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Chew House Members
Chew House is named after Rev. and Mrs Chew Hock Hin. One of the persons closely connected with the reorganisation and development of our school was Mrs Chew Hock Hin. She left her teaching post at MGS in 1934 to serve PLMGS, then known as Methodist English Preparatory School. The onus of re-oganising the school became her responsibility. Besides administrative work, she had to do much of the teaching under trying circumstances. Two classes had to be accommodated in the same classroom. Had it not been for her unceasing efforts, initiative and foresight, the school would not have survived those difficult days. Mrs Chew was the principal of PLMGSS from 1936 to 1957. A word of tribute is also due to the Rev Chew Hock Hin for the services he rendered to our school - his personal efforts and keen interest in the school's building projects, and for looking after the spiritual welfare of our school.