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December 2018

Release of GCE N-Level Results 2018


Please see hyperlink for slides shared during the release of 2018 GCE N-Level Results:


In Praise and Thanksgiving

We celebrated with our girls who received the 2018 GCE N-Level Examinations results this afternoon.

A total of 47 Sec 4 N(A) girls and 25 Sec 4N(T) girls sat for the GCE N-Level exams in 2018. They worked hard and were loved and supported by their families and the teachers. We give thanks to God for His blessings upon our girls.

Their hard work paid off and we achieved the following outcomes -
  • 95.7% (comparison – National 76.9%) of the Sec 4 N(A) students are eligible for Sec 5 N(A).
  • 48.9% of the Sec 4 N(A) students qualified for Polytechnic Foundation Programme (National top 15%)
  • 93.6% of the Sec 4 N(A) students qualified for Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (National top 30%)
  • 100% of Sec 4N(T) students are eligible for ITE.

Sharing our Success Stories

Jobina Nydia Job, 4C1B

Jobina’s journey to the N-Level examinations has not been an easy one, yet she is someone who has demonstrated immense resilience and courage in facing the trials in her life. As a daughter in a single-parent family who lost her father in primary school, Jobina has shown her maturity in caring for her family while trying her best in her academic pursuits. 

2018 has been even more challenging for her when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. As a student resitting for her ‘N’ level examinations, Jobina has exemplified incredible self-discipline in trying her best to juggle between her mother’s medical appointments, school and CCA. 

Jobina remains grateful to people in her life who have shown her kindness and support during her challenges. Her family and relatives have also proven to be an important source of comfort and motivation for her, encouraging her through her primary and secondary school life. She remains thankful to friends from church who have extended their helping hand by providing tuition and support. 

Jobina has not only overcome her own personal odds but has also been an inspiring source of strength and support for her peers in her new class. Despite struggling with her own personal challenges, Jobina has learnt the importance of being humble and grateful to receiving help from others, and to be a blessing to others in return.  Jobina has shown her loved ones, teachers and peers that with God’s grace, she can conquer all odds to emerge victorious, both academically and as a person who embodies our school values. To God be the glory! 

Faith Andreali M. Bunoan, 4D1

Coming from the Philippines, Faith has shown maturity and sensibility in striving to do her best in order not to waste the opportunity of studying in Singapore. As an individual, she is motivated by her desire not to disappoint her parents. Having done well in the ‘N’ level examinations 2018, Faith is currently also eligible for the ‘NA’ stream course in 2019. 

Faith has demonstrated immense determination and resilience pursuing her studies while maintaining a pleasant and cheerful disposition in school. Her good results is evidence of her discipline and independence in working hard as a student. She has shared about how putting in a few hours of revision each day has helped her to keep up with her studies. 

As a person, she is known to her teachers and peers as someone who is kind-hearted and pleasant to work with, and is a valuable team player in the Volleyball CCA, helping to advise other members in the team to improve their skills. She was awarded the School Colours Award (Team Merit) in 2016 and 2018. It is also her good nature that has enabled her to carry out her role as Class Monitor in 2016 and 2018 with ease, helping her teachers to fulfil her duties successfully. We celebrate with Faith on her achievement! 

Celebrating the Success of our Top N-Level Girls

Cohort Achievements for the 2018 Sec 4 N(A) Students

11 out of 11 subjects with % of passes above National Level.
7 subjects with 100% passes.

2018 Alumni Medal 

We rejoice with Sheryl Lee Le Lynn, Sec 4C1 for being the Top N(A) student in her cohort. She will be awarded the 2018 Alumni Medal.

Cohort Achievements for the 2018 Sec 4 N(T) Students

7 out of 10 subjects with % of passes above National Level.
3 subjects with 100% passes.

We rejoice with Farah Amirah Bte Ridzuan, Sec 4D1 for being the Top NT student in her cohort


We thank God for His blessings and His faithfulness to our school.