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April 2012

Speak Good English Week 2012

Sec 1 Storytelling during morning assembly
Sing To The Dawn” by Sec 2 ELDDS members
One of the movie clips screened at the library

The Speak Good English Week (SGEW) commenced on 23 April and concluded on 26 April. The activities were organisedaround the theme, which was “Speak up! With confidence!” for this year. They included quizzes during morning assembly, storytelling, a “Sing to the Dawn” play by the Secondary 2 English Literary Drama and Debating Society (ELDDS) members and the screening of movie clips at the library, amongst other activities. Through SGEW, the English department hopes to encouragePL-Lites to speak good English confidently and to foster a vibrant culture of speaking English well. 

International Friendship Day

Mrs Ow, Mr Ng EK and Mr Daniel Ng singing a Japanese song
PL-Lites looking on in anticipation!

PL commemorated the International Friendship Day on the 13April 2012 during LiVE lesson. Prior to the actual event on 13 April, the school was tuned in to the rationale behind the International Friendship Day and an overview of upcoming LiVE programme. 

The LiVE programme was kickstarted in an airplane setting where the emcees introduced the school to the International Friendship Day. The theme for this year was ‘Singapore in the World’. In line with the theme, the National Education Committee put together a sing-along session featuring songs from China and Thailand performed by our international students in their native language. Following each song, the school was invited to guess a missing line from each of the songs. The programmeculminated in a song sang in Japanese and Cantonese, performed by Mrs Ow and Mr Ng. Mrs Ow’s kimono outfit fascinated the students and added colours to the celebration.

Musical Montage 2012


Held at the Agape Concert Hall, the first combined concert featuring the School Concert Band, Choir and Guitar Ensemble wasorganised on 28 April 2012. The Guest of Honour was Ms Yap Foon Lyn, Vice Principal, Methodist Girls’ School (Primary). 

The three performing arts groups performed to a full house and judging from the enthusiastic applause by the audience, it was certainly an enjoyable evening. This was especially evident in the opening and closing combined items. It was a moving experience to see all the three groups performing together and demonstrating the strong PL family culture. The audience would fondly remember the concert many years down the road. 

All proceeds from the event would be used to fund projects for the 2012 Sec 3 Overseas Community Involvement Programme. 

Pupils' Reflections 
We went through an extremely enriching journey through the planning and organisation of this combined concert. Besides motivating the band members, we also had to ensure that the smooth of things and that all three CCAs worked harmoniously together. 
Jie Ling and Kai Ying, Band Major and Drum Major (2011-12), School Concert 

Through this experience, it allowed us to learn and accept our difference, and bond with each other. One of the challenges was time, as it was not easy finding a common time slot for combined practices and rehearsals. Overall, we were grateful for having this opportunity to perform in this concert, as this marked a high point in my 4 years of CCA experience in PL. 
Xiaohui and Yanen, President and Vice President (2011-12), PL Grace Strings 

It was a great opportunity to showcase the Performing Arts CCA. Communication was the key to ensure that everything ran smoothly. It was a fantastic overall experience as each CCA complemented each other and I would definitely do a combined concert again if I were asked. 
Joanne Chong, President (2011), PL One Voice

Race, Raise & Praise – PL Cross Country 2012

Our Primary pupils in action       

GOH and VIPSs having refreshments

Flagging off the Secondary 3 girls

A Special Item by the Girls' Brigade

Our primary school staff

Our secondary school staff

Secondary 4 runners in action

L's EAS Staff running

The Cross Country Race, held on the 27th April 2012 from 0730 to 1200 at Bishan Park (AMK River Plains), was graced by Ms Theodora Tan, Superintendent East 5. The theme for this year’s event was Race, Raise & Praise . It was also a fundraising event to help the needy pupils through the Agape Fund as well as for the general maintenance and minor repairs of the facilities in our school. In fact, our school was the first school to hold a Cross Country Race in Bishan Park since its official opening on 17 March 2012 according to the National Board Park Manager (Riverine Parks). 

Each PL-Lite had to run 3.2 km inclusive of her 2.4 km NAPFA test. It was indeed a test of the pupils’ resilience to be able to complete the run. The PL Family Race also displayed the sporting spirit of teachers, parents and our EAS staff. They participated in the 2.4km walk/run. The pupils from PLMGS (Pri), our sister school, also had their 1.6 km NAPFA test during the event. 

