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March 2010

East Zone Inter-School Badminton Championships

The School Badminton Team took part in the East Zone Inter-School Badminton Championships in the months of February - March 2010. Both teams played very well and did the school proud. The ‘B’ Division team led by Captain Peh Xue Qi, Nigelina (Sec 4A2) and Vice-Captain Foo Xing Wen, Melissa (Sec 3A2) emerged 2nd runner-up while the ‘C’ Division team led by Captain Ng Yon Mei (Sec 2-7) and Vice-Captain Maria Sofia Alava Limpo (Sec 2-2) emerged 1st runner up in the zonal competitions. The Badminton team would like to thank all teachers and fellow schoolmates for their unwavering support and encouragement. 

Our Sec 2 pupils at Victoria School supporting the ‘C’ division team.

The ‘B’ and ‘C’ division team after the prize presentation ceremony.


Our vision and goal are to instill in our pupils a love for music by creating a vibrant environment which enables all pupils to cultivate an awareness and appreciation for music. 
The music curriculum focuses on cultivating and developing our pupils’ skills and knowledge in music by providing them with direct experiences in Singing, Listening and Music-Making. 
In line with the school’s thrust of developing a child’s character, the department promoted the learning of playing instruments like the Angklung, recorder, chime bars, boom whackers, ukuleles and Orff instruments during curriculum time. 
To stretch pupils’ learning beyond the classroom, the Music department also provided opportunities for pupils to attend musicals and concerts for exposure and a more holistic outlook towards music. 
In order to keep abreast of the latest trends and practices in music education and provide music teachers with fresh perspectives on music education, the school encouraged all music teachers to attend music workshops and courses.
A spiral music curriculum is adopted through the use of the selected music textbooks which aim to expose pupils to musical concepts and experiences that are built upon each year, in the six years of primary education. On top of the spiral music curriculum, the Music department planned a series of musical activities to achieve our vision to provide a vibrant environment where an awareness and appreciation for music could be cultivated in the pupils.  
These activities were designed to achieve the targets set in alignment with developing our school’s Strategic Thrust 4 – Excellence in Sports & Aesthetics. Formative Assessments from Primary 1 to Primary 3 were also in place to provide a holistic evaluation of pupils’ musical abilities.

Cluster Music Workshop

A cluster full-day music workshop was conducted at Clementi Primary School on 5 July 2013. The participants were teachers from the west clusters of schools such as W1, W2 and W5. This workshop was conducted by teachers who have been selected as STAR Champions to represent their cluster schools. They were from W1: Mr Tan Kim Keat (Clementi Primary School), Mr Tan Seng Thye (Yuhua Primary School), from W2: Ms Charmaine Sng (De Lasalle School), Mdm Chang Mei Cheng (Yew Tee Primary School) and from W5: Ms Mavis Tan (Nanyang Primary School) and Mr Loo Teng Kiat (Zhenghua Primary School). 
The objectives of the workshop were to provide a platform for teachers in the West Zone to collaborate and learn from one another by focussing on student-centric principles as well as fostering 21st century competencies and student outcomes.
Cluster Music Workshop 1 Cluster Music Workshop 2 Cluster Music Workshop 3

Mr Loo sharing with the participants the dance movements for a song by Cee Lo Green.

Our W1 and W5 participants with full focus on the hand movements in preparation for a dance.

Another group working to create layers of music using the poem ‘Panda’s Toe’.


Cluster Music Workshop 4 Cluster Music Workshop 5 Cluster Music Workshop 6

One group discussing the set of melody and rhythms to be played.

W2 STAR Champions, Mdm Chang and Miss Charmaine Sng in a discussion with the participants.

Both Mr Tans (in red) demonstrating hand movements for “Sorida – Part 2” while the participants imitated them.

