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Education and Career Guidance

In the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world today, we see new developments in the educational landscapes, new emerging occupations and changes in the issues and challenges that one may face in the workplace. Hence it is important to help our students develop the career and workplace readiness skills like multimedia and social skills in order to navigate the evolving landscape. Being proactive, resilient and adaptive are also crucial.

PL follows the MOE Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Development Model which focuses on helping our students find meaningful work that aligns to their self-determined goals and aspirations. Once they discover purpose in their work, motivation for learning comes, which promotes mind-sets with future orientation. Age-appropriate career development activities are planned to help our students go through the different stages of career awareness, career exploration and career planning.

Career Awareness: enhance awareness and understanding of self and the world
Career Exploration: enable them to explore viable education and career options
Career Planning: make informed decisions and develop plans to achieve their career aspirations.

Key ECG Messages


What's New?

Early Admission Exercise 
“To support admission policies that take into account broader measures of abilities beyond examination results, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will expand aptitude-based admissions and discretionary admissions for polytechnics and universities, said Ong Ye Kung, the Acting Education Minister for Higher Education & Skills on Friday (Apr 8).”

For the news article on Early Admission Exercise, please click here .

Skill Future

For more information on SkillsFuture, please click here .

Key Programmes / Activities for PL-Lites

Secondary 1: iDiscover
– Who am I? (Building Awareness)


Main focus: 

Discover of students’ values, interests, personalities, 

ECG lessons: 

Who am I? 
Work S.M.A.R.T 
Career families (12 sectors) 

Key Programmes:
Learning journey to Lifelong Learning Institute

Main focus: 

Initial stage of career aspiration 

ECG lessons: 

Awareness of career personality types 
Drawing connections between subjects and jobs 
Choice of subject combinations and 
post-secondary options 
Factors influencing education and career choices using the Career Decision Wheel 

Key Programmes: 

Use of RIASEC code, eCareer portal and Career Wheel to discover self and explore possible career 
Sec 3 Subject Combination talks for Secondary 2 students and their parents
Secondary 2: iAspire
– Where am I going? (Career Exploration)

Secondary 3: iInfluence
– Where am I going? (Career Exploration),
– How do I get there? (Career Planning)


Main focus: 

Development of important career skills and attributes 

ECG lessons: 

Transferable skills 
Interview skills 
Understanding of career interest profile 
Reality testing of tentative choices 

Key Programmes: 

Work Experience Programme 
Advanced Elective Modules / Elective Modules 
in Polytechnic / ITE
Main focus: 

Making decision on Post-Secondary Options 

ECG lessons: 

Exploring post-secondary educational options 
Career trends 
Clarification of interest and abilities 
Resume writing 

Sec 5 – Exploring post-secondary educational 

Sec 5 – Staying on task 

Key Programmes: 

ECG conference 
Post-Secondary Educational Institution Fair 
Polytechnic / Junior College / ITE talks 
Sec 4NA/NT - Advanced Elective Modules / 
Elective Modules in Polytechnic / ITE
Secondary 4/5: iInspire
– How do I get there? (Career Planning)



Work Experience Programme

Secondary 3 students will be given the opportunity to be attached to an organization, or to follow their parents to work during the November/December holidays for the Work Experience Programme. Through this programme, students will gain real life working experience, learning more about the essential skills, values and attitudes needed in the workplace.

Pathway for Students through GCE O-Level


More Information:

Pathway for Students through GCE Normal (Academic) Level


More Information:

Our Normal Academic (NA) students have various pathways to take after they graduate from secondary school. These pathways are specially designed to cater to students with different interests, aptitudes and learning styles. In addition to pursuing GCE O-Level at Secondary 5 or the two-year Nitec programme at the Institute of Education (ITE), NA students have two more pathways to choose from.

The two new pathways are as follows:
1. One-year Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) at the polytechnics
2. Two-year Direct Entry Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP) at the ITE

Please click here for more information on the Through-Train Pathways for NA students.

Pathway for Students through GCE 'NT' Level


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MySkillsFuture Student Portal - Support for Our Students
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Choosing one's education or career path is one of the most important yet difficult decisions to make. Students need to be able to make well-informed choices by talking to their parents, teachers and school counsellor about their education and career aspirations. They can also explore and gather information via the MOE Education and Career Guidance e-portal at https://www.myskillsfuture.sg/secondary

skillsfuture main.png

For parents who would like to find out more about MySkillsFuture portal, please click here.