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January 2018

Principal Meets Parents, Sale of Chinese New Year Cookies

During the Principal-Meet-Parents sessions on 5 and 6 January 2018, the PSSG sold CNY cookies to raise funds for needy students as well as to support student programmes. Concurrently, the PSSG also actively recruited parents to join the PSSG. Through the various events, the PSSG parents forged strong comradery.

Once a Blue Moon

On 31st January 2018 (Wednesday) night, the PLMGSS Astronomy Interest Group joined in with sky watchers from all over the world to witness the rare occurrence of the ‘three-in-one moon’ which last took place 152 years ago. This was a rare lunar eclipse where the moon turned blood red. The event was organised to heighten students’ interest in Astronomy and to increase their appreciation for the beauty of nature.

The event started with a brief talk on the ‘three-in-one moon’ conducted by Physics teacher, Mr Chai Wee Jie. This was followed by a brief sharing on the use of telescopes by the Science laboratory staff, Mr Richard Quek. Close to 140 PL staff, PL-Lites, family members of staff and students, and residents from the neighbourhood attended the event. Gasps of awe were heard as the watchers caught the first sight of the lunar eclipse while making their way to the roof top garden where five telescopes had been set up.  Live transmission of the lunar eclipse from NASA stations were also screened on the wall at the roof top garden. Students and guests found the talks informative and were grateful for the opportunity to get a close-up view of this rare occurrence.

Partnership with The Fullerton Hotel

The signing ceremony of the Letter of Collaboration between PLMGSS and The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore was held on 25th January 2018 at The Fullerton Hotel. General Manager, Mr Giovanni Viterale and PLMGSS’s Principal, Mrs Quek Li Gek signed the agreement in a ceremony which was attended by representatives from both sides and helmed by student emcees. This was followed by a tour of the hotel which gave a rare insight into behind-the-scenes workings of the hospitality industry in what is undoubtedly one of the most iconic hotels in Singapore. This partnership will provide the Sec 3NT students with authentic and experiential learning opportunities in customer service and business operations through real work training and industry attachment programmes. Outstanding students will also be offered employment upon graduation.

Korea Twinning with Kyung Hee Girls’ High School

On January 23, PL Secondary welcomed Kyung Hee Girls’ High School (KHGHS)- both girls and staffs from our Twinning school in Seoul. KHGHS arrived for their 2-day school immersion experience. PL-Lites were exposed to real-world interactions and learning, as they played host to their assigned Korean buddies in a two-night homestay programme. The experience gave our hosting PL-Lites the platform to learn more about Korean customs and lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the Korean students sat in during lessons and even experienced a drama lesson and an English lesson using media recording to showcase the Korean culture. Together with their host families, the Korean students experienced true Singaporean hospitality – PL style – as they explored various places of interests such as River Safari, Bugis Street and Orchard Road. They also had the opportunity to sample our local delicacies such as Chicken rice, Satay, Roti Prata and Kaya toast.

It was truly a delightful experience for both our PL-Lites and the Korean girls.


We celebrated with our girls who received the 2017 O-Level Examinations results this afternoon. All Glory be to God for His blessings upon our girls. 

A total of 236 Sec 4 Express girls and 16 Sec 5NA girls sat for the GCE O-Level exams in 2017. They worked hard and were loved and supported by their families and the teachers.

Their hard work paid off:

Sec 4 Express Girls

  • 98.7% (National 90.6%) of our Sec 4 Express girls out-performed the National Cohort and did comparably well to last year’s cohort in obtaining 5 O-Levels & more;
  • 98.7% (No National comparison available) of our Sec 4 Express girls are eligible for Poly;
  • 89.0% (No National comparison available) of our Sec 4 Express girls are eligible for JC

Sec 5 Normal Academic Girls

  • 81.3% (National 54.0%) of our Sec 5NA out-performed the National Cohort and did comparably well to last year’s cohort in obtaining 5 O-Levels & more;
  • 100% (No National comparison available) of our Sec 5NA girls are eligible for Poly;
  • 31.3% (No National comparison available) of our Sec 5NA girls are eligible for JC

Sharing of Personal Stories

Some of our students overcame their personal challenges in addition to their academic struggles to prepare and sit for their examinations.

We are pleased to share one special personal story:


Joy Loo Hsiao-Ling, Sec 4B2 is a kind student who tries her best in everything she does. In the middle of 2016, when she was in Sec Three, her father was diagnosed with cancer. Her father’s illness took a toll on Joy emotionally as they were a closely-knit family and Joy shared a close relationship with her father. Despite this, Joy remained positive and resilient in the face of stress. She believed that she had the duty to stay strong for her mother. In Sec Four, Joy continued to persevere in her studies and remained focused on her goals of doing well for the ‘O’ level examinations. Despite her trials, Joy was positive and performed well in her ‘O’ Levels. Her resolve and journey is undoubtedly a powerful story for others. Her father was called home to be with the Lord in Dec 2017.

