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October 2010

Learning Journey – Visit to the Science Centre

Showing their cotton buds that tested positive for blood
Performing blood identification and analysis
Studying hair colour and patterns
2 groups trying out chromatography and fingerprint analysis

78 Secondary 3 pupils participated in an exciting and highly educational exhibition – CSI: The Experience , at the Science Centre on 25 Oct 2010. This exhibition has toured the world over and has received very positive reviews by educators and the public. 

CSI: The Experience is an interactive exhibition designed to educate pupils about forensic processes, procedures and technology. At the exhibit, our pupils investigated a “real” crime scene and interact via video with favourite characters from the hit television show as well as with real-life forensic experts. 

Prior to the crime scene investigation, our pupils took part in a one-hour workshop. They learnt through experiments about blood analysis including blood spatter analysis, the power of observation and hair analysis, chemical analysis and chromatography; and how fingerprints are lifted and analysed. 

then used the process of scientific inquiry to identify and analyse evidence at the crime scene using different science disciplines. They formulated hypotheses about the crime, validated and communicated the results of their evidence based on the scientific evidence 

Pupils' Reflections 
Through this trip, I have gained more knowledge of how CSI agents work in order to solve cases as well as their thought sequences to obtain evidence so as to arrest the criminal in the shortest period of time. It was unforgettable as it was very interesting to actually experience being a ‘CSI agent’ and gather incriminating evidence to lead me to the ‘criminal’ .The trip was beneficial as I now know what goes on behind the scene. Some of us are even considering a career in the police force in the future! 
Sarah Heng 3A2 

I think that the CSI Experience was a fun and enriching trip. We were given opportunities to look for evidence, test blood samples and use paper chromatography to test on different pen inks, etc. We were also given cases with different crime scenes to work on and I enjoyed using the computers and applying different techniques to try and solve the cases. I learnt that it was not easy and that every piece of evidence found is important. It was a very beneficial trip and I believe that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did. 
Jean Ong 3A2 

The CSI exhibition was really interesting and fun! From this exhibition, we learned many new skills and the most interesting part is how CSIs actually do their work and use clues to find out the main cause of crimes. The exhibition was about hands-on activities and we had fun experiencing different kind of techniques. Many of this skills, we might not learn in the near future and it was really amazing to learn so much new facts. All in all, it was a memorable and educational trip. 
Chanel Tan 3A2

Materials Extreme Workshop

At one of the laboratories
Trying out the process of glass cutting
Special footwear had to be worn  in some of the laboratories

15 pupils from Secondary 3A2 participated in the Materials Extreme workshop organised by the Singapore Polytechnic School of Chemical Life Sciences on 20 Oct 2010. They learnt about the process of making a dye-sensitised solar cell. With this cell, energy from the sun can be converted to useful energy such as electricity. 

Our pupils also had a glimpse of various science laboratories at the polytechnic such as the Advanced Materials Technology Centre and the Technology Centre for Nanofabrication and Materials. 

Pupils' Reflections 
The learning journey to Singapore Polytechnic Materials Extreme was a remarkable and fun-filled experience as we learnt how the polytechnic students made small solar cells to obtain the best results in absorbing sunlight. We also visited the laboratory to observe how experiments were conducted with different equipment. This learning journey helped us to broaden our knowledge and understanding of solar cells. This trip was made even more enjoyable as we were able to bond with our schoolmates and find out interesting facts together. 
Sarah Heng 3A2 

The trip to the Singapore Polytechnic allowed us to learn new things and gain new insights. It also allowed us to get a feel of Poly life and how different their laboratories are from PL. I think that the hand-on activity, trying to break the glass is the most interesting as it's something we can not learn in class. All together, this experience was a fun and engaging one. 
Chanel Tan 3A2

Service Learning trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Interaction with the children in Andong Village
Lunch served to 120 children
Conducting lessons in the Methodist School of Cambodia
The UG Cambodia team 2010

In October 2010, a team of 15 pupils from the three Uniformed Groups (Girls’ Brigade, National Police Cadet Corps and St John Brigade), 2 teachers and 2 adult volunteers embarked on a Service Learning trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. During the 5-day journey from 20 Oct to 24 Oct 2010, we had a meaningful time in Andong village, the Methodist School of Cambodia (MSC) and Community Outreach Services – Immanuel Children’s Village (COSI). 

