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November 2010

A Taste of ACE

Participants listening intently to the Geography teachers
Participants eagerly looking at a Science magic demonstration

A Taste of ACE aims to provide an opportunity for our Primary 6 sisters from PLMGS (Primary) to experience classes in the Accelerated & Enhanced Learning (ACE) programme. On 8 and 9 November, 19 pupils from PLMGS (Primary) were invited to attend English Drama, Science, Mathematics and Geography lessons. Some of these lessons were conducted by pupils from ACE Science and ELDDS. The participants found the 2-day programme interesting, enriching and engaging. Through the 2-day programme, the participants also felt that they better understood what the ACE programme offers. 

Pupils' Reflections 
I felt the event was a success as I could see that the primary school pupils really enjoyed themselves. Also, through the experiments we conducted, I feel the Primary 6 (P6) girls have learnt a lot. The secondary school pupils also had a great time teaching and learning while teaching the P6 girls. Through this event, I have learnt more about Physics through the different experiments we conducted. It is through conducting the experiment that I learn the rationale behind the experiment. In particular, I have learnt more about the Vann de Graff Generator and how it works. I have also learnt that we must be committed and be passionate about our tasks for the event to succeed. To give our best, I feel that we have to overcome the nervousness we feel when talking to a group of people that we are not familiar with. Only when we are confident, will we be able to communicate well with the P6s. 
Seet Seow Hwee (S2-1) 

Through the process of teaching the primary school girls, I found myself learning from them. I also learnt to be more confident in speaking and sharing in front of a crowd. I learnt to keep my composure and not be nervous while speaking. 
Radiant Chua Min Hui (S2-1) 

The event was really meaningful especially the part where we shared about our experiences with the PL primary pupils. Through this event, I have learnt to share my views more openly and be more confident about presentation. I had to overcome my stage fright to give the presentation but I am glad that I had shared my experiences with my juniors. 
Sophia Choo Hui Jia (S2-1)