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October 2014

PL’s International Students Integration Programme 2014 - Prata Journey

Doing the Indian Dance  - Hanging up your wet clothes 
Doing the Teh Tarik with one tin
Doing the Teh Tarik with two tins

Learning about the origin  and varieties of prata 
Trying to flip their Prata

On 20 October 2014, 21 international students and their buddies embarked a learning journey to learn about our local delicacy – roti prata. It was an interactive, fun-filled hands-on workshop where the students tried their hands on flipping the prata! 

The international students and their buddies had hi-tea together before learning about the origin and varieties of prata. Following that, they played a game where the students had to figure out the basic ingredients used in the prata dough before the ‘prata man’ demonstrated how to make the prata dough and how to flip prata using a small towel. The international students had a hands-on session to flip the prata, incorporating some Indian moves as they flipped the prata. They were challenged to come up with creative ideas to design their pratas to the theme of Friendship. Besides flipping roti prata, the “Prata Man” also demonstrated how to do teh tarik and a few students were given the chance to do teh tarik with one tin and eventually, two tins. Finally, the students were able to satisfy their taste buds as they tried the different types of pratas, like coin prata, durian prata and chocolate prata before the end the learning journey. 

Students' Reflections: 
“Last week, our school organized an event for the international students and their buddy. I was one of them. We went to Kampong Cafe located along Joo Chiat Road to learn the history of roti prata. It was a pleasant and enriching learning journey. We learnt how to flip a prata and the different types of prata. This trip also provided us with the opportunity to communicate with other international students and understand more about their culture.” 
From Feng Xueyi, Secondary 1.2 

“The Prata Learning Journey was truly a fun and fruitful one. Not only did I get to taste the yummy food, I also learnt the history of prata and how to make of prata. Through the learning journey, I learnt about the wide variety of prata flavours, such as durian and mango. The techniques of flipping the prata nicely without folding or breaking also required a lot of skills. I tried to flip the prata many times but never succeed. It was either triangular in shape or broken. My favourite prata were the durian prata and the prata boom. They were both sweet and I could taste durian and milk in them. To sum it up, I enjoyed this trip a lot and would certainly want to bring my friends or families over!” 
From Feng Yuxin, Secondary 1.2

Inter-Class Games 2014

All smiles after their hardwork paid off 
Champion team, Sec 3A1 
Group huddle in celebration 
Hoping to bat it out of the ISH for a homerun 
Sec 1 teams in a game of netball 
Serving with all her might! 

On 2, 14 and 15 October 2014, the PE Department organised the Inter-Class Games 2014. The Inter-Class Games 2014 is a yearly event organised during the post-exam activities to provide the girls with an opportunity to use the skills learnt in their PE classes, in a friendly competition with their schoolmates. This event also hopes to bring about the spirit of class unity and to allow the girls to bond with others in the same level. 

During the Inter-Class Games, the Secondary 1 girls enjoyed a series of Netball games, where a team from Secondary 1-3 emerged champion. The Secondary 2 students competed in the Softball tournament where a team from Secondary 2-2 clinched the gold award, and a team from Secondary 3A1 took the 1st position in the Volleyball championship. 

Students' Reflections: 
“The inter-class games allowed my friends and I to work together as a team. Even though my team did not win, I thought that the game was a good experience and we made friends with students from the other classes too! I also learnt that we must have sportsmanship!” 
From Sharlene Tou, Sec 1.3 

“The game was fair and well played by all the teams. Everyone gave their best in both playing the game and cheering for their fellow classmates. It was both fun and exciting. I enjoyed myself very much.” 
From Xu Zhen Han, Sec 2.3 

“Through the Inter-Class Games, I was able to not only gain an understanding of softball and play a full game competitively, I was also able to bond with my class. Although we did not win, we had a lot of fun and it was extremely meaningful!” 
From Emma Tan, Sec 2.4 

“I’ve learnt the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, perseverance, confidence and the willingness to put others before you. It wasn’t about winning the trophy; it was about the lessons and experiences gained. I would like to thank the teachers, our supporters and my teammates for allowing me to thoroughly enjoy the Inter-class games.” 
From Rena Ang, Sec 3A4 

“By God’s Grace and the endless support from our classmates, my team attained first place, something we did not expected at all! This experience taught us that giving up should never be an option in any given situation. This year’s Inter-Class Games was definitely an eye-opener to many qualities that a good sportsman and leader should possess. I’m very thankful to the organizers, helpers, supports and participants for making it such a successful event!” 
From Amanda Jane Wong, Sec 3A1

Natalie Soh receives Zone Colours Award

The school congratulates Natalie Soh (Sec 4A1) for receiving Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) Zone Schools Colours (Individual) for her achievements in Cross Country. 

