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September 2010

3rd Quarterly Updates on Parents-School Support Group (PSSG)

Ms Pamela Yoong addressing the partners of PL Parents' Conference
Parents sharing at Breakfast Bonding

Breakfast Bonding Session

The PSSG organised a Breakfast Bonding Session for the stay home mums. The title of the Breakfast Bonding talk was “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Is the Hand That Rules the World”. It was a wonderful opportunity for the stay home mums to interact and share with each other. Non-working mothers and mothers who worked from home learned about the challenges of and the skills to balance the demands from family, home and work. 

PL Parents' Conference 3 
On 13 September Ms Pamela Yoong, Principal of PLMGS (Sec) had a meeting with the partners of the above-mentioned conference. The partners include representatives from the North-East Community Development Centre, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, Republic Polytechnic and PLMGS(S) PSSG. Held on 5 March 2011, the theme of the conference would be “Leaving a Legacy of Love”.

Leadership, Citizenship and Self-Management – The PL Model for Character Education


Character development is at the heart of education in PLMGS. Our commitment to character development is articulated in the school’s vision of “developing women of fine character with a passion for life and learning”. 

On 2 Sep 2010, Mrs Emily Jacob, Ms Gan Lay Leng, Mr Desmond Pang, Mr Lee Wei-te, Ms Pearl Lee and Mrs Diana Ho attended a sharing session on good practices in character and citizenship education at Ngee Ann Secondary School. The sharing session was organized by the East Zone Centre of Excellence for Character and Citizenship Education for fellow practioners from the East zone schools. The PL teachers shared on how we seek to cultivate every PL-Lite into confident individuals, passionate learners, active citizens and inspired leaders with the right values and attitudes in life.