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June 2014

6th East Zone Arts Festival

On 4 June 2014, the students from the East Zone schools were treated to a wonderful zonal concert organised by the East Zone Centre of Excellence for the Creative Arts (COECA). It was the 6 th East Zone Arts Festival held at the Agape Concert Hall, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary). 

Ms Chua Soh Leng, Principal of Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary), welcomed the concert audience as Chairperson of the Steering Committee, East Zone COECA. Mrs Marian Chia, Supt E5, who graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour of the event gave out Certificates of Appreciation to the schools which performed at the concert. 

The concert featured the performing arts groups which obtained a Certificate of Distinction in the 2014 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. They are as follows (in alphabetically order): 
1. Chongzheng Primary School [Choir] 
2. Kong Hwa School [Chinese Orchestra] 
3. Maha Bodi School [Symphonic Band] 
4. Ngee Ann Primary School [Malay Dance] 
5. Opera Estate Primary School [Contemporary Dance] 
6. Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) [Handbell Ensemble] 
7. Poi Ching School [Chinese Dance] 
8. Telok Kurau Primary School [Indian Dance] 
9. White Sands Primary School [Angklung Ensemble] 

Despite the heavy downpour before the start of the concert, it certainly did not enthusiasm of the concert audience judging from their applause.

UK Summer Art Trip

From 19 to 28 June 2014 , six Secondary 3 Art students from PLMGS (Sec) will be embarking on an overseas learning journey to London and Cambridge. This is a combined schools overseas learning journey with students from Siglap Secondary School. The objectives of the trip are as follows: 
  • Learn Illustration skill though a masterclass at the Anglia Ruskin University
  • Learn art critique though museum visits to museums such as the National Gallery and the Tate Modern Museum
  • Learn outdoor sketching
  • Learn poetry and creative writing skills through workshops
  • Nurture interest in Literature and learn drama skills through attending workshops and attending plays
  • Learn 21st century skills

The highlight of the trip includes a 3 day Summer Art Class @ Anglia Ruskin University where students will be learning concepts and story boarding on book illustrations. 

Day 1 (19 June 2014)4.41pm - Landed safely. We are at the Heathrow Airport now.
Day 2 (20 June 2014)6.18pm - We visited Shakespeare's Globe Theatre today. At the end of the visit, we took the Tube to the Millennium Bridge for outdoor sketching. After that we walked across the bridge to St. Paul's Cathedral for another outdoor sketching before taking the underground subway to the National Gallery to observe original art pieces by famous artists. We ended the day by watching King Lear (name of a play) at the National Theatre.
Day 3 (21 June 2014)11.21pm - We took the Tube to 'The Tunnel' where we did graffiti art. We learnt about different techniques in graffifi art such as how to blend in sunset colours to create patterns, how to make the letters more 3-dimensional and how to highlight certain areas to represent reflected light. The students were engrossed in their work. At 5pm we went to the Big Ben for more outdoor sketching before heading to the Harrods to experience the world famous shopping mall. All in all, the girls enjoyed themselves very much.
Day 4 (22 June 2014)11.18pm - We checked out of the hotel in the morning and traveled to the Tate Museum where many famous art pieces were housed, including the 'Weeping Woman' by Picasso and the 'Cutouts' by Matisse. After exploring the Tate Museum, we visited the Cartoon Museum to view the unique cartoon strips from 1900s and earlier.
Day 5 (23 June 2014)11pm - We arrived at Anglia Ruskin University and was welcomed by Professor Martin. He gave us a brief tour of the huge campus and gave us time to view the art degree gallery which consisted of art pieces ranging from digital art to graphic designs. After that, we made our way to the Summer Art classroom where we were introduced to two professional illustrators and authors, Elys and Elena. They introduced us to children's book illustration and walked us through the process of book illustration. Having been equipped with the knowledge, we started to draft the characters for our books.
Day 6 (24 June 2014)8pm - We started the morning with outdoor sketching at the King's College. This was followed by a visit to the Byard Art Gallery which housed many contemporary and modern art pieces. After that we continued with our outdoor sketching at the Market Square. In the afternoon, we continued with the Summer Art lessons. With the help from Elys and Elena and using the observational sketches from this morning, we drafted out some illustrations for the book which we had planned to complete by tomorrow.
Day 7 (25 June 2014)11.58pm - This morning, we checked out of the travelodge and arrived at the Anglia Ruskin University to continue with our last of the 3-day Summer Art lessons to complete our story book. We had an enjoyable day and lots of fun creating our very own story book. Today, we also celebrated the birthday of Ms Farida, Art teacher from Siglap Secondary School.
Day 8 (26 June 2014)11.50pm - The tour guide, Tony, picked us up from our hotel and brought us to the castle where the Crown Jewels were kept. He explained to us why the walls were round and introduced us to its architecture style. Next, we took the tube and visited the Clarence House to observe the changing of guards. It was an elaborate ceremony as they were commemorating their 350th anniversary. After that, we shopped at Primark at Oxford Street before proceeding to watch 'Wicked', the musical.
Day 9 (27 June 2014)9.30am - We are checking out of the hotel and going to the airport now.
Day 10 (28 June 2014)9.25am - We have landed safely. Home sweet home.



