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Student Awards

IDE Competition 2018

During the March holidays, our Robotics girls participated in the IDE (Innovation, Design and Engineering) Series 2018, where students take part in competitions held at the national level in technology and engineering. Students were challenged on their problem solving skills across domains such as electronics, programming, and mechanical design.

We are proud to present these awards achieved by our girls:
  • IDE Challenge - Innovation Award
  • IDE Challenge - Design Award
  • IDE Maker - 2nd Place
  • IDE Maker - 3rd Place
  • IDE Sprint - 8th Position

Well done! To God Be The Glory!

Volleyball Association of Singapore (VAS) National U16 Volleyball Championship 2017

Our volleyball girls came in at the 2nd Runner Up placing in VAS National U16 Volleyball Championship 2017 held on 24 Nov 2017 at Hougang Sports Hall . Read more at https://www.vas.org.sg/vasu16-2017. Well done, team PL. To God be the Glory!

World Robot Games 2017

Our PL-Lites participated in the World Robot Games 2017 held in Singapore, Nov 10-11 2017, at Safra Punggol. The theme for WRG 2017 is ROBOTS IN DEFENSE & SECURITY. Teams are challenged not only against each other in our games but also to innovate and create robots to assist in our global defense & security against terrorism.

These are the award achieved by our girls:

Search & Rescue Senior Category - Gold Award
Search & Rescue Junior Category - Silver Award
Search & Rescue Open Category - Bronze Award
Sumo 5KG RC Junior Category - Gold Award
Sumo 5KG RC Senior Category - Bronze Award
Innovative Robot Junior Category - Silver Award
Innovative Robot Open Category - Silver Award

To God be the Glory!

Schools Digital Media Awards 2017

SDMA 2017 prize winners.jpg
Representing the Media and Information Technology Club, Jamie Ho Pei Qi (Sec 3A1), Leong Yiling (Sec 3A1) and Chloe Lee Ying Xuan (Sec 3A2)  clinched the Merit Award in the the Schools Digital Media Awards 2017 with their photo essay, 'Moribund: a dying state'. Their award-winning photo essay explored the dying trades of Singapore; those that are vanishing and fading with time. It captured the older generation's passion for their line of work, and their determination to keep the trade alive for as long as possible. Follow this link to view their photo essay.

Singapore Kindness Movement Awards Ceremony

9 student leaders from the PLMGSS Monitors Council and Peer-Lites took part in the Singapore Kindness Movement 2017 as Friends of Singa Ambassadors. Based on this year's theme, 'Kindness, It's Up To Us!', the team of students organised the PL Kindness Fortnight from 4 to 13 July. This comprised a series of student-initiated activities where PL-Lites could show appreciation to one another, as well as towards the teaching and non-teaching staff,  like the canteen vendors and security guards. The team's efforts were recognised under the categories of Most Interesting Social Media Initiatives and Best Mural/Designs in the Awards Ceremony on 10 November 2017.

Speed Netball Carnival Under 17 2017

On 15 July 2017, the PL B Division Netball Team participated in the Speed Netball Carnival Under 17 2017. We are proud to announce that the team emerged second in the competition.

The team members included:


Ng Ru Ye Geri



Joy Choo Xiao En



G Keerthana



Ariane Lisa Wong Kai Ern



Gladys Chia Xin Yi



Kwek Jia Xuan Tammie



Charisse Lim Xuan Min



Goh Jia En



Natassia Chriselle Dizon Ngo


Students’ reflections

“This carnival reminded us that despite the odds seemingly against our favour, it is imperative that we constantly encourage one another to keep each other’s spirit up. We understood how our inattention could lead to our greatest downfall, how our motivation could lead to our greatest glory and how the nuances in our mind-sets and attitude made all the difference.”
Kwek Jia Xuan Tammie, Member of PL B Division Netball Team

“This was the first carnival where the Sec 2s and 3s played as a team and I felt that this carnival really showed me a lot. Although some of us felt demoralised when we first saw the fixtures as we were in a tough grouping, we made a goal for ourselves and worked towards that goal. Before every single game, everyone made sure they were warmed up well and this showed me that everyone was determined to fight. On the court, for all the opponents we faced, everyone stood strong against them and fought hard. Eventually, we topped the table, winning against the team we at first thought might lose to. There were tears and pressure. The games got tighter but no one backed down, we finally clinched 2nd placing. I was honestly surprised because I never thought we would go this far. This carnival really showed me every teammate’s fighting spirit and how a common goal could bring us so far. We constantly reminded ourselves that we wanted the medal. With our fighting spirit, we worked well together and supported each other. It felt good as I knew that not only me but everyone in my team wanted to win and that was my motivation to put in all my shots. This is a carnival that I would never forget, for all the emotions I felt and what I saw in all of my teammates.”
Gladys Chia Xin Yi, Vice-Captain of the PL B Division Netball team

“Since it was my last time playing in speed carnival with my team of Sec 2s and 3s, I wanted our team to do their best and land themselves in the finals. With the team’s goal in mind and the motivation from my teammates, I set my mind on the challenge ahead and to always be focused on what I truly want to achieve at the end. The teams that we were going against were really strong and I was initially worried that my team would be afraid but our team came in strong and had what it takes to win. We maintained our winning streak until that very last match against St Hilda’s Secondary where we fell short by one goal and clinched the silver medal instead. I am still very proud of my team because we worked very hard as a team together and took every game as an opportunity to improve our skills and prove ourselves that we are one PL team. I felt touched to see my teammates working hard and I was very motivated as I knew that I was not working hard for that medal alone. I had my teammates’ assurance and determination as well to push me forward.”
Charisse Lim Xuan Min, Captain of the PL B Division Netball Team

East Zone A*STAR Science Fair

East Zone Science Fair 2017.jpg
On 21 July, a team of 4 students from our Secondary 2 ACE (Science) were awarded the Silver Award at the East Zone A*STAR Science Fair. Their research focused on investigating “the effect of heavy metal ions on catalase in liver on the breaking down of hydrogen peroxide”.

The students are :

Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships 2017

SSSDC2017.JPG(From left): Joanne Lim Xin Yi (7th best speaker), Tessa Wong Su Feng (13th best speaker), Kelia Lim Li Xuan (14th best speaker), Calista Teo Jun Hui, Sim Shan Rong

Our school's Debate Club was one of the quarter-finalists in the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships 2017 (Division I). The girls fought hard but did not qualify for the semi-finals. Nevertheless, we are proud that Joanne, Tessa and Kelia clinched the Best Speaker individual awards.

iDigix 3D-Tronics Robotics Challenge 2017

The iDigix 3D-Tronics Robotics Challenge 2017 is a competition that encourages students to think out of the box, develop problem solving and applied learning skills. It also inculcates team spirit among participants and learning through meaningful experiences.

The challenge is designed to enable students to hone their skills in robotics programming as well as prototyping robots to performance certain functions. Teams can also put their creativity to test by making use of recyclable materials to build their robots, transforming the recycle materials into useful applications.

We are proud to announce that following winners: 





Tertiary: App-Controlled Vehicles


Janice Khoo


Faith Ng


Breann Ong


Senior: Maze Explorers

2nd Runner up

Gladys Cheng


Teo Shin Ro


Adelaine Ruth

Hanako Suhendro


Best Robot Design Award

Natasha Wee


Alethea Chua


Sherlynn Yeo


Students’ Reflections

“This competitions was truly an inspiring and enriching one. It allowed me to test out my knowledge of robotics coding and programming and I have gained so much knowledge from the workshop and the competitions provided. The road ahead was a tough one. We encounter many obstacles that put my team under lots of pressure and not everything went smooth as we expected, even on the competition day itself. With determination and perseverance, we overcame each obstacle one by one until we emerged victorious. This competition has been a great learning opportunity.”
Adelaine Ruth Hanako Suhendro,  2.2

“As this was my first time taking part in this competition. Our team had lots of issues in programming our robot as it did not turn out the way we wanted it to be.. However, we did not give up and tried our best to reprogram the codes so that our robot was able to complete the maze. Although our team did not get into the top 3, we were awarded with the best robot design. Through the process of preparation for the competition, I have learnt that no matter what circumstances we encounter, we should never give up and continue to press on till the very end. I also learnt that teamwork is a very important factor for a team as everyone have to work together and do their part in order to achieve the desired goal. Lastly, I realised that winning is not the only important thing to achieve in a competition but exposure and experienced we gained from the competition as well as the friendships forged are the ones that count.”
Sherlynn Yeo, 2.3

"This competition has definitely widened my knowledge on technology and robotics and it was a good experience for me and my teammates as we had to get our robot to complete its mission, not giving up even when we faced several challenges."
Natasha Wee, 3A3

“Through this competition, I have gained a lot of experience. Having to use the   Arduino software for the first time, I had to start right from the basic to learn to program the robot. There were many setbacks in preparation for this competition but all our work had paid off. This is definitely largely due to the great teamwork and resilience in my team and the never ending will to push on to the last second. I'm thankful to the teachers who has made this possible for us students to participate in this competition. This was a great experience for me and one that I'll treasure and learn from in future activities.”
Gladys Cheng, 3A1

“The iDigix 3D-tronics competition was a very good experience for me. Through it, I have learnt more about remote controlled robots, made new friends and gained exposure on robotics competitions in Singapore. .”
Janice Khoo, 3A1

“Through this competition, I learn about team work and time management. I learnt that we need teamwork to go through this competition because without teamwork things cannot be done. I had fun during the competition and I look forward to future competitions.”
Faith Ng, 2.3

“From this competition, I have learnt many things such as teamwork as well as thinking on my two feet. To do well in the competition, I had to work and communicate with my teammates. I also learnt how to control a robot with as well as how metal cannot be in contact a circuit board. We faced a few problems in this competition. However, we learnt how to solve those problems quickly and with the amount of resources we have. I made many friends from the competition and I am very thankful to be given this opportunity.”
Breann Ong, 1.1

“Through this competition, I have learnt the importance of teamwork and communication. Through this competition, I have learnt that in order for a group to be successful, everyone MUST play a part in contributing to the team, be it for the presentation or showing up for meetings and adding ideas to better improve the robot.”
Timea Bay, 3B1

East Zone Science Fair

On 21 July, our secondary 2 ACE girls won a silver award at the East Zone Science Fair. Their project was on Liver Catalyase. Well done girls. To God be the Glory!

PL Achieves Once Again at the National Literature Festival 2017

PL's strength in Literature has been demonstrated once again! On 15 July, 35 girls and 6 teachers took part in the National Literature Festival at Saint Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School and won in several competitions:

1. Unseen debate against Yishun Secondary School - Champion
2. Set text debate on Joy Luck Club against Pei Hwa Secondary School - Champion
3. Book Parade against 19 schools - 2nd place
4. Book Trailer against 8 schools - 3rd place      

We are so proud of our girls! Indeed, we are created for his glory!