Aesthetics Week

Since 2011, Aesthetics Week has been a yearly highlight for pupils as they look forward to a week’s long of aesthetics activities involving music, dance and art to deepen their appreciation for the arts. 
Jazz was the way to go at this year’s Aesthetics Week as pupils were treated to a live jazz performance by professional Jazz band, High Notes, during Monday’s assembly on 20 May 2013.   Pupils went ecstatic over High Notes as the band introduced and demonstrated five jazz styles using familiar songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and What A Wonderful World. 
The week’s Aesthetics enrichment activities also centred on the theme of jazz, including Street Jazz and Latin Jazz dance, Jazz singing and digital music conducted by external vendors for the Primary Threes, Fours and Fives. The Primary Ones and Twos enjoyed an hour long of singing and dancing with in-house instructors, Ms Judith Sim and Mr Tan Kim Keat. Pupils also spent part of their recesses painting their own coasters in celebration of the Aesthetics Week.  
It was a real treat for all the pupils as they painted and created with their hands, sang their hearts out and boogied to jazz tunes – Jazz the way they would!
Aesthetics 1

Singing to the jazz styles is professional Jazz band, High Notes. 

Aesthetics 2

How big is the double bass actually?

Aesthetics 3

The Primary Fours learning how to create music digitally!

Aesthetics 4

Designing and painting their own coasters during recess!

Aesthetics 5

The Primary Fives at their street jazz dance segment!

Primary 1 Music

Pupils in their tender years – first year in primary school – work on singing, movements and playing of non-pitched percussion instruments such as triangles, castanets, claves and tambourines just to name a few. 
The Primary 1 pupils were taught to sing the National Anthem and the school song with correct pronunciation and to the right tune at the beginning of school. They also learnt to sing National Day songs as part of the school’s National Education programme.
In the later part of the second semester, pupils were taught to play the boomwhackers, a set of tuned plastic percussion tubes of varied lengths, which produce pitches when struck together on the floor or against any hard surface. Teachers would select notes for each group such that short and simple tunes could be played as a class. Pupils are then assessed in their playing of boomwhackers as well as singing and hand signs of solfege for the year.
P1 Music 1 P1 Music 2 P1 Music 3

 P1/7 pupils using hand signs and singing the solfege of a tune before playing the boomwhackers.

 Tubes up! Boomwhackers ready to play the tune!

 One of the music lessons where pupils are taught to do movements as they sing a song “Ram Sam Sam”.


Primary 2 - Rattling Angklungs

Since 2009, CTP Music Department has been developing our very own in-house Angklung enrichment module specially for our Primary Twos. Resources such as videos, PowerPoint slides, lesson plans, introductory notes, drills and formative assessment rubrics were put together and piloted over a two-year period. Music teachers have also been trained to conduct this module.  
An 8-week module, the Primary Twos view famous Angklung performances online, learn how to handle and care for the Angklungs, listen to one another and play as an ensemble songs like Do Re Mi and Edelweiss from the Sound of Music. 
With training, the Primary Twos are able to play the Angklung like a professional!

Primary 3 - Melody chimes bar 

The Chimes bar program in primary 3 spans about a term where the pupils will learn the correct technique in playing chimes bar, music element like pitch and rhythm,  F  and G major scale and its accidental. The pupils will learn to be a team player as they are exposed to group activities. They would also learn to accept difference and respect diversity through the introduction of world music. By the end of the program, they would be able to play Chan Mali Chan, Planting rice and the more we get together on chimes bar. Finally, the pupils will be assessed based on structure, creativity and ensemble skills. 
P3 Melody 1Mr Tan guiding the pupils to play a tune on the chime bars. P3 Melody 2The chime bars galore! Can you identify the three different types of chime bars in this picture?
P3 Melody 3Focus is necessary to play the chime bars well. P3 Melody 4

Let's play the tune on the chime bars together!