98th Founder's Day Dinner

Rosina Teo Howe 
Chia Yong Yong 
Prof Hum Sin Hoon 
Lim Siong Guan 
Class Register 
Mrs Mary Lim 

14th October - This is the day the Lord has made – hence it is a sacred date. It is PL’s Founder’s Day. So on Tuesday, 14th Oct this year, PL-Lites, Staff of PLMGS (Pri & Sec), Board of Management, Alumni and parents gathered at Marriott Hotel for Thanksgiving & Reunion Dinner to give glory to God for His faithfulness and for blessing us in every area. Our PL (Pri) & PL (Sec) have done very well, so also have our former PL-Lites, Rosina Teo Howe (class of 1971) was awarded the The Public Administration Medal (Silver) 2014 in her capacity as Group Director, Innovation and InfoComm Technology for the Land Transport Authority of Singapore. 

Chia Yong Yong, (class of 1978) was appointed NMP, representing the disabled community. The chairman of our Board of Management, Dr Hum Sin Hoon was conferred the Public Administration Medal (Bronze). To God be the Glory! 

This year we ARISE and SHINE (Isaiah 60 v.1) as we are not resting on our laurels. We give Him praise, we give Him glory and we shine for Him in all we do. 

We are also very happy to have as our Guest of Honour, Mr Lim Siong Guan, Group President of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation. He is PL’s son who studied at Boundary Road from 1954 to 1957 before leaving to join ACS. His sisters Doreen, Violet & Phyllis also attended PL. His mother, Mrs Mary Lim taught in the afternoon session from 1948 to 1977. She is always remembered as someone who showed Christian love & care to staff & pupils in her own quiet unassuming ways. Mr Lim’s book, “The Leader, the Teacher and You” encapsulates not only his wisdom but also his strong values. One indelible point he made during his speech is that telling the truth should not be relative to circumstances otherwise it is tantamount to saying “we are not as bad as XYZ”. 

In accordance with our PL tradition of observing filial piety of showing gratitude to our Alma Mater is the presentation of love gift. The class of 1989 made a love gift amounting to 5 figures towards the Loyalty Award & other worthy causes after their power point presentation in which they expressed their gratitude to God for the years they spent in PL. 

Another age-old PL tradition is honouring those who served PL till retirement. This year our honourees are Miss Wong Gim Leng (35 years’ service), Mrs Lee Weng Hun (26 years’ service) & Mdm Pang Ah Man (20 years’ service). 

There was a lot of movement during the function as girls sought their teachers & posed for photos. Laughter mingled with tears. One PL-Lite became lachrymose when she told a teacher she thanked God for PL where she found her Christian faith.  This year we saw fewer of our pioneering teachers. A few have gone home to the Lord – Mrs Anna Thomas, Mrs S E Ng, Mrs Lucy Kandasamy, Mrs Toh Beng Woon. Others were unable to attend because of health & other circumstances. The Alumni Founder’s Day Committee would like to urge PL-Lites to come to this once-a-year occasion to meet their beloved teachers as more & more of us are nearer HOME. 

“A common love for each other 
A common gift to the Saviour 
A common bond holding us to the Lord 
A common strength when we’re weary 
A common hope for tomorrow 
A common joy in the truth of God’s word” 

Singapore Schools Sports Council Service Award

On 29 Oct, Ms Pamela Yoong (Principal) and Mrs Sharon Tng (HOD PE&CCA) received the Singapore Schools Sports Councils Service Award in recognition of their contribution to SSSC in the last five years.

Lantern Making Competition

One of the highlights of Mother Tongue Fortnight was the Lantern Making Competition held on 14 October 2014. The Secondary 2 students were involved in the event. Ang Kah Qi (Sec 2.6) emerged as one of the winners. She said that the activity was fun because she enjoyed drawing artworks on the lanterns with her friends. 

Mega Camp 2014


As part of the student leadership development in PL, selected student leaders from the Secondary 2 cohort will be attending a 4-day 3-night overseas outdoor adventure camp at Tanjung Piai EdVenture Village, Pontian, Johore, Malaysia from 28 – 31 Oct. This specially customised and thoughtfully designed camp will develop resilience, ruggedness and resolute in each PL student leader. With this training, the student leaders will be prepared and equipped to take on greater leadership roles. 