World Robot Games Singapore 2017

The World Robot Games 2017 Singapore was held on 2nd and 3rd of June 2017. This event provides the platform where participants pit their wits against one another, design and test their robotic creations in in 4 different games, SUMOROBOT, LINE TRACING, SEARCH & RESCUE, & BATTLE-BALLZ, to promote Science, Technology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and the Arts. The theme for this year is Robots in Defence

We are proud to announce the PL-Lites that won the following awards:





Search and Rescue


Yuki Puah


Adelaine Ruth

Hanako Suhendro



Quek Jing Yao


Cheryl Ong Jing Yao


Line Tracing


Rachel Ng


Coleen Cheng



Esther Chan


Krystal Tan



Tham Chu En




Sumo 1kg Autonomous


Chokka Swetha


Lim Min


Sumo 5kg RC


Sharlotte Chan


Edena Goh


Best Team Award

Cheryl Ong


Quek Jing Yao


Students’ Reflections

“World Robot Games Singapore 2017 was a great exposure to many of us. We gain knowledge such as maintaining and operating our robots, simultaneously picking up values like perseverance and teamwork. Through this competition, we grow as an individual as well as a team as we learn to support each other along the way.”
- Yuki Puah, 3A2

“World Robot Games Singapore 2017 was a good learning experience for me, Through robotics, it allowed me to experience many new things from mechanical work to understanding my level of perseverance.”
- Cheryl Ong 2.3

“I had a great experience through this World Robot Games Singapore 2017. It was really competitive as there were people from other countries as well. I have learnt a lot about teamwork and communication. We would continue to stay humble and strive to achieve a better results.”
- Tham Chu En, 2.4

“World robot Games Singapore 2017 was a thrilling experience for me as it was my first time participating in a robotics competition. Through this competition, I have learnt to persevere despite the many setbacks that I faced.”
- Edena Goh, 1.2

“World Robot Games Singapore 2017 is a platform where we compete against other schools. It was a really great opportunity for me to learn from my competitors. Preparing for the competition day was not an easy as we had to constantly maintain our robots and ensure that we were able to fulfil the tasks ahead. The competition had given opportunity for us to shine in different categories and bring glory to the PLMGSS. With the guidance of our robotics teachers, we were able to come this far.”
- Christina Tan, 3B1

“My experience at World Robot Games Singapore 2017 was indeed an enriching one. Throughout the process of preparation, I had learnt that I should never give up and allow failures stop me from doing my best. The experience I obtained from this robotics competition is very enriching and valuable.”
Louisa Chen, 3A3

Mobile Music-Making Competition

Mobile Music.jpg
On 22 June, PL participated in the mobile music making competition organized by Republic Polytechnic’s School of Technology for the Arts. PL is proud of our girls for achieving the consolation award. Well done girls!

Group 1:
1.    Shannon Joy Yee (2.1)
2.    Foong Yue Qian (2.1)
3.    Lim Qi Qin (2.1)

Group 2:
1. Ang Yien Ning (2.2)
2. Charmyne Cho (2.5)
3. Germaine Heng (2.2)

3rd placing in ‘Tourism Innovation 2017'

On 21 June, PL shone at the 'Tourism Innovation 2017' organised by Temasek Polytechnic. Our team of 5 students from 3D1 - Farah Amirah, Raine Qiu, Sherrie Chew, Sarah Mae Azhar and Faith Bunoan, won the 3rd placing.

Congratulations girls!

39th International CB Paul Science Quiz

Recipients of 39th International CB Paul Science Quiz 2017.JPG
12 PL-Lites were presented with the following awards at the 39th International CB Paul Science Quiz.

Category 2- Award




Deborah Victoria Poon


Kor Kai Ling Kalyn


Haw May Ann



Lau Jing Xuan


Regina Limanta


Honourable Mention

Fong Chuyi, Raeanne


Angelica Fidelia Fernandez


Isabel Ong Qian Hui


Janice Khoo Shi Ann



Yam Hui Jing



Category 1- Award



Honourable Mention

Carissa Tan



Elisa Chew Wai Yin


ICBP Science Talent Award



Deborah Victoria Poon


Carissa Tan



Singapore Maths Project Festival

On 2 May, our upper secondary ACE(Maths) team took part in the Singapore Maths Project  Maths research project has achieved a Silver Medal with Excellent presentation award in their Math research title 'Kakeya Needle Problem'. Read more about their research here.

Young Inventors' Award 2017

On 18 April 2017, one of our PL teams won the Commendation award for Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award 2017. To God be the Glory!

We are proud of our young ladies making inroads in STEM.

National School Games Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships 2017

On 12 and 13 April, our Rhythmic Gymnastics girls impressed everyone with their stellar performance and clinched 4th placing in the C’ division category.

The results are as follows:

'C’ Division Level 4 Events
Ball - 1st, 4th, 17th
Ribbon -1st, 4th, 13th
Rope - 1st, 8th, 11th
IAA Ranking: 1st, 2nd and 15th positions
Team Ranking: 2nd position

‘C’ Division Group Event (5 Ropes): 2nd position


Recipients of 2017  ASTAR Award ,Janice Khoo and Isabel Ong.jpg
On 17 April 2017, two of our Secondary 3 girls have been awarded the A*STAR Science Award (Upper Secondary). The award is open to Upper Secondary students in Singapore, who display strong interest and competency in science and mathematics. The programme provides a good opportunity for our girls to interact with the researchers and scientists who will guide them to hone their skills. Well done girls!

The awardees are:
Janice Khoo Shi Ann, 3A1
Isabel Ong Qian Hui, 3A1

PL Girls’ Brigade

On 9 April, the PL family rejoiced with the 4th Company Girls' Brigade. Our Primary section was awarded the Gold company award and the Secondary section, the Silver award. Do continue to Seek Serve and Follow Christ!

National Inter-School East Zone Netball Championships 2017

On 9 March 2017, the PL B’ Division Netball team played against St Hilda’s Secondary School in the Finals of the National Inter-School East Zone Netball Championships 2017. We are proud to announce that the team came in fourth.

The team members include:


Gladys Chia Xin Yi



Joelle Tan



Leo Ching Ling



Goh Jia En



Charisse Lim Xuan Min



Charlotte Rebecca Chang



Phoebe Eyo Zhi Qing



Karen Siew Ching Yi



Natassia Chriselle Dizon Ngo



Tan Jia Xuan, Janicessa


Students’ Reflection

“Overall for this East Zone Competition, I felt happy and grateful that I was given the chance to compete and experience something academic lessons would not be able to give me. I also enjoyed the process of learning, fighting hard, defeat, victory with my teammates and I really treasure each and every one of them even though we don’t see eye to eye sometimes. I learnt many values like sportsmanship, determination, perseverance, and resilience to continue pressing on even if my team is losing. What’s important is that we are safe and have tried our very best, didn’t give up and were there for each other. I also feel that the bonds I have formed with my team will never be broken and we have gotten closer and can open up to each other better. I also think we did well overall and I am thankful that we clinched the top 4 position. This top 4 is for my team, my coaches, my teachers and those who were supporting us and I think we accomplished our goal.”
Karen Siew Ching Yi, Member of PL B Division Netball Team

“I was privileged to get the opportunity to play many games. We experienced winning and losing games and we did learn a lot more by losing, giving us more and learning how to overcome our problems. As the going gets tough, I really want the team to become more united as one, having the team spirit to fight all the way and go far together.
Charisse Lim Xuan Min, Vice- Captain of the PL B Division Netball Team

Singapore Gymnastics National Championships

Singapore Gymnastics National Championshipsb.jpg
PL Secondary attained its first medals today in Rhythmic Gymnastics at the Singapore Gymnastics National Championships. Gold in Individual All Around for Level 4A! To God be the Glory. We are so proud of our pioneer batch of gymnasts.

Innovation, Design and Engineering Championships 2017

On 16 March, PL shone once again at the Innovation, Design and Engineering Championships 2017 (read more at http://nullspacegroup.com/ide-championships/)

IDE 2017 Results:
IDE Maker: 2nd and 3rd placings
IDE Challenge: Judges' Special Mention Award
IDE Robotics: 4th placing

We are very proud of our girls!

Singapore Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge 2017

Our heartiest congratulations to our team from PL who excelled in the Singapore Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge 2017 from 10th to 13th of March.

Joint winners for Fastest Task Completion Award:
1) Northwestern Technological University, China.
2) Far Eastern Federal University, Russia.
3) Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering, Pakistan.

Maximum Task Accomplished Award:
1) Northwestern Technological University, China.

Youngest Finalist Award:
1) Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Secondary), Singapore.

Most Liked Photography Award:
1) Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering, Pakistan.

PL made it into the finals of Singapore AUV Challenge 2017 together with these other teams (not in any order):

1. Northwestern Technological University, China
2. Far Eastern Federal University, Russia
3. Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Secondary), Singapore
4. Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia
5. Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia
6. Universiti Teknology Malaysia.
7. Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering, Pakistan.
8. Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore.
9. National University of Singapore, Singapore.
10. Prairie View A&M University, USA.

Even though we did not come in top three, the PL team are winners and champions to us. The girls constantly challenged their boundaries and excelled against all odds. They truly made us all proud.

Annual Humanities Competition

Annual Humanities Competition.jpg
On 5 March 2017, our girls took part in the annual KC Humanities Challenge held at CHIJ Katong Convent. The girls overcame the various challenges and achieved 3rd placing. Our heartiest congratulations to the girls who represented our school.

To God be the Glory!

East Zone Badminton Competition

East Zone Badminton Competition.jpg
The PL Badminton girls have been battling various schools in the East Zone, the gruelling past couple of weeks. And, we are proud to announce that our 'B' division girls came in 4th and were awarded their medals during the prize giving ceremony held on 3 March 2017.  

To God be the Glory!

NUS Geography Challenge

NUS Geo Challenge.jpg
On 25 February, PL Lites from 4A2 participated in the NUS Geography Challenge. Along with students from other schools, our girls went through both the individual and team round. The girls were awarded in the following categories:

Certificate of participation:
1.    Koh Wen Xuan Jaycie
2.    Tan Le-En Deborah
3.    Joscelin Goh Huay Yee

Individual Silver Award 2018 Geography Talent Development Programme:
1.    Tan Le-En Deborah

International Biomedical Quiz 2017

International Bio Quiz.jpg
On 22 February, PL Lites from 4A1 participated in the International Biomedical Quiz 2017, organised by the Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) Science and Mathematics Council. It was aimed for students to develop their aptitude and potential in the biomedical disciplines through independent work and applying critical thinking to solve authentic medical challenges.

Our girls won in the following categories:
Individual Gold – Hong Ai Ling
Individual Bronze – Fong Chuyi, Raeanne
Honourable Mention – Deborah Victoria Poon, Pearl Koswara
Individual Merit – Janice Chen
Certificate of Participation – Yam Hui Jing
Chinese Bridge @ Chinese Talent Competition
Our PL Secondary girls clinched the first prize in their category in Chinese Bridge @ Chinese Talent competition held on 19 Nov 2016 by the Confucius Classroom.

ACJC Methodist Schools Debate Tournament 2016

Our PL Sec debaters have done us proud! They are the ACJC Methodist Schools Debate Tournament 2016 Champions!!

Singapore Games Creation Competition 2016

Our Media and Info Club girls in PL Secondary participated in the Singapore Games Creation Competition organised by NYP on 13 Oct 2016.

One of our teams won 2 awards - 1st runner up n Best Visual Design award. The second team won the Commendation award.

World Robot Games 2016

The PL power team was blessed with the following awards at the World Robot Games 2016 in Bandung!

1) Search & Rescue Pro Category - 1 Gold Award
2) Search & Rescue Senior Category - 1 Gold Award & 1 Bronze Award
3) Sumo 5kg RC Junior Category - 1 Silver Award
4) Innovative Category - 1 Gold Award and 1 Bronze Award
5) Robots in Movie Category - 1 Silver Award
6) 7 Performance Award
7) 1 Spirit of WRG Award

Total Award 3 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze Award, 7 Performance Award and 1 Spirit of World Robot Games Award (Only given to Singapore)

Singapore Mathematics Project Festival 2016

Our winners for 2016 Singapore Mathematics Project Festival were awarded their prizes on 3 September 2016. 3 research projects garnered commendations this year and an overall commendation award for PL!

To God be the Glory!

National Pushcart Competition Partnership Award

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Sec) is receiving an award from Republic Polytechnic on 13 August 2016 for being one of the long term partners of the National Pushcart Competition. The Guest of Honour of the event is Minister of State for Education Dr Janil Puthucheary.

Aero Challenge 2016

The school congratulates Cheok Xin Rong Isabelle (Sec 2.5) and Ngia Jin Yi Lucia (Sec 2.1) for emerging as finalists in the Drone Flying category in Aero Challenge 2016 organised by School of Engineering, Ngee Ann Polytechnic held on 3 August 2016.

