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PSSG (Parents)

PL Parent-School Support Group (PSSG)


PSSG Chairperson's Letter of Welcome to Parents.pdf

Our Vision:

An exciting and effective partnership between home and school

Our Mission:

To LINK up all parents to achieve the school’s mission.
[LINKLinking Intentionally through Networking and Koinonia]

Our Purpose:

  1. To provide support in various ways to help the school achieve its mission.
  2. To raise awareness of the school’s activities and events to other parents.
  3. To encourage parents to contribute their expertise and resources to the school.
  4. To serve as a feedback channel between the parents and the school

Our focus areas:

1. To support school
  • As partners in school events, eg year-end strategic planning, talk at staff meet, career talks for the graduating students
  • As chaperone for learning journeys
  • As judges for school events
  • As resource personnel for school events, eg fund raising, work experience programme

2. To support families
  • As advocate of building parent-child bonds
  • As champions of parent-child activities
  • As mentor to parents
  • As resource for parent networking

PSSG Programmes for 2021 Calendar (as of 12 Jan 2021)





Staff Dedication @ PL Pri (only 2 parents)

30 Dec 2020 (Wed)





PSSG EXCO Meetings



Meeting 1 (Zoom)

13 Jan (Wed)


Meeting 2 (Zoom)

31 Mar (Wed)


Meeting 3 (zoom/onsite)

7 July (Wed)



Meeting 4 (zoom/onsite)

17 Nov (Wed)






PSSG Praying Parents


PSSG Praying Parents Meetings (Term Time)

Jan to Oct, Mon

(start on 11 Jan)


Appreciation Breakfast for Praying Parents & Parent Volunteers

25 Oct (Mon)





Principal Meet Parents


Sec 1 PMP (online)

8 Jan (Fri)


Sec 2 PMP (online)

9 Jan (Sat)


Sec 3 PMP (online)


Sec 4/5NA PMP (online)




5 & 6

Workshops for Parents (Hosted by School & MWS*)


Parents’ Workshop 1 - Cyberwellness (webinar)

“I Can't Live Without IT!"
Understanding & Engaging Our Digital Natives
by TOUCH Cyberwellness

10 Apr (Sat)

9.30 -11.00 am



Parents' Workshop 2 - Online

Parenting Matters: Supporting your teenage daughter
by National Healthcare Group

17 Apr (Sat)

9.30 – 11 am


Parents’ Workshop 3 - Online

Stress Management by Ms Kelda Chan (School Counsellor)

24 July (Sat)

9 – 10 am


Parenting Seminar 1 -
Triple P - Raising Responsible Teenagers by MWS
(S1 parents only)

30 Jan (Sat)
2 - 3.30pm


Parenting Seminar 2 -
Triple P - Raising Competent Teenagers by MWS
(S1 parents only)

27 Feb (Sat)
2 - 3.30 pm


Parenting Seminar 3 -
Triple P - Getting Teenagers Connected by MWS
(S1 parents only)

27 Mar (Sat)
 2 - 3.30 pm


*Methodist Welfare Services (MWS)  is PLMGS(Sec) Parenting Support Provider (PSP)




Other school events (supported by parents)


ECG Conference

21 May (Fri)


Teachers’ Day Celebration

2 Sept (Thu)


Snacks for O level EL






PSSG run events


PSSG Family Day

31 July (Sat)


Our weekly/monthly activities during school term:

1. Fathers@School
Fathers@School holds its monthly breakfast bonding session every third Wednesday of the month, 7.30 am at SFE room / via Zoom at 8am.

Our objectives:
1. To know other fathers in the school
2. To share and support each other in our journey as fathers
3. To learn new skills and knowledge to help us to be more effective fathers to our children

Dates for Fathers@School 2021 (as of 9 Dec 2020)


Proposed Topics

Jan 20 (T1 W3)


Welcome to Fathers @ School

Transitioning Into Secondary School Life

Feb 24 (T1 W8)


Understanding Girls’ Emotions

Minds of Girls

Mar 24 (T2 W1)


10th Anniversary Celebration

The Heart of a Father

April 21 (T2 W5)


Understanding Sexuality Education Programme in PL

22 May (T2 W9)


Father & Daughter Bonding Activity


July 21 (T3 W4)

Understanding Teenage Lifestyle

Aug 18 (T3 W8)

Topic to be confirmed

Sept 15 (T4 W1)

Topic to be confirmed


Oct 20 (T4 W6)

Topic to be confirmed


Fathers@School [Usually Third Wed of Month, during School Term, 7.30 - 8.30am, via Zoom 8 - 9am]

2. Praying Parents@PL
Praying Parents@PL meets every Monday morning, 7.30 am at SFE room / via Zoom at 8am for a time of prayer and fellowship.

PSSG Alumni


Launched in Oct 2010, the PSSG Alumni aims to provide a platform for parents whose daughters have graduated from PL to maintain close link with the school and each other.

The PSSG Alumni do this by:
1. Serving as parent-volunteers in various ways as and when needed
2. Sharing as friends/mentors experiences and resources with parents whose daughters are leaving or have left PL for post-secondary education. 

Membership drive

PSSG publicity and message from 2021 Chairperson

Join us to be a part of the PL’s extended family:
1. Click on the link PSSG Membership 2021 https://go.gov.sg/plpssg2021 to register.
2. The nominal fee of $10 per family upon application of membership has been waived for 2021 in view of the COVID situation.

For more information, please feel free to email plmgss.pssg@gmail.com

PSSG Executive Committee Members 2021



Mr Lim Kok Khen.jpg

Mr Lim Kok Khen


Mrs Sendy Goh.jpg

Mrs Sendy Goh

Vice Chairperson

Mr Samuel Tan.jpg

Mr Samuel Tan


Mr Gregory Goh.jpg

Mr Gregory Goh

Fathers@School IC

Mrs June Cheong- Praying Parents IC.jpeg

Mrs June Cheong

Praying Parents IC

Mrs Yolanda Gooi- Member.jpg

Mrs Yolanda Gooi


Mr Ivan Ngoo- Member.jpg

Mr Ivan Ngoo


Mrs Shirley Yeo.jpg

Mrs Shirley Yeo


Mrs Jasmine Lau.jpg

Mrs Jasmine Lau


Mr Bob Toh.JPG

Mr Bob Toh

PSSG Advisor

Mrs Khoo Ying Ying.JPG

Mrs Khoo Ying Ying

PSSG Alumni advisor

Mr Matthew Lee.JPG

Mr Matthew Lee

PSSG Alumni representative (Fathers)

Mrs Lim Phui Fong.JPG

Mrs Lim Phui Fong

PSSG Alumni representative (Mothers)

Mrs Linda Ang.JPGMrs Linda Ang

PSSG Alumni representative


Resources for Parents

Please click on links to view useful information for parents to support your children through secondary and post-secondary schooling years.

Highlights for 2019

Highlights for 2018

Highlights for 2017