Primary 4 - Ukulele 

The Primary 4 Ukulele program lasted for about 8 weeks (from Term 1 to Term 2 2013). The children learnt about the basics of Ukulele like its basic strumming pattern, different parts of ukulele and its function; correct holding techniques, C major scales chords and basic music elements like rhythm and pitch. In the time range of 8 weeks, they were able to play two songs on their ukuleles by strumming the chords such as C, F and Am chords. The two songs were “Aloha ‘Oe” and “Just the Way You Are”.  They sang the songs with strumming accompaniment on the instrument. Finally, they were assessed informally by the teachers based on basic mastery of chord strumming techniques and musicality.
P4 Ukulele 1gtrgPupils preparing for their ukulele lesson. P4 Ukulele 2"We are ready to perform on our ukuleles!!!”

P4 Ukulele 3

The girls were all smiles as they displayed their talents at the chime bars.

P5 Music Programme Write-up

The P5 pupils were given opportunities to play on various instruments such as the bongo drums, cajon and chimes bars. Using these and other instruments, the pupils learnt to create and perform their own music for their classmates. They were also exposed to beat boxing. 
In line with the school’s mission to provide a holistic education for the students, the Music Department coordinated its programme with the English Department. The P5 pupils had previously read ‘Charlotte’s Web’ for their Literature programme in Term 1 and now had opportunity to watch it as a musical drama, held at the Republic Polytechnic on 20 May 2013. The pupils found it relevant, interesting and entertaining.
P5 Music Programme 1

Practising the rhythm first

P5 Music Programme 2

Figuring out the notes and the melody on the chimes bars

P6 Music Write up

As a follow-up to Primary 5 learning of the xylophone, the Primary 6 pupils are taught more advanced skills like playing pop songs on xylophones or the chime bars before learning basic piano chords. Selected pop songs suitable for the pupils would be sung as a class during music lessons as part of the introduction to pop music. The pupils are also revising music concepts and elements through listening, improvising and composing activities. To enhance their creativity and expressive capacities, music teachers challenged pupils to compose lyrics based on this year’s theme “Many Stories, One Singapore” in collaboration with National Day celebration.  
P6 Music Writeup

2nd PL Parents’ Conference

Held on 27 March, PL Parents’ Conference 2010 was the second of a series three annual conferences initiated by PLMGS(S) in collaboration with its Parents-School Support Group to address and tackle the challenges and issues faced by parents today. 

Ms Denise Phua, MP for Jalan Besar GRC was the Guest of Honour. Our keynote speaker was Mr Jeffrey Goh who was also a workshop speaker on the topic of ‘The Joy of Family’. His keynote speech was not only informative but also humourous which drew much laughter from the audience. Other topics and speakers included ‘Teaching Values Through Humour’ by Mr George Ong, ‘Charting Your Family’s Road Map’ by Dr Foo Fung Fong, ‘Engaging The Family In Sexuality and Social and Emotional Issues’ by Ms Amy Ser, ‘Dads for Life’ by Mr Jason Wong, ‘Different Gems Different Shine’ by Mrs Chua Yen Ching, and a Youth Workshop: Loving Me Loving You by Mrs Stella Koh-Tan. 

A total of 385 participants attended the conference and enjoy the various workshop session. 

Ms Denise Phua presenting tokens of appreciation to our keynote speaker
A group photo of all the presenters with Ms Yoong
Ms Chua, Principal of Northlight sharing beautiful gems with participants
Youths learning alongside parents 

Tehillim II

Mr Jerry Ong, conducting the Junior Ensemble
Mr Gaspar and the Senior Ensemble
Belting out a self-composed song are Amanda Chong and Niki Lee (4A1)
A dramatic end to a fantastic concert with 'Mission Impossible'

On 26 March, PL’s Guitar Ensemble held its second concert, Tehillim II. It was a rewarding and memorable experience for all of us, and we would like to thank Mrs Marian Chia, our Guest of Honour, for gracing this very special event. 

The senior ensemble performed five songs, along with an unexpected encore item which awed the audience. The item was a skit which accompanied the song ‘Mission Impossible’. Alyssa P’ng, Santine Pillay and our very own instructor, Mr Michael Gaspar starred in this skit! Our junior ensemble made a debut, entertaining the audience with two lively songs, ‘Mama Mia’ and ‘Happy Together’. Our guest performers, the guitar ensemble from St. Gabriels’ Secondary School, put up an excellent performance of ‘Ai no Kurashi’ (Life with love) and a jazzy tune entitled ‘Girl from Ipanema’. 