National Inter-School Archery Championship

The school congratulates Laura Lee (4B2) on clinching the 2nd prize in the at the National Inter-School Archery Championship. She took part in the 'B' Division Individual Recurve Women Category

Zoey Ho receives Colours Award by SSSC

The school congratulates Zoey Ho on receiving the Colours Award conferred by the Singapore Schools Sports Council in recognition of her achievements in swimming.

NKF Photography Contest 2016 “Love Your Kidneys: Get Healthy, Love Life” Vote for our PL-Lites!
Our PL-Lites participated in The NKF Photography Contest 2016 “Love Your Kidneys: Get Healthy, Love Life” and two of their entries were among the top 10! 

This contest provided our students with an opportunity to express their imagination and creativity by taking a photo that inspires others to get healthy and love life. 

Let us celebrate this wonderful honour with our friends and support them through voting for their works at the NKF exhibition. The public vote will account for 20% of the final judging process. 

Well done, girls! 

Please click here for event brochure and here for location map of the exhibition. 

Zoey Ho in ASEAN Schools Games 2016

Zoey Ho (4A1) represented Singapore schools in the 5th ASIAN Schools Swimming Championships 2016 will be held in Palembang, Indonesia from 24 to 31 May 2016 and the 8th ASEAN Schools Games in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 21 to 29 July 2016. 

PL’s Guitar Ensemble aces in the Victoria College Music examination

The school congratulates the PLMGS (Sec) Guitar Ensemble for achieving the highest score of 96/100 at the Victoria College Music Guitar Ensemble Examination 2016, held on 23 April 2016 at the RELC Auditorium. 

2016 Singapore Maths Project Festival

Mentored by our own teachers, PL’s ACE (Maths team) 3 Maths research projects have been awarded Honourable Mention in the 2016 Singapore Maths Project Festival competition held in Aug 2016. 

Our ACE (Maths) students participarted in this year Singapore Mathematics Project Festival organised by Singapore Mathematics Society in Jan~March. 

We've participated in both Junior Category (1 Lower Sec team) & Senior Category (2 Upper Sec teams). 
We're overjoyed that our all 3 research projects have been awarded Honourable Mention in this competition. 
This competition is really very high level and this is the 1st time in history that all projects won = ) PTL!!! 

The winning Maths research are: 
Senior Category - (led by Miss Kok Lai Fong) 
"I'm not Small" by Sec 4ACE (Cheyenne Jan Lee, Liang Jing, Nicolette Lau Jia Wen & Sim Lee Ting) 
"Selfie Syndrome" by Sec 4ACE (Angela Tan Jia Yi, Naomi Faustina Limarno, Shuan Ye Ru Nicole & Wong Min Hui) 

Junior Category - (Led by Mr Wong Khai Yu) 
"Making Impossible Problems Possible" by Sec 3ACE (Amanda Tan Yu En, Fong Chuyi, Raeanne, Lim Kai En & Pheobe Eyo Zhi Qing) 

To God be the Glory 

A*STAR Science Award 2016

Deborah Victoria Poon (3A1) and Phoebe Eyo Zhi Qing (3A1) have been selected as the 2016 A*STAR Science Awardees (Upper Sec). They are given a chance to work with A8STAR to aspire towards future studies and careers in R&D and to develop their interest in Science to the fullest potential. 

SPF-NPCC badge 2016

Chiu Weina (4A4) and Ho Wan Ting Rachel (4B1) were awarded the SPF-NPCC Badge. This is the pinnacle award that cadets can look forward to achieving. The objective of awarding the SPF-NPCC badge to cadets is to identify and recognise outstanding cadets with good leadership qualities. The presentation ceremony was held on 1 April 2016 at the Home Team Academy. 

Voice Up Challenge 2016

Isabel Ang (2.6B), Casey Lim (2.4), Jaslyn Ng (2.1) and Rachel Sng (2.2) made it to the finals in the Voice Up Challenge 2016 organised by Innova JC. 

2016 EZ Music Competition Audition

Claris Ang Kyle Xin (3A1) has been selected to be a finalist in the 2016 EZ Music Competition Audition organized by East Zone Centre of Excellence for Creative Arts –Music Satellite@ Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School in Jul 2016. 

St John Ambulance Chief Commissioner’s Badge 2016

15 of our St John Brigadiers were awarded the Chief Commissioner’s Badge, as part of the Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme (CPBS) in April 2016. The Chief Commissioner's Badge is the highest award for a cadet in St John. 

World Robot Games 2016 Singapore

Winners of World Robot  Games 2016 Singapore 
Gold Award Search & Rescue Category  - Tan Jia Min & Julia Chacko 
Silver Award Search & Rescue  - Ling Yin and Wee Chun Hui 
Bronze Award Line Tracing Category  - Woo Jie Lyn and Esther Chan 
Champion Trophy  - Search & Rescue Category 
Ling Yin and Jie Lyn working on their robots
PLMGSS Line Tracing robot in action 

Jia Min, Julia and Ling Yin strategising  before start of game 
PLMGSS robotics students taking a break

The World Robot Games 2016 Singapore being the first of its kind in Singapore, promotes Science, Technology, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering and the Arts. This event provides the platform where participants pit their wits against one another, design and test their robotic creations in 3 different games, SUMOROBOT, LINE TRACING, and SEARCH & RESCUE. WRG 2016 theme focuses on "DISASTER RECOVERY". Teams will be challenged to design robots to search and rescue victims in a disaster situation. Winning Teams of WRG Singapore 2016 will also get to represent Singapore to compete in the WRG 2016 International, Indonesia (Bandung) in August. 

We are proud to announce that one team comprising of Woo Jie Lyn of Sec 3A2 and Esther Chan of Sec 2.3 clinched the Bronze Award in Line Tracing Secondary School Category. For Search and Rescue Secondary School Category, Ling Yin and Wee Chun Hui of 3A1 achieved the Silver Award while Tan Jia Min of 3A1 and Julia Chacko of 3A3 attained the Gold Award. Congratulations to all the robotic teams of PLMGSS! 


Students' Reflections: 
“In this competition, our robot had quite a few breakdowns. During the competition itself, the unit faced tough competitions from other competitors. Through teamwork, communication and tolerance, we all managed to pull through, and that is really worth all the effort.” 
Wee Chun Hui, 3A1 

“I feel that participating in this year’s World Robotics Games was definitely an enriching opportunity as I felt that it trained myself mentally and physically into adapting to different changes as well as new challenges to solve. I have learnt a lot from this experience and it has been a great learning opportunity.” 
Lee Wen, 3A4 

“During the two days of the competition we met with many setbacks such as the wheels of the robot falling off or the screws coming lose on various parts of the robot. However, this competition has allowed me to be closer with my team mate, Chun Hui and exposed us to different forms of robotic technologies. When we first walked in for practice, many people from other schools, including parents and teachers looked at us, probably in disbelief. However, as we practiced and got the hang of things together with teamwork and communication, we eventually managed to emerge victorious and made our mark. The sense of satisfaction and euphoria that we felt when we finished the task was truly amazing. The experience has also taught me that nothing is impossible if you set your heart and mind to accomplishing it.” 
Ling Yin, 3A1 

“This competition was a thrilling one compared to previous competitions our robotics unit had participated in. We entered this competition fully prepared but not knowing what the main challenges are. Though some problems came up on the competition day itself, we were able to fix them. Can't wait for our next competition to show other schools that our school can do robotics.” 
Woo Jie Lyn, 3A2 

“As this is my first competition in robotics, I feel very honoured to be selected for participation. The competition gave me a lot of experience and I felt very happy having contributed my best. There were also challenges we faced. We struggled with the speed and tuning of the line tracer. Through this competition, I learnt that teamwork and sportsmanship is very important. Thank you PLMGSS for this experience!” 
Angel Yip, 1.2 

“I really enjoyed participating in WRG Singapore as it was a new experience for me. During the competition itself I learnt a lot about teamwork as my partner, Jia Min, and I had to work closely together to ensure that our robot could complete all challenges. I’m really glad I had the chance to take part in this competition along with the rest of the PL Robotics Unit!” 
Julia, 3A3 

iChef Competition

The NFS unit participated in this year’s ichef competition which was organised by Republic Polytechnic. A total of 3 teams from our PLMGSS participated in the above competition. The teams had to undergo 2 challenges, the first challenge was to create a fusion bento box lunch presentation and the other was to do a menu design for a Café in the qualifying round. A total of 108 teams from various schools participated in the qualifying round. One of our 3 teams, “PL Angels” qualified for the finals. In the finals the teams were to prepare 5 different types of Butler Passed Canapes featuring ingredients from the East to the West ends of the globe. The team practiced hard for the finals and worked diligently to present the canapes attractively. “PL Angels” came in 4 th place in this competition. 

Students' Reflections: 
“The subject, Food and Nutrition, motivated us to cook different types of food. We are inspired and challenged to cook different type of interesting food. The creation of the menu, the process of brainstorming for the bento box and the workshops that we attended during the first round of competition had given us an eye opening experience. We never knew food can be infused and created in such a way. Through this competition we learned that teamwork and communication skills are important life skills in the working life. We have to learn how to communicate and work in a group to get things done. We sat down as a team to talk about the problems. As we talked and brainstormed, we found solutions to our problems and sometimes we can be very creative in our solutions.” 
By Charmaine, Cloris, Rachel (Sec 3NA) 

SYF Art Exhibition 2016

Behind the Lens by Magdalene Tan 
(4B1, Class of 2015) 

The school congratulates Magdalene Tan (4B1, Class of 2015) for achieving the Certificate of Recognition in the Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition 2016. 

PL ‘C’ Division Volleyball Team Makes History

C Div Volleyball Team Captain Megan Lim receiving  the team trophy from the Guest of Honour, Mr Khoo Tse Horng 
PL C Div Volleyball Team together with  Guest of Honour, Mr Khoo Tse Horng 

8 years after PL first established the Volleyball team, the PL ‘C’ Division Volleyball Team finally made history by clinching 3 d position in the East Zone ‘C’ Division Volleyball Championships and qualified for the nationals. The Volleyball girls trained 3 times a week and took part in a number of competitions to prepare themselves. During the East Zone ‘C’ Division Volleyball Championships 2016, the girls displayed great resilience to overcome injuries and illnesses and managed to beat some traditionally strong teams. The Volleyball girls will continue to put in their best effort during the nationals to bring honour to the school. 

Students' Reflections: 
"To achieve something no one had ever achieved before in this school during our school’s 100 th anniversary is definitely unforgettable. I have learnt to push myself beyond my boundaries and always to persevere. Also, I have learnt the importance of teamwork and team spirit. I am looking forward to more of these experiences to come!" 
Yap Jing Yi, Nadia, Vice-Captain of the PL C Division Volleyball Team 

"On the first day of the competition, we were surprised that we managed to beat our strong opponent despite playing the match immediately after our Sec 2 Camp. What was even more unimaginable was that we actually reached the nationals. This was beyond my expectations and it will be an experience I can never forget." 
Faith Andreali M. Bunoan, team member of the PL C Division Volleyball Team 

iDigix 3D-Tronics Challenge @ Labs 2016

Winners of iDigix 3D-Tronics Challenge 
@ Labs 2016 
Champion Arena Battle Open Category 
- Andrea Seng, Lee Wen and Christina Tan 
2nd Runner-Up Maze Explorer Senior
Category - Charissa Wee, Angel Yip 
and Woo Jie Lyn 
The Little Princess
Little Princess II
Jie Lyn working on Little Princess II

Lee Wen explaining the functions  of The Little Princess to the judges 

The iDigix 3D-Tronics Challenge @ Labs 2016 is a competition that encourages students to think out of the box, develop problem solving and applied learning skills. It also allows team spirit among participation and learning through meaningful experiences. 