The Champion House for the Race, Raise & Praise Cross Country Race 2012 was the Archer House and we rejoiced with Archer House for scoring the highest points in the race across the levels. We also wanted to praise God for granting us sunny weather and the smooth completion of the event. 

Pupils' Reflections 
I feel that the cross country event was successful and I am very happy and grateful to have been given the opportunity to be in the planning committee. I feel that the committee had good communication and through this event I have learnt to think on my feet and be more proactive. 
Dione Toh , Sec 3A3, Cross Country Student Committee 

Organising the cross country event has been a great learning experience for me. The effort put in by team was tremendous. All the members in the organising committee helped to contribute to the success of the cross country. I learnt that without good communication, teamwork, punctuality and especially the right attitude, nothing could work. Another learning point was to put others before myself and not be so selfish. I learnt that prioritising was also a skill that I needed to hone and develop. I had toprioritise the activities according to their importance and urgency. Most of the time, when the committee met, it usually clashed with remedial or lunch time. I then had to find a way round this problem, which I eventually did. Thus, I learned problem-solving skills. If I were given another opportunity to organize another event, I would gladly volunteer. 
Chang En En, Sec 4A2, Cross Country Student Committee 

I enjoyed the "togetherness" of this event as it was a partnership not just between PL Sec and PL Pri, but also between the schools and the parents. The parents, staff and pupils were obviously having a great time. I appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices of the organising committee. It was a logistical nightmare. Especially heartwarming for me was to witness how the seniors cheered for their juniors (primary school pupils) in the race. I look forward to more of such events. 
Sandy,? Parent Volunteer (Route Marshall) 

Staff Bonding Day

On 17 April 2012, the staff of PLMGS (Sec) took a break from work and participated in an Ice Cream Making workshop as part of Staff Bonding Day. The staff learnt how to make ice cream together using ingredients like sugar, whipping cream, milk and egg yolk from the trainers of Scoopy’s & Cream. As the staff were put in groups, they had to compete with one another for the title of ‘Most Creative Group’ in terms of presentation, ‘Best Teamwork’ and ‘Best Tasting Ice Cream’. 

After all the fun, the staff were treated to a lunch at the Civil Service Club by the Board of Management. The table games in between lunch allowed the staff to get to know one another better while bonding during the eating and fellowship. Overall, it was a relaxing and eventful day of building the camaraderie amongst the staff. 

Staff's Reflections 
“Learning the process of making ice-cream is such a brilliant idea. My group had a wonderful time making ice-cream together, choosing the flavours we wanted and tasting the flavour and adding more when necessary. We also enjoyed taking turns beating the egg yolk with all the strength we had. 
Mrs Leo SP 

PSSG Dialogue Session 1 – Importance of Values in a Fast Changing World

The Parents-School Support Group (PSSG) organised the first dialogue session for the year on 20 April 2012. Pastor Peter Kohshared on the importance of inculcating the right values to our children. Mrs Geraldine Limpo, on the other hand, touched many hearts with her sincere account on bringing up her children based on Christian values. The event was well attended by parents from both the primary and secondary schools.


After weeks of preparation for the NAPFA test, all PL-Lites took part in all the items required by the NAPFA test except for the 2.4 km run. The 2.4 km run would be conducted as part of the PL Cross Country on 27 April 2012. 

We thank God for blessing the girls with safety through the 2 days of test on 16 and 18 April 2012. The PE Department would also like to thank the teachers for conducting the NAPFA test and the pupils from the Netball Team for rendering their assistance to the teachers. 

Pupils' Reflections 
From the preparation for the NAPFA test, I’ve learnt to persevere, especially in the 2.4km run. We must learn to be resilient even during times of hardship and not give up easily when times get tough. 
Jamie Lim, Secondary 3A2 

After training for this test for so long, I find it becoming easier. I surpassed some of my own expectations and felt happy about it. There is a sense of achievement after the test. 
Tracy Goh, Secondary 3B3

PL Staff receives a surprise gift from PLMC


In Term 1 2012, On 20 April 2012, the school staff received a surprise gift from the Paya Lebar Methodist Church. There was a rose on their table. The teachers as well as the non-teaching staff were pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the gift. 

Ms Jenny Koh, our school’s Christian Ministry Staff, later told us the reason for the surprise gift. “The Church rejoices with everyone in the school for the wonderful EV (External Validation) results and in appreciation for all the hard work everyone has put in for making history,” she said in her email to the staff. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to say a Big Thank You to PLMC.