Tehillim II has provided a platform for our members to showcase their talent and passion for music through performing in duets and ensembles. We thank the Lord for blessing us with his goodness and for providing us with the strength to push on and practice hard for this concert. Lastly, we would also like to thank our teachers, families and friends for supporting us and making Tehillim II a blast!
Yuka Kamamoto, Sec 4A3

PL Triathlon 2010

25 March 2010 marked the day of PL’s very own and unique Triathlon! PL’s inaugural triathlon was definitely the way to begin Term 2 with a bang. Four houses coming together to compete, expending maximum effort whilst engaging in friendly competition, exemplifies the true meaning of sports and sportsmanship. 

With the Youth Olympic Games in mind, PL organised this event in hope of providing opportunities for Pl-Lites to take part in competitive sports events as well as to demonstrate perseverance and resilience through these physical challenges - which is in line with our school values. To add PL’s very own flavour to this special event, skipping was put in place of cycling. The three events were skipping, running and swimming involving almost everyone – the pupils from the Lower Sec, Upper Sec and, even the Upper Primary pupils. 

Being the pioneer in hosting such an adventurous event, PL did not anticipate the success it enjoyed. PL’s inaugural triathlon was a successful one due to meticulous and early planning which started as early as February. The sports committee, comprising a group of girls from both the sports groups and other CCAs, gathered together with a mission to make it a success. The sports committee’s diligence, cooperation and effort, coupled with the help of other student leaders and the guidance of the teachers, the triathlon turned out to be a fun-filled event that truly embodied PL. 

Chew House Enthusiam
Dodsworth Mascot - The Spongebob
Friendship of Lee House
Spirit of Excellence
Secondary Champion - Lee House
Overall Champion - Chew House

Pupils’ Reflections 

Personally, I think PL’s first triathlon is definitely a success. I believe that all the pupils enjoyed this event and everyone had a great time. 

If you did not compete in an individual event, you would have participated in a mass event. If you were unwell for the mass events, you would have cheered for the house. There was something for everyone to do and that is why I feel that this year’s sports day was a great success. 

I’m proud to be a member of the sports committee. I felt proud to wear the sports committee shirt and to tell people about the triathlon. I’m sure the whole sports committee feels this way too. 

At the start of this worthwhile commitment, we were given a task to set two goals we wished to reach. Upon review, I am contented that I have met both my objectives. Firstly, I have forged new friendships and, secondly I have performed my role to my fullest potential by helping the other various sub-committees as well. 
Blossom Tan, Sec 3A1 

It was an honour to be part of the organising committee of Sports Day 2010. Being the first triathlon that PL had ever had, we had to plan the event right from the scratch. There were many factors and minor details to consider. At first, it was a challenge for most of us, being new to organising such an event. However, as a team, we helped one another along the way and managed to solve the various problems. The teachers also continually guided us during our planning and I am very grateful for them. This experience will be etched in my memory in PL and I definitely enjoyed myself during the first PL Triathlon 2010. 
Esther Ambrose, Sec 4A2

International Symposium on Water Resources for Secondary Schools

From 22 to 26 March, 4 pupils from PLMGS(S) were selected to represent Singapore to attend the International Water Symposium for Secondary School Students in Nanjing, China. The 4 girls are Deborah Lee and Rachel Koh from Sec 3A4 and Grace Goh and Emily Chng from Sec 3A3. 

The symposium was attended by schools from USA, Germany, South Africa, China and Hong Kong. The girls had the privilege to share with the other delegates Singapore’s journey to become a global hydrohub. Delegates at the symposium were also treated to a taste of the NEWater as the water was given out as part of the presentation. 

Besides the main symposium, the girls also had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape of Nanjing which is a famous historical and cultural city. As the students left Nanjing, they brought home fond memories and priceless lessons gleaned from this experience of a lifetime. 