The student leaders will gain knowledge and experiences that will help them improve to become more skilful as leaders. Mega Camp 2014 participants will: 
  • Acquire the traits of effective leadership practices, including learning about Habitudes  
  • Learn how to work well with others from other cultures and backgrounds  
  • Develop an encouraging attitude and be aware of one’s influence on others  
  • Give and receive constructive feedback and practise being assertive  
  • Be aware of one’s responsibility in decision-making process  
  • Learn project management and effective stress management strategies  
  • Be independent and appreciate what they have in Singapore, while widening their world view.  

28 October 2014
Mega Campers take a group photograph before boarding the buses to make their 
way to the campsite in Tanjung Piai. 

PL-Lites started off the camp learning about Habitudes and putting these leadership 
lessons into practice as they played various games overcame obstacles together 
as a team. Even though they were dirty and tired from playing in the outdoors, our 
student leaders were high spirited as they met their challenges head on with a 
positive spirit and stepped out of their comfort zones. 
29 October 2014
PL-Lites learnt 2 more new Habitudes principles and they displayed these positive 
leadership skills as they stepped forward as leaders and enjoyed new experiences 
they never had before. They learnt to trust in friends, overcome fears and believe in 
themselves as they undertook the night walk challenge. 
30 October 2014
PL-Lites faced new challenges today, testing their newly forged team unity as they 
worked together to cook a meal outdoors and row their sampans. They had to be 
quick on their feet to come up with solutions and communicate new ideas concisely 
to the team. The day ended on a high note with a camp fire which was marked with 
the teachers commissioning each PL-Lite as a student leader, equipped and ready 
to lead with a heart of service. 





Family Bonding Through Sports @ PLMGSS

One big PL family 
Captain's ball competition 
A family that plays together stays together 

On 24 October 2014, some Secondary 1 and 2 students spent the last evening of the school year with their families in the school’s Indoor Sports Hall. In a short span of 2 hours, the families played badminton, captain's ball, basketball and table tennis. Everyone had loads of fun together and it was a good workout for all too. We would like to specially thank the PSSG in rallying the parents to participate in this family event.

PL-Lites serve the communities in Klang

From 24 to 27 October 2014, 27 Normal Academic and Normal Technical PL-Lites and 3 teachers will be traveling to Klang, Malaysia as part of the school's Overseas Faithful in Service programme. 

The objectives of the programme are to develop: 
  • Confident PL-Lites who are leaders as well as team players 
  • Compassionate PL-Lites with a heart for others 
  • Committed PL-Lites who are aware of the neighbouring countries and be appreciative of what they have 

The students will be rendering their services to 2 homes, The Association of Klang and Coast Chik Sin Thong Old Folks Home as well as the Good Samaritan Home. 

24 October 2014 

3.23pm - The team is ready go with the Lord’s blessing. 

4.36pm - We have safely cleared the Malaysia customs. Going to start the 4 - 5 
hour journey to Klang. 

10.15pm - We have reached Wesley Methodist Church safely. The girls are settling down and doing dry run for the activities for tomorrow's activities. 
25 October 2014 
8am - We woke up to the cheerful chirping of the birds and had nice buns and hot drinks for breakfast. During morning devotion, we learn that servant leaders serve with the right heart and attitude. After receiving the name tags from our teachers, 
we are now proceeding to start our service the homes. 

2.22pm - The girls organised simple exercise for the elderly, played a simple song with glass cups and did some craft with the elderly. 

10.30pm - Alex taught the children in GSH simple first aids, the girls went through games where they learnt to persevere and work with one another and did craft with the children. Service learning in GSH was good. We ended our service in GSH and have safely reached Wesley Methodist Church. 
26 October 2014 
8.15am - We thank God for His protection, provision and presence for the trip thus far. This morning, we had prata for breakfast with teh tarik and are on our way to 
serve to the homes again. 

4.19pm - We have completed our service at the elderly home. Today, we did chair-o-bics with the elderly, made rainbow looms, made a profile for each elderly and 
played a video which showed the various countries that the girls have travelled to. The elderly were very touched with what our girls have done and the girls also 
have learnt a lot from the elderly's sharing. The interaction ended off sweet and 

11.14pm - We have ended service at GSH. The girls helped out with teaching of 
first aid, played games with the children, taught nursery rhymes, made crayon art 
and rainbow looms. They also had nice satay dinner with the children. The girls 
have learnt that while everyone has different experiences, it is important to learn 
from the others and improve themselves. They have also learnt that they should be appreciative of the people, young or old, around them. 
27 October 2014 
8.15 am - We are having 'pao' for breakfast. After breakfast, we will have final 
closure before moving off for lunch and shopping. 