The challenge is designed to enable students to hone their skills in robotics programming, as well as to 3D-printing technology can come into place to solve or enhance the design of the robot and performance function. In addition, the theme of "Upcycling" is introduced for 2016's competition. Teams can also put their creativity to test by making use of recyclables to build their robots, transforming the recycled or unused materials at home into other useful applications. 

We are proud to announce that one team comprising of Woo Jie Lyn of 3A2, Charissa Wee of Sec 2.2 and Angel Yip of Sec 1.1 won the 2 nd Runner Up position in the Maze Explorer Senior Category. In the Arena Battle Open Category, our robotic girls Lee Wen of Sec 3A4, Andrea Seng of 3B1 and Christina Tan of Sec 2.4 were the champions defeating other competitors from institute of higher learning. Congratulation to the Robotic Teams of PLMGSS! 

Students' Reflections: 
“Going for the 3D-tronics Challenge was a wonderful experience for me. In the competition, there were many people of different ages taking part in different categories with different styles. The competition made us step out of our comfort zones to learn from others and improve from there. I would like to thank our Principal Mrs Quek and our teacher Mr Indra for giving us the chance to broaden our knowledge about robotics by attending such competitions. I hope I will be able to attend more of such competitions in the future.” 
Charissa Wee, 2.2 

“I feel that participating in this year’s 3D-Tronics Challenge was definitely an enriching opportunity as I felt that it trained me mentally and physically to adapt to different challenges during the Arena Battle games as well as having to think independently to solve new problems. I have learnt a lot from this experience and I am very thankful for this great learning opportunity.” 
Lee Wen, 3A4 

“This competition was once again a challenge with the new category and tough program coding. We were all afraid that our robot may not work and we will not be able to make the school proud. We worked together to figure out all the problems with whatever tools available. This competition once again provided me with very enjoyable times that I can spend working together with my teammates.” 
Woo Jie Lyn, 3A2 

“Taking part in the 2016 3D-tronics Challenge was very interesting especially when the challenges were different from last year. This year, my team and I entered the battle robot category and clinched champion position. I am proud of my team as we competed against institutes of higher learning such as the ITE. Through this competition, I managed to have more patience and strategise the movement for my robots depending on the situations. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to take part in this year's 3D-tronics Challenge. I would like to thank our teacher-in-charge, Mr Indra, for guiding us through this competition and for giving us opportunities to take part in competitions and do the school proud.” 
Andrea Seng, 3B1 

“This competition gave me a great opportunity to train up my focus. We needed to be focused and not get distracted by the people around us. We persevered to prepare the robot for the competition through Arduino Programming. I am happy that we were the 2nd runner up for the competition and hope to win more prizes for the school.” 
Angel Yip, 1.1 

“I felt honoured as it is a rare opportunity and not everyone would have the chance to do what I did. I learnt a lot in the competition as we participated in the open category which allowed me to compete with older competitors and also learn from them. Given the opportunity, I would love to represent our school again.” 
Christina Tan, 2.4 

PL Shines at National Schools Literature Festival

PL Shines! PL's strength in Literature has been proven yet again! About 40 students and 10 teachers attended the National Schools Literature Festival on 16 July 2016. We took part in 6 competitions and are blessed with amazing results as follows: 

(1) Unseen Debate against Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Sec - PL won! 
(2) Drama competition against 12 schools - PL clinched 1st Prize! 
(3) Book Parade competition against 15 schools - PL achieved 2nd prize! 

To God be the glory!

Lam Soon salad sandwich making competition 2016
lam_soon_salad.jpegOur lower and upper secondary teams both came in tops at the Lam Soon salad sandwich making competition held on 23 Jul 2016

38th International CB Paul Science Quiz
8 of our PL-Lites were presented with the following awards at the 38th International CB Paul Science Quiz. 

Honourable Mention: Putri Pearl Koswara (3A1) 
Kalyn Kor (3A1) 
Yam Hui Jing (3A1) 
Deborah Victoria Poon (3A1) 
Lau Jing Xuan (3A1) 
Janice Chen (3A1) 
Tan Peng Ying (3A1) 
Tan Hui Xian Eleyna (2.1) 

Our Designers in the Making

The school congratulates Sherry Koh Pan Yi and Amanda Woo Kai Yi for winning the ADAPTATION Award in the 2016 Design & Technology Awards. Their winning artefact will be displayed at The Marquee @ Science Centre Singapore on 1 Jun 2016. To God be the Glory! 

Students' Reflections:

"During the process of making the artefact, I felt frustrated as we faced many problems. One of the challenges was the motor not being able to work properly and this was the crucial part of the artefact. I was afraid that we could not finish making the product. After many times of trying, we managed to overcome the problem. I was quite nervous during the interview due to the short time given for us to prepare. But I soon eased up as the words just came out naturally. I felt a sense if accomplishment when I heard the good news. We had put in a lot of effort and spent long hours in coming up with the idea and making the product. I feel proud and happy that our hard work had paid off." 
Amanda Woo, Sec 3A1 

"During the process of making the artefact, there were many frustrating moments but I felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction whenever we complete parts of the artefact. I felt that our artefact was not good enough when compared to the rest. However, we still did our best in trying to promote our product to the judges. I was thrilled and overjoyed as our hard work paid off in the end." 
Sheryl Koh, Sec 3A4 

Innovation, Design & Engineering (IDE) Robotics & Challenge 2016

PLMGSS IDE Robotics  and Challenge Teams of 2016 
Julia, Joan and Jia Min won 
the Innovation Award 2016 
Charissa, Jie Lyn and Lee Wen attained  the Judges' Special Mention Award 2016 
3Js - Jia Min. Julia and Joan
PLMGSS IDE teams before  start of competition 
Chun Hui programming  the robot for the mission 
PLMGSS Team CAC discussing  with a robotics training instructor 
Christina getting her robot  ready for the mission 
PLMGSS Team CAC robot  completed the mission 

The Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDE) Challenge held on 17 March 2016 was a hands-on competition with one or more engineering challenges. The IDE Robotics which was held also on the same, on the other hand, gave the PL-Lites the opportunity to be exposed to the world pf robotics programming. The task will only be released in the morning of the competition. 

We are proud to announce that one team comprising of Tan Jia Min (Sec 3A1), Julia Vadukkoot Chacko (Sec 3A3) and Joan Sim (Sec 3A3) won the Innovation Award. Another team comprising Woo Jie Lyn (Sec 3A2), Lee Wen (Sec 3A4) and Charissa Wee (Sec 2.2) attained the Judges’ Special Mention Award. 

Students' Reflections: 
“Having the chance to participate in this competition was a great opportunity for all of us to learn more about a whole different type of programming. As a team, we have worked well together and have all grown and learnt many things with and from each other. I have learnt the basics of this new programme. I would like to thank Mr Indra, our teacher-in-charge, for guiding us along the way and giving us the opportunity to go for the training and competition.” 
Andrea Seng, Sec 3B1 

“As part the IDE robotics challenge, we had a boot camp before the actual day of competition. We learned different things during the boot camp such as how to create different shapes and letters with the programming for the robot. We also managed to program the robot according to the brief provided. I also learnt different things from other groups and I am proud of our achievements.” 
Christina Tan, Sec 2.4 

“I feel that participating in this year’s IDE challenge was definitely an enriching opportunity as I felt that it had trained my mental and physical stamina, adaptability and flexibility to overcome problems and challenges. It was certainly been a great learning experience.” 
Lee Wen, Sec 3A4 

“Participating in IDE 2016 was an enriching experience. My group took part in the IDE challenge where we were given certain materials to complete three tasks. With the incredibly limited resources provided, we had to wreck our brains to come up with feasible solutions. Thankfully, we were able to pull through in the end. I am extremely grateful for the chance to participate in such an event.” 
Tan Jia Min, Sec 3A1 

“Taking part in the IDE Robotics was an extremely fun experience. In the IDE challenge, I had the opportunity to learn from other schools which is very meaningful. I hope I would be able to take part in more of such events.” 
Charissa Wee, Sec 2.2, Wee Chun Hui, Sec 3A1 and Woo Jie Lyn, Sec 3A2 

United Nations Association of Singapore Model United Nations

Founded in 2011, the United Nations Association of Singapore Model United Nations (UNASMUN) is a resource platform for Model UN, ASEAN, and simulation programmes in Singapore, powered by the National Youth Council. The flagship of the UNASMUN is the Preparatory Conference held annually in December. Elizabeth Lian from Sec 3A2 was awarded the Best Position Paper at UNASMUN. 

National Schools Literature Festival – Keeping the Flame Alive

Sec 3 Set Text Joy Luck Club Debate
Sec 3 Unseen Text Debate
Sec 2 Merchant of Venice Book Parade
Sec 1 Red Sky in the Morning Book Trailer

Lit Fest Teachers and Students

The National Schools Literature Festival this year was held at the National Institute of Education on 22 August 2015. PL girls took part in 4 events of the festival and enjoyed a time of learning Literature in a fun and engaging way. Upper Secondary students formed debate teams and took part in a Set Text Debate on Joy Luck Club and an Unseen Text Debate. The team who participated in the Unseen Text Debate won in their debate. For the Lower Secondary, a group of Lower Secondary students put up a Book Parade display on The Merchant of Venice , and achieved 2 nd place in their category. Another Lower Secondary group also presented a Book Trailer on Red Sky in the Morning , which attained 3 rd position in their category. The participants also had the opportunity to attend sessions on prose, poetry and drama conducted by Singaporean experts and writers in the field, in line with the SG50 celebrations. 

Students' Reflection: 
“Participating in the Lit Fest was an enjoyable and enriching experience. In our preparation for the Unseen Poetry debate, my team had fun analysing the poem ad found it very intellectually stimulating. I am glad to have gotten the chance to meet many writers and listen to their writing tips. Overall, Lit Fest really enhanced my appreciation for Literature as a subject and the English Language.” 
– Megan Lew, 3A3 

“To me, the National Schools Literature Festival is more than a competition. It is a true celebration of the beauty of the English language. It was a joy to listen to many famous Singaporean writers, poets and playwrights as I got to learn things that can't be taught with the classroom walls. I feel truly blessed to have gotten such a wonderful opportunity.” 
– Neema Jayasinghe, 3A3 

56th National Schools Swimming Championships 2015

From the 16 th to 22 nd April, the PL Swim Team participated in the 56 th National Schools Swimming Championships 2015 and competed against swimming strongholds, such as Singapore Sports School, Methodist Girls’ School and Raffles Girls’ School. 

We are proud to announce the following results: 
- Mandy Fong (Sec 2.1): 8th place for 200m individual medley 
- Lau Wei Ting (Sec 2.4): 5th place for 50m breaststroke event 
- Zoey Ho (Sec 3A1): Bronze medal for 50m and 100m butterfly events 
- Naomi Wong (Sec 3A4): 5th place for 200m breaststroke event 
- Both our B and C Divisions clinched 7th position for the 4x50m freestyle and 4x50m medley relays 

Singapore Secondary School Debating Championships 2015


From February to April 2015, our PL Debate team competed in the Singapore Secondary School Debating Championships 2015. The team was compromised of Amanda Chia (Sec 4A1), Hannah Quek (Sec 3A1), Megan Lew (Sec 3A3), Rianne Lim (Sec 3A4), and Elisabeth Lian, (Sec 3A2). 

In the preliminary rounds, the students worked hard and debated passionately, defeating Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) as well as Cedar Girls' School, before advancing to PL's first ever Division 1 Quarter Finals where they narrowly lost to Hwa Chong Institution. 

Amanda Chia was also ranked 19th best speaker out of the 80 speakers in Division 1. 

We are proud of our debaters. To God be the glory! 