Pupils’ Reflections 

Upon arrival in Nanjing, China, we were immediately hit by the cold of early spring. The Nanjing Symposium on Water Resource was attended by delegates from the countries China, Hong Kong, Germany, the United States of America, South Africa and of course Singapore! There we made many friends from around the world and learnt about the different cultures and ways of life. In fact, many of them had never heard of Singapore! 

On the first evening, we were treated to a scrumptious dinner which was unique to Nanjing's culture. From bamboo shoots to drunken duck, the Chinese cuisine is very much different from the one that we eat in Singapore. On the second day, we tour the city in the rain and cold. Despite the unfortunate weather, we still had a lot of fun sightseeing the various places of attraction such as the Purple Mountain. The next day was a breathtaking boat ride along a portion of the Yangtze River. We were amazed by the width of the river and how clean it was! We were also pleasantly surprised to hear that a Singapore company was going to set up its business there. 
Rachel Koh, Sec 3A4 

I am very grateful that I have had this wonderful opportunity to represent my country and my school to visit Nanjing. Through this trip i must say that I have learnt a lot about Singapore sustain and manage its water supply. This trip helped to hone my presentation and social skills. This international symposium has allowed me to make friends from all over the world, know more about their culture. After this symposium I realised that i am indeed more proud of Singapore as I realised that it is no mean feat to develop a small island we were back then into a global hydro-hub that we are now. I enjoyed this Nanjing trip a lot and really hope to represent my country in more of these international symposiums in the future. 
Deborah Lee, Sec 3A4 

Going to Nanjing to take part in the symposium was an experience of a lifetime. Being exposed to the issues faced by different countries concerning water and the culture of China was a real eye opener. I enjoyed touring the city of Nanjing and visiting the Nanjing school, I found it enriching to learn how different education in China and Singapore is. Finding new friends from the other countries was enjoyable, and it was interesting to learn about the different countries and share about Singapore as well. Most importantly, I bonded with my team from PL and have grown in self-confidence as well as leadership by going to Nanjing. All in all, I enjoyed representing my school and my country, and above all, bringing glory to God. 
Grace Goh, Sec 3A3 

I’m truly honoured to be able to go on this very prestigious trip to Nanjing to represent Singapore in giving a presentation of our unique Singapore’s water story. Through this trip, I learnt much more than I ever could. Not only did I learn more about other countries’ water stories and Singapore’s water story, I have built up my confidence in speaking in front of the public. This trip is such a memorable and fruitful one because I’ve indeed learnt much more than I ever could from the textbooks. Being able to interact well with other students from other parts of the world is also another challenge for me. And through this trip, I could proudly say that I did communicate well with them and had tons of fun with them. The joy and laughter that we had would be something that I will remember for life! 

In addition, this trip gave me a wider knowledge on the world’s technological advancement. With the different technologies, we could build up a new nation/ world whereby our resources would be used wisely and saved for our future generations. 
Emily Chng, Sec 3A3

Concert Band Trip to Malaysia

During the March holidays, the PL Concert Band embarked on our first overseas trip in five years to Malaysia. We participated in school band exchanges and learnt from bands which are very strong in dynamics and expressions. The highlights of the trip were the day of performance and fun at the outdoor theme park on Genting Highlands. Apart from performing, we also visited Desa Amal Jireh, a community home and interacted with the under-privileged children. 

The 4D3N learning journey has allowed us to play, live and work as a band, bonding us closer together. The exposure and experience gained also prepare us for our upcoming concert, Emmanuel VIII, and next year’s SYF Central Judging. We thank God for the opportunity and the blessings during the trip. 

Group photo taken at one of Malaysia’s landmark.
Band members interacting with  the children at the community home. 
Group photo taken after a school band  exchange at Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah, Putrajaya.
Performing at Genting Highlands’ theme park 

Meet-the-Parents Session

Teacher-parent conference
Parents waiting to see the teachers

A total of 188 parents came to school on 12 March to meet with their daughter’s teachers. They discussed on the results of the girls and how parents and teachers can work together to develop the girls to their fullest potential. 

