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July 2012

Family Conference @ PLMGS(S)

On 14 July, the North East Family Conference was held at PLMGS(S). It was organised by North East CDC and supported by PLMGS(S). The conference consisted of workshops on parenting and family issues and was conducted by a panel of 10 guest speakers. The event was graced by Mr Zainal Bin Sapari, Grassroots Adviser to Pasir Ris-Punggol GROs.

SAF Day @ PL

Mrs Chee CE accepting the MDPA on behalf of the schoolPresentation on the significance of SAF DayTaking their oath of allegiance

On 4 July, PLMGSS commemorated the 45 th anniversary of the establishment of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Indeed, it was a time to reinforce our belief, pride and dedication to our nation’s armed forces, the pillars of the defence of Singapore. It was also a time for PL to showcase her commitment and support of the Total Defence initiative. On 2 July, PL was conferred the Meritorious Defence Partner Award (MDPA) by the Ministry of Defence in recognition of our efforts to support Total Defence. The MDPA plaque was presented to the school during morning assembly. In addition, a SAF Re-dedication Ceremony was held in which all staff of PL who had served or are serving their National Service obligations came forward to re-take their oaths of allegiance to the SAF. Viva la PL, Majulah Singapura!

Girls’ Brigade Day


The Girls' Brigade (GB) celebrated GB Day on the 16 July. The 4 th Company girls stood smartly in their GB uniforms in front of the school during assembly. To mark the start of GB day, the Company Sergeant Major Pang Pei Yi of Sec 3B1 read the GB Day message written by Mrs Tay Poh Imm, the Brigade President, to the school. 

It was indeed a proud moment for our GB girls as they presented the Silver Award from the recent National Creative Cheer Challenge 2012 to our Vice Principal, Mrs Chee. On top of that, 4 th Company clinched the Gold Company Award for the year 2011 and Sustained Gold Award from 2005 to 2011. To God be the Glory! 

Pupil's Reflections 
To me, the Girls’ Brigade (GB) is not merely a Co-Curricular Activity. The 4 th Company is more like a family, praising and worshipping God. Therefore, on GB Day, it is with a sense of pride that I don the uniform and represent the GB. 
Pang Peiyi, Secondary 3B1

Racial Harmony Day Celebrations 2012

Explaining how Racial Harmony Day came about
Our PL-Lite participating in the skit presented  by the Singapore Discovery Centre
Queuing for traditional foodHaving fun with the congkak!

This year, the theme for Racial Harmony Celebrations is ‘People, Places, Memories’. PLMGSS commemorated this event with three highlights: a skit, a carnival and discussions and activities during LIVE lessons. 

The school watched a skit on 23 July, presented by the Singapore Discovery Centre Through the skit, our girls saw the importance of being in harmony with the different races and also to integrate our foreign friends adequately. 

On 25 July, our girls enjoyed themselves in a carnival made up of the various exhibition booths put up by the Mother Tongue department. There were also food booths for our girls to try out traditional foods of the different ethnic groups. In addition, they also tried traditional costumes and henna hand painting. 

In class during their LIVE lessons, Form teachers facilitated discussions and activities centred on the theme for this year. 

It had been a meaningful time of learning and interacting with the different groups of friends in PL. 

Pupil's Reflections 
Every year during Hari Raya Puasa, my neighbour will bring homemade traditional food and snacks for my family and on Chinese New Year, we will visit them to give them mandarin oranges. These occasions help us appreciate the different cultures that exist in Singapore. 
Tan Ling Yue, Gloria, Secondary 2.2

6th Sudoku Challenge 2012

st Runner-up at the 6 th Sudoku Challenge 2012 

From left to right: Luisa Phuah (Sec 2-2), Chrystal Ng (Sec 2-2), Janice Chan (Sec 2-3) and Yong Yuan Yen (Sec 2-2 On 19 July 2012, a team of Secondary 2 girls participated in the 6 th Sudoku Challenge 2012 organised by Broadrick Secondary School. The girls put in great effort in preparing themselves for the competition. Eventually, they emerged as the 1 st Runner-up (Secondary School Category) amongst the 50 schools which participated in this competition sponsored by BRANDS. 

Dean’s List for Academic Excellence and Dean's List for Character Development 2012

PLMGS (Sec) Dean's List for Academic Excellence 2012PLMGS (Sec) Dean's List for Character Development 2012                

For the first time after its inception in 2010, the recipients of the Dean’s List for Academic Excellence and Character Excellence 2012 had their parents watching proudly as they received the awards in front of the whole school during assembly. The award ceremony was conducted on 25 July 2012 and each pupil was given a certificate in recognition of her effort in either academic area or in the area of character development. 