Student's Reflections: 
"My experience in this national tournament was definitely an unforgettable one. It was not just the end result of making it to quarter finals and making PL history, but also the process of getting there. Although training was intense and exhausting, I thoroughly enjoyed working with my teammates, discussing rebuttals every second that we got to spend with each other, getting to know each others' strengths and weaknesses. I enjoyed the thrilling experiences of going up against such brilliant opponents and brainstorming the cases in great details. I thank God for our teachers and coach for helping us through such an amazing and enriching experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and it is truly a blessing to see our hard work, determination, perseverance and teamwork pay off." 
from Elisabeth Lian, 3A2 

67th National School Individuals Chess Championship

On 17 and 18 March 2015, the PL Chess Club participated in the annual 67 th National Schools Individuals Chess Championships. Our girls fought hard and managed to clinch several awards as follows: 

C Division Girls category

Teng Shi Ying Rebecca, Sec 2.5 – Zonal 2 nd 
Chong Ning Shiuan, Audrey, Sec 2.3 – Zonal 3 rd 
Koh Poh Li, Sec 2.5 – Zonal Merit 

B Division Girls category

Tang Yan Jun, Antoinette, Sec 3A1, Zonal Merit 
Mazel Ong, Sec 4B2, Zonal Merit 
Chiang Chyi, Shea, Sec 4B2, Zonal Merit 
Gayathri Elangovan, Sec 3A1, Zonal 3 rd 
Tan Peisi, Sec 4A3, Zonal 2 nd and National Merit (Top 20) 

Anastasia Patricks, Sec 4A1, Champion in the Zonal and National Girls in the B Division Girls category. She also took home a Challenger’s Trophy. 

Students' Reflections: 
“I felt privileged to be able to take part in this competition and this would be my final opportunity before I stepped down. To me, what matters most is not about winning or losing, but the experience of being able to play against different opponents from other schools. In addition, we were able to forge new friendships with our opponents. It was a really great experience and I've enjoyed the competition.” 
from Jessie Koh, Sec 4A2 

“It was a privilege to take part in the chess competition. It was a meaningful event for me as I have learnt a lot of new skills from my opponents. I have also learnt what sportsmanship is. Despite losing several rounds, I have learnt where my weaknesses are and how to improve on my skills.” 
from Teng Shi Ying Rebecca, Sec 2.5 

Innovation, Design & Engineering (IDE) Challenge 2015

Group photo of IDE 2015 Challenge team
IDE 2015 Teams waiting 
for annoucement of results 
Tan Jia Min and Zaneta Low - 
IDE Engineering Award winners 2015 
Ching Ling, Chun Hui and Crystal
Deborah, Ling Yin and Esther
Joan, Julia and Priya
Priya getting ready to set model car off
Students working on their IDE assignment
Students taking a break from their IDE tasks

The Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDE) Challenge, which took place on 20 March 2015, was a hands-on competition with one or more engineering challenges. Participating teams were required to work on their designs and solutions. On the actual day of competition, teams needed to create the most effective design under limited time using the materials provided to them. 

We are proud to announce that one of the teams representing PLMGS (Sec) clinched the IDE Engineering Award for 2015. The members comprised Zaneta Low and Tan Jia Min, both from Sec 2.3. 

Students' Reflections: 
“ I feel that this competition was absolutely fun and brain-triggering. In our normal lessons, we sit down, take notes and sometimes have group work, but in this competition, my team and I really pushed our brain to try to win something. Overall, this competition was fun, and was made even more so with my awesome team-mates. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.” 
from Wee Chun Hui, Sec 2.2 

“The IDE Challenge 2015 was a wonderful learning experience. It certainly got us wrecking our brains, trying to think of a way around each challenge considering the impossibly little resources given for the construction of all three contraptions. IDE was definitely something different from any other typical competition, and I am glad I had the opportunity to participate in such an event.” 
from Tan Jia Min, Sec 2.3 

“To be honest, when the team leaders asked me to join them, I wasn’t sure what they saw in me. I was a little shocked. Through research and all the team meetings, I became more confident about the competition. When we went into the competition with zero expectations, although we covered quite a lot of content in research. The competition was intense but overall I enjoyed the entire process of planning and making the objects. Although some artefacts may not have turned out as well as expected, I guess it was the journey that counts. I enjoyed myself throughout the entire process” 
from Ling Yin, Sec 2.2 

“Being part of this competition has taught me how to think on my feet. After completing my bridge, I realized that it could not hold heavy weights as well as expected. Therefore, I had to quickly plan and build a second one. Despite having their own tasks, my team mates stood by me and helped me by contributing ideas.” 
from Crystal Cheong, Sec 2.2 

“I am really glad that I was able to participate in the IDE Championship 2015. The tasks that we were supposed to perform were really challenging and thought-provoking. The task that we found most challenging was building the rubber band powered car and the easiest one was building the bridge. I am really happy that my team members did their part and we all managed to put our strengths to use. Other than learning more about Innovation, Design and Engineering, I am glad that I learnt values like adaptability more in depth through the limit of materials and time provided.” 
from Julia, Sec 2.3 

“The IDE challenge was an interesting and fun competition. In the competition, we were given limited materials to satisfy three challenges: to build a strong bridge, an efficient rubber band powered car and a structure to protect 10 eggs when dropped from a height of three floors. We were able to learn a lot through trial and error and also able to have fun in the process. It was very eventful and I would definitely like to participate again if I were given another chance.” 
from Esther Chew, Sec 2.2. 

PL’s Student Photographers featured in Canon EOS Academy Magazine

Photo by Janelle Koh 4A3
Photo by Glenda Tay 3A3
Photo by Magdalene Tan 4B1
Photo by Syaza Nisrina 4A3 Photo by Magdalene Tan 4B1 Photo by Claudia Ong 3B1

Photo by Claudia Ong 3B1

The school congratulates the following students whose photos are featured by Canon EOS Academy magazine: 
  • Janelle Koh, Sec 4A3
  • Syaza Nisrina, Sec 4A3
  • Magdalene Tan, Sec 4B1
  • Glenda Tay, Sec 3A3
  • Claudia Ong, Sec 3B1

The magazine seeks to recognise students who have done well in the art of photography among the educational institutions in Singapore, including junior colleges, polytechnics and universities. 

Students' Reflections: 
I feel honoured to have my photograph featured in the Canon EOS Academy magazine. I get to experiment with different photography genres and with the help of the magazine, I get to know which style of photography I am best at. I learn more about the styles of other photographers and what I can do to refine my photos. I am glad that the Canon EOS Academy magazine has this platform that allows students to be recognised for their works. The platform encourages me to produce better quality photos, so that I can continue to share my works with budding photographers and to learn from them. 
Syaza Nisrina, Sec 4A3, President of PL Photography Club 

I feel that the Canon EOS Academy magazine is a great platform for photographers to learn from one another. We learnt to get the techniques right and master the skills for a specific genre of photography. It also gives the photographers the recognition they deserve for the effort they put into taking each photo. I have learnt a lot from different photographers from other schools and I am also very inspired to continue sharing my photos with others. It is indeed an honour to have my photo published in a renowned magazine. 
Janelle Koh, Sec 4A3, Vice President of PL Photography Club 

KC Humanities / NE Challenge 2015

On 12 February, 5 Secondary 4 students (Amanda Tan, Jamais Ang, Sarah Ann Lim, Victoria Teng and Zhang Jingyi) took part in the KC Humanities/NE Challenge 2015 organised by CHIJ Katong Convent. They were the top 5 teams competing in the quiz segment (Humanopoly) and emerged champions. In addition, they also came in the second in the Treasure Hunt segment. 

All glory to God for His favour. 

Students' Reflections: 
The KC Humanities/NE Challenge not only allowed us to put our textbook knowledge to use, but it also tested us on current events, making us more aware of what is happening in the world. We had a lot of fun taking part in the competition and also learnt things that are not taught in the classroom. Although the challenge was tough at times, we persevered and supported each other to do our best. 
Sarah-Ann Lim, Sec 4A2 

I learned a lot from the taking part in the competition: both team work and knowledge. The Humanities Challenge comprised mainly of History and general knowledge questions. Thus, it is important to be updated and well informed with the latest news happening all around the world. We must work well and be united as a team in order to overcome the challenges faced when participating in the various tasks. All in all, I enjoyed myself during the KC Humanities Challenge and I am very grateful to have had such an opportunity to participate. 
Victoria Teng, Sec 4A3 

37th International C.B. Paul Science Quiz 2015

We are pleased to announce that nine PL-Lites won prizes at the 37 th C. B. Paul Science Quiz 2015 on 21 and 28 Jan 2015. Organised by the ACJC Science and Mathematics Council, the quiz aimed to develop students’ aptitude and potential in the pure and applied sciences through independent work and applying critical thinking. 

The students were put through rigorous questions in a wide range of contexts from Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics and were challenged to solve problems, evaluate theories, and interpret work which required them to draw on a complex array of understandings. 

The nine awardees are as follows: 
Ignasia Hanny
Nicole Kwok
Julia Vadukkoot Chacko
Zaneta, Low Hui Ann
Honourable mention
Chen Tingyu Chloe
Tang Yan Jun, Antoinette
Elisabeth Lian Shi-Ri
Sarah Yong Pei Ling
Wee Chun Hui

Student's Reflections: 
“ The 37 th C. B. Paul Science Quiz was really an eye opener. I was apprehensive at first.I was surprised when I passed the preliminary round to move on to the final and achieved a bronze medal! Personally I think the questions were challenging and tough, especially the chemistry and biology questions. Thankfully, I managed to brave through the application questions. The competition was a really great experience for me, as I was exposed to various, unique, think-on-the-spot questions. It gave me an opportunity to learn that sciences and math are something beyond the textbooks .” 
from Ignasia Hanny, Secondary 4A1 (Bronze Individual Award) 

“ I really liked the exposure, especially the biology questions! The questions really were something that I've never seen before and they intrigued me. Even though the questions were really quite hard, especially since some of them were not for secondary school level, I had a very enjoyable time! They made me think out of the box. I continued to wonder and research about some of the topics even after the quiz was over .” 
from Hannah Quek, Secondary 3A1 

“ This being my first C.B. Paul Science Quiz, I have to say it has been a valuable experience. The questions that were asked were out of my syllabus, but I have to say that I am happy I was able to answer some of them. Being a Secondary 2 student, I am glad that I was able to be exposed to such questions that are out of my syllabus. I am also thankful that I could participate in a competition like this and represent the school and give God the Glory !” 
from Julia Vadukkoot Chacko , Secondary 2.3 

Speak! Ventures Debate Championship 2015

On 24 Jan, five of our debaters, Amanda Chia (4A1), Hannah Quek (3A1), Elisabeth Lian (3A2), Megan Lew (3A3) and Rianne Lim (3A4), competed in Speak! Ventures Debate Championship 2015. They competed with other secondary schools in Singapore and defeated 2 out of 3 schools. We are happy to announce that Amanda Chia and Hannah Quek attained the 14 th and 17 th Best Speaker positions out of a total of 160 speakers in the tournament. Well done, debaters! 

The spirit of enterprise rolls on in PL!

Raeann, Faith, Theenmathi and P. Maitreyah with their animal shaped hats at their pushcart.
The mobile phone speakers impressed the judges so much that the team brought home the Most Innovative Product award.
The team in all smiles after
receiving their prizes on stage.

Six dedicated PL-lites from Class 3D1 represented PLMGSS in the finals of the National Pushcart Challenge 2014 organised by Republic Polytechnic. This competition required teams to collaborate with a social enterprise of their choice and develop product innovations to augment their existing merchandise for fund-raising. 

Working with the SPCA, our girls saw an opportunity in recycling unwanted cardboard rolls into household products such as photo frames, stationery holders, torchlights, desktop lamps and even mobile phone speakers! 

After a long 5 months’ work involving ideation, sourcing and development, the girls had to set up their own pushcart to market their completed products at Causeway Point over 2 days. 

Their hard work and aching feet eventually paid much dividends as they snagged the Most Innovative Product award as well as the overall 1 st runners-up trophy – the only team out of 16 finalists to receive 2 prizes! 