School Fire Drill

Head of Warden, Ms Gan, briefing the  teams on search and rescue
Feedback given to pupils at assembly area on  how they performed in the Fire Evacuation Drill

As part of the school’s effort to build resilience, develop capacity and coping abilities within the school community, the school’s Safety and Emergency Committee organised a fire drill on 9 March 2010. 

We believe that the school’s effective crisis response enhances the mental health and social development of the school community. Repeated preparation, implementation and review are part of the school’s strategic focus to reduce the unknown, to increase the awareness and readiness in response to a crisis situation, for example, in a fire evacuation. 

Miss Vivien Chee, Teacher In-charge of the School Safety and Emergency Committee summed up the importance of this exercise, “I have always reiterated that two things that can make a crisis worse. Firstly, not knowing what to do and secondly, not having a plan.” 

MOE ExcelFest 2010

On the 5 and 6 March, a group of 18 PL-Lites headed to Suntec City Convention Centre for the MOE Excelfest 2010, to showcase our project of raising awareness about bullying in schools to MOE staff and the general public during the two days of ExcelFest. 

Our group is known as the Matadors, as our goal was to stop the Bullying, just like how matadors stop bulls in the arena. The project was student-initiated and we worked over a period of six months to put it together. Last year, we implemented our campaign school-wide for a week, conducting an assembly talk to inform the student body of general facts on bullying and setting up a canteen booth with games for PL-Lites to participate in. 

At the ExcelFest, the Matadors showed visitors photographs and posters of the project, told them the effects of bullying and showed them a filmstrip of an original video we filmed to illustrate the reality and consequences of bullying. The highlight of our exhibition was getting our visitors to sign pledge cards to commit themselves to preventing bullying in their own circle of influence. These pledge cards were displayed to other visitors and we collected a total of 699 pledge cards over the two days. 

All in all, the Matadors enjoyed their experience representing our school at the ExcelFest and we found it enriching not only to share with others about our project but also to interact with the presenters from other schools. It was a learning journey for us all as we served and glorified God. 

Presenting to you... Team Matador!
Our PL teachers signing the 100th pledge card!
Our little sisters from PL Primary giving their pledges and showing us their support!

UNIS-UN Conference in New York

‘Bioethics: Striking a Balance’ was the topic of the 34th United Nations International School-United Nations (UNIS-UN) Conference. It was held in the Trusteeship Council Chamber, UN Headquarters, New York on 4 and 5 March. 

The UNIS-UN is a prestigious conference and it opened with a message from the UN Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki-Moon, which was read out by a student. The message stressed the need 

We were addressed by directors and chairmen of various universities and medical institutions on topics such as organ transplantation, neuroethics, stem cell research, the human embryo market and intrinsic human dignity. There were also student debates and panel discussions on issues such as euthanasia, animal testing and pharmaceutical testing. Fellow delegates were also encouraged to question the speakers or comment on the debates. It was a highly interactive session which allowed us to view these issues from different perspectives. 

Moreover, we had the privilege of being hosted by the Permanent Representative of the Singapore Permanent Mission to the United Nations, Ambassador Mr Vanu Gopala Menon, his wife, Mrs Menon, and their son, Keertan. During our stay in Manhattan, we visited the lovely sights of New York City like the Empire State Building, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, and even watched a play on Broadway. We also took a ferry ride past the Statue of Liberty and visited the Greater Refuge Temple, a church in Harlem. 

It was certainly an exhilarating and enriching experience, as it was our first time in New York. We are extremely grateful to our Principal, Miss Pamela Yoong, and our English teacher and Senior Dean of Co-Curricular Programme, Mrs Emily Jacob for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Reported by Ruth Lew, Sec 4A1 and Shabbna, Sec 4A1 

to consider the global implications of bioethics as bioethics is no longer restricted to experts and should now include civil society and the general public. 

Shabbna and Ruth in New York
Shabbna and Ruth in the home of the Ambassador & family