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GCE O-Level 2019

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PL Celebrates - Lollipop 2020b.jpgIn Praise and Thanksgiving

We celebrated with our girls who received the 2019 O-Level Examinations results this afternoon.

A total of 167 Sec 4 Express girls and 14 Sec 5NA girls sat for the GCE O-Level exams in 2019. They worked hard and were loved and supported by their families and the teachers.

Their hard work paid off and we achieved the following outcomes -

Sec 4 Express Girls
  • 97.6% (National – 91.6%) of our Sec 4 Express girls obtained 5 O-Levels or more;
  • 98.8% of our Sec 4 Express girls are eligible for Poly;
  • 82.0% of our Sec 4 Express girls are eligible for JC.

Sec 5 Normal Academic Girls
  • 57.1% (National – 47.0%) of our Sec 5NA girls obtained 5 O-Levels or more;
  • 57% of our Sec 5NA girls are eligible for Poly;
  • 14.3% of our Sec 5NA girls are eligible for JC.

Sharing our Success Stories

We are proud of the following three girls who exemplified our School Core Value of ‘Excellence’ and performed exceedingly well in both the academic and non-academic areas:

Seet Seow Chee (Class of 2019)
seet seow chee.png

Seow Chee is an exemplary student, outstanding leader and Head Prefect of PL. She demonstrates what it is like to live out her core values and one of it is to always give of her best in all that she does. Her excellent academic record as well as good results in the academic competitions that she took part in is a testament to her conscientious efforts. Seow Chee challenged herself by picking up a new CCA, Volleyball, and trained extra hard to represent the school in zonal competitions.

Seow Chee has led by example in all areas of her life – academic, CCA and leadership. She believed in modelling the way forward and to lead with passion and purpose. As a natural leader, she was able to influence others positively and her peers and juniors looked up to her. Despite this, she maintained a humble attitude and always gave credit to her teammates. Under her leadership, the Prefect Exco managed to implement projects that were not attempted by previous batches. It was Seow Chee’s leadership that enabled her Exco members to fulfill their potential and execute those projects successfully for the benefit of the students.

Seow Chee was also one of the three student leaders in Singapore who received the prestigious National Young Leader Award in 2019, recognising her as a young leader who made a positive contribution in the school and her community. Of the three students who received the award, Seow Chee was the only secondary school student leader. (http://bit.ly/3a06lEO)

Seow Chee has left an indelible mark on PL and been awarded the Merit Award, as well as, the Principal’s Book Prize. Her parting words to her juniors are, “Nothing is impossible. Trust God and He will bring you through life. Setbacks occur for a purpose and what matters is our respond to it. May you find joy in your studies and enjoy your time in PL.”

Deeksha Kapoor (Class of 2019)
Deeksha Kapoor.png

Deeksha faced many challenges in her journey to the O-Level examinations in 2019. As a returning Singaporean who was enrolled in Secondary One in PL in 2016, Deeksha unfortunately had to leave after two terms due to her father’s overseas posting to New York. She quickly adapted to life in New York but adversity struck in 2017 when her father became ill and was placed in ICU. Her family stayed strong throughout the medical crisis and after her father thankfully recovered, they made up their mind to return to Singapore, a place which had been their home for more than a decade. Her relocations opened her eyes to new perspectives in life and taught her to embrace change, stay strong and be resilient.

Returning to PL in June 2017 for her Secondary Two year, Deeksha knew that it would be a challenging year for her as she would be taking her streaming examinations. Her determination shone in those four months as she put in her best effort to catch up with all that she had missed in the year she was away. With sheer hard work, discipline, help and support from family, teachers and friends, she did well enough to get into the class of her choice. Deeksha continued to adapt and thrived in PL as she embraced the PL spirit to learn, serve and lead.

She took great interest in all that she undertook and applied herself fully to contribute in all the areas she was involved in. As a student in class, Deeksha was enthusiastic and injected great energy into class discussions. As a trained debater, she also used her skills to represent the school. Deeksha is PL’s pride, as she embodies the PL values, always striving for excellence even admist challenges, showing grit and resilience along the way. Deeksha truly proves that with hard work and determination, everything is possible! When asked if she had any advice for her juniors, she had this to say, “Enjoy the journey. No matter what happens, be strong and never give up. Trust God, your parents and teachers and always have faith in yourself.”

Quahe Rui Yi, Natalie (Class of 2019)
Quahe Rui Yi Natalie .png

Natalie is a student who certainly knows what it means to push herself and break limits. A student who was always determined to challenge herself, she decided to offer 10 O-Level subjects, which included the study of Higher Chinese and German as a third language. Studying a new language at an external venue already presented itself as a difficulty, this was made worse by the fact that none of her schoolmates took German, and so she had no one to share her concerns about the subject with or have a friend to tackle the task of studying for it. This got especially hard for her during her O-level year to the point that she felt like giving up. Her friends encouraged and supported her, and this helped her to persevere till the very end.

Being a school table tennis player, as well as serving as the Vice-Head Prefect, she had to juggle all her responsibilities, training and still give her best in her studies. Again, she felt blessed to be able to manage all these as she had come to know friends and teachers who were there every step of the way to support and guide her. Although being one of the top student leaders meant sacrificing what was left of the little free time she had, she found joy in serving and giving back to the school in the small ways she could. Most of all, she grew in confidence and stepped out of her comfort zone to achieve what she never thought she could. She proudly declares that, “Looking back, choosing PL as my post-primary school option was one of the best choices I have made. The four years spent in PL have undoubtedly been the most fulfilling and memorable years of my life so far.”

Having achieved distinctions in all three languages and the PL’s Chairman’s Book Prize, Natalie certainly has a lot to feel blessed about. When asked what kept her going strong, she said, “It is important not to give up in the face of challenges. If you don’t try, you won’t know how far you can go.”

Celebrating the Success of our Top Sec 4 Express Girls

Cohort Achievements for the 2019 Sec 4 Express students

The Sec 4 Express girls obtained percentage of passes at or above National Level for 20 out of 22 subjects. They also achieved 100% Passes in 9 subjects.

Outstanding CCA records
We celebrate the holistic achievements of our 2019 Sec 4 cohort girls who also excelled in their Co-curricular Activities with 87.2% of them scoring an Excellent CCA Grade (2 Bonus points) in the LEAPS 2.0.

DUX Student
We rejoice with Vina Setiawaty (Class of 2019), for being the top GCE O-Level student in her cohort. She will be awarded the Dux Medal.

Vina Setiawaty.jpg
Chairman’s Book Prize
We rejoice with Natalie Quahe (Class of 2019), for achieving 6A1s, including A1 in both EL & MT, and A2 in a 3rd language, German. She will be awarded the Chairman’s Book Prize.

Natalie Quahe.jpg

Cohort Achievements for the 2019 Sec 5 Normal (Academic) students
The Sec 5 NA girls obtained percentage of passes at or above National Level for 5 out of 8 subjects.

We thank God for His blessings and His faithfulness to our school.


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