Humanities - English Learning Journey to the United Kingdom (UK)


From 11 June 2014 to 20 June 2014, a group of 30 students and 3 teachers will be embarking on an overseas Humanities and English learning journey to the UK. The objectives for the trip are: 
1) To enable students to learn about the backgrounds and influences of some of the great British writers; 
2) To enable students to be immersed in a different culture and context in order to broaden their perspectives; 
3) To motivate and excite students to develop a passion for English and the Humanities subjects. 

Some highlights of the trip include: 
Bath - Jane Austen House Museum 
Stratford-Upon-Avon - Shakespeare’s birthplace 
Warwick - Warwick Castle 
Birmingham - Cadbury World 
Great Missenden - Roald Dahl Museum & Tate Museum 
plus… a musical, ‘Matilda’. 

Please go to http://plmgsuktrip2014.livejournal.com for student reflections on the trip from 13 June onwards. 

Day 1 (11 June 2014)
7.50am - We arrived at the Heathrow Airport. 

9:50pm - We visited Jane Austen's beautiful house and learnt more about the society that inspired her writing. We also went to the ancient Roman Baths in Bath. We also enjoyed ourselves in a Regency dance class. All girls are well. Happy and excited!
Day 2 (12 June 2014)9.00pm - We had a lovely stroll at the tranquil and picturesque Castle Combe, one of the prettiest villages in England. After which, we visited Oxford. We had an informative tour with a local tour guide. We also visited several places where scenes from the Harry Potter had been filmed.
Day 3 (13 June 2014)9.57pm - Everyone is well and the weather was beautiful today. We went to Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon and visited places such as his house and the church that he was baptised and buried in. We had a picnic along the river at Bourton-on-the-water inCotswolds and ended the day with a nice dinner in a restaurant which was built in 1599. Our girls won praises from the bus captain and the hotel personnel at the Travelodge. The bus captain said normally he would take an hour to clean the bus but he didn't have to take much time because the girls kept the bus spotless and the hotel personnel said our girls were well-behaved.
Day 4 (14 June 2014)6.10pm - It was wonderfully cool weather for the whole day. Our first stop was the Warwick Castle. We spent the morning exploring the magnificent castle which was celebrating its 1100th anniversary. After a quick lunch, we headed to Cadbury World. We learnt about the history of Cadbury and tasted and bought lots of chocolate.
Day 5 (15 June 2014)11.10pm - We started the day in Great Missenden where we visited the Roald Dahl Museum and had a guided walking trail around the village before heading to London. Our first stop in London was Tate Museum which housed many art pieces from all around the world. We also attended Eucharistic service at the St Paul's Cathedral. Everybody is well and having fun together.
Day 6 (16 June 2014)10.40pm - Today we toured London by foot and bus. We also took a our first London Tube ride. We visited a few landmarks, e.g. Westminster Abbey, watched the changing of guards at the Buckingham Palace and went on a literacy walk. The guide covered famous writers such as Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf and T S Eliot. We also watched an English comedy and the girls enjoyed the British brand of humour. The bus driver for the past five days said this to us, "It was an honour driving your group around this week, I never feel sad to leave a tour but today I did."
Day 7 (17 June 2014)11.44pm - After breakfast, we took the London Tube to the Globe Theatre where we managed to catch a group of actors rehearsing a short scene from Julius Caesar. In addition, the girls had a drama workshop based on the Merchant of Venice. The next stop was the Jewish Museum. We learnt about Leon Greenman, A Jew who had survived the Holoscaust. Next we had an 'Amazing Race' and enjoyed some Indian cuisine in Brick Lane. Finally we did some shopping along Oxford Street.
Day 8 (18 June 2014)10.41pm - Today was another lovely day. We visited the British Museum and attended a poetry workshop. The girls had a go at writing poetry. We ended the night with a musical - Matilda.
Day 9 (19 June 2014)7.14pm - It was a sunny day on our last day in the UK. We took a train to Brighton and had a guided tour around the city centre. It included the pier and Royal Pavillion Garden. We are now at the airport, ready to board the plane.
Day 10 (20 June 2014)4.32pm - We have just touched down.