The school congratulates Faith Kung, P. Maitreyah, Pan YiTong, Raeann Tan, Saraniya D/O Panichelvam and Theenmathi D/O Kanesan (all from 3D1) for their unique achievement! 

Students' Reflections: 
"This experience proved how important teamwork is as we stuck together throughout the competition, coming to school and working on the products even during the holidays." 
- Raeann Tan 

"It’s fantastic how we managed to get so many of our products out in time! The key was in how we split the workload and helped one another out." 
- Theenmathi 

"Through this competition, I’ve learnt much about taking personal responsibility, how to overcome my fear of approaching strangers and lastly, the importance of working with others. These experiences will make me a better person!" 
- P. Maitreyah 

Natalie Soh receives Zone Colours Award

The school congratulates Natalie Soh (Sec 4A1) for receiving Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) Zone Schools Colours (Individual) for her achievements in Cross Country. 

All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2014

On 24July 2014, 12 of our NA and NT girls took part in the ‘All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2014’. We congratulate Wee Joo Kim, Nicolene (Secondary 2.7b) who was placed seventh in the Individual Prize of the Lower Secondary Normal Academic category. 

East Zone A*Star Science Fair 2014

On 29 July 2014, 4 groups of students from Secondary Two ACE Science programme represented PLMGS (Sec) at the East Zone A*Star Science Fair 2014 organised by Victoria Junior College. They presented their science projects to researchers from Agency for Science, Technology and Research. The students worked very hard for the project. They read up on science research papers to formulate their hypothesis and performed experiments using the Scientific Method. 

We are proud to announce that one of the groups clinched the Bronze Award under the Lower Secondary Open Category with their project, “Removal of Heavy Metal Ions using Dried Leaves”. The members of the winning team were Chen TingYu, Chloe and Michelle Seet Su Ling, both from Secondary 2.1. 

Students' Reflections: 
“This Ace Science project was extremely enriching and taught me to think out of the box. Through the project, I have learnt to persevere and understood the meaning of commitment even more as we had to invest time and effort into finding information and putting it together to finish our research paper. The Science Fair held in Victoria Junior College was an eye-opener. There were many different project titles and it showed me that science is in our everyday lives and it can be interesting after all. It has changed my perception on what science is all about.” 
from Michelle Seet Su Ling, Secondary 2.1 

“The ACE Science project required a lot of commitment including going back to school during the holidays, weeks of researching and editing of our research paper, and repeating the experiment to ensure fairness and accuracy. However, when the project was finally done and ready for presentation, I felt quite proud of our project as it was the result of our few months of hard work. Even though we did not win the competition, it was is a great one-time experience, and I am glad that I did not give up.” 
from Bethany Lim, Secondary 2.1 

“Through this East Zone Science Fair, I have learnt that it required commitment and efforts in science experiments. Time management was also important because even though we had half a year to complete, coming up with an experiment to work on was not easy. We had to go through 2 experiments which were both unsuccessful and not so interesting before coming up with our final experiment. Our final experiment required us to filter the dried leaves and saw dust out from the solutions one by one, 54 times across 3 days. To make sure that the experiment was fair, it should be repeated more than once. In addition, I had to analyse and compare results to ensure that the hypothesis was correct. Overall, it was a good and fun learning experience.” 
from Chen TingYu, Chloe, Secondary 2.1 

Meideline shines in badminton competitions

Meideline Santika has taken part in the Victor Age Group Championships 2014 and Alpha Academy Age Group Badminton Championship 2014 during the June holidays. With her perseverance and endurance, she has done the school proud by winning the third for the Victor Age Group Championships 2014 (U15 category) and the champion for the Alpha Academy Age Group Badminton Championship 2014 (U14 category). 

SYF Art Exhibition 2014

A sweet reunion 

For the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition 2014, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) submitted art works by 6 PL-Lites to the organisers as follows: 
1) Tan Pei Qi (Sec 3B1) 
2) Dorcas Foo (Sec 3A2) 
3) Ye Yunqi (Sec 3A1) 
4) Delia Lim Xiu Qing (Sec 4B2, Class of 2013) 
5) Ng Shi Qian (Sec 4B1, Class of 2013) 
6) Joslin Ong (Sec 4B2, Class of 2013) 

Delia Lim Xiu Qing (Sec 4B2, Class of 2013) received a Certification of Recognition (Special Mention) in the 2014 Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition. Her art work was exhibited in the Woodlands Regional Library from 10 to 23 July 2014. 

Student's Reflection 
“O-Level Art is so much more than a subject to me. It has allowed me to express myself and my perspective of the world around me in ways I could never have imagined. Though the process of completing the coursework was tiring, and has at times raised doubts and hopelessness within me, God's love and grace never fails. Christ is the centre of my coursework and my sole inspiration. I have truly seen the glory of Christ through this experience that has been like no others. I urge the juniors who are to take on Art at O-Level - never doubt your abilities, for when the Lord is with you, anything is possible. It has been the most amazing journey and one I will always remember. Thank you, PL, for believing in me when I least did in myself.” 
From Delia Lim Xiu Qing, Sec 4B2 Class of 2013 

National Youth Achievement Award 2014

Seet Seow Chien and Tan Ling Yue, Gloria (both from Sec 4A1) represented the 202 students from PLMGS (Sec) to receive the National Youth Achievement Award (Bronze) at the Bronze/Silver Award Presentation Ceremony on 11 July 2014 (Friday). 

NParks' Trees For Life Photography Competition

My favourite spot at my neighbourhood park where I like to unwind and read a good book. 

We rejoice with and congratulate Darla Gabrielle Tejada of 2.4, who has won a consolation prize in the Trees for Life Photography Competition (Secondary School Category) held in June. Her photograph will be exhibited at the following locations: 

Venue Exhibition Period
1 Singapore Garden Festival @ Gardens by the Bay 16 – 24 August 2014
2 Woodlands Regional Library 25 August - 10 September 2014
3 Tampines Regional Library 11 September - 22 September 2014
4 Central Public Library 3 - 16 October 2014

Raffles Debate Academy Under-14 Debate Invitational


On 24 and 31 May 2014, 5 PL Lower Sec Debaters defeated River Valley High, CHIJ Toa Payoh and CHIJ St Nicholas at the Raffles Debate Academy Under 14 Debate Championships, coming in 3rd overall, out of 24 top schools. They proceeded to compete against Hwa Chong Institution at the Quarter Finals but lost after a close fight. We are proud of their achievements! To God be the Glory! 

1. Elisabeth Lian (2.1) 
2. Hannah Quek Sihui (2.1) 
3. Rianne Lim Ee Shyan (2.2) 
4. Janice Sim Xinyi (2.3) 
5. Megan Nicole Lew (2.5) 

MIT girls win 2nd prize for the National Schools Digital Media Competition 2014

Earlier in March, teams from the Media Information and Technology Club took part in the National Schools Digital Media Competition 2014 organised by the Singapore Civil Defence Force. Two teams were shortlisted for the second round where they spent 2 days during the March holidays completing their projects under the mentoring of students from the ITE College Central to better equip them to share the importance of Emergency Preparedness to their families and peers at school. 

Out of the 100 entries and 13 finalists, the team represented by Joy Wong, Tan Pei Si, Tan Pei Qi and Mazel Ong won the 2nd Prize while the team represented by Holly Jee, Sim Lun Jean, Hosanna Tan and Brina Lim won the Consolation Prize. The winning entry 'Safety 101' has been selected by our panel of judges for the creativity and concise Emergency Preparedness messages on the dangers of Discarded Items Fire. The winning teams brought home a Canon powershot and a Sony thumbdrive together with an SCDF souvenir respectively. 

Congratulations to the PL Debate Team

PL Debaters Jessica Tedja (Sec 4A2), Man Gurshaaran Kaur (Sec 4A1), Amanda Chia (Sec 3A1), Elisabeth Lian (Sec 2.1) and Hannah Quek (Sec 2.1) competed in the Singapore Secondary Schools' Debating Championships from February to April 2014. Amanda Chia Shue Qi from Sec 3A1 has been ranked 16th Best Speaker out of 90 speakers from the Division 1 teams consisting of many top schools in Singapore, such as RI, RGS, ACSI, NYGH and SCGS. Congratulations, PL Debaters! 

GB Award Ceremony 2014

The school congratulates the Girls' Brigade (GB) for receiving the Sustained Gold Award (5 years from 2009 to 2013) at the GB Award Ceremony 2013 on 12 April 2014. 

66th National Schools Chess Championships

On 21 and 22 March 2014, 8 of our students took part in the 66th National Schools Individual Chess Championships held in the Pasir Ris Sports Hall. 

We would like to congratulate the girls on their achievement in the competition as follows: 

C Division Girls 
East Zone Merit: Audrey Chong, Sec 1.2 

B Division Girls 
East Zone Merit: 
- Gayathri Elangovan, Sec 2.1 
- Tang Yan Jun Antoinette, Sec 2.1 
- Teo Jia Ling, Sec 3A1 
- Jessie Koh. Sec 3A2 
- Tan Pei Si, Sec 3A3 

East Zone 
3rd (Bronze) 
- Tan Le Sze, Sec 4A1 

East Zone 
1st (Gold), National 1st (Gold) 
- Anastasia Patricks, Sec 3A1 

An Honourable Mention in the 2014 Singapore Mathematics Project Festival

We congratulate Luanne Yong Yue Rong, Mildred Sim Phin, Matthea Loo Wei Ern and Natalie Soh Hann from Secondary 4A1 for receiving an Honourable Mention in the 2014 Singapore Mathematics Project Festival (Senior Category) organised by the Singapore Mathematics Society. The team came up with a research topic which was "An Extension of PIck Theorem" and wrote a mini thesis based on the research topic. 

36th C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz

Bronze Individual Awardees Participants of 36th C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz

On 26 January 2014, nine Secondary Two ACE Science pupils participated in the 36 th C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz organized by ACJC Science and Mathematics Council. The annual science quiz aims to provide a platform for students to apply textbook knowledge in explaining daily phenomena, and hence enabling them to exercise analytical and critical thinking skills. 

The students were put through rigorous questions in a wide range of contexts including Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. They were challenged to solve problems, evaluate theories, and interpret work which required them to draw on a complex array of understandings. 

We are proud to announce that the following students have done the school proud: 
  • Elisabeth Lian Shi-Ri, Secondary 2.1 (Bronze Individual Award)
  • Charis Chia, Secondary 2.3 (Bronze Individual Award)
  • Michelle Seet Su Ling, Secondary 2.1 (Merit Individual Award)

Pupils' Reflections: 
“After speaking to my seniors, I knew that the competition was going to be very tough and I was not counting on winning anything. The paper was indeed very tough but it was fun nonetheless. I think it was good knowing where I stand, and it was a great exposure beyond the syllabus. I would really want to do it again in the future.” 
Elisabeth Lian Shi-Ri, Secondary 2.1 (Bronze Individual Award) 

“I felt that the competition was very interesting and it was a good exposure. To be honest, the papers that we took were really tough. I actually got a shock because I have never been exposed to such questions before despite the preparation I had for this competition. Nonetheless, I believe this was a good time for me to actually try out my skills. From this competition, I learnt many sophisticated things, including new topics such as astronomy and computer science. I think that the school should continue to send the Secondary 2 girls for the competition as it actually will give them exposure to the different sciences apart from the three sciences that we learn in school.” 
Charis Chia, Secondary 2.3 (Bronze Individual Award) 

“I feel that the competition was extremely good exposure, especially for computer science and astronomy. It was very intellectually stimulating but tiring at the same time. Overall I think it was a very enriching experience that higher ability science girls should go for.” 
Hannah Quek , Secondary 2.1 

“I think it's a really a good exposure for me as the competition provided a wide range of questions for us to try. The questions asked during the competition were above our level, and I look forward to such a challenge.” 
Lim Hui Fang, Secondary 2.2 

PL wins gold medal at the National Inter-School Cross Country Championship 2014

The PL Track and Field team participated in the 55th National Inter-School Cross Country Championships on 25 March 2014 at the Bedok Reservoir where one of our students, Soh Hann Natalie, from Secondary 4A1 won the Gold Medal in the "B" Division category. She ran the 3.6 km route with a timing of 14mins 28.07secs. We would like to thank the coach of the PL Track and Field team, Mr Alfred Sim, for helping the girls to achieve the excellent results. 

