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GCE N-Level 2021

Release of GCE N-Level Results 2021

Please see hyperlink for slides shared during the release of 2021 GCE N-Level Results:

In Praise and Thanksgiving
A total of 76 Sec 4N(A) girls and 27 Sec 4N(T) girls sat for the GCE N-Level examinations in 2021. They worked hard and were loved and supported by their families and the teachers. We give thanks to God for His blessings upon our girls.

They did their best and achieved the following outcomes -
  • 90.8% (comparison – National 79.2%) of the Sec 4 N(A) students are eligible for Sec 5 N(A).
  • 34.2% the Sec 4 N(A) students qualified for Polytechnic Foundation Programme (National top 15%)
  • 81.6% of the Sec 4 N(A) students qualified for Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (comparison – National top 30%)
  • 100% of Sec 4N(T) students are eligible for ITE.

Sharing our Success Stories

“Don’t Stop Believing…”
- from the NA Course,  ZOEN - JEAN LEE ZHU EN (Sec 4.7)
2 Distinction, 9 points
zoen.pngDespite having been diagnosed with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Sensory Integration Disorder, Zoen always faced all challenges to her learning needs with optimism and a strong resolve. She believed in challenging herself and even took up O-Level Mathematics and Art. She was enthusiastic in contributing to class activities by leveraging on her creativity and talents. For example, she showed initiative and decorated the classroom for special occasions and designed the class t-shirt. In her CCA, she was passionate about leading her peers to hone their photography skills and readily shared to help them improve their photo-taking techniques. She never let her learning difficulties affect her ability to build strong relationships with her peers and fostered a vibrant and positive culture in her CCA. She overcame various hurdles with a great deal of resilience and was mature and independent in managing her academic and extra-curricular activities in her secondary school journey. When asked if she had a message for her juniors, Zoen had this to say, “Don’t stop believing. Always believe that you can reach your goals. It was my will power that helped me get to where I am today.”

“Just give your best, and God will do the rest”
– from the NA Course,  ZULAIHA RASEENA BINTE KHALIT (Sec 4.7)
6 Distinctions, 8 points

Zulaiha was from the Normal (Technical) stream and put in consistent hard work to achieve good results, allowing her to transfer to the Normal (Academic) stream in Secondary 2. Even with the more demanding academic workload, Zulaiha handled the challenges with a positive learning attitude and a great deal of resilience.  Her commendable academic performance earned her Edusave Scholarships in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Despite her many achievements, Zulaiha remained humble and constantly showed care and concern to the people around her. She was a good role model to her peers as a caring, respectful and resilient individual, and this earned her the MOE-Edusave Character Award. Ever the modest one, she had this advice for her peers, “Never compare yourself with others. Just give your best, and God will do the rest.”

“Never Give Up”
– from the NT Course, TANG WAN ZHI (Sec 4.8)
– EMB2 10 points

wanzhi.png2021 proved to be a challenging time for many, and it was no different for Wan Zhi. Without a learning device that she could call her own, getting online to follow lessons became a daily struggle. However, she was determined to do her best and never allowed what she lacked to become an obstacle towards success. 2021 saw her trying to juggle her time between studies and her commitment to the SYF rehearsals for her CCA (Concert Band). It was tough focusing on her studies when her mind was sometimes on the music scores of her timpani. Inspired by an encouraging classmate who scored better than her, and who in turn became her study buddy, Wan Zhi made up her mind that she was going to embrace her class motto – Be the best that you can be. She burnt the midnight oil, revised consistently, clarified when in doubt and even helped others who were weaker in the subjects she was stronger in. Her perseverance yielded good results and that motivated her even further. Wan Zhi's ‘never give up’ attitude, coupled with encouragement she received from her friends, teachers and unconditional support from her mother has shaped her strength and determination to do well in her studies. When asked what the secret to her success was, she said, “With perseverance, success is just around the corner.” Indeed, it is. 

“Overcoming All Odds”
– from the NT Course, Wong XIN YI DAWN (Sec 4.8)
EMB2 7 points

dawn.pngThe loss of her mother when she was in primary school was a huge blow to Dawn and this negatively affected her studies. Her relatives played an important role in supporting both her father and her through this difficult time. Secondary school proved to be a turning point in Dawn’s journey. Despite her ADHD condition, she was diligent and attentive during lessons despite the distractions she found around her. She struggled with school work and needed more time to keep up with her lessons. However, she had a positive attitude towards her studies and was keen to excel. She put in extra effort to overcome her struggles with spelling and word recognition and passed her English at a higher stream. Dawn always put the needs of others before her own and tried her best to extend her help to her classmates who were in need of emotional and academic support. In 2021, Dawn had to manage her time between her studies and her commitment to her CCA, Concert Band. She was in the percussion section and had to devote her time practicing the different instruments in preparation for the SYF, while preparing for her N-Level examinations at the same time. Finding confidence when her hard work was rewarded with good grades, she continued her hard work throughout her four years in PL to obtain excellent results for N Level.  Dawn embodies how drive and self-determination to succeed can help achieve one’s goals. Regardless of the challenges she encounters, she always faces them with optimism and resolve. Dawn’s motto in life is ‘Work hard, play hard’. When asked if there was anyone she wanted to credit for her results, she gratefully said, “I want to thank my uncle, who was always there for me.”

Celebrating the Success of our Students in the N-Level Course

(a) Cohort Achievements for the 2021 Students in the 4N(A) Course
We would like to celebrate the efforts of the following students who have done especially well for the GCE N(A) Examinations.

Picture 1.jpg
Our heartiest congratulations to the top 4NA students -
who scored 6 points - Rasinah Begum D/O Sivakumar (4.7) and Clarah Amber Tan Xue-En

Picture 2.jpg
Big smiles all around - Students who achieved 7 points

Picture 3.jpg
Feeling grateful for having achieved 8 points!

Picture 4.jpg
Big Smiles all around. Well Done Girls! – Our 9 pointers

Picture 5.jpg
A Joyous Moment for the 10 pointers!

(b) Cohort Achievements for the 2021 Students in the 4N(T) Course
We rejoice with Wong Xin Yi Dawn, for being the Top Student in the NT Course
Picture 6.jpg

We congratulate all our graduands and wish them all the best as they move on from PL’s sheltering walls. Praise to be God for the results!

We thank God for His blessings and His faithfulness to our school.