Harrogate Youth International Festival – Music & Performing Arts, United Kingdom

The London Eye
CIP at the Sunrise House

At Harewood House for a choir and band performance
Tuning for rehearsal at the Ripon Cathedral

Performing at the Ripon Cathedral

Performing at the Opening Ceremony

The Guzheng Ensemble participated in the Harrogate Youth International Festival – Music & Performing Arts in the United Kingdom. They performed at the Grand Opening and Closing Ceremonies at the Royal Hall and were very honoured to receive standing ovations. Other performances were held at the Tea Concert, the Ripon Cathedral and at the Sunrise House for the elderly. 

The pupils were very delighted to participate in a parade. It was an experience for them, seeing the many people lined along the streets of Harrogate clapping in support of the musical and performing groups that formed the parade. 

An invitation to the Mayor’s office where the girls were educated on how the Mayor’s office functions and what entails a Mayor’s duties was a rich learning experience for all. 

Besides Harrogate, the PL-Lites also visited and had fun in Yorkshire and London and they even sat on the London Eye 

Pupils' Reflections 
This was the first trip without my family members and I have learnt to become more independent. I also experienced the love and care of the teachers who were patient in reminding us to be on our best behaviour and to be responsible. 
Hoi Min Shan, Sec 3D1 

The trip was was not just about showcasing our performances at the Royal Hall or the Ripon Cathedral. We received standing ovations for two of our performances but I felt that our best performance was at the Sunrise House in London as we played for the elderly there. Some of the elderly residents were moved to tears by the rendition of our music, especially for the song, “Amazing Grace”. It is my most memorable and enriching experience and I was glad to be able bring joy to them. I have also learnt about the importance of being more proactive and adopting the correct attitude towards tasks given to us during the trip. 
Gionnieve Lim Jia Yu, Sec 3A1 

It was a wonderful experience to be able to share our Guzheng music with countries such as the United Kingdom, Poland, Germany and Canada. I want to thank the school for giving us a chance to make new friends with other performing groups. Performing almost every day had really helped us to gain confidence on stage. I was able to further bond with the members of ourGuzheng Ensemble as we slept, ate, performed, shopped and had fun together. 
Cheong Ming Fang, Sec 2-1 

I am extremely grateful that we had this chance to go beyond the shores of Singapore and to live life in an entirely new environment, learning to be independent and gaining a deeper understanding of cultural differences. 
Mildred Sim Phin, Sec 2-2 

I was very touched by the warmth of the elderly folks at the nursing home in London. They sang along with us when we played “Amazing Grace” and a few of them cried. At that moment, I realised that I must learn to appreciate my family and grandparents before it is too late and not to take them for granted. 
Lien Wan Ning, Sec 4A2

PL P6 Open House

On 21 April 2012, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Sec) organized an Open House for the Primary Six pupils and their parents who were interested to seek admission into the school via Direct School Admission (DSA). 

After the Welcome Address by our Principal, Ms Pamela Yoong, two members of our Staff gave a presentation on the schoolprogrammes to the prospective pupils and their parents. Mrs Selina Lum, Senior Dean, Instructional Programme, presented the school’s Instructional Programme and highlighted on the approach adopted by the school to customise its curriculum to meet the needs of the pupils. Mrs Sharon Tng, Head of Department, Physical Education and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), shared on the school’s CCA Programme as well as the DSA process. 

The sharing was followed by two testimonials, one by a parent whose child is a Secondary 1 pupil at PLMGS (Sec) and another by a current Secondary 1 pupil. Their testimonials are attached in this write-up as follows: 

After their sharing, there was a Question-and-Answer Session. The last segment of the programme was a school tour. During the tour, the parents were able to view the special facilities of the school. More importantly, they were able to observe and understand the activities conducted by the various CCAs in the school.

Ice-cream Treat for the entire School


In Term 1 2012, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Secondary) underwent an external validation conducted by the Ministry of Education. The entire school population was united as one and prepared herself for the validation. The validators were very pleased with what they observed and gave us a glowing report. 

On 18 April 2012, our Principal, Ms Pamela Yoong, shared the good news with the entire school. The Board of Management decided to give all Staff and Pupils a treat of Haagen Dazs ice-cream. 

Here is an email from a pupil of the school expressing her appreciation for the ice-cream treat. 