There is an online newspaper article on this event reported by Today newspaper (26/03/2014). Here is an excerpt of the article: 

Natalie Soh of Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School Secondary delivered a surprise come-from-behind victory in the Girls ‘B’ Division race, as the gutsy 16-year-old held on to push past her rivals in the last 50m to claim the gold in 14min 28.7sec ahead of Nah Yi Xin (Cedar Girls’) and Shervon Goh (Commonwealth), who finished second and third respectively in 14:30.2 and 14:39.2. 

“It was quite a struggle for me when I started the race as everyone was sprinting and I was still trying to get into the rhythm,” said the Secondary Four student, who finished 40th last year. “I wasn’t in the front and I struggled to keep up with them. Towards the end, I thought I would be okay with third, but at the end the two runners in front went faster and I kept up and overtook them in the last 50m. I certainly was the underdog and winning this feels great. It’s amazing, and I still can’t believe I won!” 
On 26 March 2014, The New Paper carried an article on Natalie Soh from Sec 4A1. Please click here for the article. 
(Source: The New Paper © Singapore Press Holdings Limited, Reproduced with permission) 

Pupil's Reflection: 
"After hours of restless anticipation, the starting horn finally sounded and I kept close to the front of the pack. I was slowly burning out; that was when I drew strength from God to carry me through the race. His greatness surpassed my expectations by giving me that last dose of determination to sprint to the finish. All glory goes to Him and I really thank the school for providing me with this opportunity. Especially the teachers-in-charge, Ms Haida, Ms Tan and Ms Deepa, and of course the PL Track Team for their constant support. Thank you!" 
Natalie Soh, Sec 4A1 

30th National Age Group Chess Championship 2013

Darla Gabrielle Tejada from Sec 2.4 took part in the 30th National Age Group Chess Championship 2013 on 16-18 November 2013. She was awarded the 5th prize in the Girls Under 14 Category. 

National iBook Competition 2013


The school congratulates Codie Leung (Sec 1.3), K. Vittusha (Sec 1.3) and Laura Lee (Sec 1.6) for winning the Popularity Vote Award at the National i.Books Competition jointly organised by the Nanyang Polytechnic and National Library Board in September 2013. The team from the school's Media Information & Technology (MIT) Club created an interactive storybook and presented their product to a panel of judges. They won for themselves an iPod shuffle each. 

PL's Values In Action Project in the limelight

Ukulele performance with the elderly Nivitha interviewed by Channel News Asia
Receiving the appreciation award 
from Mr Heng Chee How
PLMGSS was presented with an award by Guest of Honour, Senior Minister of State, Mr Heng Chee How, at the Intergenerational Learning Programme Appreciation and Award Ceremony 2013 for its unique Values in Action project where 50 of our Secondary Three pupils taught 30 elderly from St Luke’s ElderCare a music appreciation class with the ukulele over a span of 5 half-day sessions in May this year. The award presentation ceremony took place on 21 September 2013 (Saturday). 

The highlight of the ceremony was the opening performance where our pupils and the elderly played the ukulele to the great delight of the audience. One of our pupils, Nivitha D/O Royston, was interviewed by the media and she shared how she learnt and benefited from her interaction with the elderly. One of the elderly who was truly a role model to our pupils is Mdm Tan, a 91-year old lady, who was a participant of our programme and a person who embodies the spirit of a life-long learner! 

PL is thankful to Council for the Third Age for their sponsorship and support, and HistoryMakers for their partnership and mentorship of our pupils in this meaningful project. 

National Schools Literature Festival

We congratulate the following students for their achievements at the National Schools Literature Festival: 
Poetry Slam - 1st Prize* 
  • Sandhya Alexandra Anand, Secondary 3A1
  • Prairie Soh Huei Yee, Secondary 3A3
  • Kelsey Tan Xue Qi, Secondary 3B2

Unseen Text Debate** 
  • Chrystal Ng Wan Qi, Secondary 3A1
  • Man Gurshaaran Kaur, Secondary 3A1
  • Soh Hann, Natalie, Secondary 3A1
  • Tedja Jessica, Secondary 3A2

* The team received a special mention for demonstrating outstanding writing skills and won a one-to-one training with an established poet. 
** There was one round of concurrent debates. Our team won the debate they competed in. 

54th National Inter-school Team Chess Championships 2013

Our Chess Club took part in the 54th National Inter-school Team Chess Championships 2013 at Rulang Primary School on 31 August 2013. We congratulate the members of the Chess Club on their achievements: 

Category: Secondary Girls Under 14

Team 1 
2nd Prize - East Zone 
Teri Hwang Yong Qi 
Toh Jie Ying 
Don Ruvindya Hansani Hettig 
Gilberte Jessie Koh Poh Ling 
Wong Shi Ting 

Team 2 
1st Prize - East Zone 
3rd Prize - Nationals 
Tan Pei Si 
Antoinette Tang Yan Jun 
Darla Gabrielle Tejada 
Elangovan Gayathri 
Cristal Ang Hui Xian 

Category: Secondary Open

4th Prize - East Zone 
Tan Le Sze 
Ong Li Ying Mazel 
Lee Yun Ying 
Tan Ling Yue Gloria 
Swee Jia En Alyssa 

NPCC Inter-Unit Drills Competition


The school congratulates the NPCC for emerging 8th out of 122 units in the NPCC Inter-Unit Drills Competition. The team members who participated in the competition are as follows: 
- Rachel Cheang, Secondary 3C1 
- Grace Ang, Secondary 3A1 
- Hing Kai Wen, Secondary 3B3 
- Stella Wai, Secondary 3B3 
- Jacelyn Tan, Secondary 3C1 
- Ng Sing Yee, Secondary 2.7 
- Amanda Jane Wong (2.3) 
- Sonia Seow, Secondary 2.4 
- Charmaine Ho, Secondary 2.6 
- Jamilah Allyssa, Secondary 2.5 
- Amanda Lai, Secondary 2.3 
- Rebecca Tan, Secondary 2.1 
- Phylicia Loh, Secondary 2.7 
- Rachel Chan, Secondary 2.4 
- Koh Wei Ling, Secondary 2. 
 - Rena Ang, Secondary 2.3 
- Ferwynda Fylzar, Secondary 2.8 

East Zone A* Star Science Fair Symposium 2013

A team of students from Secondary 3A1 participated in the East Zone A* Star Science Fair Symposium 2013. Their research project entitled "Which common waste fruit is the most effective biofuel?" clinched a Silver Award. 

The school congratulates the team comprising the following students on their achievement: 
Koh Shao Qi Natalene, Sec 3A1 
Chrystal Ng Wan Qi, Sec 3A1 
Ashley Poh Ching Lin, Sec 3A1 
Soh Hann Natalie, Sec 3A1 

S Rajaratnam Leadership Series 2013 - Story-telling Competition


We congratulate the following students for their achievement in the Story-telling Competition of the S Rajaratnam Leadership Series 2013: 
Semi-finalist – Reena Premchand Primalani, Secondary 2.1 
Finalist (Fifth Place) – Lad Komal Bhupendra, Secondary 2.2 

International Competition and Assessments for Schools 2013 Science

  • High Distinction 
    Lo Ern Hui Hannah (2-2) 
  • Distinction 
    Seah Kai Lin (2-1) 

Singapore Junior Water Prize - Under 15 Category 1st Prize

  • Antonia Low (2.1)
  • Amanda Chia (2.2)
  • Kyna Ho (2.2)

S'pore Mathematics Competition & S'pore Mathematical Olympiad

Our pupils from the Accelerated Mathematics Programme (AMP) took part in the 2013 Secondary Schools Singapore Mathematics Competition with the theme of "Application of Mathematics in Planet Earth". We are pleased to announce that our team of Sec 4 AMP pupils comprising Kiong Min Yi Kimberly, Yip Juen Chen Nicole, Xu Ming Xin clinched the third prize for their essay entitled "Rate of fluid flow through porous media". 

In the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad, PLMGS (Sec) was ranked 27 out of 122 schools which participated in the Lower Secondary category of the competition and 35 out of 108 schools for the Upper Secondary category. The school congratulates the following pupils for their achievements in the competition: 

Name Class Awards
WU WE 4A1 Silver
SIM LEE TING 1.3 Bronze
ZHOU MENG 3A1 Bronze
LIM KE YI 4A1 Bronze
LEE QIAN YU, DAVINA 1.2 Honourable Mention
SOH HANN, NATALIE 3A1 Honourable Mention
TAN LE SZE 3A1 Honourable Mention
YONG YUERONG, LUANNE 3A1 Honourable Mention
KIONG MIN YI, KIMBERLY 4A1 Honourable Mention
TAN JIA YU 4A1 Honourable Mention
To god be the Glory. 


The collateral put up by the girls to showcase their ideas. Our PL-Lites explaining the concept of Youthoria to one of the judges from the Singapore Tourism Board. The team posing in front of their display booth, together with their prize.
Four PL-lites from Class 3B3 represented PLMGSS in the finals of the Tourism Innovation Challenge 2013 organised by Temasek Polytechnic on 15 and 16 July 2013. They were to conceptualise a proposal aimed at turning Singapore into an attractive destination for youth travellers. 

Our girls put together a tour concept entitled ‘Youthoria’ that sought to weave in their experiences gained through the school’s unique Overseas Faithful-In-Service (FIS)programme by inviting youth tourists to engage in social projects – an idea which was commended as ‘heart-warming’ by one of the judges from the Singapore Tourism Board. 
The proposal ultimately came in 4 th overall in the competition, a testament of not only their creativity but also the school’s successful overseas service learning project! 

The school congratulates the team comprising Lim Ying, Natale Tan, Chloe Chan and Yvvyan Tan for their achievement! 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
“The competition was interesting for me as I am very keen in the tourism industry and may even consider a post-secondary course in Tourism and Resort Management. It helped me to gain insights on the Singapore tourism industry.” – Natale Tan 

“This competition taught me that cooperation and team work is important as the tasks were numerous. We would not have gotten things done without the efforts of one another!” - Lim Ying 

“This competition has forced us to think out of the box and come up with new ideas and concepts.” – Chloe Chan 

Lam Soon CC Salad Competition

The winning dish! Receiving award from MP Mr Zaqy Mohammad
Janae Chua and Larrinna Haverkamp, both from Secondary 3B2 participated in the Lam Soon CC Salad Competition on 20 July 2013 (Saturday) . They battled against 20 other schools and won the hearts of the judges with their enticing and tangy Vietnam Thai Salad. Finally, they emerged top in the upper secondary category. 

Breathing new life into unwanted books

The PLMGSS team at their stall display The clock and the mobile phone dock, fashioned out of recycled books, were the most popular products at the stall The team in all smiles after receiving their prizes on stage

Five PL-lites from Class 3B3 represented PLMGSS in the finals of the National Youth Business Challenge 2013 organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic. In this competition, teams had to put together a sustainable business plan that is promotes environmentalism. 

Seizing the opportunity that was presented as the school library had just condemned some old books, our girls developed 5 products which massively impressed the judges and won the top prize - Gold Award for having the Most Earth Friendly Business Concept. 

