling sometimes found it a challenge to balance her academic workload and Vice-Head Prefect duties. At times, due to the overwhelming work and other school commitments, she was tempted to give up. However, with the constant encouragement from her friends, Prefectorial EXCO members and teachers, she persevered on to manage well.

Jia Ling was always very approachable and maintained good relationships with her peers and teachers. She was very respectful and highly motivated to give her best in any task given to her. Even though she encountered hardships and obstacles along the way, she excelled in her studies and in her pursuit to become a better leader for her peers.

Jia Ling’s advice for her juniors: “Never carry your burden alone. It certainly helps to have someone to lean on.”

Well done Jia Ling, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Celebrating the Success of our Top Sec 4 Express Girls

Cohort Achievements for the 2021 Sec 4 Express students
The Sec 4 Express girls achieved 100% Passes in 9 subjects.

Outstanding CCA records
We celebrate the holistic achievements of our 2021 Sec 4 cohort girls who also excelled in their Co-curricular Activities with 97.6 % of them scoring an Excellent CCA Grade (2 Bonus points) in the LEAPS 2.0.

DUX Student (Top Student)


We rejoice with Thea Chua Song Hua, for being the top GCE O-Level student in her cohort. She will be awarded the Dux Medal.

We rejoiced with the following 5 students who received both the Principal’s Book Prize and the Merit Award.
Principal’s Book Prize (6A1s including EL & MT/HMT – Bilingualism), Merit Award (6A1s including EL)




L1R5 Points





















L1 R5 – 6 points

6 pts.jpg# 2 not in picture

L1 R5 – 7 points

7 pts.jpg# 1 not in picture

L1 R5 – 8 points

8 pts.jpg# 2 not in picture

L1 R5 – 9 points

9 pts.jpg

L1 R5 – 10 points

10 pts.jpg

Alumni Medal (Top 4NA student)

clara amber.jpg
With the release of the O level results, 2021 4NA students who did Out-of-Stream Subjects also received their results.

The 2021 Alumni Medallist is Clara Amber Tan Xue-En (Sec 4.6 in 2021)

We thank God for His blessings and His faithfulness to our school.