We are also proud of the following two girls who exemplified our School Core Value of ‘Excellence Mindset’ and performed exceedingly well in both the academic and non-academic areas:


Joanne Lim Xinyi, Sec 4A1 (Head Prefect 2016-2017) is an all-rounder who aced her ‘O’ Levels. Besides exceling in all subjects, she is an inspiring student leader. As Head Prefect from 2016 to 2017, Joanne proved that she was mature, trustworthy and served with both aptitude and heart. She sought to do the best in all her duties. As the Class Monitor in 2016, Joanne was also conscientious in her work and motivated in her learning. She had an excellent mindset and strived to achieve the best results in all that she did. Her positive attitude towards learning was shown in the numerous academic awards she received. In her Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), English Literary, Drama and Debating Society (ELDDS), Joanne was passionate and enthusiastic about her CCA and was motivated to do well. She took pride in being able to represent the school and was committed in all her roles. Her dedication to the school and positive role-modelling has certainly won her the respect of her peers and teachers.


Ling Yin, Sec 4A1 (Vice-Head Prefect 2016-2017) has a thirst for learning beyond her academic subjects and sought opportunities to learn new things. As a Vice-Head Prefect from 2016 -2017, Ling Yin was one who served with zeal, passion and commitment and inspired others to do the same. An all-rounder, Ling Yin’s passion in the robotics compelled her to join the Robotics Team in school, where she played the role of a key leader, leading the team in the National World Robot Games 2016. The team emerged Champion in one of the categories and moved on to represent Singapore in the World Robot Games International 2016 competition. They did the nation proud by producing sterling results of Golds, Silvers and Performance Awards. She recounted how she developed confidence and deepened her interest through representing the school at the various robotic competitions and workshops. Aspiring to be an engineer, she wanted to break the stereotype of how society perceives the career paths of the female gender. Ling Yin has also performed immaculately well in her ‘O’ levels. A motivated problem-solver with strong moral values and courage, Ling Yin lives out her personal mantra of “Being confident, and not to be afraid of challenges.”


Celebrating the Success of our Top Sec 4 Express Girls

DUX Student

We rejoice with Hong Ai Ling, 4A1.


Cohort Achievements for the 2017 Sec 4 Express students

20 out of 21 subjects with Percentage of Distinctions above National Level as follows
21 out of 21 subjects with Percentage of Passes above National Level as follows:

100% Passes in 10 subjects as follows:


Distinction %

Pass %

English Language

Above National

Above National

Literature (English)

Above National Above National


Above National Above National

Combined Humanities

Above National Above National


Above National Above National

Additional Mathematics

Above National Above National


Above National Above National


Above National Above National


Above National Above National

Science (Ph/Chem)

Above National Above National

Science (Chem/Bio)

Above National Above National


Above National Above National

Higher Chinese

Above National Above National

Higher Tamil

Below National

Above National


Above National Above National


Above National Above National


Above National Above National


Above National Above National

Principles of Accounts

Above National Above National

Food & Nutrition

Above National Above National

Higher Music

Above National Above National

Outstanding CCA records

We celebrate the holistic achievements of our 2017 Sec 4 cohort girls who also excelled in their Co-curricular Activities with 85.6% of them scoring an Excellent CCA Grade (2 Bonus points) in the LEAPS 2.0.

Cohort Achievements for the 2017 Sec 5 Normal (Academic) students

The Sec 5 NA girls obtained percentage of passes above National Level for 8 out of 8 subjects. They also achieved 100% Passes in Chinese, Sci (Chem/Bio), Geography, Additional Maths and Principles of Accounts.

We thank God for His blessings and His faithfulness to our school.

This PL101 batch has done outstandingly well. The Lord has been faithful and has greatly blessed us all.

To God be the Glory!


Principal Meet Parents 2018 Briefing Slides

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your attendance at our annual PMP. We trust you found the sessions informative and you enjoyed meeting your daughter's teachers. Do refer to the slides of the various presentations should you require more information.

2018 Sec 1 PMP.pdf
2018 Sec 2 PMP.pdf
2018 Sec 3,4,5 PMP.pdf
2018 Sec 4 Exp & 5NA Post Secondary Options.pdf
2018 Sec 4 NA Post Secondary Options.pdf
2018 Sec 4 NT Post Secondary Options.pdf
2018 PSSG Briefing.pdf

Warmest Regards and Happy New Year!