The school congratulates the team comprising of Zeona Aw, Tay Shi Ying, Valerina Tang, Natale Tan and Keziah Teo for their achievement. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
‘It was an eye-opener! We learnt how to develop our ideas and carry them through from concept into reality. We also learnt how to present our final products in a way that was appealing to our customers.’ - Valerina Tang 

‘It was a fun experience. Through this competition we learnt about the importance of teamwork and making preparations to deal with unforeseen circumstances.’ – Tay Shi Ying 

‘It was really enriching on how we were able to plan out, produce and market our products. I have also picked up other recycling tips from other schools in the competition’ – Natale Tan 

Raffles Debate Academy Under - 14 Debate Invitational


The PL lower secondary debaters defeated Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) and NUS High School at the Raffles Debate Academy Under 14 Debate Championships held on 25 May at Raffles Institution (Junior College): 
  1. Amanda Chia (Sec 2.2, Team Captain)
  2. Elisabeth Lian (Sec 1.1)
  3. Megan Nicole Lew (Sec 1.5)
  4. Hannah Quek Sihui (Sec 1.1)
  5. Rianne Lim Ee Shyan (Sec 1.2)

There were 24 teams in all -- including most top schools like Raffles Institution, Raffles Girls’ School, Nanyang Girls’ High School, Methodist Girls’ School and Singapore Chinese Girls’ School. They competed in 3 matches and were defeated by HCI in the prepared round. The 2nd and 3rd rounds were impromptu rounds in which they beatFMSS and NUS High. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
“RDA U14s 2013 was a memorable and enriching experience as we were pitted against some of the finest debaters. We knew that to succeed, we must work together as a team and train hard. The competition provided a great platform to explore global issues and gain different perspectives. We would like to thank our coach, teachers, Mrs Ong and Ms Ong for their constant guidance and support. To God be the Glory!” 
Amanda Chia, Secondary 2.2 

National Schools Digital Media Competition 2013

6 Teams from the Media Information and Technology (MIT) Club participated in the National Schools Digital Media Competition (NSDMC) 2013 where they had to to create comic strips to promote Civil Defence in Singapore. They worked on topics such as 'How to make your home fire safe', 'CPR Basics 101' and 'What is Public warning System'. The teams submitted their proposals and 2 teams whose proposals were shortlisted, attended a 2-day workshop in March where they polished their projects and submitted for judging. Team 1, comprising of Ayesha Kanwal (Sec 1.2) , Angela Tan Jia Yi (Sec 1.2), Heera Farzana ( Sec 1.3) and Codie Leung Zi Ning (Sec 1.3) won the top 10 placing while Team 2, represented by Sandra Choy (Sec 1.7), K. Vittusha (Sec 1.3), Jazreel Yeo Shi Hui (Sec 1.4) and Laura Lee Yin (Sec 1.6) won the top 20 position. 

54th National School Swimming Championships


Event Name Position (Finals)
100m Freestyle Zoey Ho Zu Er (Sec 1.1) 2
200m Individual Medley
13 & Under 200m Freestyle Relay C Division 7
16 & Under 200m Freestyle Relay B Division 8

C Division B Division
Zoey Ho (Sec 1.1)
Celeste Chan (Sec 1.2)
Naomi Wong (Sec 1.3)
Abigail Png(Sec 2.4)
Leo Yi En (Sec 2.5)
Yvette Tan (Sec 2.7b)
Megan Lim (Sec 2.7b)
Gillian Lim (Sec 2.7b)
Kam Jia-Ren(Sec 2.8)
Sonia Elizabeth Ranjendra (Sec 3A2)
Priscilla Ursua Gador (Sec 3B1)
Megan Lau (Sec 4B3)
Sophie Mok (Sec 4C1b) – Captain
Syamimi Bte Shahdan (Sec 4C1b)
*Jolene Nah (Sec 3B1) – Vice Captain

International Biomedical Olympiad 2013

The school congratulates the following pupils for their achievements in the International Biomedical Olympiad organised by Anglo-Chinese Junior College and Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS. Held in Feb - Mar 2013, the focus for this year's competition was on Neuroscience. 

Name Class Award
1 Sarah Ong Le En 4A1 Silver Medal
2 Chong Yan Wen 4A1 Honorable Mention
3 Nicole Chew Chuan 4B3 Certificate of Merit
4 Yong Yue Rong Luanne 3A1 Certificate of Merit
5 Chrystal Ng Wan Qi 3A1 Certificate of Merit
6 Soh Hann Natalie 3A1 Certificate of Merit
7 Sabrina Lee Shi Yan 3A3 Certificate of Merit

Singapore-China Children and Youth Bilingual Speech Competition

We are proud to announce that Ng Yu Qi (Secondary 3B1) (on the left of the photo) clinched the 2nd Prize in the Singapore-China Children and Youth Bilingual Speech Competition. 

Photography Achievements by PL-Lites (EOS Academy Magazine)

The school congratulates the members of PL Photography Club on being featured in the 2nd edition of EOS Academy magazine. The magazine seeks to recognise pupils who have done well in the art of photography among the educational institutions in Singapore, including the junior colleges, polytechnics and universities. 

The photographs taken by the following 6 pupils were featured in the magazine: 
1) Syaza Nisrina, Secondary 2-3 (1 photo) 
2) Magdalene Tan, Secondary 2-5 (2 photos) 
3) Estelle Heng, Secondary 3B2 (1 photo) 
4) Hannah Chan, Secondary 3B1 (1 photo) 
5) Nicole Ng, Secondary 3A3 (1 photo) 
6) Venessa Ng, Secondary 4B3 (3 photos) 

In addition, Magdalene and Nicole were also featured in the 1st edition of the magazine. 

We are very proud of their achievement and this is indeed a significant milestone for them. 

35th C B Paul Memorial Science Quiz


We are proud to announce that our pupils clinched 2 Individual Bronze Awards and 1 Individual Merit Award at the C B Paul Memorial Science Quiz held at Anglo-Chinese Junior College on 23 January 2013. The awardees are as follows: (1) Amanda Jane Wong Xiu Wen, Secondary 2.3 (Bronze Individual Award) (2) Amanda Lai Ting Yu, Secondary 2.3 (Bronze Individual Award) (3) Amanda Leo Min, Secondary 2.3 (Merit Individual Award) For more information, please click here to the January issue of the Epistle Online. 

Photography Achievements by PL-Lites

Delia's photo published by Canon EOS Academy magazine (issue 1) Magdalene's photo published by Canon EOS Academy magazine (issue 1) Nicole's 2nd photo published by Canon EOS Academy magazine (issue 1)

Nicole's photo published by Canon EOS magazine (issue 1) Megan's photo published by Canon EOS Academy magazine (issue 1) Megan's photo published by Canon Buzz magaine (issue 26) Magdalene's 2nd photo published by Canon EOE Academy magazine (issue 1)

The PL Photography Club is proud to announce that the works by some of our student photographers were featured in professional photography magazines. 

The photos taken by Nicole Ng (Secondary 2-2), Megan Ng (Secondary 2-2), Magdalene Tan (Secondary 1-5) and Delia Leow (Secondary 4A2) were published by the EOS Academy magazine in September. 

In addition, another of Megan’s photo was published in the Canon Buzzmagazine. Her work emerged as the best entry for the month of October and was also featured in the Canon EOS World portal. In the recently concluded Canon Photomarathon (November), Megan’s work was again shortlisted as one of the top 10 entries amongst all submissions in the Student Category (including university students). 

We are indeed very proud of their achievements. 

perPETually Yours!

The desktop clocks that were designed, assembled and marketed by our PL-Lites. Melissa and Siu Ching presenting their merchandise to Guest of Honour, Mr Seah Kian Peng, MP (Marine Parade GRC) and CEO, NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Limited. Article featuring the team from PLMGSS, as published by The New Paper on 22 nd November 2012.
Owning a pet is a life-long commitment – that was the message five girls from Secondary 3D1 zealously shared with shoppers at Causeway Point on 17 and18 November 2012. This entrepreneurship activity was part of the National Pushcart Challenge Finals 2012 organised by Republic Polytechnic. 

In this competition, teams had to collaborate with social enterprises to innovate and market products to help them raise funds as well as spread awareness of their causes. Our team comprising of Melissa, Durgeswary, Letchimi, Min Shan and Siu Ching worked with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals (SPCA) and fashioned desktop clocks out of unwanted CDs. This innovation, coupled with their dedication in working twelve-hour shifts, earned them the 4 th overall position out of a total of 15 finalists. 

6th Sudoku Challenge 2012

1 st Runner-up at the 6 th Sudoku Challenge 2012 
From left to right: Luisa Phuah (Sec 2-2), Chrystal Ng (Sec 2-2), Janice Chan (Sec 2-3) and Yong Yuan Yen (Sec 2-2 

Tourism Innovation Challenge 2012

PLMGS (Sec) is 1st Runners Up at the competition organised by Temasek Polytechnic. 

SJAB East Zone First Aid and Home Nursing Competition 2012

PL SJAB 2012 

Nursing Adult

Name Class Awards
CPL / Phaedra Lee Pei Tian 3A1 Overall 2nd, Best in Footdrill, Best leader
CPL / Lim Ke Yi 3A1 Overall 2nd, Best in Footdrill
CPL / Abigail Thomson 3A1 Overall 2nd, Best in Footdrill, Best CPR
CPL / Nicole Yip Juen Chu 3A1 Overall 2nd, Best in Footdrill, Best CPR
CPL / Fenalla Foo Yu Shan 3B3 Overall 2nd, Best in Footdrill
Nursing Cadet

Name Class Awards
LCP / Ng Shu Shan Esther 2.1 Overall 9th, Best in First Aid
LCP / Shalina Daniel 2.1 Overall 9th, Best in First Aid
LCP / Agnes Rachel Lau Ling Hui 2.8 Overall 9th, Best in First Aid
LCP / Rennie Yeoh Jiao Xi 2.6 Overall 9th, Best in First Aid
Name Class Awards
LCP / Ting Qi Jun 2.1 Overall 10th
LCP / Foo Yan Ting, Emily 2.3 Overall 10th
LCP / Gayathri Vijayakumar 2.3 Overall 10th
LCP / Kayshandra Tangasamy 2.5 Overall 10th

ASEAN Regional Drawing Competition 2011

1 st Prize – Nabila Larasati (part of the prize is an all-expense paid trip to represent Singapore) 
3 rd Prize – Alcina Chin Meei 

National Schools Podcast Competition 2011

3rd Prize (won by our MIT girls) 

National Schools Podcast Competition 2011

Silver Award (one of the 2 silver awardees out of 600 entries by 100 schools)

School Digital Media Award "Media Evolution" 2011

Merit Award (9 awards given out of 504 student entries)

AEC (Alternative Energy Car) Challenge Sollar Prix 2011

Champion in Open Category (out of 90 teams) Most Environmentally Themed Car

Confident Speakers, Creative Writers 2011

Oratorical Competition 
Essay Writing Competition 
Creative Writing Competition 

Confident Speakers 2011

Meridian Junior College Debate Invitational 
East Zone Centre of Excellence for English Language Public Speaking Competition 

NJC Nature Photography Competition 2011


Congratulations to Amanda Wong from Secondary 4D1. 
She won the Third Prize in the Landscape Category of the 2011 NJC Nature Photography Competition. 

Mobile Animation Challenge 2010

Theme: 'Your Singapore: the Unique Experience' 
  • To view the work of the finalists from Team 4: Lee Jia Yi Clair(1.3), Than Huey Yee Amanda(1.3) and Loh Yuan Qi Michelle(1.6), please click here.
  • To view the work of the finalists from Team 6: Joanne Lo(2.2) and Clara Cha Xuan Jun(2.8), please click here.

East Zone Music Competition

Nadia Krista Kamadjaja from Sec 3B1 won the 2nd prize at the East Zone Music Competition held at Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School on 27 August 2010. She was accompanied on the piano by Teo Charmaine from Secondary 3A4. Congratulations! 

Top 10 for Doodle for Google 2010

Alyssa Png from 3A4 came in top 10 in her age group. She went through a fierce competition in her age group with 11379 submissions.