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CCA-Performing Arts

SYF 2009 2011 2013 2015 2017
Band Silver Silver Commendation Accomplishment Accomplishment
Choir Gold Gold Distinction Distinction Distinction
Dance Gold with


Distinction Distinction
Drama (ELDDS) Gold Silver Accomplishment Distinction Accomplishment
D’Arts Drama Silver Silver Accomplishment Accomplishment Accomplishment
Guitar Silver Silver Distinction Accomplishment Distinction
Guzheng Gold With
Gold With
Distinction Distinction Distinction
Handbells Silver Silver Distinction Distinction Distinction
Harp Gold Gold Distinction Distinction Distinction


Performing Arts 2016 Awards
Debate (ELDDS) Singapore Red Cross – International Humanitarian Law Debate Championships 2016 – 2nd


Performing Arts 2014 Awards
1st Singapore International Choral Festival 
Award attained: Gold Award


Performing Arts 2012 Awards
Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance 
14th Singapore Dance Competition
Award attained: 2nd Runner-up ( Ensemble Open Category)
Awardees: Teo Jia Xuan 1-1, Joie Gn Rin-Nah, 1-2 Chua Si Wen, Alicia 1-3 Lee Le Tong, Chelsey 1-4, Ong Si Yi, Nicole 1-4, Winnie Tan Jia Wei 1-4, Rachel Sarah Menge 1-5, Caitlyn Tan Yu Qing 1-5, Lim Yi Ying, Kimberly 2-1, Tay Xin Ci 2-1, Alicia Ang Su-Pin 2-2, Sharmainne Lee Ling 2-2, Kang Yunman, Maryann 2-3, Sara Lim Shu Min 2-5, Siah Li Yun 2-5, Charilyn Ong Hui Ern 3A1, Wu Wenyang 3A1, Sarah Ong Le En 3A1, Tan Jing Jie Rebekah 3A1, Chong Yan Wen 3A1, Chloe Chen Wei 3A2, Rachel See Rui Xia 3A3, Sheryl Ho Shu Xian 3A3, Jasmine Cheong Hui Min 3A3, Lai Yue Min 3A3, Sofia Kim Marisa Bte Mazlan 3A3, Annabelle Chua Su Ann 3B1, Ruth Sit Mei Chen 3C1, Cheryl Chen Manlin 3C1
Drama (ELDDS)
Singapore Secondary Schools' Debating Championships 2014
PL Debaters Jessica Tedja (Sec 4A2), Man Gurshaaran Kaur (Sec 4A1), Amanda Chia (Sec 3A1), Elisabeth Lian (Sec 2.1) and Hannah Quek (Sec 2.1) competed in the Singapore Secondary Schools' Debating Championships from February to April 2014. Amanda Chia Shue Qi from Sec 3A1 has been ranked 16th Best Speaker out of 90 speakers from the Division 1 teams consisting of many top schools in Singapore, such as RI, RGS, ACSI, NYGH and SCGS. Congratulations, PL Debaters! 


• Jelutung Youth Debate Open 2012


Award attained: 4th Placed Speaker (out of 100) in the Gold Division
Awardee: Sonia Mary Anthony 3A3
• ACJC Methodist Schools’ Debate Cup 2012
Award attained: 4th Placed Speaker (out of 50)
Awardee: Sonia Mary Anthony 3A3