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GCE N-Level 2020

Release of GCE N-Level Results 2020

Please see hyperlink for slides shared during the release of 2020 GCE N-Level Results:

In Praise and Thanksgiving
A total of 75 Sec 4 N(A) girls and 25 Sec 4N(T) girls sat for the GCE N-Level examinations in 2020. They worked hard and were loved and supported by their families and the teachers. We give thanks to God for His blessings upon our girls.

Their hard work paid off and we achieved the following outcomes -

  • 93.3% of the Sec 4 N(A) students are eligible for Sec 5 N(A) (National 77.7%)
  • 49.3% of the Sec 4 N(A) students qualified for Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) (Open to top 15% of the national N(A) cohort)
  • 93.3% of the Sec 4 N(A) students qualified for Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP) (Open to top 30% of national N(A) cohort)
  • 100% of Sec 4N(T) students are eligible for ITE

Sharing our Success Stories

Breaking Boundaries
– from the NA Course,  PHUA JIA XIN AMY (Sec 4.8)
Picture 1.png

Having limitations in fine motor skills since she was a child, Amy has had concerns with coordination which leads to her taking a longer time to complete a piece of work. However, despite her challenges, Amy has never allowed her difficulties to affect her studies. She has always shown determination to produce quality work each time she completed an assignment. She diligently pays attention in class so as to give herself the best chance of learning, then seeks to apply this learning in full, actively clarifying any doubts with her teachers.

Amy doesn’t believe in using her physical limitations as an excuse. When learning how to plot graphs in Mathematics, she struggled with the use of tools to produce a smooth curve. Undaunted, she conscientiously practised and sought advice to improve in her drawing skills. Amy’s pursuit of academic excellence against the backdrop of her physical issues has brought her consistently good performance in her school assessments and she was placed on the Dean's List - Academic Excellence in 2019. In the same year, she was also awarded the Edusave Scholarship, given to the top 10% of each level and stream. Amy also achieved the top marks in her level for Mathematics in 2019.

A joyful student, Amy exudes thankfulness in her daily life. She is fully appreciative of the friendships formed in class, and is especially grateful to her teachers for guiding and supporting her. As a Class Monitor, Amy always approached her tasks and duties with a smile. In recognition of her contributions and fine role-modelling, Amy was placed on the Dean’s List – Character in 2020.

Amy’s positivity and willingness to overcome difficulties that she faced makes her a good role model for her peers. In particular, her strength in her pursuit of excellence while never complaining or grumbling stands her in good stead for her future as she has shown the ability to face difficulties head-on and still succeed. Her one piece of advice for her juniors was this – “Do not give up and always keep trying even if you face challenges.” Aptly put Amy!

Overcoming all Odds
– from the NT Course , RACHEL CHENG SHU EN (Sec 4.9)

Picture 2.png

Rachel was first diagnosed with medulloblastoma at the young age of 6 months, and had a tumors removed from her brain. Her growing up years were filled with experimental chemotherapies, neurosurgeries, the discovery of more tumors and ovarian fibroma at the age of 14. Despite the many hospital visits, Rachel has always tried to keep up with her studies and the lessons she has missed. She proved to be tenacious, determined and always had a heart that showed concern for others and participated actively in serving the community for which she was awarded the Dean’s List Character Award in 2019. With the support of her teachers and friends, Rachel proved to be resilient and embraced her identity as a girl who is conquering cancer.

She remained steadfast and always persevered in her academics despite her condition and was awarded the Edusave Good Progress Award in 2019. Rachel has always strived for excellence and after being influenced by her older brother, she aspires to study videography and improve her music production and storytelling skills. Eventually, she aspires to find a career that marries her love of travel and foreign languages.

Rachel is grateful and thankful to the school leaders, teachers, school counsellors and Christian Ministry staff who have always taken time out to enquire about her well-being, encouraged her when she was struggling and went beyond their call to look after her.

From a young age, Rachel has been inflicted by numerous setbacks in life but she has remained undaunted. Rachel is someone who is an inspiration to all of us. As she received her results, a clearly emotional Rachel had this advice for her juniors, “Don’t be stressed or your body will breakdown. Listen to music that relaxes you and do not study at the last minute.” Very good advice, Rachel!

Celebrating the Success of our Students in the N-Level Course

(a) Cohort Achievements for the 2020) Students in the 4N(A) Course
  • 8 out of 12 subjects with 100% passes.
  • MOE no longer compares National Passes per subject

We would like to celebrate the efforts of the following students who have done especially well for the GCE N(A) Examination.

Picture 3.png

We rejoice with Tok Zi Qi Joycelyn, for being the Top Student in the N(A) Course

We rejoice with the following top performing girls.

Picture 4.png

Picture 5.png

Picture 6.png

Picture 7.png

Picture 8.png

(b) Cohort Achievements for the Students for the 2020 Students in the 4N(T) Course
5 out of 8 subjects with 100% passes.

Picture 9png.png

We rejoice with Ang Xin Ling, for being the Top Student in the N(T) Course

We congratulate all our graduands and wish them all the best as they move on from PL’s sheltering walls. Praise to be God for all the good results!

We thank God for His blessings and His faithfulness to our school.