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July 2019

Sec 1 FIS RHD Carnival 2019

In commemorating Racial Harmony Day on 24 July, the Secondary 1 students organized the Racial Harmony Day Carnival for their peers as well as 50 NE ambassadors from PL Primary. At the carnival, each class had set up booths showcasing various aspect of RHD such as traditional games and handicrafts, traditional ethnic wear and traditional ethnic snacks.

Racial Harmony Day provides students with the opportunity to reflect on the shared experiences and values that have long connected us as Singaporeans. It was an enriching and fun time for all who participated in the carnival. Through the participation in the activities at various booths, students learned the importance of preserving racial harmony by appreciating the culture and people of different races. They also understood the importance of respect and acceptance as they played different traditional games together.  

Students' Reflections:

From this RHD carnival, I learnt that teamwork was important in ensuring that the project is carried out successfully. I realise that before doing the hands-on preparation, there is actually a lot of background work to be done. For example, when the other leaders and I introduced the photo booth ideas to the class, they were not interested, so we had to find ways to motivate them. When the preparation started, I learnt that it was important to have mutual respect towards everyone involved so that they feel that what they have been assigned is fair.

I felt proud of my class as we managed to overcome the many challenges faced during the preparation. After the carnival, I thanked the whole class for putting in their best effort. I feel that this carnival really bonded us as a class and we have learnt a lot from the project.
Cheyenne Tan, Class 1.4

The purpose of the carnival was to spread awareness of the different cultures and racial practices amongst the racial groups in Singapore. I personally find that this goal was accomplished because of the hard work and dedication of the Secondary 1 students in the various classes.

Personally, I am immensely proud of my class as I was able to see how many of my classmates stepped up to be leaders to encourage the rest to fulfil their roles and responsibilities. It warms my heart to receive feedback from the teachers that our booth was very enjoyable and well-planned. There were many invaluable lessons learnt through this project. For example, we learned the significance of strategic organization and time management. We had to ensure that we had a backup plan should anything go wrong. We also had to take into consideration many factors to ensure we would not be clueless in the face of adversity.
Overall, I think the carnival was a success and not only was I able to pay it forward to PL but I also bonded with my class during carnival!

I would like to end with a quote that inspired me during the process of planning the carnival, “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” Anotoine de Saint Exupery, French Writer and Pioneering Aviator.                                                                           
Yaich Khadijah , Class 1.3

International CB Paul Science Quiz 2019


On 11 July, PL shined as our girls were awarded various top awards at the 41st International C.B. Paul Science Quiz 2019 (2 Bronze awards, 2 Merit and 2 Honorable Mention awards) organised by organized by Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC).

To God be the Glory.

Outstanding FamChamp Award

On 8 July, Aisyah was awarded the Outstanding FamChamp Award. Read her belief in building strong families here

The FamChamps Awards celebrates the effort of the 2018 intake has invested for Family, and they have made an impact in their family and community. This encourages more to champion for Family in their own way.

Create your own newspaper competition

On 5 July, PL Shined as our girls who took part in the "Create Your Own Newspaper Competition". Thank you for role-modelling the mastery of our Mother Languages.