In Andong Village, we cooked lunch for 120 children, conducted station games and assisted the teachers in English conversational lessons. It was tough for us to adapt to the new environment as we had to step out of our comfort zones to interact with the children. Thanks to contributions from the PL family, we donated old clothes and essentials such as milk powder and biscuits to the village. 

In the Methodist School of Cambodia (MSC), we conducted English, Mathematics, Physical Education and Healthy Living lessons. We had some difficulty initially due to the language barrier but we managed to adapt. 

Last but not least, in the Community Outreach Services – Immanuel Children’s Village (COSI), we helped to decorate their hall which is used for devotion and church service. We also farmed with the children and learnt how to cultivate farmland that can yield food all year round. We tapped on our own knowledge and taught the children simple first aid skills, organised a talent night-cum-campfire special as well as the Sunday School children’s programme. 

All of us, including the teachers, felt that we were more blessed than the people we reached out to because we were touched by their appreciation for simple things and their enthusiasm in learning. It was a very memorable experience for all of us! 
Written by: Zina Ng, 3B4 

Pupils' Reflections 
Seeing how carefree the AndongVillage children are and how they live with whatever they have, I feel that I have taken what I have for granted. I really want to help these people fight poverty. 
Sunita Devi, 2.3 (NPCC) 

Throughout the trip, I have learnt to show the HEART values. I also had time to reflect on my own character and to improve myself. The Cambodians may be less fortunate than us, but their values and attitudes are something which we should learn.. Overall, this has been an enriching and memorable trip and the experience gained makes me want to go back again. 
Rebecca Sim Yi Pei, 3B2 (GB) 

I saw the lives of people who are less fortunate and this has taught me to be thankful for what I have. The children can be happy with very small things like the windmills which we brought from PL. They also have a positive attitude towards life and education which we should learn from. I also have seen how people like Pastor Francis try to improve the lives of the Cambodians, changing lives for the better. I feel we should be more satisfied with our environment and the things which are given to us. 
Koh Shin-In, Sarah, 2.2 (SJAB)

94th Founder’s Day

94th Founder’s Day Service at the Agape Concert Hall
Our special guests, Bishop Dr Robert Solomon and Mrs Lee Siew Choo
PL Primary girls performing a special rope skipping item
Bishop and Assoc Professor Hum, Chairman of the Board of Management unveiling the plaque at ISH

This year we celebrated the 94th Founder’s Day with a big difference. One major highlight of the celebration was the dedication of the PLMGS Indoor Sports Hall (ISH). 

Ms Yoong wanted the celebration to be special and inclusive. For the first time, the dedication ceremony was beamed ‘live’ via CCTV to the Agape Concert Hall and the School Hall, where the main congregation was seated. 

Bishop Dr Robert Solomon, Bishop of the Methodist Church and Mrs Lee Siew Choo, our former Principal, were special guests for the day. Board members of the school were also present for the occasion. 

The dedication ceremony of the ISH, conducted by the Bishop, was augmented by a special performance by the PL Primary pupils who skipped and danced their way into the hearts of those who watched them. 

Certainly, PL is God’s special school. Together, we will ‘Look up, Lift up’. To God be the Glory! 

Pupils' Reflections 
On Founder’s Day, I was part of the Guard of Honour contingent to welcome PL’s special guests, Bishop Dr Robert Solomon and Mrs Lee Siew Choo to the school. It was a great privilege and honour to serve the school in this area as part of the NPCC. 

Our Primary 6 sisters came over to join us for the celebration. It was a joy to see them and to celebrate with them. Having come from PL Primary, the presence of our Primary 6 sisters on this special occasion has indeed brought back many of my memories of my years in PL. I hope that they will choose to join the Secondary school after they have completed their PSLE to continue their education. 

As a PL-Lite, I am most happy to be a part of PL and to celebrate Founder’s Day. It is more than just a date on the calendar, it is a day of memories, love and thankfulness for God’s richest blessing for PL. 
Jessica Koh, Sec 3A3 

Being able to be back in PL to give the Valediction speech on our 94th Founder’s Day is definitely an honour and blessing from the Lord. Coming back home to share my experiences with my sisters-in-Christ as a senior and a big sister is a wonderful experience and moment for me. Most importantly, it was a joyous occasion to be able to catch up and meet up with my teachers who played a part in my development as a person. It is my prayer that the PL family will continue to grow with the Lord who will bless our school abundantly. To God be all glory! 
Valerie Wang, Head Prefect, 4A3, 2009