The recipients of the Dean’s List – Academic Excellence were affirmed for being the best in standard, with good attendance and conduct whereas recipients of the Dean’s List – Character Excellence were awarded for exemplary conduct in aspiring towards the H.E.A.R.T values and PL’s Desired Outcomes of Education. The awards were given to pupils from Secondary 1 – 5. 

After the ceremony, all recipients and parents were treated to a delicious and mouth-watering breakfast hosted by the school. 

Pupil’s Reflections:
When my form teacher told me what this award was about, I was really happy about it! I know that there are others who deserve this award too, so I really thank God and my teachers for giving me this opportunity and privilege to receive this. As I walked to get my certificate the other day, I felt really excited and at the same time thankful. I know that I did not do it alone and God was the one who helped me. 
Arienne Koh , Secondary 1.2

North East Family Conference

Our GOH - Mr Zainal SapariThe skit "Old Dad, New Dad"Participants at a workshop

On 14 July 2012, the North East Family Conference was successfully held at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Secondary). Organised by the North East CDC, the Guest of Honour of the event was Mr Zainal Bin Sapari, Grassroots Advisor, Pasir Ris-Punggol GROs. On our part, the school's Parent-School Support Group played a major role in providing facilitators and ushers for the concurrent workshop sessions. 

The conference brought together a panel of 10 much sought-after speakers to share their wealth of experiences on parenting and family life issues. A children’s programme on cyberwellness and a heart-warming skit, 'Old Dad, New Dad' on parenting were also presented at the conference.

World Cities Summit 2012

Representatives from PL’s Project Green Insights TeamExplaining how the data can be used

The World Cities Summit is a platform for the government leaders and industry experts to address challenges faced in having a liveable and sustainable city. It is a chance for them to share innovative urban projects and forge partnerships. 

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) is part of Project Green Insights, a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and IBM with the support of the Building and Construction Authority and Academy, the Singapore Green Building Council and the Institute of Technical Education. 

This is a pilot project and is a part of IBM’s Centennial Celebration for Corporate Citizenship. The project aims to promote awareness and educate the young about energy efficiency via green and smarter buildings. It also aims to engage and showcase Singapore Green Building projects globally. Pupils are involved in authentic learning, analysing genuine data on energy usage in the school and championing energy saving efforts to promote a more sustainable environment in the school. 

In this year’s World Cities Summit, our pupils were invited to visit the IBM Pavilion and got to learn and analyse the data obtained and shown on the dashboard. Beverly Yeap from 3A1 was also invited to share what she had learnt then and was part of a video shoot that will be used to showcase the project in the World Cities Summit. 

Pupil’s Reflections: 
Participating in the World Cities Summit was truly an eye-opener. My group members are currently involved in IBM’s project for a greener world. The importance of what we are doing, that no matter how small our part may be, we can and will make a difference for the world was impressed upon us. We also learnt to take pride in what we do. Appreciating and loving our Earth is one of the important things that we must do, no matter how big or small our contribution. 
Beverly Yeap , Secondary 3A3

KL Twinning Programme

Group photo with SAB teachers and studentsOur trip to the FRIM Museum
Time with buddiesLearning about fire at Petrosains

From 1 to 4 July 2012, 20 pupils represented both PLMGS(S) and Singapore in the 2 nd year of our Twinning Programme with SMK Aminuddin Baki (SAB), Kuala Lumpur (KL). The pupils had the chance to participate in a learning journey out of Singapore as well as forge new friendships. 

The pupils’ experience in SAB gave them an insight into the varied content taught in Malaysian schools. They were able to immerse in the classroom environment, which used Malay as the main medium of instruction. Their buddies from SAB were very forthcoming and eased the pupils into the classroom culture. PL-Lites quickly seized the opportunity to make many more friends in the school. They were aware of the cultural differences between the two schools and quickly adapted to the requirements of their new environment. The teachers and pupils at SAB were very hospitable and made the 3 days spent at SAB an unforgettable and enriching experience. 

Besides the school experience at SAB, PL-Lites also managed to visit Petrosains Centre, the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) and iconic places of interest. The pupils were fully engaged in the interactive activities at the Petrosains Centre. At FRIM, PL-Lites came out of their comfort zone and learnt about various wild species of flora and fauna. 

This programme gave PL-Lites an opportunity to make new friends as they roomed with new PL friends. They also learnt about time and self management, while they were away from their parents for the few days. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
I truly enjoyed myself in this Twinning Programme. The school gave me an opportunity to learn about Malaysia’s culture. The places we visited were places I did not know KL had. I felt really thankful and fortunate. We should appreciate and thank God for whatever things we have and not misuse them. 
Arienne Koh, Secondary 1.2 

I am proud that I learnt to be more independent. 
Kristie Kuah, Secondary 1.4