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November 2014

Cambridge Dinner 2014
Ms Yoong and Ms Cambridge finalists
A class reunion over dinner
4A1 class photo

Peacock Dance by Zhou Meng from 4A1
Worship team for Cambridge Dinner 2014

The theme of the annual Cambridge Dinner was Broadway of Stars. Held in the Grand Ballroom, Hilton Hotel on 18 November 2014, it was a fun event for both students and teachers as they dressed up for the evening. The stars of the evening were the Secondary 4 and 5 graduands. They shone and glittered not just with their dress but also their bright smile. As part of PL’s tradition and also the event highlight of the dinner, the Ms Cambridge contestants put on entertaining yet glamorous performances. They awed both the judges and students with their wonderful talents. The graduating batch was also able to meet with each other, chat over sumptuous dinner and dance to their favourite music. It was a night to remember for all who were present. 

Students' Reflections: 
“The Cambridge dinner was really the cherry on the cake for our 4 or 5 years in PL. It was a good time for us to look back on our PL journey and give thanks to God for bringing us through it all.” 
From Esther Ng, Sec 4A3

“This prom was really unforgettable and it beautifully marked the end of my journey as a student of PLMGS (Sec). Thank God for my friends, teachers and for PL. To God be the glory.” 
From Carissa Teng, Sec 4A2

The spirit of enterprise rolls on in PL!

Raeann, Faith, Theenmathi and P. Maitreyah with their animal shaped hats at their pushcart. 
The mobile phone speakers impressed the judges so much that the team brought home the Most Innovative Product award. 
The team in all smiles after 
receiving their prizes on stage. 

Six dedicated PL-lites from Class 3D1 represented PLMGSS in the finals of the National Pushcart Challenge 2014 organised by Republic Polytechnic. This competition required teams to collaborate with a social enterprise of their choice and develop product innovations to augment their existing merchandise for fund-raising. 

Working with the SPCA, our girls saw an opportunity in recycling unwanted cardboard rolls into household products such as photo frames, stationery holders, torchlights, desktop lamps and even mobile phone speakers! 

After a long 5 months’ work involving ideation, sourcing and development, the girls had to set up their own pushcart to market their completed products at Causeway Point over 2 days. 

Their hard work and aching feet eventually paid much dividends as they snagged the Most Innovative Product award as well as the overall 1 st runners-up trophy – the only team out of 16 finalists to receive 2 prizes! 

The school congratulates Faith Kung, P. Maitreyah, Pan YiTong, Raeann Tan, Saraniya D/O Panichelvam and Theenmathi D/O Kanesan (all from 3D1) for their unique achievement! 

Students' Reflections: 
"This experience proved how important teamwork is as we stuck together throughout the competition, coming to school and working on the products even during the holidays." 
- Raeann Tan 

"It’s fantastic how we managed to get so many of our products out in time! The key was in how we split the workload and helped one another out." 
- Theenmathi 

"Through this competition, I’ve learnt much about taking personal responsibility, how to overcome my fear of approaching strangers and lastly, the importance of working with others. These experiences will make me a better person!" 
– P. Maitreyah

PSSG Brunch with Principal

Ms Yoong addressing the parents present 
A PL alumni member sharing with other parents  on the blessings she received from her alma mater 
A parent seeking clarification on aspects  of the school programmes and activities 
Parents assisted in preparing the AVA room  for the following Monday's mass lessons 

The Parents-School Support Group (PSSG) organized its annual brunch with the Principal on 1 November 2014. Amidst a generous spread of dry mee siam and fried chicken wings, school leaders interacted freely with members of the PSSG members. During the question and answer session, the parents took the opportunity to seek clarification on certain school policies, programmes and activities. Overall, it was a fulfilling event over food and engaging conversations.