PLMGS(Sec) Prayer Walk in June 2014

Praying at Shalom BlockThe Prayer Warriors gather to prepare themselves before the walk
Amanda Chia, sharing her prayer walk experienceGloria Tan, acknowledging the Lord's goodness to PL

 It is a practice in PLMGS(Sec) that before the start of each semester, a group of 'prayer partners' would come together for a Prayer Walk in the school. On 25 June 2014, representatives from the Staff, Students, Alumni, PSSG and the Church (Paya Lebar Methodist Church) gathered to do just that. More than 30 gathered in the SFE Room and the session started with a time of worship. The worship session prepared the people as they entered into the presence of the Lord. The school's chaplain, Pastor Lynette Sathiasingam gave a Word of exhortation from the book of Habakkuk and shared the purpose of the Prayer Walk. Praying in groups of 5 or 6, each team was assigned certain blocks or levels in the school so that all areas, rooms, nooks and corners were covered in prayer. The teams moved from place to place, remembering the people who use the place, the activities conducted at each area and interceded in prayer. Returning to the SFE Room after the Prayer Walk, the participants bonded over breakfast. As some shared about their prayer walk experience, they noted that the Lord's presence in the school. Pastor Lynette then closed the session with prayer. We count it a privilege to be able to pray for PL and all who work and study within her walls. May the Lord bless PL abundantly always.

Overseas Learning Journey to Japan by the PL Guitar Ensemble


From 3 to 9 June 2014, members of the PL Guitar Ensemble will be embarking on an overseas learning journey to Japan. The objectives of the trip are as follows:
  • To provide an opportunity for students to immerse in the rich culture of Japan
  • To broaden the skill and confidence of students through a joint concert programme at Tezukayama High School and a masterclass session with Prof Keigo Fujii at Osaka College of Music

The highlights of the trip include a performance in the Nara Cultural Centre, an exchange with Tazukayama High School and a masterclass at the Osaka Music College. The Guitar Ensemble will also visit the various places of interest in Nara, Kobe and Osaka including the following
  1. Nara park visit
  2. Kobe Disaster Reduction Museum
  3. Kobe Chinatown/Kobe Harbour area
  4. View of Osaka Bay from top of Mt. Rokko
  5. Museum visit to the Osaka College of Music
  6. Kuromon Market and shopping

Day 1 (03 June 2014 )4.25pm - After the wait, the team is boarding the plane now.
Day 2 (04 June 2014)
00:52am - We have arrived safely in Osaka. 

10:40am - We had a hearty breakfast and left for Tazukayama High School for a practice. 

18:47pm - We spent the first half of the day practising at Tezukayama High School. After that, we had lunch at the school canteen. The Japanese students buddied with our girls and helped them to order food. The canteen operated on a cashless mode. After lunch, we did badge making, calligraphy and visited several lessons in the school. After exchanging gifts we left for Nara Deer Park. We enjoyed ourselves feeding the deers and taking pictures with them. We ended the day with Japanese buffet dinner and devotion.
Day 3 (05 June 2014)19:33pm - We visited the Kobe Disaster Reduction Museum. It was really an eye opener as we learnt about the strategies put in place to save the Japanese should such disasters were to happen again. We had Japanese bento set meal for lunch at the Kobe Port Tower. Our visit to Mount Rokko was truly amazing. The cool breeze and breathtaking view of coastal Japan was unforgettable. We also had History lesson on Japan conducted by our friendly and caring guide Chiaki. The day ended with a relaxing dinner at the 48th floor of the Cosmo Tower. The night view of the city was just fantastic. We ended the day with reflection and an hour of practice.
Day 4 (06 June 2014)17:16pm - The performance went well today. The girls played their best. There were many other performances from Tezukayama High School and ACJC. The girls enjoyed the concert and was inspired by all the other performances. It was a great musical exchange. The girls started early today and they are having a well deserved break now. They are given money packs for tonight's dinner. They will be going to the shopping centre nearby to have their dinner in small groups.
Day 5 (07 June 2014)20:21pm - This morning we visited the Osaka College of Music Museum. The girls had the opportunity to listen to 6 types of piano that were built in different periods. We also learnt about how several instruments were invented and how they were used by people. The highlight of the day was the Masterclass session with Professor Fujii. They were taught many techniques. The girls enjoyed the session a lot.
Day 6 (08 June 2014)
13:04pm - We are doing shopping now.
21:18pm - Boarding soon.
Day 7 (09 June 2014)4:43am - The plane landed safety in the Changi International Airport.




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