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GCE O-Level 2020


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In Praise and Thanksgiving!
We celebrated with our girls who received the 2020 O-Level Examinations results this afternoon.

A total of 168 Sec 4 Express girls and 40 Sec 5NA girls sat for the GCE O-Level exams in 2020. They worked hard and were loved and supported by their families and the teachers.

Their hard work paid off and we achieved the following outcomes -

Sec 4 Express Girls
  • 98.8 % (All National – 85.4%) of our Sec 4 Express girls obtained 5 O-Levels or more;
  • 97.6 % of our Sec 4 Express girls are eligible for Poly;
  • 83.9 % of our Sec 4 Express girls are eligible for JC.

Sec 5 Normal Academic Girls
  • 62.5 % of our Sec 5NA girls obtained 5 O-Levels or more;
  • 67.5 % of our Sec 5NA girls are eligible for Poly;
  • 17.5 % of our Sec 5NA girls are eligible for JC.

Combined Sec 4Exp & 5NA
  • Total of 4 Exp & 5NA students obtaining 5 O-Levels or more: 91.8% (National 85.4%)
  • Total number of Sec 4&5 students obtaining 5 or more Distinctions : 35.6 %

Sharing our Success Stories
We are proud of the following three girls who exemplified our School Core Value of ‘Excellence’ and performed exceedingly well in both the academic and non-academic areas:

Edena Goh Jia’En (Sec 4.1, 2020)

Turning Things Around
Edena was diagnosed with dyslexia when she was 6 years old. Studying in a mainstream school was challenging for her as she had difficulty in reading and was slower than her peers. Her self-confidence was also greatly affected and she was shy about sharing her special educational needs with others.

A significant turn-around took place when Edena was selected to be the Head Prefect in 2019/2020. With encouragement from her friends and teachers, she stepped out of her comfort zone and began to see her personal strengths and blossomed as a young lady. As the Head Prefect, she was positive and steadfast in her duties. A reliable leader with good interpersonal skills, sincerity in her care and concern for her peers, Edena established strong relationships with her Prefects’ team. Her dedication to the school also won her the respect of her peers and teachers. Edena was one of the finalist for the National Young Leaders Award 2020. As an enthusiastic and keen learner, Edena showed passion in Robotics and was part of the team that won a Gold award under the Search & Rescue Senior Category in the World Robotics Games International in 2018. An obviously elated Edena had this to say upon receiving her results, “Never underestimate what you can be and what you can do in life. Continue to grow with the Lord!”

Undeniably, Edena has come a long way from the shy girl she once was, and we have full faith that she will go very far in life.

Ng Jing Ting Kara (Sec 4.1, 2020)

Overcoming Setbacks
Kara will remember 2020 not only for the changes around the world, but particularly because of her father’s passing. Things were not smooth sailing at the start of the year as she found it challenging to focus on her studies as she was constantly worried about what the future would hold for her and her family. Determined not to trouble her family members, she chose to stay strong and demonstrated a strong sense of empathy for others as she juggled her examinations and personal matters.

She has remained grateful for supportive teachers and friends and rose above her adversities by being positive. As a class monitor, she was always helpful and fulfilled her duties to the best of her abilities. In her capacity as a dancer, Kara always worked hard and did not make any excuses for herself, taking feedback from the teachers in her stride. Even during the most hectic moments leading up to performances, she was rarely without a smile. She is known to her juniors as one of the friendliest seniors who they could turn to for advice and help. Kara takes things in her stride and exudes excellence in her willingness to overcome difficulties making her a role model for her peers.

When she was asked what motivated her, she replied, “Setbacks can tear you down or build you up. I chose not to give in to my setbacks but instead learnt to overcome them.”

Yes, indeed you have Kara! We wish you all the best moving forward.

Tessa Kang Xin Peng (Sec 4.3, 2020)

Let go, Let God.
Tessa’s cheerful and serene demeanour belies the fact that she has a medical condition known as scoliosis, which had left her with a relatively curved spine. To prevent her back from bending further, she underwent surgery at the end of Secondary Three to straighten her spine.

Despite the physical challenges, Tessa persevered and demonstrated great tenacity and fortitude in the pursuit of her goals. She was awarded the Edusave Scholarship and Edusave Merit Bursary from 2017 to 2019. A caring and trustworthy friend, she availed of herself whenever she was needed. She also represented the school as part of the Harp Ensemble in many school competitions and performances including the Symphony of Praise and the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Competition. She was very dependable and was a good role model who led by example in all that she did, taking on the position of Chairman of the Harp Ensemble in 2019.
Through this journey of managing her schoolwork, Co-Curricular Activity and her physical condition, Tessa stayed strong because of her Christian faith and the support she received from the people around her - her family, church, teachers and friends. She draws strength from the Bible, from Joshua 1:9, which reads, ‘Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous, Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’

Tessa has this to share with all PL-Lites: “Let go, let God. Let the love of God spur you to continue to press on no matter how hard life may be because He loves you.”

A beautiful piece of advice. Thanks Tessa!

Celebrating the Success of our Top Sec 4 Express Girls

Cohort Achievements for the 2020 Sec 4 Express students

The Sec 4 Express girls achieved 100% Passes in 11 subjects.

Outstanding CCA records
We celebrate the holistic achievements of our 2020 Sec 4 cohort girls who also excelled in their Co-curricular Activities with 89.6% of them scoring an Excellent CCA Grade (2 Bonus points) in the LEAPS 2.0.

DUX Student

We rejoice with Jeslyn Chng Tze Yin (Class of 2020), for being the top GCE O-Level student in her cohort. She will be awarded the Dux Medal.

Chairman’s Book Prize

We rejoice with Amatatsu Yuko (Class of 2020), for achieving 6A1s, including A1 in both EL & MT, and 3rd language, Japanese. She will be awarded the Chairman’s Book Prize.
We thank God for His blessings and His faithfulness to our school.