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March 2021

Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame Exhibition @ PL

In line with the theme for the month ‘Empowered to Make a Difference’, PL launched The Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame with the aim of honouring Singapore’s most outstanding women across all fields and celebrate their stories which are often left untold.

The Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame, in partnership with the National Museum of Singapore, launched in 2018 a series of exhibitions to tell the story of women and their changing roles and status in Singapore over the years.

The museum display ‘The Lives of Women’ looked at what life was like for women in pre-independence Singapore, and the role played by some of the women in the Hall of Fame in bringing about the changes that benefitted women and all of Singapore.

In PL, we have write-ups of 12 illustrious women from various fields displayed in front of the General Office. We hope that the stories of these pioneering and trailblazing women will inspire PL-Lites to dare to dream and chart their own path.

PL-Lites are empowered to make a difference! Girls can be more!