1.20 pm - We had our lunch and are now on our way to the custom. 

7.15 pm - We have safely returned to Singapore and to PL. With God's guidance, 
protection, provision and love, we had a fruitful, enriching and wonderful trip. And we give thanks to Him as well as to everyone for keeping us in prayers. 


PL Open House 2014

On 18 October 2014, an Open House briefing held at the Agape Hall was organised for pupils from the Primary 6 cohort who are interested in joining PLMGS(S) in Secondary One. 

At the session, the parents and pupils that came found out more about the school, the programmes and the activities that are offered to the students. A performance by two of our Music class students on the flute and piano gave the people present an idea of one of the special programmes conducted by our school. A parent in the Parents-School Support Group and a Secondary One student also shared their perspectives and experiences in PL with the audience. 

The talk ended with Ms Yoong, the Principal, fielding questions from many interested parents. 

PL celebrates 98th Founder’s Day

Bishop delivering his message on Honour the Lord 
Bishop Wee Boon Hup with the 2 Principals and Prof Hum 
Bishop with a prize recipient 
Unveiling the Dedication Plaque at PL(Pri) 
Combined PL (Sec) and PL (Pri) Handbell Choir 
Dance performance by PL (Pri) 
Prof Hum with Mrs Annie Teo, recipient of the Service to Education Award 
Ms Wong GL receiving the award for her 35 years of service 
Winnie Tan Loyalty medallists 

This year’s Founder’s Day was celebrated with a difference! The venue for PL’s 98 th birthday celebration was at the PLMGS (Primary) Shaw Hall. It was held on 10 October 2014 and beamed ‘live’ to the PLMGS (Secondary) Shaw Hall. This time, the PL (Sec) girls joined their Primary 6 sisters in the thanksgiving service at the primary school. 

Our Guest of Honour, Bishop Dr Wee Boon Hup, Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore, spoke on the topic ‘Honour the Lord’ and presented the top academic prizes (for the year 2013) to our pupils. 

Professor Hum Sin Hoon, Chairman of our Board of Management presented the Service to Education to Mrs Annie Teo, a member of our Board of Management as well as alumni member. He also presented the Long Service Awards to our PL staff as well as to the members of our Parents-School Support Group and our coaches. 

To add to the happy occasion is the d edication of the newly-constructed PL (Primary) Shaw Hall, Performing Arts Studio, Immanuel and Priscilla Block. Bishop Dr Wee blessed the various areas, accompanied by Professor Hum, members of the Board of Management, Ms Chua Soh Leng [PL (Primary) Principal], Ms Pamela Yoong [PL (Sec) Principal] and alumni members. The whole ceremony was captured and broadcast ‘live’ to the audience sitting in both the PL(Primary) and PL(Sec) Shaw Halls. 

The service ended with a combined handbell item, entitled ‘You are worthy of our Praise’ by our PL (Primary) and PL (Secondary) pupils. We thank God for his numerous blessings bestowed onto PL. Indeed, He is worthy of our praise!

PL bids farewell to our beloved Principal


The PL family came together on the last day of school (24 October) to pay tribute to a very special person who has truly made a difference in the lives of both the staff and students of the school. In the words of a student, she is “an amazing educator, an inspiring leader, a role model and most of all, she is our caring mother”. 

To Ms Yoong, our principal, we wish her God’s richest blessings as she embarks on the next chapter in her life as an educator.

PLMGS (Pri & Sec) Combined Assembly

On 13 October 2014 morning, the students and staff from PLMGS witnessed a historical moment as they participated in a combined assembly involving both PLMGS (Pri) and PLMGS (Sec). It was the first combined assembly since both schools shifted to Lorong Ah Soo from the premises at Boundary Road. 

After the combined assembly, all students and staff from PLMGS (Sec) enjoyed a breakfast together. It was sponsored by the Board of Management to celebrate PLMGS (Pri) for receiving the School Distinction Award.

Recipients (from PSSG) of the PL Service Awards


The School and the Parents-School Support Group would like to rejoice with the following parents on receiving the PL Service Award. They are: Mrs Sandy Tay, Mrs Joy Seah, Mdm Ho Shyan Yan, Mr Ricky Kwok, Mr Bob Toh and Mr Lek Chun Han. The awards were given to recognise parents for their loyal and dedicated service to the school. We thank God for these faithful parents.