Dear Ms Yoong, 

I am Cynthia Ng from class 5A2. On behalf of class 5A1 & 5A2, I would like to thank you, the Board of Management and the school for the Haagen Dazs ice-cream treat today. 

I have attached a photo with a few of us having the ice-creams in our hands. Once again, thank you for the treat. 
Cynthia, Secondary 5A2 

Watoto's Concert of HOPE @ PLMGS (Sec)

Dance with gusto and joy 
Our S1 PL-Lites learning how to do the African dance 
The spirt of joy could be felt among the participating audience 
The Watoto Children's Choir 
The sale of merchandise 

PLMGS (Sec) was privileged to have the Watoto Children’s Choir perform at our chapel session on 11 April 2012 (Wednesday) during their second Asia tour. 

Every one of the 22 children and 10 accompanying teachers sang and danced with gusto and joy, beaming with the joy of God. Each and every child has a heartbreaking story to tell and their simple testimonies ministered to the PL-Lites and staff. Their message of love and power of hope in the Lord showed us that our future will be different from our challenging past when we put our faith and confidence in the Lord. 

PL-Lites have shown themselves to be a light to the children by contributing an amazing amount of $6000 from the sale of the home-made African merchandise brought in by the choir for the ministry among these children. 

PLMGS(S) is very proud that our girls not only showered their love and showed support for these children but were also on their best behaviour while watching the choir performance. 

Pupils’ Reflections 
“When they were singing the part where it says, ‘God never forsakes, God never fail, He knows my name’, I felt God's love once again. It was overwhelming that I couldn't stop crying…these children didn't have control of what had happened to them but they were in control when they allowed God into their lives, turning tests into testimonies, trials into triumph! Now, instead of complaining, I’m grateful for the challenges that God gave to me, because He is testing me to make me a better person. ” CaraLoh, 4B2 

“It was wonderful and touching to see the children having so much hope for themselves and their future despite their circumstances. I was brought to tears when I heard each of their personal life stories about how much they have suffered and I also realised how fortunate I am…. I’ve learnt from them that we should never lose hope for God is our strength like no others, and He will always be there for us. ” 
Radiant Chua, 4A3 

“It amazes me how these children managed to stay so cheerful and happy despite their situations and having lost their parents. It really spoke to me about how we should always trust God that He has the best plans for us and that no matter what the circumstances are we must always have a cheerful heart to praise Him!” 
Petrina Ong, 3A1

Youth for the Environment Week 2012

Girls sharing during morning assembly 
Using light and carbon dioxide meters to check light and air quality in the school
Having lessons during no air con fan week
Debate on pros and cons of reducing waste

16 April marks PL’s commemoration of the Youth for the Environment Day 2012 with a series of activities. 

Mrs Joyce Chong shared the ‘Thought for the week - Be Proactive ’ encouraging pupils to show their love and concern for the environment. The week started with different groups of girls raising awareness about the importance of reducing energy consumption and having less food wastage. This was followed by a "no fan and air-con" period of time every day, a recycling competition and various level competitions. 

The team of girls involved in Project Green Insights also conducted an energy audit with Institute of Technical Education College East and found out more about the environment in school. This year, the Youth for the Environment theme is "I think. I act. I care", encouraging youths to lead the green movement, and, with these activities in place, our very own PL-Lites took the lead to think and show with actions how they can, in their own circle of influence, care about the Earth. 

Pupils’ Reflections 
We learnt many important lessons concerning our environment including a new perspective towards our destructive ways to Earth. Buildings have very high energy consumption plus carbon dioxide emission. Being pupils in a school, each of us has a responsibility to reduce the above. Thus, we should be more proactive and aware of our environment. We also made use of new technologies, such as data-loggers for carbon dioxide levels and brightness levels to aid in the analysis of our energy consumption. The data collected will be most useful to improve our school environmentally, and help to achieve our green goals of moving one step closer to saving the Earth. We persevered and managed to win first overall and best environmental team. 
Kimberly Kiong, Nicole Yip & Beverly Yeap, Sec 3A1 

We have learnt that protecting the earth is not only an individual’s effort but everyone's. We should do our best to protect the earth because it is a place that we all live in. There were various ways where we learnt to prevent global warming. We can be environmentally friendly by preventing wastage of electricity and at the same time, help to save on our electric bill in school. All in all, it was a learning experience to take home and help PL move towards higher achievement for the Green Mark Award. 
Deirdra Ong & Faye Ho, Sec 3A3